DmC – The Eye of Dante App Lets You Redeem Points For DmC Orbs

By Ishaan . December 5, 2012 . 12:10pm

Capcom have released a free DmC Devil May Cry app titled Eye of Dante for iOS and Android devices. This is augmented reality app that lets you find hidden messages in the real world, as well as tag environments with anti-demon propaganda. Take a look at the app below:



“Missions” for app users to complete are provided by The Order, the anti-demon group that Vergil leads in DmC Devil May Cry. By using the app in various ways, you can collect badges and earn points. These points can then be redeemed in DmC Devil May Cry for in-game Orbs.


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  • Tales_of_Master

    OMG this is sooooooo not hardcore. The old series never needed something like this. DAMN YOU NT *goes to download the app*

  • I keep trying to make a tag, but the app closes itself when I take the picture. Otherwise, I think it’s a pretty nice app.

  • SilverSven

    Fight the corporate demons… by downloading the iPhone app and signing in with Facebook!

    • Len

      Dont foget the Gamestop exclusive pre-order DLC

    • JustThisOne

      If enough of us do it, maybe we can buy out their shares. :P


      • I wonder if we can scan the Angry Joe headquarters and reveal Corporate Commander.

        • JustThisOne

          Corporate Commander mid-boss confirm.

          • And as DLC for non app players! Not on this disk! YOOOOU NEED IT!

  • SilverSven

    Fight the corporate demons… by downloading the iPhone app and signing in with Facebook!

  • Göran Isacson

    On the one hand, kinda neat way to tie in to the games themes of subversive messages. On the other hand, more points would mean more moves and I earned them pretty well enough on my own… ah. Not like I’ll need it anyway.

    Would be pretty neat if this is actually something Vergil invented though. Even if I kinda doubt that Apple in the DmC verse would allow that app, since they’d obviously be run by demons as well. So maybe Vergil makes special phones for the Order dudes?

  • MasterHiei

    They are desperate

  • doubletaco

    Extra points if you scan Doritos and/or Mountain Dew.

  • So this is what Capcom envisioned for the DMC universe? To sell things as a preorder DLC and have you grind for orbs in the real world to use in game…

    Why is it my feeling that this is not what Capcom wants but more of what NT does to make things feel more western and try to appeal to a wider audience? The game had it´s fanbase and people were starting to get interested in the series, then this shitload of fuck comes along…

    How can I ever say to people that I loved playing DMC3 when this game is released?

    On the same length as the game: FUCK THIS!!

    • JustThisOne

      Woah woah woah, don’t get your knickers in a knot. First of all, this is a free app – so you can’t call this a cash grab. Secondly, no one’s asking anyone to grind for orbs. This is just an app; it’s just for fun. Also, this has nothing to do westernization. Apps and social media have been used to promote games in the east, as well as the west. Finally, there is not a single company/developer/publisher out there that does not want their game to appeal to a wider audience. You can’t just pin this all on Ninja Theory.

      I love DMC3 as much as the next person. When this game is released, I’m going to tell people I love DMC3. No shame. Are you telling me that you feel shame for saying “I love Final Fantasy!” even though there were a couple of not-so-good games within the franchise?

      • I´m not calling an app a cash grab. I´m calling it irritating to see that the pure thought of handling in game mechanics in the real world to get in game material as boring and irritating.

        Promote games yes. That usually means commercials or showing of the game. Not acting like the real world is some kind of work around for the game itself. Also having to connect it to your facebook account is irritating. But that might just be me. I´m to old fashioned for having this amount of web 2.0 and all this social things around the clock.

        What can I say? I agree that every company wants a wider audience as that will bring more income to them as sales hopefully increase. But at what cost? Having a game like DmC is not something that feels like a good idea. This will create people who experience DmC as the first game of the series. That there is games like DMC3 are not something they will know or understand, DmC will be what Devil May Cry is about. And that is not something I like. And as such I say no to things like this.

        I´ll probably be yelling at the top of my lungs how much better DMC3 is than DmC. But still, it shouldn´t have to be like this. If Capcom wanted to have Ninja Theory make a game for them why not make a new IP and let NT handle that instead of executing a grand series like DMC?

        After FFIX I started to lose interest in the FF series. FFX sucked, FFXI went online, FFXII had some interesting quirks, FFXIII sucked balls and the terror that is FFXIV we won´t have to talk about right?

        But the point of that is that these games are all disconnected, they don´t share anything else than the name. DMC on the other hand is played in the same universe, has the same characters and all in all games.

        Add in this new “Dante” to clash with the old one and there will be so much hate to play with.

        Imagine having a FF7 remake in which cloud is a black girl with a squeky voice? We genderswap the whole cast and create opposite personalities for each and every character but we still call it FF7 and we still call the characters the same. How do you think people who loves FF7 would react to that? That the old versions of the characters you fell in love with are exchanged with something that could be called nothing more than an abomination? It wouldn´t work, there would be chaos.

        That is where this new DmC is headed. Same characters, all the names, all the franchise of the series are going to be exchanged into this and a male MC that is more interested in yelling FUCK YOU at the top of his lungs than to the cool and white haired kid we all grew to love in the previous four games?

        I´m getting sick just thinking about this. But it might just be me.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Come now, Michael Keaton’s Batman is not American Psycho’s, nor is Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker the same character as that dude from Ride With The Devil.

          Reboots happen all the time, and well some could argue genderswapping the FF7 cast would only add testosterone. DmC does not mean DMC1, 2, 3 or 4 do not exist or can be experienced by new fans to the series.

          No Dante is not the ‘same’ Dante, but I’d ask folks to go back and look at original press and response to DMC — you will find plenty of folks calling him a vampy emo child.

          • Well I stopped reading Spiderman after they rebooted that. I stopped reading X-men when i noticed everything about the comic I once loved had changed.

            DMC 1-4 does not cease to exist. But it will always mean that people will compare “FUCK YOU” Dante with “*smirk* and laughing while riding a missile” Dante. I don´t think Peter Parker in the reboot told his Aunt May to FUCK OFF I´M SWINGING ON WEBS!! Or got a personality change as big as Dante has. You still recognised him as Peter Parker with “With great power comes great responsibility”. It is as if they would reboot Spiderman and Peter would rather break skulls on ordinary people while robbing a bank instead of helping people.

            I´m just so irritated at how NT handles this game. What is even more infuriating is that Capcom allowed it to happen.

          • This isn’t really a reboot though.
            since you brought up marvel, think of DmC sitting in the “ultimate” universe and DMC in the main universe; DMC 1-4 still exist and are still canon, while DmC is canon for it’s own universe.

            Capcom allowed it to happen for the same reason they let RE: ORC happen: cause they want to expand and are looking for studios to acquire, like they did with blue castle games.
            The only thing that matters here is if DmC winds up to be a solid game or not (which it does seem like).

            I wouldn’t be surpised to see a proper “DMC 5” after this.

          • At first it was something, then they called it a reboot, now it´s a prequel to DMC3. So just this is enough proof for me how little they have thought about this. NT has done so many changes from their original gameplay it isn´t even funny.

            And Yes I brought up Marvel as an example for how badly I think of reboots and that it has cost me wonderful series to read.

            RE is not a game series I have experience with, I can´t comment on that. Aquiring new studios is a good thing, but if they keep messing things up as NT is doing with DmC then for all that is holy no!!

            DMC1-4 still exists and are way better than this title Capcom and NT is making now.

            Try the demo, if you can call that a solid game after watching Dante scream FUCK YOU for like 10 minutes then by all means have fun with it. And yes that was an exageration, it´s only like 3-5 minutes of a cutscene…

          • The official statement changed a bit, but now it’s settled as a reboot. And the reason they had to change it around is because of the massive fan outrage, not because they didn’t think it through.

            Like you said, 1 to 4 are better and still exist, and since this is a reboot, it’s not like this release is affecting the original series.

          • It will affect the earlier games as they share names and characters. They will be compared in every aspect. And that thought line is not something I´d like to follow :(

            Yes, fans were angry with what NT did from the get go and things have not been getting better.

          • Being compared is not the same as being “affected”; unless people think the mere existence of DmC counts as such, in which case, I’ll have to be blunt and tell them to stop overreacting. That’s the thing about reboots: They’re separate; even taking similar names or elements mean nothing to the originals – I find the example given above regarding Marvel regular and Ultimate universes quite fitting here. No matter what kind of path the new direction takes, the old series is just there. All the pros and cons that could be said about each game don’t just disappear or become invalid because of a reboot. If this was in continuity with the old series, then yes, I myself might have some questions about continuity consistency and such, but that’s not the case here, so really, no harm done; I’d even consider changing its position into a reboot as a smart move, since it’s pretty much an indirect way of saying “All right, we won’t touch your DMC; we’ll just make our own.”. People still kicking the developer for “ruining DMC” after that though, I don’t particularly find fair.

          • That I can agree on. I do find it strange that depending on the situation this is called a reboot then all of a sudden it´s a prequel to DMC3. Capcom and NT doesn´t seem to know where to take this game

            Dante will “grow” into being the Dante we see in DMC3 is one version I´ve heard as well as the more bosses he defeats his hair will become more and more white.

            Rumours and speculations indeed. But if the developers themselves can´t figure out if this is a reboot or a prequel then what can I as a possible customer say or think?

            So it can be said that this is a continuation and consistensy with the previous games. It all depends on what mood NT seems to have…

            Oh well. I´ll let this discussion rest. I agree with your points but I haven´t changed my own view on how this is handled.

          • That’s fine and understandable. I’m not trying to change what you feel about the game; it’s not like I’m impressed by the excessive juvenility either. I’m just saying there are other perspectives to look at the situation from.

          • It’s not a prequel, it’s in a parallel universe.
            As in completely seperated from DMC 1-4, that’s why I compared it to marvel’s ultimate universe.

            And I actually played DmC well over 2 months ago and yes it -is- a solid game, you feel like DmC is doing a disservice to DMC and that’s fine, but the game itself is solid and is doing some really cool things with the UE3 engine

            If you don’t like it as a DMC title then fine, but you’re wrong if you’d say DmC is a bad game, cause isn’t.
            Just treat it for what it is: A different take on DMC that in no way does away with what has already been established in DMC 1-4, instead of raging about non-damage and non-consequence.

          • Well I played it just a couple of weeks ago, or rather said the demo anyway. Why it is so much focus on bad language and bad writing for the script? Why are the battles that consist of much of the gameplay so bad? Why are there no lock-on? Why is changing from angel to demon weapon based on what button you hold down instead of having a button specifically for switching between the 3 “styles”? It worked great in DMC4, why not continue to have it the same way?

            Why does the devil trigger blow all the enemies up into the air, make it hard to see anything at all except for Dante wearing a read coat and having white hair?

            Why are the guns worthless? Why does it feel like a Heavenly Sword clone? Why are certain enemies only defeatable if a certain weapon is used?

            Is those things mentioned above what you call a solid game? They aren´t even worth my time if you ask me.

            Cool things with the UE3 engine? Like what? Progressing to show how much spit enemies can throw all around the place while yelling one word? To show of something that they didn´t need the UE3 engine for before with making a glide trough the air? What is this so cool that is done with the UE3 engine? Do tell me.

            And yes, I will say it over and over again that DmC is a bad game. Why I don´t have to repeat.

          • All your “why’s” are non sequitors. It all boils down to NT having full control and they simply wanted to make the game they wanted to make, instead of rehashing what DMC4 did.
            This even more amplifies that DmC is completely seperate from established continuity.

            The “cool” things are many litte technical feats that I noticed, but the most prominent are ofcourse the morphing enviroments.

            NT’s battle system simply doesn’t require a lock-on because it has buttons dedicated to dodging/launching.

            All your “whys” simply boil down to: “why does this game not play exactly as I want it to”, so yes ofcourse you feel like it isn’t solid; incredibly unfair way to asses a game’s quality.
            If you actually -follow the rules of the game-, as you should with any game really, then yes it is very solid.

            Play DmC as DmC, not DMC, cause it isn’t DMC; clearly.

          • Yes NT have full controll and look to where it lead the series? A full 3minutes of yelling at eachother with one word in a cutscene. Wow look what they did, so awesome, solid SSS-title right there and then…

            They are rehashing what DMC4 did. I´ve never seen such an obvious ripoff from the Devil Gauntlet in DMC4 as I have with this grab thingy in DmC. Also to place Dante into the air mobility that Nero showed us in DMC4 is also kinda weird. Dante has his own way of staying in the air a long time, he does not need to be a Nero rehash.

            Do tell me more about those little technical feats you noticed. Morphing enviroments aren´t something new. Sure it looks grand I´ll give you that but for some odd reason all I can think of when I see that is Bayonetta…

            An auto-aim system that does not allow ME as the USER to choose what enemy I want to attack next is a lousy one. I launched an enemy in the demo and wanted to blast it with my guns, for some odd reason Dante decided to blast the enemy in the air 10 or so feet away from me… that is not a good system.

            DMC4 didn´t play as I wanted it. I wanted to play as Dante, not some brat insecure about his new pact with a demon. I wanted to know more about Nero and how he got his arm as well as to why Yamato reacted the way it did to him. It was still way more fun than this title is. And above all it wasn´t NT try to make an american soap opera of it.

            People have already started comparing the two Dantes… for example. Pick your poison. I know who I like and who I would love to see in a new game.

            I am following the rules of the game. Otherwise it´s kinda hard to play it. I hate dodging in a DMC game, but still I play it like that if and when I need to.

            And a solid game is a title that subjectively makes the game fun for the player to play or even watch from the couch. What people like and what people dislike in a game is hard to select.

            The whole view of grading a game based on how well it does thanks to a gaming magazine or checking in product value or how long it has taken to finalize is meh. It´s the gameplay and the game itself that are important in grading them.

            So for me, DmC is a title I will never give a good grade, I will never call it a solid game. For you on the other hand it´s a solid game. Maybe for the same reasons I grade other games as solid SSS-ranked games.

            In short, you have way more fun with this game than I am. Thus our different reasoning.

          • Bayonetta didn’t have morphing enviroments anywhere to this extent, and for the sporadic few times it happened made it clear that it wasn’t an intergral part to the narrative or gameplay, which they are in DmC. And Bayo is not on UE3 obviously; extremely lousy grasping at straws comparison.

            And are you really judging a game’s solidness on what happens in a cutscene? Really just stop bringing that up because it’s a ridiculous criteria; I’m starting to believe you don’t even know what solid means, fyi it means something is well put together, it doesn’t mean it’s the greatest thing, or SSS as you like to call it, ever made.

            I have no issues with the combat system, and evidently neither have many others, because if it “didn’t work” or was somehow “broken” as you seem to imply, then there wouldn’t already be many people making crazy combo videos. This is what I meant with following the rules of the game, your frustration comes from wanting things to be different.

            What you said about nero reveals where you are coming from though, clearly any kind of entity that replaces your beloved Dante ruins everything.
            Oh, nero wasn’t insecure btw, not in the slightest, but your “dante only” goggles prolly made you miss seeing this; in the opening cutscene alone he just destroys all the demons with a smile on his face, heck he smiles and is cocky just like Dante in every cutscene that doesn’t involve kyrie.

            Speaking of “soap opera”, any of the scenes with kyrie + nero were more “soap opera” than anything DmC is doing..

            And from my sessions with others and at conventions, everyone watching was genuinly enjoying what they saw, so from your own weird definition of solid, the game is solid; you just can’t bring yourself to -not- hate it ;].

          • I´m a simple guy, when I find something that has been done before I´m not amazed at it any longer. Unless it´s done in such a terrific way that the previous encounter feels less. This is one of those times where the warping in DmC does not impress me as I´ve seen it happen before.

            I´m judging games on the gameplay experience they give me. So everything, cut scenes, music, gameplay. Everything is relentlessly analyzed and incorporated into my brain to see if it gives me a good or bad reaction. Thus I judge on the experience itself. So it´s not a ridiculous criteria, it´s one of the reasons I am able to judge games. If a cut scene irritates me then that can impact the rest of the experience that the game gives me. It should be obvious from this how hurt I am by that one scene. And the game has even more of em :(

            And yes, that is my realisation for solid. Something that is well made and put together and brings me joy to play. If it isn´t enjoyable to play then it isn´t well put together. And it doesn´t matter how many high review marks or interesting one liners the game gets. It still sucks for me and is no solid/sss-ranke title.

            Crazy combos? I don´t think I´ve seen any crazier combos than the ones I watched from DMC3:SE. And from what I´ve seen so far in DmC it´s all about grappling and throwing. Not interested there. Cool idea and I like it. But for it to be the main focus? No thanks. So well yeah, it´s broken :)

            And Nero did twitch and tried to hide his arm whenever Kyrie was around. If he wasn´t insecure about it he would have gladely showed her without a single regret. That he enjoys killing demons and does it with a smile just tells me he enjoys his work. But since he also loves Kyrie he is somewhat regretting and unsecure about his arm as he knows how she will react and if you think about the opening he seems to recently gotten the arm as he on multiple occasion talks about how it might be “useful after all”…

            Well, everything about the scenes from DmC that are released are worse soap opera than anything Nero and Kyrie did in DMC4.

            And yes, for you and those at the conventions this game is solid, I´m happy for you. For me it will never be a solid game as it´s frankly speaking horrendous to play for me.

          • ” it´s one of the reasons I am able to judge games”.
            Except you aren’t able to judge games since all your criteria are not based in objectivity at all; anyone can say “I like this” or “I don’t like this”.
            But being objective in an assesment even if you don’t or do like something seems something you are incapable of doing.

            Just alone from your flawed definition of “solid” that you keep using implies that you can’t seperate your opinion from facts; you keep saying it isn’t solid, to you…which is a misnomer cause solidness is based on facts not opinion, you keep equating solid to “sss” which is also an incredibly flawed comparison.

            All of this again points to you not being able to not hate on the game, which is fine, but not being able to see the quality the game offers regardless of how you feel about it and that others can, and will seeing how the demo increased pre-orders…, enjoy it, is just ignorant.

            Heck the fact that the demo increased pre-orders flat out proofs you are wrong and the game is solid (fact), but you are ofcourse free to feel however you want about it (opinion).

          • You´re not judging it objectively either. Noone is. You can´t be objective as there are no single truths in “good” or “bad”.

            My opinion is based on facts, my own facts of what makes a good game. Why should I that am a different person than someone else use facts that they use to decide what makes a good game? Then I wouldn´t be me any longer. And fact is: DmC is a shitty game, just look at all the complaints that arrived after the demo. Are all these people objectively wrong? I don´t think so.

            And like I´ve said in previous posts about DmC, I was starting to get interested in this game. But then NT threw it all down the drain, espacially when a demo like this is released.

            That people preorder this after the demo is released and that they know preordering means this or that extra DLC for free just shows to me that people want the DLC and don´t care about the game. Or they wish for the Vergil DLC to bring justice to the game.

            And I´ve already said that for you the game is solid, this is based on your thoughts and what you like. It is not an objective thought or fact that you want it to be. It´s a subjective feeling and thought that you have. Not an objective fact as there are no such things when it comes to liking or disliking games.

            Or are you saying that just because DmC uses the UE3 it´s a “solid game”? It is starting to sound like that. Just because a game has some production value it isn´t a solid game.

          • “You´re not judging it objectively either. Noone is. You can´t be objective as there are no single truths in “good” or “bad”.”

            Cept I am, and yes there is a single truth in good or bad because this concerns software; there are good ways to write code and there are bad ways, equally there are good ways to make art and there are bad ways.
            A bad game is something like sonic ’06 or the infamous superman 64; bad art, bad code, bad design. Nothing in those games work even if you -really- want to like it.
            I love sonic, I bought sonic ’06, I played through all of it and even though I saw some cool ideas it had, it was a fundamentally bad game and I don’t know anyone who can say they like it.
            In the same vein, I dislike CoD greatly, but I can see why it appeals to others.

            You seem to be completely lacking in this ability to seperate your opinion of something from this, yes, universal truth of good and bad in software, game and art design that puts an objective quality, or lack thereof, on something you personally may like/dislike.

            DmC however has garnered a trifecta of responses:
            1. rabid dante lover fans that want everything to stay like dmc3 and thus hate it by default
            2. people that dislike it because they don’t like the new system.
            3. people that have come to like it over the course of time.

            The only reason why #3 can even exist is because the game is well put together, or solid; if it wasn’t then nobody could ever say they really like it, cause a broken mess of a game (which you are making it out to be) has no appeal to anyone. The demo thus being a sample of this “atrocious mess” would make #3 effectively non-existant. (which is what happened to NG3)

            And preorder deals whatever have nothing to do with increased pre-orders after a demo, that’s not how marketing works quite obviously.
            The people that preorder for deals specifically will do so without any kind of demo, and if the demo was so atrocious then there would’ve been a mass canceling of pre-orders or no increase at all, but no it actually increased the number of people that say “yes I want this game”.

            Or are you seriously suggesting a grand majority will still buy something that is, according to you, obviously of abysmal quality even after sampling it just to get some low value incentive?
            Excuse me while I cackle madly at that notion if you truly think so.

            Bad demos decrease sales, which is a statistical fact, look it up sometime. Or if you don’t feel like wading through articles and numbers, watch extra punctation’s episode on game demos, which sums up the effect of demos quite nicely.

            So yes ofcourse #1 and #2 exist and will conjure up a shitstorm of complaints on the internet, because that’s what angry gamers do, but they can’t invalidate that #3 exists and is probably a vast majority if the increase in preorders -after- the demo is any indication.

            So you, and the rest of minority groups #1 and #2 can keep hating on the game, the rest of us #3’s will be playing our solid game ;].

          • Software is not something that we as players usually see. Sometimes we see the result of bad converting between consoles/PC as we did with Bayonetta but most often we are not able to see how they have coded it so the software is something we are not able to see and therefore it can be shit or good for all we know or care. We can´t judge a game based on something we are not able to see.

            Sure we see the end result of the code but otherwise? Nah. And really? Bringing art up as something that can be objectivly “good” or “bad”? Picasso is honed as a great artist, I wonder what he´s doing. Mona Lisa is something that everyone sees as great art, I´m wondering what´s so special with it. So there goes that logic.

            Supermarn 64 is a game I have never played. I´ve seen people bash on it for the longest time and yes, it doesn´t look nice to play or anything. But since I haven´t played it myself I can´t judge it. So sure it looks painful to play but who knows? It might be fun when you learn the controlls as that seems to be the very reason people hate on it.

            And you forget the number 4 in that list: People who don´t enjoy the gameplay ;)

            Peter who was involved in many of the Fable games used to say that in this game everything you do has a result, it means something. When the game got released well there were loads of things that he had hyped it up for that wasn´t in the game at all. It was all PR-marketing to increase sales. Just now saying that the demo increased preorders is also PR-marketing, “look at how people enjoyed the demo and preorder it!! You should do it too!!” or something of the like. Or it might be that people like having Dante stutter every third swordstroke he does, I don´t know XD

            Also you counterstate yourself, you say that Sonic 06 is a bad game, but you still played trough it and even “though I saw some cool ideas it had”. That doesn´t sound like a bad game to me if it encourages you to do such things. Had it been a bad game you would have picked it up, started the game, played the first stage and then turned your console of, sold the game and never wanted to hear about it again.

          • This isn’t going anywhere since you seem to cherry pick at things that I didn’t even say or assume things to further your own points.

            For one you are so unable to accept people are liking this game that the statement of “preorders increased by demo” -has- to be a marketing stunt, cause in your mind it’s impossible that it is actually the case.

            Second, when I say art I obviously mean art in the game industry and not traditional art. Clearly there are good ways and bad ways to make characters (art), otherwise they don’t bake correctly, have an awful polyflow, animate properly or deform in places they need to; making sure your speculars aren’t too strong or that your skin actually looks believable is required for the finishing polish. Whether the end result is something that appeals to you or not (like dante in this case) is completely irrelevant (opinion), any 3D artist worth his salt can tell you his character model is really well done (fact).

            The end result is all we see whether it’s code or art or design, but it clearly tells the entire story of what went on behind the scenes; when I see the cutscenes from RE5/6 I can clearly see how they put the Motion Capture tech from Avatar to good use, or how intrinsically detailed the high res sculpts must’ve been for the normal maps to look as good as they do, or that the music is clearly orchestrated by a composer that knows his shit, or etc..

            And third your assumption that I must be counterstating myself cause people (you) absolutely must sell games they think are bad; I finish what I start and like I said I really love sonic which led to me finishing it and then shelving it forever, I like having a library of media even if there are a few rotten eggs in it.
            But no sonic ’06 is awful and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, nor did *it* encourage me to do anything because as I mentioned, I simply finish things I start.

            It trying “cool things”, is irrelevant to overall quality of the game, it just means I noticed the designers had some good ideas that -never- came to fruition.

            Also #4 = #2
            System = gameplay…

            “So sure it looks painful to play but who knows?”
            No, just no; superman 64 is a disaster.
            Again you try and further your point with a fallacy.
            You ask who knows? Everyone who’s tried love it, everyone who’s sat through the entire game.
            Just like how I tried to love sonic ’06 but it was a disaster up till the credits rolled.

            “So sure it looks nasty to eat feces but who knows?” is what you proposed just now ;].

            But yeah judging by your comments on “pr marketing”, and pretty much everything you’ve said already, makes it clear you’d made up your mind a long time ago and I just wasted my time thinking this was an actual discussion.

            DmC is nothing but evil to you and any argument made in favour of it will just be turned around in a “yeah, but, maybe” because you can’t possibly see otherwise.
            I wasn’t even going to make this reply as you will undoubtedly just pick and choose things I (didn’t) say in an attempt to turn it around again…..but hey I figured I’ll give you one last one ;D.

          • To finsh things of I´ll say what I said last time: People will love this game, I am not one of those people. Why I have already mentioned.

            And also 3d art is the same as ordinary art. As long as there are 2 persons they will not like the same things. So no, not a “fact” that the 3d models for Dante is good. Many people think it´s good yes, but just because that doesn´t make it a fact. It´s just what people think and people’s thoughts are not fact. Or you could call it a subjective fact but not objective.

            DmC is wasted potential. And it´s NT that wastes it under supervision of Capcom. To many changes back and forth from day 1 and NT still makes changes and somewhat of excuses towards their choices. Thus I dislike it. And when there are cut scenes that are more fitting for a ordinary full length movie instead of a videogame then the dislike only grows.

            Believe me or not but I was interested in the game at one point. The battle started to look interesting with weapon changes and started to look like something I could enjoy and for me battles are a big part of any DMC game. But after trying the demo I just can´t get around to enjoy the battles or just about anything with the game.

            If I am ever asked to review the game I will give it a fresh start. But untill that happends then I will not be interested in it.

          • “Whether the end result is something that appeals to you or not (like dante in this case) is completely irrelevant (opinion), any 3D artist worth his salt can tell you his character model is really well done (fact).”

            Just reiterating cause you seem to think (I sense a pattern here), that I’m saying things I’m not.

            Go on polycount, cgsociety, gamasutra or anwhere else industry digital artists gather and post a thread asking if Dante’s character model is well done, I guarantee you every answer will be a resounding yes.

            Read what I said again carefully, this isn’t about how the art -appeals- to you (like your mona lisa example), but if it was done in the good way, cause if it wasn’t, and I’ll just quote myself again since you somehow missed it:

            “otherwise they don’t bake correctly, have an awful polyflow, animate properly or deform in places they need to; making sure your speculars aren’t too strong or that your skin actually looks believable is required for the finishing polish.”

            Making art for games is a very technical process, and like all technical (engineering) processes there are good and bad ways to approach things, so to quote myself once more:

            “any 3D artist worth his salt can tell you his character model is really well done”.
            Just like any good contracter can tell you whether a building was built properly or not.

            And I doubt you will ever be able to give it a “fresh” start, since you clearly already have too much aversion for it as it is; anyone who says that anything postive around something they dislike strongly can not be anything but “pr marketing nonsense”, is beyond looking at it in an objective way ever again.

            Last reply for real.

          • I agree with what your saying here. technical processes have good or bad way of going at it. I have missunderstood you on that point. I apologize for that.

            Thanks for the links, I´ll try to remember and visit them. But if all they care about are good graphics then obviously they wil like Dante here. I´ve had discussions with people that are just about graphics and how graphics mean everything to them while me myself I more like gameplay.

            And I have done 180 before. I wasn´t sure if I should have even tried the first DMC as it reminded me to much of RE which were games I hated. But I gave it shoot and it turned out to be a perfect choice. I love the Disgaea games and really looked forward to Disgaea 3, when I got it and started playing it got quite boring fast so it was a let down. Disgaea 4 made a great comeback though. So I can start a fresh on things even if I have a previous impression of the game.

            Also, when people look at things they never look at it objectively :) Only subjective. That is one fact noone can remove. Even if we do think we are doing it objectivly.

            Oh well. Thanks for hanging out with me in this. I have some new things to think about after all this.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            Dude all your criticisms are kind of pathetic. You know why? Because they all amount to “it’s not devil may cry 5”, or maybe “it’s not the same as devil may cry 1-4”. If capcom wanted devil may cry 5, they would have made it themselves. It was never supposed to recreate the originals. The originals already exist. And not being a shot for shot remake of devil may cry 3 does not equal a bad game. You don’t have to like it but a game isn’t bad simply because it’s not devil may cry 3.

          • Still I´d rather see DMC5 than DmC since then I wouldn´t need to see NT making this game :)

            And pathetic? Nah, personal? Yes. Personal for my view on what makes a good game? Personal for how I find that a DMC game should play and look and what it should consist of? Yes.

            And yes, for obvious reasons this is not DMC5. Simply being a remake of DMC3:SE isn´t good enough. They need to improve the battle system and make sense in the storyline.

            So for what it´s worth I can understand why Capcom did this and let another company handle production. It is an interesting experiment to say the least. And if things were different with the battle system I would be quite pleased. If they changed certain aspects of Dantes behaviour obviously.

          • I think you have it backwards: Capcom made the decision to change the direction and gave Ninja Theory the permission to do as they want. Just putting that out, because people seem quick to shoot at NT first than Capcom.

          • Yes Capcom allowed it. But it´s still NT that is making most of the game, and how they want to treat a IP like DMC this shitty I will never understand.

          • But Capcom still had control if they had problems with NT’s direction – not at this point, but in the past. So, again, I don’t think holding the developer solely responsible is a fair statement.

            And tone down your language, will you? You’re taking it just a bit too personally.

          • Might be. Or NT did so much wrong things that if Capcom wanted to fix everything they had to start from scratch again :p

            And I hold Capcom responsible for allowing NT to make this game and take the series in this direction.

            I will tone down my language. Just keeping in touch with my inner Dante from DmC…

          • Unless they skipped the planning phase, I doubt that; it’s a pretty important phase. Creating games isn’t something done in a short while, and certainly not this sort of high-profile games. Not to mention that they must have had to report to Capcom periodically. So I don’t think Capcom was left in the dark until it’s too late.

            In any case, whatever success or failure Capcom gains from this new direction is theirs alone. (Unless they try to blame someone else like they did when Street Fighter X Tekken didn’t meet their expectations, in which case, I would call them out on that.)

        • JustThisOne

          I know how you feel. This is kind of a “Han-shot-first” moment. But reboots happen, and we ought to just sit tight and see where it goes. Keep an open mind, y’know? It’s like the Resident Evil games vs. the Resident Evil movies. The movies still had their own entertainment value though, which should be judged aside from it’s game series counterpart.

          I don’t want to hang around and get all rambly, but you ought to give this game a shot. Even if you don’t play it or buy it, don’t just bash it before you give it a chance.

          • Reboots happen indeed. But when it happends like this I´m not fond of it. I am keeping an open mind, I even thought that the game play looked promising at one point. Then I tried the demo and everything was thrown into limbo.

            I never played the RE games, I only watched a small glimpse of the first movie. So I cannot say about that since I don´t have any experience with it.

            I did give the game a shot by downloading the demo and trying it. Everything that made the fighting and gameplay in DMC1-4 is lost, the plattforming elements demand you to use a specific move to be able to handle it. Only auto aim without the ability or choice to be able to lock on to one certain enemy that I want. Changing from demon to angel weapons by holding down the shoulder buttons is not something I enjoy. I´d like the system from DMC3 over this any day.

            So IF the demo is anything near the complete game then NT and Capcom has failed me, failed me greatly.

            But that is simply my view on this whole thing. And if something happends that will change my mind then so be it. Untill then I will continue to bash DmC with all my might when I react to development like this.

            Wouldn´t it have been better to make this game more interesting than to create the app mentioned here?

          • JustThisOne

            Alright, that’s fair. I guess we’ll just have to see when the game itself comes out.

            But I still don’t really think there’s anything wrong with this app. In my opinion, it’s a smart decision to get word of the game out in such an interactive way. I think you’re misdirecting your disdain for the overall direction of the series towards this app.

          • Indeed. When the games comes out we will have to see.

            The app itself could be an interesting thing. As a plaything for those boring hours of train rides or walking trough a city. For promoting one of the worst handled licenses ever it is just a blatant irritation :)

            I can agree that it´s a smart way to get word out for the game. But if the app is all about marking things as “demon propaganda” and what not by following orders and if they grab the game to see it being completely different well… I won´t go there.

  • JustThisOne

    Haha, I’m starting to think all the irony is intentional. Maybe all their less-than-subtle approach towards marketing is supposed to be a comment about the corporate demon world within the game.

  • I’m not especially interested in the anti-corporation or -totalitarian tones or anonymous vigilance, but looking at it strictly as a (recreational) program, the virtual reality approach to promote a game is a pretty neat idea. Instead of just shoving fliers and ads into people’s faces, it conveys the recurring theme and setting in the game it’s promoting, using audience participation and interaction to make it more easier to remember. Of course, I’d personally prefer a more subtle game with more subtle tones and messages – as well as less juvenility and pessimism – employing this idea, but hey, efficient idea is efficient.

    Also, since rewards can be transferred to the game, the time, effort and attention put into these scavenger hunts isn’t completely wasted. It could even be an alternative method for those who aren’t very good at combos to earn enough orbs, although that admittedly would depend on the yield-per-effort ratio.

    If I had a touchpad platform, I’d definitely try the app, if only because I’m now more interested in its technicalities and concepts than the main game itself.

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