• Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Well, this just shows that Cave is very happy with Microsoft and their cooperation here.
    I can see 360 succesor having Cave still supporting them here.^_^

  • emperorIng360

    A 2D action game by Cave would be interesting to see indeed. It would be almost like reverse-Treasure, who started on 2D action games and moved on to shooters (perhaps controversially).

    I think it would behoove them to try a bit more of market expansion, which is what they have been trying to do with their iOS/mobile games.

    All the same, I’m glad that their shooter project that was supposed to be for the Vita isn’t totally lost! I can’t wait to see some details.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      That would be interesting surely. Cave is currently one of the strongest supporter for shump genre in the market which previously is supported heavily by Treasure.
      Man speaking of Treasure, i can’t wait to see what they will give us for 3DS here.^_^
      I wonder why Spencer never asked them whether they are interested in releasing game in Nintendo E-Shop? Considering Wii U just released here.

      Well in any case, any new game from Cave would be nice.^_^ I would surely support any of their games.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/xxHiryuuxx Tohsaka

    Ugh…I can just smell the ‘bought’ from Cave on the article, mostly in terms of them being exclusive towards Microsoft in a sense. They’ve got no interest in making deals with Sony now, even though they did in the past…and now they’re making headway on PCs only because MS’s marketplace is becoming a thing. It wouldn’t surprise me if they just up and decided to be exclusive to W8′s marketplace. They tend to always want to go in routes like that.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      They are company here and they exist for profit. If the deal Microsoft gives is more profitable whats wrong from being bought here?
      I would accept MS buying them as second party developers here rather than seeing them dying. Enough good company dies due to financial problem here.(I am talking about you Cing.T_T)

      • AyaisMUsikWhore

        Well that’s not exactly true. Minecraft and castle crashers are the top performing indie games in the xbl marketplace. The news came out today. I understand devs finding it hard to code for Ps3 but alienating it is just stupid. Especially now that Ps is a now indie welcomed platform. Why just end at Microsoft and pc?

        • Julien_N

          I think there are a few reasons for the choice of staying with MS :
          -The install base is now on the 360. In Japan, it became a sort of niche/otaku gaming platform, and most of the STGs of this generation are on the 360. The Wii has a few shoot em ups (Shiki’ 3, the Milestone games, and a few shovelware titles) but there are very few boxed PS3 STGs (Under Defeat HD, and Mamoru-kun I guess)

          -The developement costs and the developement environement : PS3 dev kits are way too expensive for CAVE’s niche releases, and the 360′s architecture is closer to the arcade games’ programming, which makes ports easier for CAVE and other arcade developers.

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            That makes sense. I know Sony did change the development kit cost and stuff like that for devs because they believe indie games are the backbone for all gaming now these days but I hope they do at least try. I guess when your comfortable with something, it’s easier to go that route and from a business perspective it makes sense. However I hope they do reconsider not trying for PSN. So far, indies on PSN are a big deal and it’s really starting to take shape on Psn opposed to XBL, especially when you have the 2 money makers blowing everything away. I’m happy they are still on track with the Vita though.

        • Raharu95

          Wait? The PS is an Indie Welcome platform? When did this happened?

    • landlock

      Chances are Microsoft were alot more surportive back when the XB360 first was release. There was a period when SCEI/SCEA had a thing against 2D games and maybe they’ve burnt there bridges now and there isn’t any going back.

      Why would they go to the PS3 now if Sony weren’t interested before. If things are working out on the XB360 and maybe the PC later then it’s good for them. Cave aren’t the only 2D shooter makers that heavily surport the XB360 over the PS3 afterall.

      • Elvick

        Wasn’t that during the PSone days? That was forever ago. Even then, there were still 2D games on the PSone.

        If people are still holding grudges based on two generations ago, they need to grow up.

        Sounds more like PS3 development is too difficult for them to me. Which wouldn’t surprise me. Why bother if they’re doing okay with 360 and mobile?

        They can just wait for next gen and see what happens.

  • superdry

    I’d love to see CAVE shmups on something like Steam. Might actually get me to play games on my PC again.

    Sad to see that Instant Brain didn’t do so well in sales, but reaction was good. Maybe this is something that could be ported over to the PS3 unless development costs to do so outweigh potential sales even though, for example, 5pb PS3 VNs have done decently.

    Still waiting for Espgaluda and Ibara to be ported to the 360 at least (one can hope!). I think Ibara is the last SH-3 based title that’s not the 360 either.

  • WyattEpp

    Oof, I hope this attitude of exclusivity for what was previously the central pillar of their library doesn’t put them in a bad position. I mean, I get that sales of STG aren’t so hot, but I’d just really hate for CAVE to go the way of Toaplan or Compile when they might be able to diversify their platform selection and get a lot more mileage out of the same games. They’ve already got the foundation in place for porting to pretty much any other platform under the sun (they’ve got a few kinds of arcade machine, PS2, 360, and iOS), so expanding at least to Windows and OSX shouldn’t be too onerous (I’m assuming they’ve isolated the platform-specific parts in their engine by now). I’m not so sure I’d be banking on the Windows 8 storefront, though.

  • CirnoLakes

    Having Cave shooters on my Steam account would be a dream come true.

    • http://www.rooznahmeh.com/ Paulina Palma Gonzalez

      fuck yes, dodonpachi saidaioujou or deathsmiles, oh yeah

  • Göran Isacson

    2D action game ala Megaman made by Cave. Yes. Yes I would very much like to see that happen. But what is this “Instant Brain” and why have I never heard of it before?

  • carlospsp

    Not working with Sony… Well, too bad for them, avoiding such a brand market as PSN/PS3 is for this kind of game.

    I would say they are just thinking inside the box… or inside the Japanese-otaku-MS Market.

  • http://www.segalization.com/ Kuronoa

    Aww kinda prefer PS3 to steam cause I’m not a PC gamer who updates my computer for play most games. I’d try the older titles though.

  • Andrew Austin

    Nintendo. They should be paying attention to Nintendo this gen. The specs aren’t super crazy so they could probably port their entire library to the Wii-U. I doubt their new games are going to be pushing major hardware boundaries anyways. Hell, they could go download-only and the fans would eat it up.

  • Follower_of_Pram

    Not to be rude, but isn’t trying to make a game for the Kinect/Xbox 360 in japan sort of a niche market anyway? You probably aren’t going to be satisfied with sales doing that.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Just saying, but their games are already really niche as it is and the 360 is relatively well-established as a platform for these types of niche games in Japan. It obviously doesn’t really hurt them if they’re still releasing games on it after the number of games they’ve previously released on it.

      Now, if you’re saying they should try to expand their sales by releasing their games on a more Japanese popular platform, then that’s an entirely different argument altogether.

  • Kei-chan

    I’d like to see a new original Deathsmiles on steam~

  • Reive

    Please PLEASE bring Espgaluda 2 to PC :D

  • thaKingRocka

    “Cave is known for games where you destroy ships and a bunch of items fly out. I was thinking of a 2D action game that has those elements.”

    This is why I love Cave.

  • cubadoo1

    OH YES !!!!!!!!!!!!! Cave on pc best news this year ! Wheres the petition to sign lol

  • drexxia

    i don’t get why cave won’t understand that ps3 audience is the most right to have and love shmups, oh well , i’ll play them on my steam account, sigh

  • brianc6234

    So these guys aren’t very good then and can’t handle making PS3 games? If they’re Japanese they picked the wrong console to develop on. The 360 doesn’t sell anything in Japan.

  • plsburydoughboy

    Why didn’t you ask about 3DS or Wii U :|

  • http://www.rooznahmeh.com/ Paulina Palma Gonzalez

    still waiting for cave games on steam…

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