Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Teaser Site Hints At A Port?

By Spencer . December 9, 2012 . 11:10pm


Square Enix Japan teased fans with a ♪ on their RSS feed that links to a new Theatrhythm Final Fantasy page. The site has notes that fly by and says "coming soon."


Since Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is already out in all regions except South Korea we’re guessing this site is for a port of the Final Fantasy music game. Maybe on iPhone or Android?

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  • Jungo

    Hey, you never know! Could be a sequel!

    *fingers crossed*

  • Elvick

    It’s probably a port. Which bums me out. I’d love a sequel.

    If it is a port, it’s probably to mobile. I’d buy it again on Vita tbh. Mobile? On sale maybe, like I did the ports of FFI and FFII.

    • Jesse Thompson

      You’d really buy it again on Vita? What if they didn’t give you all of the DLC you’ve already purchased for the 3ds? Dunno about you, but I know I’ve shelled out far too much for this “rhythm game”, in fact I’ve probably spent at least $80+ on this game so far on the 3DS alone. Nintendo…has lost me as a regular customer, the picture of them holding up a Wii and it printing money…that sums it up in my eyes. *does his best Token impression from the South Park episode about Lord of the Rings* I’m done.

      And finally, don’t get me started on the region locking of the 3DS, so angry about that as there were a few titles I really wanted to import and I’m just not going to do it. As I said, I’m done Nintendo, I’m no fanboy and I own every system back to the Atari 2600, but Jesus you guys have raked your loyal customer base through the mud over the decades…

      • buying square enix’s dlc for square enix’s game is no reason to be upset at nintendo. you know that, right?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Nintendo is only the shop through which someone else sold the content to you. We are talking a music game, which has been the most aggressive and expensive DLC since the days of the plastic guitar. Wherever this game goes does not put an immediate hold on your ability to enjoy playing it on the 3DS.

      • Elvick

        Um, I don’t buy DLC for rhythm games. Since I only buy rhythm games if they have enough content for me to be fine with my initial purchase.

        And it was your choice to buy DLC for it.

        And lawdy, talk about a rant for no reason.

  • Solomon_Kano

    iOS and Android are most likely. Supposing they do port it for Vita, I’ll buy it there too. This was such a lovely anniversary gift that I honestly wouldn’t mind owning it more than once.

    I could certainly go for having Theatrhythm on my phone when I’m at the airport. That would be killer.

  • Interface23

    Love a sequel but iOS probably

  • Hmm. I just upgraded to an XL, upgrading my N7 too. Assuming this gets ported to Android for cheap I might just get it on my N7. That said it’s probably just an iOS port in which case I’ll just get for 3DS.

  • This game was likely designed with an iOS and Android port in mind from the very start, so it’s nice to see this finally being close confirmed. It should always have been an iOS or a digital eShop game.

    • Depending on the price this could be an dick move by S-E selling this for $40 instead of just making it an eShop game to begin with. That’s my main issue with retail to iOS/Android releases.

      • Elvick

        It’ll probably be $10-15, and then have the DLC.

        You can’t price on mobile the same as you would on dedicated gaming hardware. It won’t work. SE still charges premium price on mobile though. So if they COULD get away $40 games on iOS and Android, they’d certainly do it. They just can’t, because the market there is very different.

        I had no issue paying full price on 3DS for the game. Super fun, and I didn’t have to muck up my view of the game just to play it.

        • I understand that but asking $40 on one platform at only $10 on another is ridiculous and not right imo. That said, I dunno why i ever thought this would be cheaper on mobile. S-E charges premiums on all their mobile games and with all the micro-transactions this game ends costing much more than the 3DS version.

    • I think that it would be a great eShop title for Wii U

    • My thoughts exactly. It’s a fun enough distraction, but it does not feel like a full retail game, and I regret paying retail price for it.

  • ragingmerifes

    Or maybe an expanded version, since the original didn’t have enough songs.

  • Suicunesol

    Funny this should happen considering Theatrhythm Final Fantasy’s character graphics originally came from a cell phone game.

  • Peeka Chu

    iOS here we come. SE are so predictable.

  • komiko12

    Can anyone guess which song the notes are for?
    Or the notes flying by are just random?

    If they ever make a sequel, I hope that it has more characters.
    I would personally love it if Terra would transform when she activates Trance.

  • Double dip? Double dip.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    It’s usually iOS and then Android some months later.

  • The Wii U would be the perfect platform for a port

  • Not sure I’d want this as much on idevices or androids

  • ipad port would be amazing!

  • KingGunblader

    It was only a matter of time until a mobile port happened. Kinda pisses me off that I bought the 3DS version, though. :P Then again, this is Square Enix, so it’s probably gonna be like 25 bucks anyway.

  • This game screams iOS so hard I’m surprised it hasn’t been ported sooner. Frankly I think it’s more suited to being a download title than a retail game to begin with.

  • $29082171

    If only Square could release a Thetrhythm for Kingdom Hearts.

  • juma086

    i think an iphone port makes the most sense.

  • geniuskong

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is potentially awesome news for me. I was hoping they would port it over to iOS… I don’t want to get a 3DS. Now I am glad that I will likely get to play Theatrhythm on my iPad.

  • yellowmage

    It likely won’t be, but it could be a sequel focusing on the spin-offs! Tactics and Crystal Chronicles have great music, too!

    Also, my kingdom for Theatrhythm: Melodies of Mana!

  • isfuturebright

    Probably a port but I’d rather see Theathrythm (i hate this word) Dragon Quest :)

  • Lester Paredes

    I’d like to see it ported to the vita.

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