How God Eater 2’s New Charge Spear Works

By Sato . December 11, 2012 . 10:47pm


Bandai Namco Games recently revealed a new God Eater 2 character, Gilbert McLane. He’s part of a Special Forces group known as Blood an affiliate of Fenrir. His 5 years of combat experience and skilled use of the Charge Spear has made him a valuable asset for the rest of humanity in their war against the Aragami.




The Charge Spear will be used as a hit & run style weapon, as it can do some devastating damage, but it’ll also leave you open to enemy attacks if you miss. The basic Thrust Attack will require pinpoint accuracy to land critical hits. Alternatively, there’s the horizontally swiping Cleave Attack, for taking out smaller foes and landing guaranteed hits.




The Aerial Thrust Attack can be performed by running towards your opponent and jumping for a Thrust Attack in mid-air. Holding down the square button will initiate the Charge Glide. Once you release the button, the player will dash towards the enemy for a powerful hit, which can be followed up with an additional attack upon impact. Charge Spear users can also perform a back flip action, used to jump backwards to gain some distance away from the enemy, which will definitely come in handy for its hit & run play style.

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  • Lester Paredes

    Interesting. I hope the game comes out in the US.

    • neogeno

      I’d like to think a lot of people do.

      • Lester Paredes

        You and me both, sir or madam. You and me both. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to eat… *fires up Gods Eater on Vita*

  • xXDGFXx

    In a manner, I do prefer this to Monster Hunter. It has a story :D

    On the other hand, monster hunter has awesome weapons and armor T-T

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      finally someone who understands lol, In Monster hunter I’m like “WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR?!”

      • ViewtifulBo

        If you read the dialog from the people who give you quests in monster hunter, it’ll pretty much tell you why your hunting a particular monster… But the story isn’t too engaging though lol

        • neogeno

          Oh Yeah, I hear you. The game is great but sometimes I need a little more motivation than:

          “Oh noes! The princess wants to take a walk in the Forest and Hills area but there’s a Rathalos in the way! Kill it hunter!”

      • Göran Isacson

        Ha ha, I hear you there but I also think it’s strictly a question of different strokes for different folks. Some men just want to see the world get cut up with oversized weapons, master Shawn.

    • Lester Paredes

      you’ve got your pluses and minuses. I will say that the addition of a story component to Monster Hunter would make it amazing. It doesn’t have to be complicated, Capcom. I’ll take a simple, Harvest Moon like tale about carving my own niche into the village I hunt for, and carving a niche into dinosaurs.

  • Crok425

    I want to play this game so bad… I’m playing the first one and GOD the sub-missions are annoying but enjoyable at the same time… so yes, I want to play this.

  • Elvick

    Based on Namco’s Vita support outside of Japan… I am sad. I really want to play this. Maybe they’ll break the trend.

    • xavier axol

      well it doesn’t necessarily have to be namco to bring this game over, just like frist game.

      • Except that D3 was essentially another Bamco publishing arm by the time God Eater Burst was released in English.

  • natchu96

    Yes, news!

    Hit and run . . . well, I’m a run run-and-gunner in GEB, so I guess that works well enough. Could be interesting.

    The chances of localization seem slim now, though T_T

  • harmonyworld

    I played God Eater Burst and it was fun!
    It got tough though so I quit, maybe if I had tried online play or something or whatever, it might’ve been easier.

    • Lester Paredes

      Quitter! Ah, just kiddding. I hated the camera being binded to the Dpad. Happily, on the Vita, such problems are rectified by assigning the right analog stick to be d-pad. It works for Monster Hunter, Syphon Filter, Resistance, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, The 3rd Birthday, Final Fantasy Dissidia/Duodecum (oh however you spell it)… honestly, makes the games so much more playable, or in some cases, just plain playable. I’M LOOKING @ YOU MONSTER HUNTER AND GODS EATER!

  • psycho_bandaid

    I definitely like God Eater a lot more than MonHun. I can see why most prefer Capcom’s hunting game that has more variety in the gameplay but GE’s fast pace and story line make the games much more enjoyable to me.

    • d19xx

      Agree. I just wish Bamco would add online to the game.

  • raymk

    I want this but this is namco were talking about and I don’t really blame them with the way the vita is right now. That said I still hope it comes to the U.S.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Gods Eater Burst came to the West even though the PSP wasn’t really doing well at all back then. So I’m hoping this one will come over as well~.

    • Lester Paredes

      It. Hasn’t. Even. Been. One. Year. All it needs is some time. And either a price drop, or a bundled memory card, or both. Look, the 3DS didn’t move either until a year and a price drop later.

  • Don

    i like this much better than Monhun..
    hopefully they add lots of in game content in this rendition since they over hauled the whole series from scratch because of the competition (monhun) has 3-4x the content and won’t rename it Gods Eater 2 when it gets translated.. maybe a lower case G would suffice

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Hooray for the large stabby weapon. Definitely gonna use this, whenever I can get my hands on the game…

    Either NB or D3 need to bring this over, though don’t screw us over again by not releasing DLC like for GEB…

  • 猫 黒

    If they’d take the good parts of MH, I’d play GE.
    It’s good to see GE adding new weapons. Lack of weapon variety was a big minus for the first (two) GE games. (But I do like GE’s bullet system–honest!–but MH’s gameplay is just so much better…)

    • natchu96

      Popular opinion is that bullet damage is so ridiculous when set up right that melee is actually pointless except to recharge OP easily.

      Might as well deal good damage while doing it, I guess. And to not die. That’s important. Lindow agrees.

  • The first one was great. I sure hope God Eater 2 gets localized soon. =^_^=

  • Tianyu Wei

    HOORAY for No Region lock. Sony forever just because of it. People under-estimate how awesome it is to have no region lock. And people over-estimate the difficulty of getting import and playing import… Games like this and Project Diva don’t really need Japanese to play…

    • What? God Eater doesn’t require Japanese knowledge to play? That’s crazy talk. If anything, it requires more Japanese knowledge than Monster Hunter because it’s more story-focused, whereas in MH, a non-Japanese reader would be able to get by, just by figuring out items, equipment and menus.

  • Orville Pagaduan

    Finally an update,I love this game more than monster hunter, In MH you got variety of costumes and stuff but the way you attack the monster is calculated,,If you do an attack,you cant cancel it. It would go all the way and finish the attack giving the monster time to evade and counter. While in GE life and death is just a matter of sec.

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