Kitase Busy Working On Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII And Other Photos

By Spencer . December 11, 2012 . 11:30pm


Someone on the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII public relations team loves taking photos and they started tweeting pictures like this one of producer Yoshinori Kitase. That looks like the title screen right there.




OK we get it, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is world based. (Those two characters in red are for "world."



The PR team says the latest trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be shown at Jump Festa.

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  • I definitely cannot wait for this! I’m still trying to tone down my hype though and it’s hard to do so. I can’t help it.

    I think we’re less likely to get gameplay footage, but I’ll be fine with just a CG trailer to be honest. I just want to see Lightning’s new look badly.

  • Claire Oga

    All I can say is that ‘Square-Enix don’t disappoint me!’

    • Gaara D.Dragon

      Contrary to the popular notion, Square is one of the very few console rpg developers who has not disappointed this generation: whereas almost everything else either became stale and did miserable numbers or disappeared completely, Square did make it.

      Console/Japanese rpgs reached their peak about a generation ago and since then they became repetitive and irrelevant. That is the truth.

      On the other hand “old school” FF fans acted extremely immaturely: the second they saw something that was out of their comfort zone immediately forgot how Kitase and Toriyama were responsible for the marvel of FF X and did at no point gave XIII a second chance or a second thought.

      I am not being an apologist of XIII but it was a fairly complicated story and everyone has since then have been bitching about ALL THE THINGS THE GAME WASN’T.

      The FF franchise is not in decline. It stayed standing when everything else crumbled.

      • Lima99

        Erm… did you selectively decide to skip over FF13-2, or FF14 which was a disaster? One that not only cost SE a lot of money, but reputation? And that they themselves recognized? Square Enix hasn’t come up with original things in the past few years either. I’d say Square Enix is one of the companies that is doing the WORST.

        And your FF13 reasoning make no sense either, what was complicated about the story? It was your average rip off of the tale of Lucifer.

        And let’s not even go onto how Square Enix own employees have complained at the lack of direction within the company.

        • komiko12

          The battle system in XIII was original. It was just not received that well.

          • Actually it was one of the points most critics found strong. Albeit lacking variety in its aspects, it is in fact a great ATB battle system.

          • komiko12

            It IS great but there were also many vocal people who said negative things about it like “Heck, the game is playing by itself!.”
            I personally loved it because in the game you are just influencing the battle not directly controlling it.

          • Kevin Lor

            IMO FFXIII had the worst battle system in the FF series. Its pretty much choose a fighting type (i.e commando, ravanger, etc etc) and auto battle. Every single boss fight is I do little dmg, then break, then I do 99999 dmg, repeat till the boss dies. The game forces you to play a certain way especially if you want a good rank.

        • Gaara D.Dragon

          FF 13-2 was successful

          It’s a game that was less than one third the production of XIII, a gave that re-used the same graphics engine, a game that recycled most of its maps, a game that used the same characters, a game that had ONLY 2 CGI movies compared to XIII which had a hell lot and foremost it is not a numbered sequel.

          The game did about 2.7 m, that is very successful. Stop acting like this is 90s or the early 00s making pointless comparisons to games like VII.

          FF 14 was a disaster but it is an mmo, a FF only by name, done by a totally different team. SquareSoft did a far greater disaster called Spirits Within.

          • “FF 14 was a disaster but it is an mmo, a FF only by name, done by a totally different team. SquareSoft did a far greater disaster called Spirits Within.”

            …which is also “a FF only by name”. Not sure why you conveniently underestimate the damage FF XIV has done to Square AND to the Final Fantasy brand itself. No matter what your definition of “a true Final Fantasy” is, the average Joe will call the game by whatever title is on the box. If it sucks, the brand suffers because people WILL associate this particular game’s failure with future installments in the series.

            And while FFXIII did make Squeenix a lot of money, it’s also the game which gained an unprecedented amount of criticism from the fanbase and, coupled with some other average releases, helped put the core audience in a state of increasing apathy towards whatever it is they are producing right now.

          • Lima99

            13-2 didn’t even sell a million in NA, or Japan. Let alone Europe where it did poorly.

            If it had been succesful the game wouldn’t had have it’s price HALVED weeks after it’s release, and it wouldn’t cost 10 bux right now.

            I mean you are arguing with a fan of the series here, so who are you trying to kid?

            11 and 14 are final fantasy titles whether you like it or not, and 14 has been completely deemed as a failure even by their own team. 14 couldn’t even make it into Theathrym because it wasn’t something they were proud of.

            And excuse me, but 11 is an online MMO and it probably has better music and story than 12.

    • Eilanzer

      Which was then the game that gave losses to the company, had to be redone and foremost fired the director responsible? o.o

  • Ehren Rivers

    It’ll be the first public trailer.

    Also, the set of photos with the red characters don’t just say world. If you take these two along with the picture of their XIII-series trophy collection, which has a red character on the table, they create the phrase ‘The world is ending’. These were placed in the photos on purpose, as revealed by a tweet/facebook post saying that they’d hidden a keyword phrase in some of their recent PR photos.

    Since the 13th is in red on the calendar, there will likely be another photo put up to complete the phrase as ‘The world is ending in thirteen days’.

  • Go2hell66

    i’m going to remain optimistic

    i’m trying…

  • Lima99

    I had strong feelings about 13, I LOVED parts of it. I HATED parts of it. FF13-2, I liked a bit, but didn’t end up caring about it. Now for this one, I hope they go back to basics in terms of the world and characters they created. I want to see the story through the main character’s eyes not someone like Noel, again.

    • Detrimont

      i feel exactly the same way, but i think the worst thing about xiii-2 is that there are only 2 characters but a few side characters in which you interact with, whereas in X-2, there were heaps of interactable characters. but definitely the worst thing about 13-2 IMO was the battle system, i liked it the way it was in 13, they said it was faster but i found it slower, and the monster system i didnt like one bit, it seemed like they were trying to rip off SMT but failed badly.
      so i am very optimistic with lightning returns because of the new battle system

    • amagidyne

      I’ve got mixed feelings about XIII as well. While I did love some parts of it, none of those parts had anything to do with the storytelling or the world. In order, I enjoyed the battle system, the visual effects and Lightning punching people in the face. XIII-2 definitely needed more of the latter. Lightning Returns could feature more of that, but it remains to be seen.

      Just as long as the XII team gets to make their own stuff while Nomura and Toriyama dick around, I’m happy. I’ll play Lightning Returns-2: The Lightninging too if it means XV gets Viera.

    • Monsley

      I really hope that, too.
      My main problem with FFXIII-2 is that it felt completely disconnected from the story of the previous one. It felt more like playing a game slightly based on FFXIII than true sequel and my only fear regarding “Lightning Returns” is that it might be just the same.

  • Detrimont

    i think the most important thing on the calendar is why the 13th is boldly circled(squared) in red

    • To emphasize its a part of the 13 series? I’m more interested about the 22nd, where we’ll see a trailer or something (I can’t read kanji).

      edit: Just release it was the dates for Jump Festa as the article has mentioned. So stupid.

  • Everything in his office is slightly related to Lightning. Wonder if he wears pants with her on it too ?

  • AoNoise

    I still find “Lightning Returns” to be a really corny title. If it was “The Lightning returns” it would be a little less cringe-worthy for me.

    Trying not to get my hopes high for this. But I am at least expecting a graphics engine overhaul. FFXIII-2 was just showing it’s age everywhere…

  • Lightning swag all over the place lol. Can’t wait for the trailer =)

  • imaguni

    It’s not the mere XIII association that’s making me more cautious than excited for Lightning Returns. Despite XIII’s weaknesses, I enjoyed its strengths enough to play it twice. I was originally optimistic for XIII-2 too, and even if I feel that XIII-2 ended up being weaker than its predecessor in many ways overall, it had its merits.

    The issue, however, is that I feel that XIII-2 definitely fell short of to the expectations the staff had set and the promises they had made. I wasn’t expecting a complete overhaul, but many improvements and additions are rather shallow. Plus, some of the original game’s qualities were lost. The deliberate non-resolution of some of the game’s most basic plot points does not help either.

    Giving things a chance is the fair thing to do, of course, but it’s hard not to be more pessimistic when the second chance you gave didn’t work out too great. I can only hope that the LR trailer (and final game) makes me regret being a bit wary.

  • Himiko

    Looking forward to it!

  • funny how FF XIII and it’s sequel keep push Versus aside, when Versus used to be more hyped than FF XIII, the problem with SE japan these days is they just play safe because their most new IP failed

    • Himiko

      Nothing is pushing aside Versus. If anything, Versus is pushing aside Versus. Stop trying to work around with the blame. There’s no problem with them, they’re just being smart.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      BD didn’t fail nice try tho.

  • Christopher Abraham

    why don’t they just concentrate on Versus?

    • Himiko

      Because its being concentrated on? and there’s other good games that need work on than just one?

      • Christopher Abraham

        I mean why did they decide to continue with XIII-2? I think it’d be better if they never worked on XIII-2 and progressed with Versus instead. this is just my opinion but I think XIII should just stay when it’s finished, why should they continue with XIII-2 and now this? it’s just a waste of time. I’m more curious about Versus

        • Luna Kazemaru

          because they planed on 3 games from the beginning I really don’t see how that’s hard to understand.

          • Christopher Abraham

            really? I thought they were only planning for XIII, Versus XIII, and Agito XIII. I didnt think they were planning to make 3 games for Lightning saga

        • Himiko

          Well, like Luna said, there was 3 games planned and since XIII was a very problematic development, they felt they could use their resources better and potentially even more so with an entirely newly designed game that is LR:FFXIII with their ambition and great vision. Believe it or not, but a lot of people do love the Lightning Saga and it has a story to tell.

  • I actually like Lightning as a protagonist, believe it or not. It’s funny because she’s been called a female version of Cloud, but I cannot stand Cloud as a protagonist. I think it’s mainly because Cloud just kind of went all emo because he built some false persona and had to find out who he really was. Lightning, on the other hand, knew who she was and did everything to control her fate!

    I’m very curious to see gameplay footage of Lighting Returns. Since it’s just going to be Lightning as the sole playable character, I wonder how the staff will change FFXIII’s ATB system. Will it be more like Crisis Core or more Type-0 style? So many questions! Can’t wait for more details!

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