More Demon Gaze Artwork Of The Game’s Eight Classes

By Spencer . December 13, 2012 . 5:36pm

Demon Gaze, a dungeon crawler from Experience and Kadokawa Games, has eight classes like the Demon Gazer and Paladin. Here’s artwork for all of the classes, care of Famitsu.



Demon Gazer
























Demon Gaze comes out on January 24 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • MikeTxn

    Dat assassin. *Nosebleed*

    EDIT: My god, it’s a belt!! He’s commando!!. *keeps bleeding* MAI HUSBANDO! <3

    • I must say, you have excellent tastes :3

    • For better/worse, the Law of Anime Gravity ensure the belt will stay in place all the time except when the plot needs it. ;P

  • Himiko

    Healer is mai waifu

    • MasterHiei

      Your waifu is a slut.

      Paladin master race here.

      • Himiko

        Good luck taking off that armor!

        • MasterHiei

          There’s no obstacles for true love

          • Himiko


        • xavier axol

          apply grease here and there… problem solve!

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Demo where

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Fighter and Healer mmmmmmmmm boobies

  • MiniTaurus

    not sure if healer or dark mage lol

  • xavier axol

    i’m really loving the art, every character seems to be my favorite!. fighter has a lovely hair and she seems to like showing her twins, paladin seems cute overall (probably my pick), healer seems very provocative which i want more, and lastly ranger seems like the loli type which every game should have one!.

  • This game is looking rather attractive. Healer and Paladin are looking great.

  • xXDGFXx

    Ranger! DFC + Glasses comboooo!!!

    • Blesmi

      Those are goggles, bro.

      • gk2012

        Sounds like you need some glasses too, bro.

        • Blesmi

          Goggles on top of my glasses on top of my goggles, bro.

          • gk2012

            I’m saying that she has some glasses on. Looks like glasses aren’t the only thing you need…

          • Blesmi

            I guess the joke must have gone right over your head. Oh well :(

          • gk2012

            You probably need to work on your jokes more. :[

  • sherimae1324 that healer or a mesmer?

    *im mesmerized* -_-

  • tubers

    What’s with the poses?

    It’s as if all of them were near taking a dump, taking one, took one, or gotten surprised while taking a dump? xD

    Specially that Paladin and Assassin.

    The first pic’s an exemption.

    I can’t unsee.. The art’s forever blemished in my sight xD

  • Lester Paredes

    It’s interesting how the fighter battles boobs-first.

    • They are her deadly assets lol

    • Boobs made a good shield in accordance to Law of Anime.

      • Lester Paredes

        Well, I’m not ashamed to admit that if I got into a fight with a buxom lady and she came at me tits first… well, I’d have no choice but to loose.

  • As always the artwork and character design are yummy.

    Fighter, Paladin, and Dark Healer for AzureNova. Mmmmmmmmmmmm =^_^=

    Also, dat heart shield is too awesome lol

    • Yuriangels

      no she’s my!!!! that dat dark healer is moe yummy (^^)

  • ragingmerifes

    That sexy girl sure as hell doesn’t look like your average healer. But the ranger is more of my type.

  • Elvick

    Wizard looks like a scholar.

  • Crazy_O

    Oh they seem to pander to both genders.
    Now that’s the right way instead of some idiots complaining about not enough armor or whatever.

  • $24431191

    Dat ranger.

  • Dat Wizard.

  • gender locked classes?

  • MediaMindControl

    That wizard just graduated or what? looks more like a scholar to me.

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