New Tales Of Hearts R Videos With Beryl & Jadeite

By Spencer . December 13, 2012 . 4:53am

Namco Bandai released more tiny trailers for Tales of Hearts R. We have movies of Beryl Benito, Amber’s brother Jadeite Hearts (aka Hisui Hearts in Japan), and some of the characters you’ll meet on your journey.


Speaking of characters, we haven’t seen any Namco cameos yet. Tales of Hearts for DS had Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia, Klonoa from Klonoa, Heihachi from Tekken, and KOS-MOS from the Xenosaga games. Hmm… I wonder what Klonoa will look like on Vita.


Tales of Hearts R comes out on March 7, 2013.



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  • SirTeffy

    It’s cute how you use the localized name of Hisui’s name like Hearts R has a snowball’s chance of coming over.

    • Tiael

      Given how successful Xillia may be overseas, it’s possible, though slim nonetheless.

      • SirTeffy

        Nah, planned after Xillia is Xillia 2, according to Baba. After that the next mothership title (or two) will be out in Japan, leaving the R series in the dust.

        • How come? The Vita is still young, so it won’t be such a problem to see Hearts R coming after a few years later.

          • Aaron Parpaiola

            I really hope they take it to the west, but please just leave Hisui his name, we already have a horrible “AMBER” for Kohak in Graces F.

          • puchinri

            Lol, this. (Because seriously, those two names are not hard to pronounce.)

          • s07195

            I thought the point was to preserve the original meanings of the name? Kohaku doesn’t mean anything to non-Japanese speakers, although the Japanese names do sound better.

          • puchinri

            Why not preserve the original name instead of just the meaning though? It’d make more sense to me, and the names aren’t hard to pronounce (they’re very standard sounds even for the West).

    • Sergio Briceño

      The more snowballs you throw into a snowball, the bigger it gets.

  • Took me a while to realise that the article isn’t about Sailor Moon. :-P

    (Two Sailor Moon characters are also called Beryl and Jadeite.)

    • puchinri

      Lol, right? Although I am hoping for a really awesome RPG once the new anime starts. (And it was Takeuchi’s being a chemist that made her often use scientific terms~.)

    • You aren’t alone, for a minute I thought Namco-Bandai was trying to promote Sailor Moon in a Tales game.

  • Sergio Briceño

    To be honest I just hope they are done with the remakes already so they can focus on making a To game that actually looks like it’s been made for the PSV. So no, PLEASE DON’T remake Tempest.

    So far the 3DS’s got the best portable To. It’s too bad it’s a remake though… But it’s still better than what the PSV is getting. If it was decided like this so PS users could experience the DS era of To games then I’m really worried that I’ll have to wait 2+ more years for a new To game announcement on PSV… u_u

    Maybe if a console To game was ported then It wouldn’t be so bad, but I still wish they cut it with the R series already. We get it Namco and Square-Enix! “R”, “Re”, etc are the trend words in Japan now! We don’t care!

    • Tianyu Wei

      Abyss the best portable TO?? You kidding right?

      • Ladius

        Despite its age Abyss is still a fantastic game in its own right, and surely the best localized Tales game currently released on handheld. It’s also one of the best handheld jrpgs ever in terms of contents,

        Of course importers and fans of 2D Tales games could prefere Rebirth PSP, Phantasia Cross or Destiny 2 or Hearts DS, but I imagine he was thinking about localized entries.

      • Sergio Briceño

        I think the best Mario Bros. is the first one. But you don’t see me complaining on NSMBWU threads, do you? One shouldn’t live in the past.

        It’s big, it’s pretty and it’s localized. Yeah, I think it beats any other To portable right now. If you ask me which one I like better out of them all, It’ll be Phantasia.

    • Ladius

      As much as I love Abyss and I agree on it being a great fit for an handheld system and a fantastic experience for anyone who didn’t enjoy the original version, its 3DS edition wasn’t a remake (rather, it was a plain port of the PS2 version) and it was actually a lazier effort than what Namco is doing for its Vita re-imagining.

      Also, I think you’re deluding yourself if you think Namco will develop a brand new mothership game for Vita when they’re faring so well with their PS3 releases, at least if that platform continues its disappointing sales trend. It’s actually great they’re giving it two new jrpgs, with Hearts R sporting a nice improvement in production values compared to Innocence R.

      • Sergio Briceño

        I’t doesn’t need to be a new mothership title, it could be just a new spinoff game, or even a better remake.

        I’ll make it easier to you. What do you want for PSV? Another DS remake or a new game? I don’t really think that is a really hard question, but judging from my thumbs down, some people would just love to see Tempest next (and I mean Tempest next over a console quality To game)…

        • Ladius

          The problem with your reasoning is that you are comparing a reasonable option with an utopistic one, since there isn’t a chance to see a “console quality” new Tales game for Vita in the current market,

          In an ideal world I would like to see tons of motherships for every single platform, all localized in every possible language and available at day-one in every single market, but that simply isn’t feasible.

          Realistically, though? Vita is selling so poorly it’s already a miracle Namco is making new Tales games for it, and Hearts R looks like a wonderful effort on their part, considering it’s by far the best handheld portremake Namco has made till now in terms of production values and new contents.

          Asking for new mothership games on Vita simply isn’t an option, considering the series has finally taken hold on PS3 and the core Tales team is working on that platform (the R games are outsourced), not to mention even PSP, despite the high sales of spinoff Tales games, never had a single new mothership.

          Also, keep in mind that those are reimaginations, not simple remakes: if they do a Tempest R, I’m sure they will add tons of contents in order to keep it on the same level as the other R games, since they were the first to acknowledge the original was an extremely poor game and even removed it from the mothership entries.

          • Sergio Briceño

            The problem with “your” reasoning is that you never bothered to read my comment in the first place.

            It isn’t unreasonable to port or remake an existing console quality game, is it? Why not port Symphonia? Why not port Vesperia?

            They don’t need to invest THAT much in doing any of those compared to making an entirely new game. Which to be honest, isn’t utopistic at all, far fetched at most. I never said they should make a new mothership title, just give us something new or a bigger something old.

            But you know what would make it less likely? Porting inferior To titles. And you know which is the one I’m concerned the most about? Tempest, because if this trend continues then that is the next title we are likely to see on PSV.

            Why port Tempest in the first place? I just hope they really are not planning to, that’s all and maybe this dicussion was pointless to begin with.

            You are missing the entire point of my comment here: “Tempest on Vita is a bad idea and I hope it’s not the case” and “hopefully a better To game makes it’s way to PSV”. Okay I didn’t use those words exactly. :p

          • Ladius

            Sorry, but I really don’t understand your point. You’re basically asking Namco to port to Vita old mothership games (because Vita couldn’t handle a Vesperia remake, and probably not even a Symphonia one unless the changes are purely related to art directionfree run introduction) most people have already played, instead of breathing new life in some of the lesser known mothership games by remaking them from the ground up.

            In your post you said you would like Namco to “give us something new or a bigger something old”, and apparently you don’t even realize that’s exactly what they’re doing. They’ve chosen the DS mothership games for the R series simply because they’re the ones they can improve the most.

            Again, another point of those remakes is exactly that they are lesser known (Hearts) or perceived as inferior (Tempest, and Innocence by a lesser extent), and Namco is remaking them to bring them up to the standard of the other mothership games.

            Those R games aren’t a carbon copy of the DS original, or merely graphical updates, they’re complete remakes with new scripts, new plots, new dungeons, new characters, new battle systems and, of course, improved graphics. Tempest may have been the worst Tales game, but you have absolutely no way to know if Tempest R will be bad, if they really develop it.

          • Sergio Briceño

            I’ll once again simplify it for you. Hopefully, you will understand my point. I narrowed it to 4 things numbered 1-4. With a “)” after the numbers, can’t miss it (Hint: focus on number 4, my point is there).

            1) Namco is giving us: Remakes of handheld Tales of games.

            2) I hope Namco won’t give us: Yet another remake of a handheld Tales of game.

            3) Namco could give us: Remakes of console quality Tales of Games (BIGGER) or spinoffs (NEW ONES) ala Radiant Mythology.

            4) I don’t think Hearts is an inferior game, I do think there are better options. I do believe Tempest is an inferior one. AND THE SOLE PURPOSE OF MY COMMENT WAS TO STATE THAT I HOPE THEY DON’T GIVE US TEMPEST NEXT, BUT SOMETHING BETTER. And as I said, maybe and hopefully this isn’t becoming a trend.

            There, got it this time? Is it so bad to wish they focus on something else than Tempest when bringing a game for Vita is concerned?

            It’s true, I have no way to know if Tempest R, if it ever comes to be, will be as bad or worse than the original. But I really hope I don’t have to find out. Why? Because they could be focusing on something else and if it really turns out as bad (which is to expect) that is more than enough reason for them to drop the To series for Vita (2 failures out of 3, considering Hearts does well, which I hope).


            Edit: PSV could “handle” Vesperia, that’s all it needs to do, “handle it” just like PSO2 Vita will handle PSO2 or NGS2+ will handle NGS2. It doesn’t need to perfectly emulate it.

            Come to think of it, a Vesperia R could solve a lot of troubles for purchasers of the first game out of Japan. Namely get the full game. But then again that would cost a lot to translate and then voice over some parts.

            Being a new platform and after so many years they don’t have to worry that much about exclusive content or whatever, right? Other companies do that all the time. And as far as business decisions go, handheld owners represent a different market, so even re-releasing a complete version in Japan couldn’t be out of the picture.

            Thank you Ladius, out of all the things you mentioned you helped make one good point. Remaking a console Tales, just like they did for 3DS, but with additional content IS the way to go.

            BTW, sorry for the huge edit.

          • maumac77

            My count is 0 to 3 but that’s because I like Innocence R. I still don;t see what’s wrong with doing a remake of Tempest. If anything that should have been the first, and if so only one since it was so bad. That game needs redemption in my opinion and would love to see it brought back up to what it should have been. Although I will agree with your point on something new such as a spinoff or porting an older Title. If the 3DS was able to port Abyss I’m sure the Vita could do Symphonia. Or even Legendia……darn now I want a Legendia port really bad :(

          • Sergio Briceño

            I think I get it now. The reason some people like this trend is because they would like for Tempest to actually turn out good.

            I can’t argue with that. If it actually comes down to it and we do get Tempest R next then I really hope they get it right. The gameplay was just so different in Tempest, it may even be interesting to see what they can come up with.

            Just so you know I don’t think there is something wrong in making a good reimagining of Tempest. I do think though that they could be doing something better than trying to remake a good game out of a mediocre one.

            It would also help to make them try to make it right for a change. Tales games on Vita don’t do the handheld justice. I know it’s not fair to compare Gravity Rush or Dream Club 0 to a To game as they are very different genres and developers, but they are proof that cell shading works well on the PSV. If they just focus on remaking DS games then it will just take them even longer.

    • raymk

      There are different teams making the handheld games from the console games. This tales game I don’t think is being made in house but by another studio.

  • Ladius

    I really hope this game will have a chance to be released here in the future, even if all evidence points to the opposite. It looks Namco is putting far more resources into it compared to Innocence R, and Hearts was apparently great even in its original version.

  • puchinri

    Why did they use Jadeite specifically? To differentiate his name from the other bases of jade? Or is Nephrite also used somewhere in the game?

  • Joshua Myers

    WTB localized version

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