DJMax Technika Tune: Jumping Touch Screen Fever With KARA

By Spencer . December 14, 2012 . 11:49pm


Pentavision started DJMax as a competitor to Konami’s Beatmania series, but DJMax Technika Tune goes in a different direction. The PlayStation Vita game is based on their touch screen arcade game instead of the Portable series. You have to tap, hold, and slide your finger to hit notes. New for the Vita version are rear touchpad notes that have players tap the back of the Vita. You can disable rear touchpad notes in the options menu. This just puts all the notes on the front screen.


Did we lose you? DJMax Technika Tune has a short tutorial that explains the different kinds of notes in the game. What’s missing from the game is the Club mode from DJMax Clazziquai Edition or Mission Mode from DJMax Portable 3. DJMax Technika Tune only has arcade mode. You still level up a profile and earn items that give you Fever boosts, but I miss the single player challenges. It feels like Neowiz Mobile wanted players to challenge each other since you can post scores on the game’s leaderboard or to Facebook.



One thing that makes DJMax Technika Tune easier to get into is the game plays notes when you tap on them. You can hear If you’re offbeat. This audible clue gives players an idea if they’re too early or to late. Hitting notes on beat charges up your Fever meter. When the Fever meter is full, you can use it to guarantee the maximum amount of points for a note, even if you’re a little bit off beat.


DJMax Technika Tune has a mix of peppy dance music, hip hop and the occasional cutesy songs like Shining My Boy. K-pop group KARA is probably the highlight. " Step, Pretty Girl, Jumping, Lupin, and Mister are in DJMax Technika Tune. Pick a KARA song and the game plays one of their music videos (well, except for Mister), but you don’t really have time to watch them dance while you’re furiously tapping notes in Club mode (the advanced difficulty level). Other songs have music videos made by Pentavision and the colors for songs pop out on the Vita’s screen. You can watch any of the videos by tapping on a camera icon after selecting a song.


014 021


DJMax Technika Tune is a score attack game and items are the key to getting a high score. Competitive players will want items that increase how much Fever meter you gain so you can  enter Fever mode more often. Newcomers, on the other hand, will want HP boosters and Anti Break items so they have more time to play through a song. DJMax Technika Tune is unforgiving and ends songs abruptly if you miss a couple notes in a row. I’ve seen that frustrate new players when they were trying to figure out how to hold the Vita comfortably to hit front and back notes.


Since you’re reading this, I guess you must be curious about DJMax Technika Tune. Check this out. Here are some codes to download the game. Log on to your US PSN account, click on redeem code and type one of these in. If you use a code, please let us know in the comments. I’ll be back to update the post with more DJMax Technika Tune codes soon!






4TE3-NEN4-9P4H wow that was taken fast! This was our little surprise for the Siliconera crowd. If you guys liked this maybe we can do more of these in the future. :)

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  • Neither of the codes worked :/

    • Looks like the codes were snapped up pretty fast! Did you try a US account?

  • Guest

    i use KJJG-F6N2-DT6E thanks u guys rock :)

  • i used KJJG-F6N2-DT6E thanks u guys rock

  • Both codes gone already! Amazingly quick. Didn’t get any of them :(

    Game looks fun though! Will definitely check it out further.

  • WingsOfEternity

    I spent 2 minutes just to figure out how to redeem codes LOL

  • Ladius

    Where can I buy the US release? It isn’t stocked anywhere on the usual sites, I know people normally preorder from the DJMax publisher’s own outlet but I would like to have more options.

    • Pentavision said they’re going to sell some copies on Amazon, but I’m not sure if retail copies actually shipped. Bemanistyle was selling the limited edition before.

  • Lano Rose

    I used the second code thx!


    No more codes ‘en?

  • Damn! I’m late!

  • Go2hell66

    ah missed it

  • More codes please!

  • Lano Rose

    Been Playing since I DL’ed it and wow I love it so much and to think I would have never played it without this post……..

    • Is it a full version or just a trial?

      • Lano Rose

        Full game

  • Isaac Todd

    Is this digital only?

    • Nope, there are physical copies. Digital is the easiest method to get a hold of the game, however.

      • Isaac Todd

        Ah, thanks. I’ll probably try to import it then, unless I can get a hold of some NA PSN cards.

  • Cometsu

    Got CH6E-3BNR-T3RN. Heart was racing since I stayed up for a chance at this. Really nice how Siliconera does stuff to stay close to the readers, many thanks Spencer.

    • Lucky. I was waiting as well, getting incredibly tired now. Wonder if any more codes will come up tonight. I likely won’t last another 3 hours :(

      • Cometsu

        Funny enough I was weighing what would be faster to type from Vita or PS3 but typing on Vita is pretty much using a mini keyboard… unless you have a keyboard on your PS3. I hope more people get a chance so keep at it

        • Isaac Todd

          Using a PC is faster.

      • No more tonight (although “tonight” varies on your time zone). Let’s say no more for Siliconera time zone tonight.

        • Go2hell66

          *profound sadness*

        • Ah well, I’ll go to bed, get up in around 10 hours and try my luck then. Thanks for the update!

        • Shirogane Takeru

          what is Siliconera’s time zone anyway?

    • Go2hell66

      u beat me by a couple seconds :O

  • Aya♥Ji

    are there more codes?

  • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

    I hope the second line of codes comes at a little different time to give people a chance who live in another timezone.

    • futuristic_imagination

      I know, I hope i get the next one. If I’m able to get one, then I’ll have an early Christmas/Birthday present!

  • Enma_Kozato

    I’ll have to settle with the arcade machine at the IPark for now since I’m not having my limited edition going through the mailing system during the holidays. Especially when the destination is overseas :'<

  • almostautumn

    My LE edition came two days ago— and you lot have no idea how damning it is not to open it. Not even just to play it, but to put the 2 music CD’s onto my Ipod.
    But man do I’ve a feeling it’s going to be worth a pretty bit down the road.

  • Ufff, missed codes. My soul longs for rhythm games!

  • Eilanzer

    well…Clazziquai and Black still are the best…this will need to be very good to beat them.

  • Brandonmkii

    So glad I sprung for the LE. Def one of the nicest I own.

  • Thinking of getting the US copy but decided to put it on hold now since the shipping cost is too steep for me atm.

  • Captain_Jiruo

    I wants a code! F5 F5 F5 F5…

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    I sure do love me some KARA

  • This is an absolutely fantastic music game. Just lovely and definitely worth the price. The Kara songs are especially fantastic. I find Lupin gets stuck in my head anytime I play it.

  • Himiko

    I need to get this. Is this one JPSN and can I run digital games from it if I have a NA PSVita?

    • Zeorymus

      This appears to be the US release. The Vita is not region locked so you can play Japanese games on your NA system.

      • Himiko

        Thanks. :) I remember reading that digital games are region locked… guess not!

        • almostautumn

          They are. You can’t download something from the JPN store and play it on your other region account. Whatever account the item is associated with, such as full-games or DLC, is locked the account that bought it. So if a game has DLC you can only access the DLC from that region.
          It’s a pain, but there’s no way around it. Can’t store it from Content Manager or anything like that, and nothing like downloading to PS3 and transfering over either. Whatever the singular account is that purchases/downloads something is the only one that has access.

      • Tyler Beale

        So restoring the system (to sign-in to another PSN) doesn’t format your Memory Card?

        • Zeorymus

          Restoring the system would clear out your memory. Best thing to do is have two memory cards, one connected to your regular account and another for the foreign account. I just use a 4gb card connected to a japanese PSN account to mess with digital stuff off of there and have a 16gb for my regular US account. Only annoying thing about swapping the memory cards is that it doesn’t store your icon setup on the home screen so you have to rearrange everything again. If you import a physical copy of a game though you don’t have to mess with swapping memory cards unless you want to download/install dlc from the foreign PSN.

  • Watahashi

    Woot, just grabbed E62H-58NF-GF95.
    Thanks so much!

    • Captain_Jiruo

      Curse you!

      • Tyler Beale

        Yes, I had just tried this code for the past minute or two….got the following error: “The code you entered may not be correct or may be invalid. Please check that you entered it correctly.” (On my PS Vita)

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! So close!
      i want one! I should have refresh the page first before playing Project diva f :((

  • Yeah… it´s not that “nice” to newcomers, however once you get in a certain position to play it right, it´s pretty fun :)

  • $24431191

    This looks cool but I’m the kind of guy who’d get annoyed by getting his touch-screen all greasy. I guess I’m just that way with touch-screens in general though…

    • almostautumn

      Wash your hands first?

  • Nee Nee

    Oh well, missed it. Gratz to those who got it, and have fun.

  • Shirogane Takeru

    darn, wish I can get it, I barely have enough games on the vita as it is

  • KuroNathan

    Drat, just missed the last code. I’m waiting here though with my PS vita next to me haha

  • Sakurazaki

    I hope the code isn’t coming very soon…

    I’m sitting here refreshing. It could take forever.

    • Tyler Beale

      As am I. Why not just post the code already (if you have it)?

  • WingsOfEternity

    Stuff like this drags out all the lurkers XD

  • Nartman23

    So much refreshing, refresh refresh

  • Sakurazaki

    I give up, lol.

    Peace! Will just buy the game whenever.

  • Nartman23

    Damn, must’ve spent hours refreshing. Nice job to whoever got it.

  • Shirogane Takeru

    well, seems my refresh timings just didn’t cut it lol

    gratz to those who got em

  • Tyler Beale


  • I went to the bathroom… Missed the code… Wonderful.

    • Captain_Jiruo

      Same here.:(

      • doubletaco

        I was distracted watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

        Even now I’m convinced it was the right choice.

  • BloodyNights

    I can’t believe I missed the last code even with all the refreshing I did constantly :(

  • Someone ninja’d the last code… :/
    Didnt even fess up!!! lol

  • BloodyNights

    Out of despair for not obtaining that code, I decided to go to the site and buy a physical copy of the game and add it to my game collection :P

  • Captain_Jiruo

    I hope almost hope you don’t do more of these in the future.I spent over eight hours straight just refreshing the page and I end up with nothing. Now I’m back to not being able to buy/play this until after I buy a Wii U in May..Sigh…

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Nobody forced you to spend 8 hours, instead of being ungrateful show some gratitude for the fact Siliconera just gave 5 $44.99 games for free~.

      • Captain_Jiruo

        I know, I’m just being sour because I didn’t win. :P

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Congratulations to all the winners but above all, thank you Siliconera for giving us the chance to score such a game for free. It is very much appreciated~.

  • “What’s missing from the game is the Club mode from DJMax Clazziquai Edition”

    Is this a difference between the regional releases? Coz my Southeast Asian copy of Technika Tune does have Club Mode (can’t say that it’s the same from Clazziquai since I missed out on that)

    • Watahashi

      Club mode in Clazziquai has you play through various uniquely named clubs, each with different goals to move on to the next. Some require you to just play a certain number of songs, others a series of songs, and some others where you have to complete a challenge, like reach a certain score or break less than a certain amount. It was really cool.

  • Mnstrzero00

    I hold it with my left, my left thumb in the middle of the directional buttons, my middle finger free to passionately slap my Vita’s backside to the rthym and my right arm free to prod its front – never letting my right elbow rest on anything atlest during the tougher songs. Does anybody else play differently?

  • Locklear93

    So, bought this and… I’m torn, I think. I like the music selections, but the gameplay feels to me like a great example of when using a device’s new feature (touchscreen) ends up getting in the way of gameplay. I’m a lot happier with Project Diva style gameplay (despite its addition of much more limited touchscreen use), just because I really don’t like covering the screen with my hand while trying to keep track of things.

    I’ll give it some more time, maybe it’ll grow on me.

  • gamefreak86

    Siliconera rocks. love these promos.

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