DJMax Technika Tune: Jumping Touch Screen Fever With KARA

By Spencer . December 14, 2012 . 11:49pm


Pentavision started DJMax as a competitor to Konami’s Beatmania series, but DJMax Technika Tune goes in a different direction. The PlayStation Vita game is based on their touch screen arcade game instead of the Portable series. You have to tap, hold, and slide your finger to hit notes. New for the Vita version are rear touchpad notes that have players tap the back of the Vita. You can disable rear touchpad notes in the options menu. This just puts all the notes on the front screen.


Did we lose you? DJMax Technika Tune has a short tutorial that explains the different kinds of notes in the game. What’s missing from the game is the Club mode from DJMax Clazziquai Edition or Mission Mode from DJMax Portable 3. DJMax Technika Tune only has arcade mode. You still level up a profile and earn items that give you Fever boosts, but I miss the single player challenges. It feels like Neowiz Mobile wanted players to challenge each other since you can post scores on the game’s leaderboard or to Facebook.



One thing that makes DJMax Technika Tune easier to get into is the game plays notes when you tap on them. You can hear If you’re offbeat. This audible clue gives players an idea if they’re too early or to late. Hitting notes on beat charges up your Fever meter. When the Fever meter is full, you can use it to guarantee the maximum amount of points for a note, even if you’re a little bit off beat.


DJMax Technika Tune has a mix of peppy dance music, hip hop and the occasional cutesy songs like Shining My Boy. K-pop group KARA is probably the highlight. " Step, Pretty Girl, Jumping, Lupin, and Mister are in DJMax Technika Tune. Pick a KARA song and the game plays one of their music videos (well, except for Mister), but you don’t really have time to watch them dance while you’re furiously tapping notes in Club mode (the advanced difficulty level). Other songs have music videos made by Pentavision and the colors for songs pop out on the Vita’s screen. You can watch any of the videos by tapping on a camera icon after selecting a song.


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DJMax Technika Tune is a score attack game and items are the key to getting a high score. Competitive players will want items that increase how much Fever meter you gain so you can  enter Fever mode more often. Newcomers, on the other hand, will want HP boosters and Anti Break items so they have more time to play through a song. DJMax Technika Tune is unforgiving and ends songs abruptly if you miss a couple notes in a row. I’ve seen that frustrate new players when they were trying to figure out how to hold the Vita comfortably to hit front and back notes.


Since you’re reading this, I guess you must be curious about DJMax Technika Tune. Check this out. Here are some codes to download the game. Log on to your US PSN account, click on redeem code and type one of these in. If you use a code, please let us know in the comments. I’ll be back to update the post with more DJMax Technika Tune codes soon!






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