A Look At DmC Devil May Cry’s “Son of Sparda” Difficulty

By Ishaan . December 16, 2012 . 10:30am

Capcom have shared a lengthy new video of DmC Devil May Cry that shows off the difference between the game’s regular difficulty modes and the “Son of Sparda” difficulty, which features remixed enemy layouts and tougher opponents. The stage used to show off the differences is the one set in the night club. Take a look at the video below:


Watch live video from Capcom-Unity on TwitchTV


DmC Devil May Cry will be released on January 15th, 2013 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and January 25th on PC.

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  • ragingmerifes

    Nothing that an asian on YouTube can’t handle.

    • vileBrenman

      IT’S SHOWTIME!!!!!

  • Given the nature of responses DmC threads attract, I would really appreciate it if people would avoid the… “betrayal discussions” or any sort of inflammatory talks for this thread – and hopefully, from now on. Anything worth saying has been said more than a lot of times, and it’s not like either of the two sides are going to convince each other anyway. Just spare everybody else from having to trudge through the fights.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    That extra 10 days for the PC release is gonna kill mee

    • shogunknight

      Me too!! Would love to give this game a shot.

  • SilverSven

    Looks like normal mode DMC3.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      You mean DMC SE? Because I’ve only played DMC3 (NA) on normal only to find out it was the equivalent of the Japanese Hard mode :( I was renting the game for a week and the difficulty got me stumped.

      • SilverSven

        Yeah, SE. Nothing I’ve seen from DmC even compares to hard mode DMC3.
        Heck, nothing I’ve seen from DmC compares to ANYTHING from DMC3. Even Brea.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Things like that happen when the game isn’t DMC3. We all know this game isn’t DMC3. The reminder to refrain from comments just to be inflammatory has already been made.

          • SilverSven

            How was that “just to be inflammatory”? I’m saying what I think; that’s what comments are for. Not every internet user is out to enrage people on purpose. If my opinion being antagonistic of what other people think is what’s considered intentionally provoking, you might want to consider advocating the removal of comments sections which have been made ubiquitous since web 2.0.

          • Not directing this at you in particular, but there has been more than enough talks about DmC not being the same as DMC. That’s true, because DmC has no connections to DMC. It’s a very obvious fact for everybody, and even Capcom isn’t trying to hide it.

            So, let’s just drop the comparisons before others jump into the fray and the thread goes out of control again. (Personally, I’m really tired of nearly every DmC thread spiraling down into redundant, meaningless quarrels.)

          • SilverSven

            Well, okay, but wanting considerable amounts of folks to not compare a reboot to the original may be asking for too much.

          • That has already happened a long time ago… The problem is that it hasn’t stopped since.

          • SilverSven

            I suppose that means it’s how those really feel about the game. Best leave it alone, you can’t bottle a hurricane.

          • And let the same level of childish squabbles as seen on YouTube take over the threads? I’m afraid I’m not willing to let that happen. Otherwise, what’s the point of having 3 moderators? Not to mention that it’s unreasonable to let uncivil behaviors alone just because seemingly a lot of people do it.

            Note that I’m not talking about all the detractors. Some users have expressed their likes/dislikes about the new direction in thoughtful manners without any offense to the developers or other users.

          • SilverSven

            Preventing anarchism is a good thing, but letting it become totalitarianism by exercising excessive preemptive control can be worse than two opposites trying to convince each other that the other is wrong using colorful language.

          • We know the difference. What we’re looking for is somewhere in between.

            Before this turns into a talk about politics, I’ll be dropping the topic here.

          • Zarathos No Daimaōh

            There is hardly an in between and some “fine line” when basically the “haters” are told “shut up your opinion have been heard enough time already” “you just repeat yourself” , “it’s a new game dont dont comparison , it will turns ugly” . I dont see mods give that same cold shoulders to people rehashing the most generic sugary comments such as “this game looks so cool!!” or “i can’t wait!”

            It’s no wonder the thread just become a ghost town . Might as well close comments whenever a polarizing game is involved and pretend such article are infomercials and ads .

            Dont worry i’m done on the subject as it is obviously unwelcomed , but again nothing “civil” “fine” “sensible” or whatever about the way you guys handle this

          • xAKUM3TSUx

            gosh…all this because of one mans opinion. It could have just been left well enough alone but now im getting the vibe that mods are trolling. It’s not like he’s being rude and telling everyone not to buy it. Smh (wat wud Charlie Brown do)

          • There’s no action taken against the generic sugary comments because they don’t involve offending any other party. Why should they be prohibited when they’re doing no harm (even if many of them don’t contribute to a more productive discussion)?

            And because some people won’t stop insisting that we’re against negativity in general, I’ll reiterate one more time: It’s negativity without reason that we’re against.

          • Zarathos No Daimaōh

            Generic anti comments dont involve offending anyone moreso than sugary generic stuff . Implying one is more harmful than the other is one of the roots of the issue imo .

            If someone is ill at ease over someone complaining about the game – most of those at least based on some endearement and fondness for the franchise – Why couldnt other not feel well over what they consider mediocre being praised ? Both stances would be silly .

            It’s one thing to warn and censor insulting folks , it’s another to do the same for folks not agreeing that the game is any good and making their stance known , even if its over , over , over and over .

            Again no one seems cares about people professing their love endlessly over the game … there is no more real reasons “haters” couldnt likewise publicly dislike the game as long as they are civil toward posters or the game’s staff .

            Anyway on that end , good night , and see you around on other topics …

  • michael perdomo

    Only 4 1/2 weeks left util i get to kick some a** with Dante & Vergil

    • revivegamesrise23

      Yup, i’m ready to kick some demons ass!

  • Azy

    Is this the North Korea of comment sections? Seems like a comment with the slightest hint of negativity or questioning gets you a one-way ticket to a camp in the mountains. Isn’t the comment section there for discussion and reflection of the above topic, good or bad?

    • An example loaded with exaggerated association to a foul instance. Classy.

      There has been tons of “discussion and reflection” in previous DmC threads. All those accomplished was that people just kept lingering around the same arguments without either side coming to a conclusion. And that’s not even counting inconsiderate comments like ones that plainly insult others that are willing to give the game a chance.

      So to put it short: We gave it many chances; it didn’t work. All that comes from it are unsightly threads. We’re not completely against negativity; we’re against unreasonable/illogical negativity. If being strict is what it takes to keep threads tidy, so be it. Better be a site for few civil people than the unruly many.

      • Azy

        I can see that people have a hard time coming to a “conclusion” as you call it, seeing as they are opinions, where no one can really be “right” or “wrong”.

        The fact that DmC topics often get heated stems from that this series has taken a radical turn, which of course invites intense discussion among the many passionate fans of this franchise.

        Too shoot down many users comments as “inflammatory” just because they criticize or question something is just insulting to your users. When does a user become a troll all of a sudden, I guess I am one right now right?.

        This is the only gaming site I have seen that rules their comment section with such an iron-fist, even going as far as having the introduction post being basically “all right folks, you know the drill, don’t mention this, that and so forth.

        What is a successful comment-section? Where everyone just pats each other on the back not really saying anything because of fear of heat from the mods?

        • SilverSven

          Word. While they’re trying to prevent irrational and tired Capcom hate comments such as “Anyone who buys this is a tool” or “Anarchy Reigns comes out the same week, buy that instead of DmC”, it’s quickly turning into a general disagreement hunt.

          • Now that’s not a fair assessment. Did you miss the parts where we leave reasonable comments alone even when they disagree? And when we let every comment be, we get complaints that the entire community is terrible.

          • SilverSven

            Maybe, but I caught the part where my simple comparison of the game to a predecessor got a moderator thinking I was inciting a revolt. That’s not a fair assessment either.

          • If you’re still sour about that, then I’ll be the one to apologize. Miau wasn’t singling you out as much as just trying to keep in check in general the potential sources of quarrel according to what we observed from prior threads – in this case, comparing what many consider to be the best installment and a reboot from a different developer.

        • First of all, please drop the political connotations. This doesn’t have the same weight as running a country where the livelihood of every citizen is at stake.

          Secondly, what I’m going to say is only my perspective, and doesn’t necessarily belong to other mods:

          Rules exist because there has been multiple misbehaviors in the past and admins are fed up with them. I actively moderate the comment sections because people don’t care about following rules if no action is taken. I don’t know if SiliconEra is the only such site on the Internet, but frankly, that’s irrelevant. I moderate for the sake of maintenance and long-term benefits to the site’s atmosphere.

          • Azy

            Obviously the North Korea comparison was an exaggeration, I was making a point. Of course you are not starving, torturing and killing your vocal userbase, you are being overly sensitive if you are letting silly remark like that get to you.

            Of course rules are needed to make things function. I am just saying that some of these rules go a little too far, that is my personal opinion of course.

            If such heavy preparations and monitoring is needed too keep the comments at your ideal level, maybe it is better to just turn off the comment section completely for a while.
            It seems in a way that you don’t really trust your userbase.

            I for one would be happy to have a lively and “dynamic” comment-section for better or worse. Seeing “childish” posts now and then show that the site is genuine and not too heavily censored.

            That includes the gentleman bluntly calling my first comment idiotic which has now been removed, that was his opinion and it should be respected.

            You are a part of the staff here, you make the rules not me, this was just my take on it.

          • I just didn’t want an exaggerated example get in the way of a serious talk. But I’ll certainly differ from what you feel about respecting even directly provocative comments, no matter who they’re directed at. I (personally) don’t consider every “opinion” automatically equal in credibility; that doesn’t mean I have to have any malice against the opinion holders – it’s just caution to not jump to conclusions. But I certainly don’t respect poorly-constructed opinions that hide behind the “freedom of speech” and “entitled to my opinion” excuses. Respect is something that’s earned, not taken for granted.

            The thread is getting sidetracked, and I’ve said almost everything I could for a gist. I’m dropping out of this conversation. Besides – and I’ll be really blunt here – considering it’s impossible to please everybody, I would think it’s pointless to put our moderating philosophy on trial.

  • Nitraion

    Surprised this site still not tired of DmC war….
    But really….. its so hard to comment about the game with memorable past…
    I really can’t blame hater or disappointer or fans here.

    • Oh, believe me. I’m bloody tired of it.

      • Nitraion

        Haha usually you just seal the comment section if you predict something like this will happend or you really tired….
        that’s why i am surprised… :D

        • That’s sort of a last resort solution, even for Ishaan. I don’t want to step over my line.

          • Nitraion

            Ok…Just hang in there….lol
            I see you fighting already down there
            *Sigh* i really waiting that DOA 5 EU code….
            i think i will not have it… You guys really give it on bad time i have exams lol

  • Göran Isacson

    So it seems that there will be many enemies who you will either have to use Angel or Devil Arms exclusively against. Not sure I’m fond of that. Didn’t know that Devil Mode made you immune to the knights flames. Wonder if Angel mode makes you immune to the other knights ice?

    Definitely liking the other Angel Arm, the way it can drag people in mid-combo is pretty cool: like a wider version of the Whip. Less fond of the camera, for some reason it seems to keep finding its way behind Dante and tilting up, obscuring the action.

    Welp, can’t say Lilith is a very interesting character. Nice to see Dante show an actual emotion though, but egad I wished Lilith could at least have the decency to only speak pre- and post-battle.

    … Also what is UP with Lilith’s stomach there in the intro?

    22:35 : Truth be told, I would accept both Angel Stripper AND Wesker Stripper DLC if they were inclined to include it in the game. Wouldn’t buy it, but it would make me all warm and cosy if it DID exist.

  • idrawrobots

    Are we really calling this game “DMC Devil May Cry” was DMC to sweet and succinct?

  • Valtiel Ikari

    personally, I preffer to be capable of dispatching enemies how I want, not how the developer wants me too, this enemies that must be defeated with certain mode or weapons goes a bit agaist the comcept I have of Devil May Cry, in Devil May Cry 3, I could tolerate the gargoyles, but a whole lot of enemies that must be defeated in a specific way? not my cup of tea when it’s come to Devil May Cry perception of playing acording to your preferences. On the subject, I’m not into this cycling through all the weapons thing they have going on, in past entries having to choose only two weapons was confortable because you could use the ones you where better with very quickly, while here, it could be bottersome if I have to go through weapons I don’t like or I’m not good with, could be a real pace killer, and Devil May Cry was always a very fast paced game.

    I’m still willing to give the game a chance when I can, will download the demo when I get my PS3 (maybe this christmas finally if everithing goes well, wish me luck!) or give it a very cheap rental, or borrow it from some one, I jst don’t want to waist to much money of a game I’m not very confident in, if I like it, I will get the PC version because of 60fps, because the difference does feel when I checked the pc trailer, it feels, a lot (from a visual fluidity stand point and for me at least)

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