Monster Hunter 4 Pushed Back To Summer 2013 So Capcom Can Improve The Game

By Spencer . December 18, 2012 . 10:59pm

mh4Monster Hunter 4 won’t make it out in March 2013. The highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS game has  been pushed back to summer 2013. Capcom says they made this decision so they can further improve the quality of Monster Hunter 4 and make sure it lives up to everyone’s expectations.


A couple months isn’t that big of a deal to fans, but it could affect Capcom’s fiscal plans since Monster Hunter 4, likely a money making game, was originally scheduled for release this fiscal year.

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  • Spider-Man

    Dem jaggies probably. But I’m not too bothered by it, since I will have to wait for a Western release. (Hopefully) Would have loved to import and play.

    • sd28

      iv have never understood why people hate jaggies in monster hunter games

  • $29082171

    ”Lives up to everyone’s expectations” of being released in the west sooner, hopefully.

  • hybrid897

    Cool, hope this gives Soul Sacrifice more of a chance.

    Can’t wait for both.

    • heartless141

      demo tomorrow! can’t wait :D

    • sd28

      at least this way they wont have to sacrifice its soul

    • AyaisMUsikWhore

      Actually, I want Soul Sacrifice to get pushed back after. It’s a new IP that, in my honest opinion, can’t compete to the fandom of mh. Sony should wait until after when people eventually get burned out. Giving them the opportunity to play something new and go back is worst than the opposite.

  • Peace Legacy

    Always pleasing to hear these kind of delaying news
    …No, I am serious. It is better to eagerly wait and hype, and being overwhelmed by a full experience, instead of getting something early, and only to be left with disappointment of shortcomings and glitches… which is even worse for handheld games since they don’t usually receive patch (Resident Evil Revelations’ Raid mode got quite a few game breaking glitches, and even until now, there is no patch yet).
    Just take your time and improve the game, a bit of a delay is fine… as long as it isn’t an indefinite delay of course

  • Go2hell66

    usually news like this displeases me greatly but were still waiting on MH3 so i don’t really see a problem with this

  • Capcom is cheap, they moved the MH series to 3DS so they don’t have to remake higher resolution textures and meshes for Vita or home consoles, as the 3DS is the closest graphically to the PSP. Their HD ports are nowhere as close as a real HD game. MH is one of the most selling series and they still play the cheap card.

    • Haseyo

      Nintendo paid them to keep it on 3DS, if I recall correctly.

      • Dragon24680

        Most probably.

      • Exactly what I am saying, they don’t want to make the game better, they want to make more money, they accepted nintendo’s offer. Capcom is cheap.

        • OkamiKing

          So a company getting paid to produce content fans want on behalf of another company’s deal to make it so they get it makes the first company cheap?

          Ok besides the whole “Jump” and new emphasis on climbing in MH4, not to mention the two new weapons, they certainly are making a better game. So I can’t see that complaint. However the console one while a valid one, isn’t “Cheap”. If anything it makes sense. Capcom first and foremost is a business, so if it gets offered money to make something all exclusive in a country (Where 3DS’s are very vast) full of said fans to make more money? Yea they can port on the Vita. They probably will port a BETTER version. They usually do. But following a sound business strategy doesn’t make them cheap, it gets them paid. If anything, any gripes about the gameplay should always be directed toward the developer. And this looks like a very solid MH…. Then again, when has there ever been a crappy one?

          • If I was offered a choice between better and worse graphics, I’d choose the first, same goes for online compatibly, which goes without argument is better on home consoles, and Vita over 3DS IMO, I still have a 3ds so I am not passing the game over, I just want it to be better. The game would be a success no matter what console it is released on.

            As for the “Jump” feature I am not sure, I disliked aerial action in Koei games, the jump was unnecessary, Ragnarok Odyssey has a jump and I hate it. Can’t say it will be bad for sure before playing the game, let’s hope MH would do it better.

      • $29082171

        I want a source regarding that statement.

      • ronin4life

        Nintendo doesn’t buy exclusives. They instead work bilaterally and form partnerships. Monster Hunter is being supported by Nintendo in territories outside of Japan, so Capcom is more willing to place the series on Nintendo consoles. This is something Sony never bothered to do, and even prevented at one point.

        Capcom and Nintendo also have a deepeer partnership than just monster hunter, so as business partners it is hard to imagine a straight payoff being neccesary or likely in this case.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Or the fact that more people have 3DS’s and its a sure sale?

      • AyaisMUsikWhore

        I’m sure if it was on the Vita it would have did the same. Don’t try to downplay that fact. It isn’t about how much more people have it since the Psp started the franchise.. Come on now

        • Spider-Man

          Indeed. However, I thought the PS2 started the franchise?

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            Yeah sorry about that lol. My phone fixed PS2 to psp lol sorry. But that’s my point. It’s like, it’s not about it being on the 3DS, it’s just people trying to downplay the fact that the game got big on a Sony syste. That’s all. I’m not saying it’s bad that it’s on the 3DS. I have one so I’m not missing out on anything but why the downplay. Not talking to you directly lol

        • I think the point is that it would sell “more” on a system that’s successful than on one that isn’t. It would sell well regardless of where it is, but it’s more a question of where it would sell most.

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            Is it really fair to call the Vita not successful though? The 3DS sold more, is successful, but the Vita isn’t exactly dead so why is it not being called successful? What? Anyways I know it’s not about selling more on the 3DS. I’m sure it will but there more considering Capcom does have some personal beef with Sony. However I’m happy for them. This is a big game and the know the 3DS will carrying it.

          • Not being dead doesn’t equate to being successful. I don’t know why this is so difficult to see.

            I don’t think people understand what the situation is here. The games market does not care about the Vita in the least. This is the lowest-selling high-profile system in the recent history of the games industry.

            That isn’t a success—it’s a terrible failure and one that Sony should have been better prepared in light of the data they acquired from the PSP’s tenure.

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            No. I understand what your saying but this is what I’m seeing. The games media doesn’t care about the Vita because of the price point it debuted. The actual Vita isn’t the issue. The Vita doesn’t play games carelessly. It wasn’t a digital only system like the Go. It’s a solid system. It’s selling so low because it too expensive. That’s the issue. It was the same issue with the PSP.

            When the 3DS came out at the same price. It was a high profile handheld that also sold bad. However it had a couple of high profile game to give it help. But then it stopped selling so well. Nintendo cut the price. It started to sell. Period. They got burned for it and dropped it. Now the Vita comes out at the same price point with the same BS Sony pulled with the Psp. With an additional fee. Called the Memory Card. Everyone constantly says that ‘Oh Sony should drop the price! I They are arrogant.. Blah blah blah.’ Someone but peop really don’t understand how technology works. Let me ask you this. If Sony drops the price, makes memory cards completely free, even adds them in the system for free.. Would it be a such failure anymore? No it won’t. So the Vita isn’t a failure because of its existence. It’s a fighting because of price. I understand what’s up with the Vita but this mass media hating is ridiculous. Sony has a bad habit of doing that, but it’s the same thing that happened with the PS3 . They was able to overcome that so I know they will overcome this Vita crap. In my eyes, it’s not a complete failure. On paper it surely enough will and it’s already written in the books that it’s the worst, but I know it will go down in history as one of the worst selling systems that found a way to make it a successful Sony handheld.. Watch it. It being downplayed so much for literally one reason.

          • It’s not just one particular problem in the case of the Vita, though. It’s a few things together. For starters, it’s the fact that the Vita is a device aimed at a market that, in reality, is very small.

            One example of this is the number of people that go on about dual-analog on the Vita. It really, really doesn’t matter. The vast majority of portable gamers don’t care about dual-analog and never will. Portable games are not console games. They can be “console-like” but are not expected to replicate the experience in full.

            The price, as you rightfully pointed out, is another issue. This is an issue that can be resolved in time, and we probably will see Sony lower the system’s price next year. However, that brings us to problem #3, which is the lack of games.

            I know there are a lot of people that stick up for the Vita here, but tell me honestly, how many high-profile games are you seeing announced for the Vita that aren’t ports?

            The PS3 situation was different because it had Xbox 360 multiplatform games to fall back on. It also had both FFXIII and Versus XIII announced for it really early on, which helped create an RPG audience on the system. The Vita has no such meaningful genre leader.

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            Bullet point one. The Vita audience isn’t as small as you think. Unlike Nintendo, Sony is a cutting edge technology company. Nintendo is a family company. Sony is known to make these technologically advanced systems. If they didn’t they would get more slack than any company in the world. Its like downgrading to be cheap. You think sony could get away with releasing yet another PSP with no wifi, no touchscreen, no upgrade in space or cheaping the space and a small memory card? You really think Sony could get away with that? That’s like apple getting away with making the iPhone significantly bigger than and lacking more feature than, the iPhone 4s.

            Point 2. That statement is sooo wrong. Dual analogs are as a big deal as party chat. We are familar with it and its something that was heavily stressed when the NGP was being rumored. Everyone wanted it. Just because having one is being forced does not mean that its not a huge preference people still don’t have. That’s the problem with certain people especially this argument or every argument that tries to downplay a highly prefered feature. If the option was there, it would be used, when its not and something else has it, the story goes “Oh, its not that important because no one will use it anyways.” Every single innovation technology has that same lame excuse from people don’t have it but the other does. Trust me, if the 3DS had it, people WILL use it. Stop fooling yourself as if that isn’t something people really wanted. If that was the case, having an analog stick period wouldn’t matter. Handheld started out without them, people defended it didn’t need it. Now it has one, people defend that it doesn’t need 2. When it has 2, then people are going to defend you don’t need Yes, it is a feature than can and will be used.

            I don’t need to go in with price, but price is the reason for the small quanity of games, not the lack. The Vita HAS games, if that was he case, there would be absolutely no sales. But obviously it has games that people can play now. High profile games like Uncharted, AC, Gravity Rush, and upcoming games like Soul Sacrifice and Teraway? Those don’t sound like ports to me, and when since having ports was a bad thing. No one complaint about the ports that were on the 3DS before it started getting real games….Uhh just like the Vita. Shoot, PS4G though being a port is a highly respected game that had a damn good turn out for a rerelease. Zelda and Starfox was the same exact thing..No one said anything about that. And even if they are ports, they are games some people want. Sony has already said that they are working hard to get devs to make games for the Vita. They even stated they don’t want the psp fate and just because there’s announcement’s hear and there for game ports doesn’t mean they don’t have other games baking. Nintendo could come out for a 3ds port for all there first party games and people will still buy it because they want it. Sorry but ports aren’t always bad and i don’t remember when they started to be.

            I don’t want to rant or continue this. Judging by your comments you do lean towards the 3ds. You like it, probably love it, and still don’t find a reason to want, own or like a Vita…But like I said, its a stepping stone. The Vita isn’t doing good, no one can deny that, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have a chance at all in the end. Sony will come through and your whole argument is going to change when it does. It has to wedge itself in a place that Sony can only deliver on. I love my 3DS and i don’t downplay anything it did. I was rooting for it even when it was down..but everyone is always down on Sony and it does piss me off. The Vita will do fine. It’s in a battlefield right now but it will overcome this issue…Period. You may not want it, you may want it to really fail and drop off the planet, but i don’t because i see how high it can go and the potential that’s there…Developers will soon start to realize it too.

          • neo_firenze

            “However, that brings us to problem #3, which is the lack of games.”

            Vita certainly hasn’t been as successful as Sony would have liked, but I can’t agree with this point at all. I bought both a Vita and a 3DS at their launch and I like them both, this is no system war nonsense. But even with the 3DS having a year’s head start, I have purchased as many total Vita games as I have 3DS games.

            1) “It has no games!” is simply not true. Even if we’re talking only new original games not ported from consoles, in less than a year we’ve seen stuff like:

            – Gravity Rush

            – Ragnarok Odyssey

            – Virtue’s Last Reward (for my money, a better experience than on 3DS thanks to the better screen)

            – Hatsune Miku (totally playable for importers with minimal/no Japanese language skills)

            – A solid original Assassin’s Creed game

            – Ys Celceta (Japanese, but import friendly)

            Sony has also released high quality new entries in several of their existing franchises: Uncharted, Hot Shots, Wipeout, Little Big Planet.

            That’s not bad progress for the first 10 months of any system. For comparison, 3DS software was downright dismal at that point in the same point in that system’s life. Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and not a whole lot more of note except a few ports of older games (Ocarina, Star Fox 64)

            2) When your ports are as high quality as what Vita is getting, I do not care that they are ports. P4 Golden and Disgaea 3 (both of which have some real enhancements), UMvC3, BlazBlue, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Mortal Kombat, PS All-Stars (free with purchase of PS3 version)… Yes, these games are ports. But they’re EXCELLENT quality ports that truly match up to HD console quality.

            Not to mention that Vita can play a large library of digitally released PSP/PSX games, which are still getting released (which is a problem for some reasons, but does give Vita a larger library of games)

            Will Vita get the needed software support in the future to achieve some measure of success? Maybe, maybe not. But to look at the lineup of existing games 10 months after system launch, I can’t see how you can make a legitimate argument that it has “no games”.

          • I’m not arguing that the Vita “has no games, period”. What I’m saying is that there are very few games on the system that people at large care about. For example, Monster Hunter may not be the hit in the west that it is in Japan, but far more people care about it than Ragnarok Odyssey, for instance.

            This problem in context of the lack of future support is exemplified further. Yes, Vita has games, but those games appeal to such a tiny niche, that they don’t really do anything for core gamers who game on portables.

            I really dislike list wars, but here’s a list in response to your Vita one: Kid Icarus: Uprising, Resident Evil: Revelations, Style Savvy, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Theatrhythm, Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, and a whole load of original Nintendo eShop games.

            Those are all games available now, in English, and just for the sake of fairness, I left out Super Mario 3D Land, MK7 and Ocarina. Do you see how selective you’re being with your 3DS list? You, personally, may not care for those games, but they’re all from very established franchises that have fairly large fanbases.

            Furthermore, in the near future, 3DS is getting Etrian Odyssey IV, Soul Hackers, Castlevania, Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem, Ace Attorney 5, and god knows what else. Again, in English.

            And this is completely ignoring the buttload of games out for 3DS in Japan that are more than likely coming over. SMTIV, Rune Factory 4, Monster Hunter 4, Bravely Default, Layton vs. Ace Attorney. Again, completely discounting Nintendo first-party output for the sake of fairness.

            I’m sorry, but objectively speaking, I do not see things the same way you do. I see two portable systems, priced very differently, and one with far brighter prospects than the other. There’s no questioning that the vast majority of people that play portable games see things the same way.

            update: Just to summarize, the point you’re making is from the POV of someone that was always looking for a reason to buy a Vita. I’m speaking from the POV of people who begrudgingly buy any piece of hardware because it has a lot of the software they want on it. That faction of gamers will always be larger than people who like the hardware itself.

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            Do you have a Vita?

            I just want to know

          • No, I just don’t see any good reason to buy one right away, given the price and the fact that most genres are better represented on 3DS already.

            I definitely do want a Vita at some point for Wipeout 2048 and eventually to have Muramasa on a portable, though, since those are among some of my favourite games, ever. If Sony were to put out a MotorStorm on Vita, that would totally drive me closer to getting one, too.

            But other than that… yeah, not really feeling it yet.

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            What games do you want to play. Or what franchise do you want on the Vita per say? Just curious

          • I… don’t know? I don’t really think of it that way. I just follow my favourite franchises wherever they go. I bought a 3DS for Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, Rune Factory, MegaTen, and the usual Nintendo support.

            When Monster Hunter was announced, that was a very pleasant surprise, since that’s one of my favourite series, too. I also sort of assumed that Final Fantasy would eventually land on 3DS, too, since Square have hinted at it so many times.

            Basically, most third-party franchises are unpredictable, and it’s hard to say where they’ll end up. I just end up going where my favourite games go. That’s just how the vast majority of people are. You begrudgingly put down $200 (or whatever) on a piece of hardware so you can have access to all the games you like.

            I mean, If I had the option to play all these games on my PC, I’d do it in a heartbeat. That would be the ideal situation—to have everything on a device I already own and use for other purposes.

            Now, if you mean what franchises I’d like to see Sony themselves put on Vita, I’d love to see new MotorStorm and God of War games on there. Those would work really, really well on the Vita, IMO.

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            So why can’t you see that Samething for Vita owners. That’s all it is, brand loyalty. You follow your brand. So do some Vita owners. When the brand they like moves to another system way before it was confirmed, that’s were the anger comes from. For me it isn’t about franchise or brand loyalty. I buy because I’m a gamer. I can’t downplay because I know that I’m going to buy it, no questions asked. My backloggery is so large that I don’t know in a lifetime ill be able to play it all. I love games, people like me buy games, and the system to play them. Some of us don’t care about sales numbers or reviews.. We care about our experience. We don’t care whether the world likes something else. However we do care when one is being put down as if it’s nothing when it’s clearly something that we as owners know. You don’t have a Vita so you base your opinion on the outsider looking in. As a Vita owner, I’m speaking from that perspective. And As with all other Vita owners who defend it, we are telling you that it does have game that will appeal to you. You just don’t want to take the risk. It’s okay but it’s unfair to compare. Franchises are built by new experiences. So with that, the Vita isn’t a failure. You will never know how good it is until you personally own one and experience first hand.

          • Uh, just because I don’t own a Vita doesn’t mean I haven’t played one. And I run a site about videogames, so it’s my job to be familiar with every system on the market and the games that are available for it. It has nothing to do with outsider looking in at all.

            I’m very well aware of what the Vita has and doesn’t have. My point is simply that most games I want on the Vita are already playable on other devices I own, or more recognized games in those very same genres are playable on other devices I own.

            Until the Vita has some major exclusive that I absolutely can’t find anywhere else, I won’t be forced to buy one. That’s how most people are.

            I didn’t look at the 3DS and go, “Oh man, 3DS! I want that, it looks so sexy!” I looked at Resident Evil and Kingdom Hearts and all the other 3DS games that were announced, and realized I had no other choice. That’s how it is with every piece of hardware.

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            I follow this website because you guys are usually on point and sometimes unbiased unlike IGN and all those other mainstream sites but ill keep it to this. I’ll take your word for it. I do hope a year from now or even the next few months… Your whole idea changes. Lol! I do hope the Vita can sell you. Truce. I’m just in to find out about MH, this got me all wrapped up but still can’t wait for the game.

            Ps.. I respect your opinion and I don’t mean to sound like I’m beating you down lol

          • neo_firenze

            None of the 3DS games you list were out 10 months after the system. That was the point. After the same amount of time, the 3DS lineup was positively floundering. The two Mario games hit in the holiday 2011 season, and they were a gasping breath of fresh air for a system that was drowning until then.

            That doesn’t mean that each system will follow the same trajectory for their Year 2 (and 3, and so on), and Nintendo certainly upped their game after a rocky first year with 3DS. Sony might not match that. But at the 10 month point in each system’s life, it’s a fairly ridiculous assertion that the Vita’s lineup wasn’t much better than the 3DS’s at the equivalent time from launch.

            And to be honest, let’s admit that Western 3DS success is based on mainstream stuff like Mario, Mario, and um… Mario. The things you mention (JRPGs, Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter) are decidedly niche and don’t really have much pull in the West, and you know it. And it’s not as if Vita is lagging behind THAT much in those kinds of titles of interest to the Siliconera-reading demographic. You say Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney, I say Soul Sacrifice and Ys Celceta. I don’t see strong signs that companies like Atlus, Xseed, GungHo, and Nippon Ichi are dropping the Vita any time soon.

            And the essential point is that, for the kinds of games I care about (which are fairly representative of general Siliconera tastes), even TODAY after 3DS had a year head start and finally got itself in gear, I have almost the exact same amount of games for each system. Admittedly, of already announced 2013 releases, I have more 3DS games on my radar than Vita games. But it’s not an overwhelming landslide of 3DS games compared to a trickle of Vita games.

            Just looking at the second half of calendar year 2012, I’ve purchased more Vita games released in that time period than I have 3DS games released in the same time period. I’d hardly say we’ve seen evidence this year that substantially higher numbers of interesting games are actually releasing on 3DS than Vita.

          • None of the 3DS games you list were out 10 months after the system. That was the point.

            But on the very day that 3DS was revealed, Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, Kid Icarus and Mario Kart were announced all at once. Then, just a few months year later, MH3U and MH4 were announced together, along with Bravely Default and yet more support. Those are huge shows of support from major publishers.

            Vita’s been through two Tokyo Game Shows now, with absolutely nothing of significance announced. What reason does anyone have, to believe that things will pick up in the future?

            You say Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney, I say Soul Sacrifice and Ys Celceta.

            Oh, come on. You can’t honestly be comparing MH and Ace Attorney to Ys and Soul Sacrifice. MH Tri sold 800k copies in the west. And I will be the first person to admit that Ace Attorney is a relatively niche brand, but it is just that—”relatively” niche. I would put AA on par with a series like Persona, in terms of recognition and reception. Ys is nowhere near that level.

            Again, you may be willing to make do with the most niche of games to satisfy your needs, but not everyone is. A lot of us want the bigger, more well known franchises. Again, I’m not going to get into a list war with you, but I think it’s plain to anyone that the amount of support 3DS is getting vastly outweighs Vita, and if someone is in the “one or the other” camp, it’s obvious where the vast majority are going to go, considering where all the most popular games are for both core and more casual gamers.

            On a related note, Siliconera’s audience is very broad, and commenters are tiny fraction of the number of readers. Don’t let the vocal minority fool you into thinking that people only care about niche games around here. Our traffic numbers tell us a lot about what kind of games people that visit our site are interested in.

            The argument you’re trying to make here is like saying 360/PS3 only had “slightly” better third-party support than the Wii. To anyone but the most jaded Wii owner, that would seem like an utterly ridiculous statement.

          • neo_firenze

            OK, the attached picture of my fairly sizable 3DS/Vita game collection is my most compelling argument then (yeah I buy a lot of games). Notice the exact same number of games for each (3DS cases are a little fatter), even though 3DS has been out for nearly a year longer. I’ve had both systems since launch.

            This includes big name stuff for each system that mainstream gamers would know like Mario and Uncharted, as well as more niche JRPGs and whatnot (the kind of stuff that is predominantly covered on Siliconera).

            And frankly, if you take first party games out of the equation Nintendo loses a lot (I have 11 first party 3DS games, and only 5 first party Vita games). Their first party stuff is obviously a huge part of the system’s draw.

            Don’t tell me Vita has no games, that’s downright ridiculous.

          • Again, not saying Vita has no games, as I have already clarified. Just that it doesn’t have nearly enough games to appeal to most people outside of those who are into the more niche titles.

            My point is simply that your tastes are very specific, and that’s okay. It’s fantastic that you love your Vita. Despite the piss-poor long-term performance, I thought the Dreamcast was lovely, too. However, that doesn’t mean that a large number of loved the Dreamcast or even cared about it, and that’s the same point I’m making here.

          • neo_firenze

            My tastes aren’t THAT specific, as you can see by the pretty healthy selection of games I have for both systems. Fairly similar spectrum of games in my approximately two dozen games for each system.

            There’s only one key difference – Nintendo first party games. And yes, that’s a big deal to a lot of people and a strong reason for Nintendo’s mainstream commercial success. Mario and company are widely popular from dedicated gamers to old ladies buying a game for their grandkids.

            But it’s baffling to me that you’re citing stuff like Monster Hunter, Ace Attorney, and Atlus RPGs as if 3DS has some kind of dominating edge for people who like those kinds of games. The evidence simply doesn’t support that conclusion at all. If you talk about one game that’s popular in Japan (Monster Hunter), sure. But people who are really fans of that kind of game do have some pretty good options on Vita too – Ragnarok Odyssey is excellent, Soul Sacrifice doesn’t have that big name yet but it looks damn good. You’re really telling me that people who’d be into games like Etrian Odyssey and Soul Hackers would not also like P4: Golden (or the boatloads of Atlus PSP games playable on Vita)?

            The only reason I’m going back and forth on this so much is that it truly baffles me that you and I don’t see a little more eye to eye on this, because from reading what you write it seems to me like our tastes in games aren’t THAT dissimilar.

          • Urgh. You seem hellbent on constantly trying to misinterpret everything I say, so I’m going to stop now while our debate is still civil. Let’s just drop it. It isn’t worth arguing over any more.

          • Actually, let me just say one last thing to try and get my point of view across.

            But it’s baffling to me that you’re citing stuff like Monster Hunter, Ace Attorney, and Atlus RPGs as if 3DS has some kind of dominating edge for people who like those kinds of games.

            Yes, that is exactly the point I am making. That brands matter. I don’t see why this is surprising. If I could have Monster Hunter or God Eater, I would take Monster Hunter. Most people would. If I could have Ace Attorney over that NIS visual novel that they put out on Vita, I would take Ace Attorney. Again, most people would.

            That’s what I’m saying. Brands matter, even within the category of niche games. People trust brands because that’s what they’re for. They represent something you feel safe with. Persona 4 Golden would have been a win for Vita had it been an original game, but it isn’t, unfortunately.

            And that’s what this whole debate comes down to. 3DS has a lot of the most well-known brands—many of them leaders in their respective genres—already represented on it, with more to come in the future.

          • neo_firenze

            I’m not trying to be uncivil or argumentative, just surprised to see myself disagreeing with you so much here (since my views usually tend to be pretty similar to yours).

            Yeah, brands count for something. But new brands have to come from somewhere too, or else series get old and stagnant. I’m almost worried MH4 will be the point where the series “jumps the shark” (super excited about 3DS-WiiU connected MH3U though!)

            And really, MH was fairly unknown just a generation ago and look how fast that turned into a Japanese phenomenon (and at least a cult hit in the West). Countless similar examples – in one generation, Demon’s Souls launched as a fairly underground spiritual sequel to the ultra-niche King’s Field series. Now Dark Souls II is getting mainstream attention with Spike TV Video Game Award reveals. Who’s to say where the next phenomenon will come from.

            I’ll try to step aside gracefully and end this conversation. No hard feelings, we just disagree on this one. And I’m pretty confident that if you eventually pick up a Vita, whether it ever takes off to be a shining commercial success, you’ll still find plenty of games you’ll like on it ;)

          • Oh, I’m sure I’ll find stuff to play on Vita! I already want one for certain games like Wipeout and Muramasa. My point had to do with mainstream appeal and the problems that arise if you only want one portable system. But yeah, no hard feelings at all. :)

          • malek86

            I also think the Vita will eventually overcome its biggest issues and start selling a bit better. But the point is, how much money will Sony need to sink on it, to make it happen?

            With the PS3 at least they could rely on all those multiplatform titles to sell while they created worthwhile exclusives. And it still cost them a huge bunch of money and a whole lot of marketshare in the end.

            If the PSV needs the same amount of effort (and probably more, given the smartphone competition), especially with Sony’s current situation, it will still be deemed a failure even if sales eventually got better. After all, it will likely sell less than the PSP, so you won’t even be able to say it was a loss-leader to gain marketshare like the original Xbox.

        • ronin4life

          It was a ps2 franchise. Once it came to psp, it drove psp sales.
          The psp grew because of Monster Hunter, NOT the other way around. So imagine how well it can do on a system it isn’t lugging around like a corpse into life?

          • sandra10

            The series was never this big on the PS2. Even the first entry on the PSP didn’t sell nearly as well as the later ones.

            The only reason MH is as big as it is is because it found its audience on the PSP. Whether or not that entire audience moved to the 3DS will be addressed when MH4 comes out.

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            It will because, I mean who doesn’t have a 3DS. All in all the MH franchise isn’t as big as it is in the west as it is in the east. So of course people who want it are going to have no choice and play it on the 3DS. But there’s a no doubt in my mind that if it did come out for the Vita, the temptation would lie there. You can’t deny how beautiful a game like that can be on a Vita and with all the space the Vita has, that game could be almost as big as Skyrim if they wanted to. But hey its on the 3DS. Capcom is making logical business sense

          • sandra10

            Eh. I have my doubts about MH4’s sales. If hardware numbers were all that mattered then RE: Revelations and EX Troopers would have sold much better. What type of gamer owns which system matters just as much.

            There’s a reason why so many developers go for a cutesy or super-deformed aesthetic when it comes to 3DS games and a more realistic if not gritty look for Vita games. It’s the same reason why PSP and DS games are stylistically different – Sony and Nintendo systems target different age brackets as well as different types of gamers.

            MH is a difficult series (too inaccessible for children and casual gamers IMO), and aesthetically, it shares little in common with other 3DS games. That’s why I’m not convinced that the 3DS has the right audience for MH to flourish like it did on the PSP.

            But time will tell.

          • It’s really funny how much wishful thinking there is from Sony fans for MH4 to bomb on 3DS. Kinda reminds me of Dragon Quest IX!

            Something you should know that a very large portion of Monster Hunter players are children and casual gamers. The game is in fact more accessible now than it was back in the PSP days, too.

            RE:R and EX Troopers have nothing whatsoever to do with grittiness. Resident Evil is one of the few console-centric franchises in Japan that people want to play on their TV. And E.X. Troopers bombed on 3DS, but bombed even harder on the PS3, which renders your point completely invalid.

            Try to put a little more thought into your arguments.

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            No one wants it to bomb…because it won’t of course. It’s just some people like brand loyalty. It’s a fan thing. It’s like this..Nintendo built a empire on it system with it’s first party games…If nintendo sold out and put there 1st Party games on..say for instance…Xbox…People would be pissed. That’s just how people feel about this game. Everyone like it, but no one likes to see that one franchise go to the other side without giving them a chance…Its sad..kind of hurtful.

          • Sure, and that’s fine, but it doesn’t excuse the kind of falsified theories people like to throw around.

          • Karibito

            Just because the MH games were released mainly on Sony platforms this doesn’t make them 1st party games, so your analogy is a bit off.

            As far as i am concerned the best games of the series were released on Nintendo consoles (MHTri and 3G) so it isn’t like MH4 will be an Xbox exclusive or something.

          • PreyMantis

            There is an Xbox 360 exclusive (not counting the PC version) one.

          • PreyMantis
          • sandra10

            *shrugs* I’m not wishing that at all. I think the game’s going to do very well, easily outselling the majority of games coming out in Japan next year (maybe not DQ7, though). I’m just not sure if MH on the 3DS will be as big as it was on the PSP. If I recall correctly, you even had the same thought once before but for a completely different reason (more competition).

            Maybe a large portion of MH’s players are children and casual gamers but I’d like to see some proof on that because, really, I just don’t see it.

            Whenever I mention sales about any game, unless I specify a region, I mean sales in total. And even though RE players prefer to play on a large screen (I know I do for any horror game), I still don’t think that, if the 3DS actually had RE’s audience, ORC would have outsold it close to 3:1. But those sales numbers are going off my memory so feel free to correct that (~700,000 for Rev; 2,000,000 for ORC).

            And I know EX Troopers bombed on the PS3 but I think that happened for a completely different reason. It was obviously a handheld game on a home console and I think that showed through well enough what with auto-aiming and the graphics certainly weren’t the best cel-shading they could have done if it was developed ground-up on the PS3.

            Of course it’s all pointless speculation which is why I usually attach (or try to, at least) the “but time will tell” bit.

          • I wish I could present you with hard evidence, but you’ll have to take me at my word when I say that Monster Hunter is a “playground” game, much in the same way that Pokémon is. A lot of kids play Monster Hunter, but just like Pokémon, a lot of older folks play it as well.

            And that’s the best part about MH, imo. I’ve always felt that the beauty of Monster Hunter is that it’s a very mainstream game, but one that has found success on its own terms.

            It hasn’t tried to ape other games. It’s always stood by its own innovations and its own way of doing things. Where God Eater and the other clones are trying so hard to be closer to regular action games, MH has kept its focus on precision and planning, and that’s what makes it stand out.

            You’re trying to say that the 3DS audience comprises mostly of mainstream, cutesy gamers that won’t play anything that isn’t grown up, but if that were the case, virtually the entire Shin Megami Tensei series wouldn’t be on 3DS. Those are arguably the most grown-up RPGs on the market. The original DS had them, too.

            The same goes for Virtue’s Last Reward and 999. Those are both DS/3DS games, and VLR sold better on the 3DS than on Vita. The point I’m making is that the kind of black-and-white hardcore-vs-casual divide you’re speaking of doesn’t exist.

            (Also, just as an aside, MH4 will most certainly outsell DQVII. MHP3rd outsold DQIX in the long run, as crazy as that sounds!)

            Ah, also I recall thinking “out loud” whether MH4 would outsell P3rd, like you said. That was for a couple of reasons. One was increased competition as you said, but in recent months, I’ve come to think that the diversity of games is in fact going to help MH4 rather than hinder it. 3DS is owned by a more broad audience, and that’s how you grow any franchise–by exposing it to more people.

            The other reason was that I was wondering if the hunting genre in general hasn’t lost some of its popularity since the days of Portable 3rd. Kind of like a one-time hit, where PSP needed MH and MH needed PSP, and a similar symbiotic relationship between a game/system will never happen again. But yeah, those are entirely different reasons.

          • sandra10

            I believe Xseed said that their niche games sell as well as each other regardless of the console the game is on. And SMT as well as VNs are pretty niche.

            But when it comes to the success of bigger franchises like one whose Japanese fanbase comprises of over half of the 3DS’s total sales, I just don’t think that there are enough 3DS owners who would be interested to push MH4’s sales into MHP3rd’s ballpark. And unlike PreyMantis, MH3G’s sales haven’t turned me into a believer.

            It’s not that I care much one way or the other, though. Sales don’t influence what I play and enjoy.

          • It’s not just the size of the userbase that matters, though. Look at Animal Crossing. The 3DS userbase isn’t as large as the Nintendo DS userbase was, but AC has had its best start yet on 3DS.

            I think the reason for this is that 3DS is a very “social” system. It’s widespread enough that a lot of people own it and it has a whole lot of communication features like StreetPass/SpotPass packed into it. Things like that are what make the difference and enable popular games with social features to sell even better.

            This is largely why I expect MH4 to do very well. Will it start off as strong as P3rd did? That we don’t know yet, but I think it’s very safe to say that it wouldn’t have sold as well on any other device on the market right now, as it will on 3DS.

            Also, MHP3rd has sold around 4.6 million copies to date. 3DS userbase is over 9 million. And that’s not counting the people that will inevitably buy a 3DS specifically for MH4. I think we’re at a point where the size of the userbase isn’t going to be that much of an issue, at least for early sales.

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            I’ve been trying to explain this. Nintendo and Sony are 2 different companies with 2 difffernet audiences. Sony is expected…literally, expected to go above and beyond with everything.If they don’t, they look bad. The games have to relate with the expectations. When you look at Nintendo, no one expects that. Nintendo is a family company. As much as people hate to admit it, Nintendo is fun, cute, for kids but for everyone at the same time. You think of Sony or Microsoft, you think 18+, hardcore, shooting, etc. I don’t have a problem with MH4 being on the 3DS because it is logical business sense. The system that has more hands will sell more units. It’s true. But I do know if it was on the Vita, the game would have been more bigger, the community will be together worldwide and the game would be almost as big as ever. I’m not saying on the 3ds it won’t do good because it most certainly will. There’s no need to downplay that fact, but I had a feeling that capcom could of made a huge impact if this game came to the Vita. There’s so much more they could do with the series. But it’s not to late to tell if it won’t come to the Vita

          • PreyMantis

            Then what the heck were all those MH3G sales which became one of the top seller for weeks? Oh, and hey, look, Monster Hunter 3G is still on the top selling Japanese sales chart. OMG, MH4 is doomed! DOOMED!

          • I think she is talking about in the west, which I agree on. MH4 would be a hit in Japan, no matter how “bad” it does in the west.

          • ronin4life

            The audience came over and exploded. The game was better suited to portable games,and yes the psp allowed that. But Monster Hunter is what allowed the psp to manage at all, and without it the psp would have been totally crushed by ds. These aren’t Psp fans we are talking about; these MonHun fans. I don’t think The system will matter to most of them…

    • Paradox me

      Who honestly cares? Monster Hunter has become as successful as it is on hardware that is, by today’s standards, ancient. In fact, I believe the series surged in popularity upon moving from PS2 to the significantly weaker PSP.

      Monster Hunter 4 could have been for Vita. It could have been for PS3, Xbox 360, next generation consoles or even the almighty PC, which makes “HD” consoles look like graphing calculators. But it’s not and there’s no sense dwelling on what could have been.

      You’ll have to settle for what will most likely be another quality game.. on the 3DS, a system that’s more or less as powerful as the platforms supporting all of those wonderful Monster Hunter experiences that people have enjoyed up until now.

      • Better online compatibility and better graphics, I do care. And yeah, the game will be a hit on whatever console, but I want a better experience.

        • Herok♞

          Online compatibility isn’t a problem for Japan where most people play in person, so 3DS is a very social system with Streetpass already.

    • Showmeyomoves

      You should probably also consider the fact that Nintendo has done a lot more for Monster Hunter in the West than Sony ever did. Just compare the Portable 3rd debacle to the marketing campaign Nintendo set up for Tri.

      • “Hardcore” gamers in the west prefer console over handhelds, MH is more appealing for the hardcore. The only reason it was success in the west is because of the Wii is a console, I somehow doubt pokemon fans will be so eager to buy the game, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

        • Illuvial

          So…. Anyone else notice that he completely ignored that the first 2 MH games we for PS2?

        • Herok♞

          No real pokemon game is on 3DS yet but guess what is Monster Hunter among other hardcore games like Resident Evil and SMT:DSO, plenty of hardcore gamers have 3DS’ because its like ds and can have games for anyone and everyone.

        • Pockystix

          are we still having this hardcore gamer means no handheld argument in 2012?

          I thought the advent of the DS and PSP having pretty amazing libraries would be enough to stamp that ignorant nonsense out

          I was wrong!

        • EDIT:
          Nevermind my first comment was out of context!
          But, I personally prefer MH on a console but that’s not to say that “hardcore” gamers, especially when it comes to MH aren’t willing to play it on a handheld. MHFU was the best MH I played, and it was on PSP. Definitely sunk more hours into that than Tri. I would make the argument that bringing it to a home console opens it up to a wider audience and makes it less “hardcore”.

        • You guys are talking about personal experience, I, too, loved the psp games, but I am talking about sales, we are the minority here guys. Look at the actual sales in west vs east based on consoles:

          MHFU had ten times the sales in Japan. While the the wii’s did just twice as much. That is your proof for “handhelds are not for hardcore”

          Dark souls did as good (if not better) as it did in Japan, because it is not on a hand held.

    • We discourage people from complaining about what system a game is for here. Please read our posting guidelines.

      • In this cases a forum software (like phpbb which is free) would be most productive, I can’t contribute to the conversation because I feel lost, the replies are too threaded you can’t reply to them all in a single comment.
        Anyway, about the whole “vita does not have game” thing. a game like MH would boast Vita’s sales, a console is it’s games, not the other way around, so it is basically a paradox, the rich will be richer and the poor will be poorer, games like MH are the ones who can break the cycle. My point is, you would buy a vita if it had a MH.

        • I would, but Capcom’s job is not to sell Vitas; it’s to sell Monster Hunter. They decided where the series would work best, based on their expectations for growing it in the future and exposing it to more people. There’s nothing more to be said.

  • Haseyo

    I’m cool with this. Def want a better game.

  • Dragon24680

    Does this have anything to do with SS release? I was expecting a fight between them, now capcom runs away :(

    • Kefkiroth

      I don’t think Capcom would worry about ANY game competing with Monster Hunter.

      Anyway, it’s good that this gives Soul Sacrifice more of a chance now.

      • Göran Isacson

        Ah, that’s actually true. It’s almost like Capcom is giving SS a head-start of sorts, letting the game breathe a little before they proceed to demolish it in sales for, well, the rest of forever.

    • sd28

      wait why would capcom run from an easy win

  • Susuke

    summer?? o.0
    keep calm and .. MONSTER HUNTER FRONTIER – G

  • LexKitteh

    Good to hear! It’ll take forever to get to the US anyway, and in all screenshots and material I’ve seen so far, the textures have looked inferior to its predecessor. I’ll be busy with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for a good long while :3

  • ragingmerifes

    Why improve it? It’s Monster Hunter.

  • Sheimi12

    I am cool with this. we get a better game and I will have time to play MH3U in English

  • Ethan_Twain

    Hearing about this delay does not make me worry. As a general rule I think it’s safe to say that the more changes a game makes to it’s core formula, the more ways it takes risks, the more ways things can start to go astray. That Capcom feels the need to give this game a little extra time in development indicates that something has gone wrong… which in turn indicates that they’re trying new things. And that’s great to hear.

  • kyubey777

    Well, If they pushing back for improving quality, that’s is a good thing but they better improve the world texture… It’s really bug me so much ever since the first time i saw it…

    • neo_firenze

      Amen. I’ve been shocked at how bad the textures in MH4 screenshots have looked.

      Yes, I know that for portable games, screenshots aren’t always the best reflection of how a game looks in motion. But I’m quite used to seeing other portable games (including MH3!) and those didn’t look so… ugly.

  • Pockystix

    I prefer for developers to take their time

    rushing things usually means bugs, half assessed endings/plots (ME3), and lackluster polish. So take all the time you need guys, I can wait.

  • sandra10

    Good. There are too many rushed 3DS games as it is. I don’t want another.

  • Someone on the Soul Sacrifice devteam is crying tears of happiness right now.

    • ronin4life

      I think all of them are…

      • sd28

        well at least it has a chance to sell now

    • malek86

      On the other hand, now Namco is praying that it won’t fall on the same week as GE2.

      • Hahahahaha. Oh lord, that would be hilarious.

      • Tianyu Wei

        Pretty sure GE has established itself a strong fan base by now after 2 games. It plays very differently and feels very differently than MonHun….

    • ragingmerifes

      But they are for different platforms. They’re not really competing.

      • No, they aren’t competing. Monster Hunter 4 was going to steamroll SS. At least now, SS has a chance to sell to a few Vita users before they inevitably have to join the rest of the hunting community on MH4 a few months later. That’s a far better situation than SS releasing within weeks of MH4 and being cast aside immediately upon the latter’s release.

        • ragingmerifes

          But people who have a Vita would buy Soul Sacrifice even if MH4 were released in the same day. 3DS owners, on the other hand, would buy MH4 even if SS were released in the same day.
          The only competition is if someone still didn’t buy any of these or have both and is just buying one game, but come on, not all people do that. Maybe I’m wrong, but real competition is when one draws sales of the other for itself, like it would be with Gods Eater 2.

          • Actually, had Monster Hunter 4 come out closer to SS, a lot of Vita owners probably would have bought MH4 over it anyway. I’m sure there are a few people that own both systems. The difference now is that, since MH4 is delayed, those people may buy SS to hold them over until the game is out.

            That’s how Namco succeeded with the original God Eater. People needed something to hold them over while they waited for the next big Monster Hunter. Along came Namco with their own hunting game, and people decided to give it a chance.

            The point is that Soul Sacrifice isn’t going to be selling like hot cakes, so every sale counts, and this delay situation is most definitely a good thing.

  • ronin4life

    I was gonne have a “SUPER MONHUN MONTH!!”, so this makes me a little sad…-.-
    Oh well. If it makes a better game I’ll be happy. ^o^/

  • 猫 黒

    Maybe they pushed it back in order to give Soul Sacrifice a chance? Unity among game devs.

  • konsama

    Thank god, now they have more time to improve the background textures and help my wallet to not struggle about to get MH3U or MH4 first, now i’ll have better chance to get both.

  • YourAshyAss_Elbows

    So let me get this straight; MH3U and MH4 were coming out in the US in the same month? Or was it MH3U in March US, and MH4 in March JP?

    • 3U for US/EU, 4 for Japan.

  • Soul Sacrifice has a fighting chance now. This is good. It would have been sad to get mauled by MH4.

  • Sam Park

    Huh, Capcom doing something smart by proofreading there game? IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!

  • ZEROthefirst

    Come on GE2 you’ve still got a chance to pop out early in the year (March at the latest), do it while you can help the Vita and not worry about MH4 screwing your sales over.

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