The Making Of Street Fighter X Mega Man And The Daigo Costume That Didn’t Get In

By Kris . December 19, 2012 . 6:13pm


Street Fighter X Mega Man was a surprise from Capcom since they haven’t been talking much about the series and the game was designed by a fan. We spoke with Seow Zong Hui, a video game designer from Singapore, who created the crossover game and gave Mega Man the Lightning Leg.


How long were you working on Street Fighter X Mega Man before you presented it to Capcom?


Seow Zong Hui: It started back in 2008. I was only working on it over the holidays and in my free time. If I were to combine all of the work over the past several years, it would probably take about half a year of full working days.




What support and suggestions did Capcom give you during development?


We had discussions regarding issues and decisions that were not finalized or planned. For example, Chun-Li was selected as she is a classic character from the Street Fighter series. I knew I wanted a China stage in the game, but many of the bosses were undecided until the collaboration with Capcom began.


How did you pick which Street Fighter characters would be in the game and how did you come up with the ideas for the weapons Mega Man earns? Some of them like Rose’s shield seem obvious, but the Lightning Leg is pretty unique!


For research purposes and for inspiration, I looked through the Anime and all of the Street Fighters that appeared. With Chun-Li, her legs were one of the most iconic moves and Mega Man seldom had any melee moves. My favorite weapon is the watermelon and it was decided during the early stages of development.


You’re doing other things that we haven’t seen in Mega Man before, such as elevators, climbing left and right, and so on. What was your favorite mechanic you added?


I really liked how the “intruder alert” laser room turned out, and how the screen shakes during certain situations. It was inspired by the Resident Evil laser room.




While the game is certainly Mega Man-centric, you seem to have some Street Fighter mechanics (such as projectiles cancelling each other, Ryu’s hurricane kick travelling over Mega Man’s shots, and the ultra combos) in place during boss battles. How did you balance the two gameplay styles?


I wanted to introduce the idea of footsies during the boss fights. As for ultra combos, those are in there so that there is something to look forward to or watch out for during the fight. Cancelling projectiles were balanced by having Mega Man shoot more than the Street Fighter bosses.


The main thing is I wanted the bosses to feel like Street Fighter characters as must as possible and to have a Mega Man game feel to it, while revolving the game around footsies instead of a fixed moving pattern. My goal was to blend the gameplay styles of each franchise as much as possible and I hope fans experience some of that when they play.


Was there anything you wanted to implement that you couldn’t or that didn’t feel Mega Man-y enough?


A full Yang super, Sei Sei Enbu, was programmed half way but was not included as Chun-Li was a preferred character over Yang and the move was quite over-powering. It seemed more like a Mega Man X move, which allowed double of every move in the game, and Soul Satellite covers all direction in that mode.


As for what I couldn’t get to, I wanted to put a Daigo costume for Ryu, a Tokido one for Akuma and Xian one for Gen, etc. However, there are too many rights issues associated with those. I also intended to put in a secret playable character from the Street Fighter side, but instead decided to keep the focus on Mega Man as the only playable character.


We couldn’t help but notice that the Street Fighter characters explode when you defeat them. Has Mega Man become a killer?


He did that in Street Fighter X Tekken already. There is no story intended, but maybe someday there will be…

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  • Göran Isacson

    Are “Tokido” and “Xian” other famous Street Fighter players like Daigo, or are they characters I’ve simply never heard of?

    • Endril D.

      they’re players. Xian isn’t really on the same level as Daigo and Tokido but he’s known as pretty much the only good Gen player.

      • Weego

        Except Xian destroyed Daigo the last time they played, and that he also
        beat top players such as Fuudo and Mago to win Canada Cup a few weeks

        • Ahoyopl

          You have an odd definition of “destroyed”, my friend.

    • Brandonmkii

      Yes, they’re players. Not as well known as Daigo, but still well known in their own right.

      • OkamiKing

        Well honestly it depends on the community. In the Fighting Game Community, both Tokido and Xian are well respected. Tokido is also known as a badass Akuma

        • Andy

          More like a badass all-rounder. He plays almost every single fighting game there is and does pretty well in all of them.

        • George Ross

          Respect? LMAO. You nerds actually respect a video gamer? Stop dickriding all these gamers and be your own man!

          • Narrator 1

            You say “nerd” and “video gamer” as if they were bad things, buddy.

    • Chow

      From the headline, I thought that “Daigo” meant the Rival Schools character while reading the article, until I got to this comment thread. XD

      • Göran Isacson

        Ha ha, oh man I didn’t even think about that. Would be pretty cool if the next game is MEgaman X Rival Schools though :)

    • Go2hell66

      Tokido is pretty well known, Xian not so much but he can do this

      • Göran Isacson

        … Well, I may not know how hard/easy those combos are to pull off, but he seemed to do most of them onehanded AND owned at Puzzle Fighter so yeah. That’s a player who deserves their own costume.

  • JackySpades

    Daigo costume? Why not a woolie costume

  • Ace

    Defeat Daigo and you get…. Ume Buster.

  • George Ross

    Wow, what a dickriding idiot. Dickriding Daigo? Stand on your own two feet instead of dickriding another grown man.

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