Dead Or Alive 5 Plus Will Have Paradise Costumes DLC And A "Private Movie"

By Spencer . December 20, 2012 . 2:30pm


Tecmo Koei announced a collector’s edition of Dead or Alive 5 Plus for Japan. This package includes a code to download 12 paradise sexy costumes, a "I’m a fighter" Vita decal, Dead or Alive 5 soundtrack volume 2, a beginner’s guide to gravure, and another code to download an extreme private gravure movie. The Dead or Alive 5 Plus collector’s edition will retail for 9,240 yen ($110) while a regular copy goes for 6,090 yen ($72).


The paradise costumes will also be available after the game launches as paid downloadable content, but a price has not been set. Tecmo Koei didn’t say if the gravure movie would also be on sale on PlayStation Network.


Like costumes? Dead or Alive 5 Plus also has a bonus cheerleader costumes for Tina, Ayane, and Kasumi bundled with first print copies of the game. As of now, this bonus has not been announced for North America.


A "you’re a tipster" title and thanks to Tee Niitris for giving us the heads up.

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  • nyobzoo

    hope the PS3 gets these costumes too since the DLC is suppose to be cross compatible

    • kupomogli

      It’s only cross compatible if it’s developed to be that way.

  • phangtom

    Can’t wait for it. Hopefully we will also get the a collector’s edition.

  • Jesse Thompson

    dot dot dot…As I’ve said before, just give us Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 already! :D You, and we, know it is inevitable with this much “fan-service” costuming! Gimme, gimme, gimme!

    • Testsubject909

      Cross platform DOAX3 with a more pronounced dating sim element and maybe added variables to the volleyball gameplay. That way it appeases those who actually enjoy the gameplay in those games (yeah, surprising but there are times I boot it up for the sole purpose of crushing my opposition on one-sided fluid volleyball matches) and fan service with extra service.

    • Andar

      The issue there is that while DOA is possibly more known for its fanservice than being a good fighting game (even though it is a very solid fighting game, don’t get me wrong), the xtreme spinoffs have always pretty much had an equal reputation for being beyond excessive fanservice packaged in a very terrible game overall. I mean, if you really want fanservice, and that’s what will sell a game for you, then that’s your option as a buyer. Personally, I won’t judge you for that. But I’d rather not see a(nother) very much under par game put on the market for that express purpose.

      • Testsubject909

        Hey now, the volleyball game is pretty damn solid.

        I’ve actually tried finding some other volleyball games and, honestly. XBV is the best volleyball game you can find out there. A definitive arcade type feel, but that’s the thing, it flows nicely and works well, it’s good fun. The other volleyball games end up being too deeply rooted on the technical end with poor visual queues or a far too faraway camera that doesn’t translate well into exciting action, giving a very still experience due to the lack of a dynamic view.

  • David GarcĂ­a Abril

    A frigging gravure movie?! Oh, come on, Team Ninja! Really? You obviously put a lot of effort in the fighting aspect with the home consoles versions… but now you’re going to go back focusing on the sexy ladies again?

    Don’t you see this is the kind of stuff that makes most people to not take your otherwise awesome fighting series seriously?

    I won’t say I don’t enjoy the eye candy, but it’s always been better when you don’t drag all the attention to it and just kind of leave it there. Stop listening to the guys that only care about the “BIG B00BS!” already! Those guys are just… I better don’t finish that sentence…

    • This is for Japan and this is what Japan likes, get over it.

    • Demeanor

      I think so too, DoA5 is a full-fledged fighter and too much fanservice of this kind is sort of “negative to the dignity of the series” in my humble opinion. If you wanna spice things up at least do it in style like in Shinovi Versus! XD (I’m praying the game will be quality stuff system-wise, it certainly has variety!) But I won’t overly complain as long as the gameplay is not affected, I hope they’re keeping in mind that the success of the title hangs on its quality as a fighter, not on the ladies (at least not JUST that XD)

      • D H

        It’s only “negative to the dignity of the series” if you let personally have decided it to be. That’s actually a rather closed mindset. Seriously, we need as a society/people need to move past this whole “looking at bodies is a bad thing” mindset. What is wrong with wanting to create a pretty lady and then show her off? I’m not going to complain if Team Ninja makes a gravure video with the male cast, even though it’s not something I have any interest in. In fact, they completely should. People want to design and creative things that are attractive to them. Let them. It’s not hurting anybody. Focusing on a person/character with larger assets isn’t saying having anything less is bad. Bodies are not some evil things that need to be covered at all times, and shouldn’t be held in negative lights in any context…

    • Misty Dawson

      you should be able to look past that. if you can’t, that’s your hang up.

    • Amaterasu

      team ninja are making what appeals to the Japanese demographic. I’m sure Japanese don’t fully appreciate the ultra-violent western style games as much as you don’t enjoy sexuality portrayed in their games.

    • Astrotrain

      Not a problem of the game or Tecmo Koei. It’s the problem of the stupid society that still thinks everything related to sex is bad, It’s a a sin, “you’re going to hell”. Get over it.

      • Video games cause killings and rape though…

        • Testsubject909

          Cute joke, but due to recent events. Perhaps a bit too soon.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      I think trying to make people take Dead or Alive seriously has been a lost cause for a while now …

      If they want to make a serious fighting game, they’re better off making a seperate series instead.

      • Testsubject909

        Ever since that “I am a Fighter” marketing campaign, it’s been a lost cause. Maybe even a bit before that.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          Really? Beacuse I’d say people haven’t been able to take Dead or Alive seriously at least since Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

          • Testsubject909

            Oh no no, I meant just DOA5 in particular.

            At the start they made their intentions clear. Drop the fanservice, focus on making it a strong fighting contender and etc etc backpedal a few weeks later and dump a whole bunch of fanservice as if desperately going “No, wait! We were wrong, here’s boobies, look they get wet, don’t leave us.”

            But as for not taking DOA seriously… I think it happened quite a long while prior to XBV. Actually I could never recall people taking DOA all that seriously.

            Mind you… I’m an oddity. I take XBV quite seriously. The volleyball gameplay is fun and can be highly competitive. Get yourself a nice aggressive soundtrack and play that, then get some friends to play and get good. You’ll notice your finger’ll be itching to skip the cutscene, your mind will focus on the flow and on offense, defense and counter offensive while you’ll somehow completely disregard all the fanservice the game piles on…

            And then after you’re done with that competitive match thta might last anywhere from ten minutes to four hours. Well, you can go relax at the beach.

    • Elvick

      I have no interest in boobs being a gay man, and this doesn’t bother me at all.

  • psycho_bandaid

    the number of costumes is already pretty high. I think they should go for a customization system next time.

    • Jezzy

      But then they can’t cash in.

      • Elvick

        They could, sell packs of new items. Which more people would probably buy. Then again, maybe more people buy their DLC as is than I think. Clearly works well enough for Tecmo.

  • konsama

    i know this is kinda old, but really Sony, is that what you got when trying to make a console for “adults”? Between this and a loli fishing game…

    • Nitraion

      Aren’t forgetting Love plus on 3DS?

    • Testsubject909

      Why you talking about Sony? This decision is primarily done by Tecmo.

      Why is your aim off? Or are you just fishing for an excuse to bash?

      • konsama

        My aim isn’t off, Tecmo been doing this for years, so it’s not a surprise, what is annoying is again, how sony kept advertising the Vita as the console for “grown ups” to counter the “kiddy console” 3DS. Yet instead of getting more mature, or hardcore games are getting literally what could be called “Adult games”.

        Don’t tell me Sony don’t have anything to do with his own console.

        • Testsubject909

          The way they market their consoles and the games that third party companies decide to publish on a console may be indirectly involved, yes. But the blame you’re putting makes you sound like a fanboy trying to defend a different console of your choice by going on the pre-emptive counter-offensive.

          The sole fact that you brought up the 3DS and this idea that it’s supposed to be a “Kiddy Console” when in reality the main two issues that I’ve seen most people have about it is the Region Locking and a faraway second being the gimmicky nature of 3D (and therefore all the disadvantages it brings with it, higher price, lower battery life despite it’s optional nature and etc) just means that you’ve been having a bad experience, not with the marketing campaign because let me tell you I have seen the marketing campaign for the Vita. They’re not doing any sort of attack, they’re trying to gain a target audience. The ads are neutral and are in no way trying to insult another console, the only one that did was Kevin Butler’s Move advertisement whereas all others are pretty much focused on one thing. Themselves and their target customers.

          So yes. Your aim is off and you’re fooling yourself into thinking that your aim isn’t by introducing an element and variable that, in reality, is not a part of the equation but that you personally and emotionally insist is. Because of that emotional aspect though, it will be very difficult for you to disassociate it. Additionally since human beings absolutely hate being in the wrong, you will obsess first and foremost on proving me wrong rather then take a short pause, distance yourself from your emotions and double check the facts.

          I don’t ask that you do it, because even if I did you might not. But I will say. In this very instance? Your aim… Whether you like it or not… Is dead wrong.

          • konsama

            I stopped reading when you called me a fanboy, nothing else is needed when you resort to that term.

          • Testsubject909

            Slight difference here. I’m the type who thinks that the devil is in the details.

            I said it makes you SOUND like a Fanboy.

            Not that you ARE a Fanboy.

            Small difference. The first is that your actions makes you appear to be one. The second is me actively accusing you of being one. The first has the leeway for you to prove me wrong, whereas the second indicates I’ve already made up my mind about what you are or have been provided substantial proof to declare you guilty of being a fanboy.

          • konsama

            If i say Ok will you stop posting me walls i won’t read? Ok then.

        • anarchy_panty

          The initial advert campaign for the Vita was two-fold.

          1) “The World Is In Play”

          It was a simple appeal to a person’s desire to belong. “Everyone is in play [with their Vita] and you should be, too!”

          2) A number of adverts focusing on the fact that it was nearly as powerful as a PS3, but it’s still a portable. It went something like “all the power of a console in the palm of your hand,” but I don’t remember the exact wording.

          No where in any of these ads is Nintendo being attacked for being childish. I have no idea where you pulled that from, but it’s patently false.

          That’s a link to a youtube search for “vita advert.” Feel free to comb through them and see for yourself how there’s nothing even close to an attack ad,

          • konsama

            Yeah that’s actually interesting, and hadn’t seen many of those ads xD, i would need to test my google skills for that, cuz i rememember that in what i’m basing on wasn’t a video ad.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          If you are speaking regards particular ads, I’d be very interested to see them myself, as while some of Sony’s ads have trumpeted the ‘extreme cool exuded’, I can’t remember any direct attack ads. There was as Test noted, a few attempts at Kevin Butler humor, but well those went away with Kevin Butler.

          If we are attempting to dredge up website and fan forum arguments from the earliest days of the PSP, I’d ask you to refrain. A strength of both major companies is the breadth of software their systems have seen. Both Nintendo and Sony handhelds sold to a wide selection of fans.

  • Repede91

    “Extreme Gravure Movie”. Sounds interesting. At first glance It came across as being overtly violent, I don`t think even Team Ninja would go that far.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    I am guessing this edition will not make it to North America…a gravure movie??? – wow.

    • Testsubject909

      I think it’ll all pass. I mean we got DOAX, DOAX2 and DOAParadise, along with the pole dance cutscene intact.

    • Testsubject909 is correct, I take it that you never play other DOA to confirm that.

      • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

        No I certainly have…however, I do not remember them using the word “gravure” as a description of a video…not just simply sexual themes.

  • Testsubject909

    I really would’ve rather had the costume on Hitomi, but that’s just me…

  • gamefreak86

    Need news for NA collectors release. already got collectors for PS3 and my vita is waiting.

  • eilegz

    overpriced, sure its fanservice but this its outrgeous…. tecmo koei releasing the same stuff incompletely…. trying to milk its fans.

    • and to please the fan, I don’t see this being any different from fanservice in anime.

  • Rolling Guy

    Tina looks cute.

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