No, That’s Not Monster Hunter. That’s Frontier Gate Boost+

By Spencer . December 20, 2012 . 12:20am

Frontier Gate Boost+, an expanded version of Frontier Gate, turns players into pioneers. You just landed on a new continent and with a player chosen partner character at your side your set out to explore the unknown. Frontier Gate Boost+ has new areas with new monsters like a dinosaur and black dragon. Sure, the style looks like Monster Hunter, but Frontier Gate Boost+ plays like a standard RPG with command menus.


Konami and tri-Ace added a new scenario to Frontier Gate Boost+ and added episodes for all of the fifteen possible partner characters.


Frontier Gate Boost+ has a demo available right here. Click on the blue button to download the file.

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  • ragingmerifes

    I sure love having my PSP, sometimes.

  • AyaisMUsikWhore

    I can’t help it, this game is soooo monster hunter. I’m starting to feel like MH is now the official trend setting ideal Japanese action/adventure game.

    • Elvick

      MH can’t have reign over a generic idea. :/

  • eh, I thought that was Deviljho in the thumbnail.

  • Pockystix

    Maybe someone will port this to the Vita, or Tri-Ace will try their hand at a 3DS sequel. Giving us Westerners some chance of actually getting it.

    Poor PSP.

    • Elvick

      Digital only could still happen, but personally, I don’t like that… but I realize it’s a safer investment for publishers.

  • omgosh I thought I was watching ff 11

  • I’m all for Monster Hunter clones, because I like that style of gameplay.
    ….And I feel that maybe we’ll actually get one localized. That’s why I supported Gods Eater and Ragnarok Odyssey so heavily- we actually got them here.

  • Charmchar

    Whatever way they bring this game to us, i hope it has an option for Japanese Dubs.

  • Prithivi

    The battle system seems interesting. Will we ever play it in a non-Kanji-based language? (and I mean in english, bescause I don’t even dream of playing games like this in spanish…).

  • CycloneFox

    I wonder why Konami doesn’t bring tri-aces Frontier Gate or Suikoden to the west? It would be sufficent to have it digitally for PSP and Vita…

  • Esperia Lastfold

    Mmmm… I imported the original Frontier Gate just like it happened with the original God Eater. And Just like that I hope someone localizes the upgraded re-release of Frontier Gate now dubbed “Frontier Gate +”

    Strange how the same treatment was given to God Eater with “God Eater Burst” except for the fact it now has a proper sequel “God Eater 2”.

    I hope the upgraded release gives some incentive to publishers to release the game in western markets even as a download only option.

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