New Legend Of Heroes Game Shows The Great War Referenced In Trails In The Sky

By Spencer . December 26, 2012 . 2:44am


You can play The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash at home on a PlayStation 3 connected to a big TV and take your game on the go with the Vita version. In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, Falcom confirmed players will be able to transfer save data. There are no differences between the two versions when it comes to content.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in Flash is said by Falcom to have the largest story in the series. When making a plot outline the amount of story in the game is equivalent to four light novels. The story takes place Erebonian Empire before other games in the series. Falcom is keeping the specific time period as a secret for now. Remember the great invasion of the Erebonian Empire referenced in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky? Players will see that war unfold in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash. So far, four protagonists have been shown and Falcom says they have more heroes to reveal. The character designer made about 60 to 70 characters. Falcom is still looking for voice actors for them.


Familiar characters and organizations will be in the game as a treat for fans, but The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash will introduce these as if they were brand new to make it easier for new players to understand what’s going on. The raiding force is not the Crossbell Police, but a new organization.


The Tactics Link System has been changed because players went through phases of watching and waiting. This game will be more active and players will always have to think about what actions they want to do while moving around. Orbments have cooperative actions where you can link up with another character.


Characters will chat more with each other in Trails in the Flash. There are Active Voice Events during battles and while your on the map. Bond events have also been enhanced.


It sounds like Falcom is planning to expand the game with downloadable content. They told Dengeki PlayStation there might be costume and/or scenario DLC.

  • Go2hell66

    i know the script for sora no kiseki was massive, guess its gonna be another monster of a project for xseed ;p

    • Ladius

      I think it would be best to focus on getting SC, Sen is so far away in the future (provided they continue to localize the series, which is all but a given) both PS3 and Vita could very well be dead when XSeed gets to localize it :

      • malek86

        Xseed seems in kind of a tight spot here, they have already said that Trails didn’t make enough money, and yet fans are pretty much constantly asking them to localize the other games… it must be a difficult situation, trying to balance the fans’ wishes with the need to actually make profits off their works.

        • Yeah, it has to be. I mean, there are probably some major fans of the games working at Xseed who want these games brought over, but it would hit their profit margin far more than they can accept. A very tough spot to be in for sure.

    • MrTyrant

      I think the saga is too big for Xseed. Falcom could had asked another company if they wanted Trails translated. Xseed did a good job with the first trails and they also have a high note for how they handled Ys but it’s time to consider other posibilities.

      • xavier axol

        like nisa or atlus.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          I don’t think any of those companies can afford the resources needed to localize any of these games. Moreso considering that, no matter how much we love them, they sell like niche games. Too much of an investment only to end up with losses~.

        • MrTyrant

          Aksys is a good choice too.

        • Atlus has turned this series down before, too, because of its script size.

  • psycho_bandaid

    Largest in the series you say? As in larger than the story in SC that supposedly had xseed’s translator on suicide watch? This is actually kind of a bad thing isn’t it?

    • Ladius

      It’s even worse when you consider that Zero and Ao’s scripts are both as large or larger than SC, and they require to be localized before Sen can be translated in the US.

      • I actually heard about Zero and Ao being larger than SC, but is it even possible, given the fact SC require 2 UMD to get all the content? I’m not really into size, but as I had never played them, I can hardly imagine what is the big difference between those titles.

        • Ladius

          SC is on two UMDs, but it’s probably because it wasn’t optimized the best way, being a PC port developed fairly soon in PSP’s life cycle.

          Zero and Ao, on the other hand, were developed directly on PSP, and that, mixed with better compression, could explain why they don’t require more space than SC while being as big, or bigger in Ao’s case. Also, we should consider that texts by themselves aren’t an issue in terms of disk space.

        • The problems I’ve seen/heard with the game scripts is in the incinential dialogue… As a result, SC’s situation is a lot more favorable than you get in Zero/Ao.

          SC takes place in Liberl, which binds you to a particular region at any given point in time- Rolent, Bose, Ruan, etc etc… And when plot events happen only THOSE NPCs have a dialogue change.

          Zero and Ao take place in Crossbell which doesn’t have that problem- you have access to them at all times. So suddenly, you have many many MORE NPCs change dialogue at every major plot event. In Liberl, you only had a handful change at any given time. Not in Zero and Ao.

      • FFmax

        Jesus, they’re bigger than SC? How are they able to write so much while still keep everything coherent? I have never seen such organized focus on developing a game before. Falcom is a dedicated company that’s for sure.

        • Oh, one more thing now that I think about it… SC has a 3 million character script. I’ve heard that Zero no Kiseki’s script, while shorter than Ao no Kiseki’s script, is 4 million characters.

    • I’m actually playing Zero Evolution .. about the script, it’s like watching an episode of Bakemonogatari .. you know that Anime with long dialogues.

      This is the first RPG game that I have played with long non-boring dialogues. I think I should download Trails in the Sky from PSN.

  • fyi1191

    “to have the largest story in the series.”
    Should we be happy or sad?

    60 to 70 unique characters sure is a lot.

    • MrTyrant

      Happy because nowadays most RPG don’t give this kind of treat to their plot. Giving us hours and hours of narrative and having lots of character to interact. Sure we’ll be sad that the game might never come but happy for me to see games like this one.

  • Wow 4 light novels? And the largest too? Now my hope for localization will be reduced to ash…

  • Such an ambitious project…

  • Ladius

    As far as I understood, this story arc was directly referenced in Ao no Kiseki (and maybe even Trails 3, even if I didn’t read more to avoid spoilers) and should cover a longer timeframe than the previous arcs, so even if the game starts with the Erebonia-Liberl war its end could still be in Ao’s period.

    Of course, it’s likely this Erebonia arc will be continued in a direct sequel in the future, and maybe this story will catch up with the Crossbell arc only after that.

    It’s really frustrating to see such a compelling franchise getting sequel after sequel in Japan when we know we will already be lucky if we get the first trilogy in English in the next years :(

    Edit: According to NeoGaf, the game won’t be set in the pre-Trails 1 period and the Erebonian war isn’t the Erebonia-Liberl conflict.

    • Yeah, it’s such a pity. This franchise even has less chance than Tales series IMO.

    • You’re right. If it’s the ‘war’ that I’m thinking about… it’s been talked about since 3rd, without fail. People have been wanting the Erebonian arc for awhile now because of 3rd’s side quests.

    • MrTyrant


      Erebonia have been invading everywhere, I was surprise when they invaded Crossbell and the funny thing in Ao no Kiseki is that how the main characters repel the army force was told in a short summary in the epilogue D:

  • Höhlenmensch

    I guess we can consider ourselves lucky if we get this game in 2020.

  • Kamion

    Well, having just skimmed the original Interview… They were just talking about an “Erebonian war”. There’s a lot of those. And the one they meant it probably the civil war hinted at in the end of Ao.

    Also, can we please stop calling this ‘Trails in the Flash’? It sounds really wrong…

    • pekikuubik

      Agreed. ‘Trails’ and ‘Flash’ are the important parts of the title. The ‘in the’ could be replaced by anything to make it sound good and consistent with the game’s content.

      • There could also be something specific intended from the ‘flash’ in the title. Much like with Zero and Ao, there were definite meanings for the words in the title.

        I know people who really liked ‘Zero Trajectory’ for the title for Zero no Kiseki. In fact, I was one of them, until I heard the meaning behind the ‘Zero’ and suddenly everything is different.

  • dahuuuundge

    god forbid Falcom starts cutting out content and market them as preorder/ day 1 DLC

    • MrTyrant

      I don’t think it would be cut out content. The game looks big in script and also the gameplay seems good as the graphics, perhaps it might have less sidequest but if it’s close to the previous games i think it’ll do fine.

  • MrTyrant

    This is like Front Mission 5, do you know that game? FM5 began before the first game and go behind the events of all the previous four games. All those plotholes and all the real motives of most antagonist are told in that game.

    I think on Sen no Kiseki like that and if it’s true it will be awesome.

  • Bob Stockalockapoulos

    This game look nifty. I’ll be new to the series, though. I’m open to almost any JRPG with anime-style graphics that I can play on the PS3!

  • JazzyMan123

    Well, at the very least China might get this, though I guess it’ll depend on how well Ao no Kiseki will do when it releases March 2013 (in China).

  • Kai2591

    Largest story in the series?
    60 to 70 characters?

    NISA: Challenge accepted.

    lol I wish.
    well unless xseed decides to do it.

    In any case, the features in this game sounds really nice :)
    Mark my words, this game will be localized.

    and they don’t necessarily have to localize the series in the order of their release. This might be localized before the others before it, who knows.

    • JazzyMan123

      Perhaps if we’re lucky, 2020. Or alternatively, if you know Chinese, maybe 2014 or 2015…

      • Kai2591

        It might be sooner than we think ;)

        • Hikari Langley

          No, I really don’t see this game getting any possible localization, Ao no Kiseki is massive and XSEED is already failing to show that any work is getting done with SC besides hearing “We are working on it”

          By the time XSEED does get any work done with SC will be around 2017 at the rate they are moving.

          • Considering that Trails in the Sky sold poorly, they don’t have the financial incentive to put a lot of resources into SC… and being that it’s a 3 million character script… It’s not an easy translation project in the first place.

          • Kai2591

            Your arguments are valid.

            But I remain optimistic! haha

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      I think this is the entry with the least chances of localization, not because of this revelation that it’ll be the biggest in the series (though of course, that also plays a role) but because voice acting also plays a very important part in the game as stated in the previous article. So, in addition to localizing a script, the publisher would have to localize all the voice acting going on in towns, it seems pretty much impossible for any company unless they are swimming money like Apple~.

      • Kai2591

        Then I guess it would be better if they just leave the voices in Japanese (which I absolutely prefer anyway).

        You have a good point, but I still believe! haha~

  • puchinri

    Even though I understand that it’s supposed to be a lot, saying it like that doesn’t make me feel like it’s that much (given the size and content of lite novels). It’s not as though novels (obviously sans the lite part) have stopped existing in Japan and would be a better indication of content (logically, but given their heavy anime influences, I guess lite novels is more fitting to say).

    Interesting note about how they’re introducing the familiar characters. If it’s friendlier to new players, does that up its chances of it not having to wait for other games in the series before localization? Or at least make it easier to handle there as well?

    I haven’t dabbled in too many Falcom titles (though I intend to), but I am really looking forward to this.

  • Anime10121

    All I want for Christmas is Trails!

  • I want this. I’ve heard great things about the Legend of Heroes series and there can never be too many JRPGs for the PS3. ^_^

  • hybrid897

    Aw man DLC… that means Ihave to switch accounts on my vita ;_;

  • Alex

    I want these games so bad. So very very bad. I hope some brave souls take up translation.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    I was very interested in this game. But now that I understand it’ll be a prequel to Trails in the Sky I am -obsessed- with this game~.

    • JazzyMan123

      It’s NOT a prequel. Apparently someone mistranslated this interview. It apparently takes place after Ao.

  • Merrick

    If I was the President of a localization team(I would call mine Mirror Images), I would take the games coming out for this series, that haven’t been localized yet, and I would have them get to work on all of them. These games are coming out so fast that it seems like a losing battle to even keep up. I hope that Xseed can handle all of these games.

  • raymk

    Of all the trails I want to play this is the one I want to play badly. In fact its the only one I’ve ever really been interested in besides the fighting game because its on ps3 and not psp. I however do want to go back to play the one’s on psp especially zero no kiseki.

  • Richard Dingle

    I have Trails in the Sky for PSP/Vita. Love what the series is so far. Yet I think they should stop trying to pad the dialogue trees. The story was great but I would say 1/3rd of the text could have been cut easily for time and work constraints. The characters ramble on about food….a lot, and it just makes me think if its stuff like this that keeps these games from being localized sooner it should be cut.

    That being said, I really want Zero to come to Vita, and this new Trails of Flash to come as well. They look amazing and they are becoming my defacto JRPG for handheld.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      It’s all that text that you consider “extra” what makes these games so amazing. They flesh out every little detail about them, to strip that would be a crime. If you want lesser amounts of text go play one of the FFs~.

      • Richard Dingle

        Some of the dialogue is just highly unneeded tho. Why is it every time they get to a rest stop they start talking about food and how nice the beds are? There is no real characterization coming from this and it feels like filler to me. I am just saying, they could cut lines such as these to hasten the localization time. The game’s will be just as great with or without it.

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