Kirito Has 10 Different Weapons In Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment

By Spencer . December 27, 2012 . 5:38pm


Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment for PSP has fields and dungeons for players to explore. You move on through the game by defeating a floor boss which opens a path to the next floor.


Kirito can fight monsters using ten different weapons: dagger, one handed sword, shamshir, small sword, staff, dual swords, two-handed axe, spear, blade, and two-handed sword.


Sinon is confirmed as a playable character via magazine leaks. She is the only character in the game that uses a bow. Aside from her name Sinon, lost all of her memories.

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  • xXDGFXx

    I have no expectations, but I want this game. The feelings of joy is perfectly expressed by my avatar.

  • shion16

    Is it going to include an incest system ?

    • D-Rev

      You sir, owe me one new cup of Iced Tea. I laughed hard enough to spill my cup :[

    • Dylan Ng
    • Aizat Muslimin

      lol he has no blood siblings if you watch SAO

      • Kane Turner

        So sleeping with your cousin is ok? Seems legit.

        • blackraen

          First cousin marriage is legal in Japan. I’m not 100% on what the social view is. Might be frowned upon, but in so far as the law goes, first cousins is fair game.

    • Kane Turner

      Best comment ever!

  • Somazu

    Sinon is confirmed? Aww yeah!

  • phangtom

    Now I’m sad that this game will most likely never get localised…

  • s07195

    By the way, the purple-haired girl shown in the trailer and some other screenshots is apparently a game original character. Not sure why Siliconera missed this, as the game magazine I read did pick it up.

  • Ephidiel

    srsly the game will suck completly

    it disregards the whole Lore the Novel build.
    Complete forgets the point of no bows in Aincrad

    it makes me sad

    • Dylan Ng

      They can have bolas in aincrad but not bows? The bow can be a super rare +1 weapon or w/e.

      Also, yay for judging a game even be4 you played it.

    •!/kaishou Kaishou

      how is the game?

    • Jaime Matas Capilla

      The author of the novels is the same one who made the new story for the game, don’t like it? complain to him. And this gives a chance for the other unique skills to appear, on the novel is said there are 10 of them but only dual swords and holy sword are known.

  • Dylan Ng
    • Not A Real Person

      can you ouka the divine fist?

  • Guest

    it seems Sinon in this game uses her real life appearance unlike Leafa who is the same as ALO, as seen in this commercial

    • Somazu

      Like this, but with the ALO sinon costume

      • Dylan Ng

        Here a scan of SAO Sinon. Also why did I just heard Dekomori in the trailer?

  • Wagnaria

    Sinon huh…. Cool!
    I hope releasing her as playable character for this game is also a hint for a GGO anime. (=u=)d

  • Estrius

    It looks as mediocre than the anime/novel.

    •!/kaishou Kaishou

      Cool that you think that but would you like to expand on this? Read “Express yourself clearly, but not repeatedly” under the rules.

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