PlayStation 2 Has Finished Its Run In Japan, Sony Ends System Shipments

By Spencer . December 28, 2012 . 1:18am

imageThe PlayStation 2 launched in Japan on March 4, 2000 and the console lived beyond its ten year expected life cycle. Sony continues to ship new PS2s, but they won’t release any more new consoles in Japan.


After this batch of PS2s you’ll either have to pick up a used console or scour Yahoo! Auctions for a new one. New PS2 games still get made like the Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin expansion disc, which will be available in March 2013.


Over 150,000,000 PS2s have been sold worldwide and Sony will continue to ship PS2s in other regions. The system just launched in Brazil back in 2009.

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  • Rayshawn Davis

    Ya had a great run PS2, and the memories you’ve made with the gaming community will last forever. Rest easy, and hope that Sony can pull another reign that is as bright as yours with its other consoles. Because from the look of things, they could use one.

  • fyi1191

    Rest in peace PS2. You did great.
    *stares at my 8 years old PS2*

    • Bob Stockalockapoulos

      Amen to that, brother.

      I had some great memories with my PS2.

  • ShinGundam

    PS2 is gold mine if you like action games that based on Japanese/Asian settings.

  • Destiny

    [single lonely tear sliding down my cheek]

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    *pours out a 40oz*

  • Luna Kazemaru
  • Spider-Man

    Goodnight sweet prince.

    “The system just launched in Brazil back in 2009”


    • Matheus Mendes

      Really? i had mine since i was seven, and i bought it here in Brazil.

  • Randy Marsh

    Weird, my PS2 breaks today and this article comes out. It must be a sign…

  • d19xx

    That’ll do, pig. That’ll do…

  • Thanks for the memories, PS2. Because of you, my College days were more enjoyable amidst the stressful studies and thesis.

  • Unlimax

    Hail The King .. and show your salute

    ᕙ ب ᗝ ب

    • Kai2591


      • Leon_Tekashi

        You will be missed PS2, with your good and fun video game series.

    • Anime10121

      Beat me to it :P

  • Elvick

    I would hate to live in Brazil! Waiting so long to get a fantastic system like the PS2. ):

    • Black market is strong in Brazil.

      • Elvick

        Ah, I see.

    • I live in Brazil, but anyone here wait the official release to get a console system. I got my 3DXL 1 month after the american launch.

  • tubers


  • Cheers to the best home gaming console ever created.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Good night, sweet prince

  • eilegz

    haved so much fun, it was the last great generation, the current one so far could not succeed not only on games content and quality, but also inovations in gameplay…

    In japan at least everything stalled since the ps2, rpg in general lacked on this generation, and i really hope that “next gen” could be better but i have my doubts….

  • imaguni

    Aww, it’s been a great run!

  • What a great system, many of my favorite series debut on it. Sony should be proud.

  • yoUNg_grOUp568

    “The System just launched in Brazil back in 2009 .” Damn.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      You would be surprised at the official launch dates in countries that aren’t Japan, North America, Canada or a part of Europe. Mind you, as an example, the XBOX 360 was officially launched two months ago in Argentina~.

      Of course, it doesn’t mean the console hasn’t been sold in the country since its actual launch date (and the same applies to the PS2). It’s just that the manufacturer doesn’t have it in stock for those countries and you can only get them through dedicated console stores~.

      • yoUNg_grOUp568

        Now that makes sense.

  • Monsley

    PlayStation 2 is one of my favourite consoles (Super Nintendo being my all-time favourite) and I’ve got some of my sweetest gaming memories linked to it. Too bad it was stolen from me a couple of years ago (by someone I knew!). I still feel bad thinking about it :(

  • alixraen

    Good night, sweet prince.

  • One of the best systems made.

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    We all knew this day would come, but it’s definitely sad to see it finally happen.
    There aren’t really any Japanese exclusives that I want, but I may import one just in case.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Rest in peace PlayStation 2, my RPG king. We had you on life support, now you can rest now

  • Josh Strange


  • amagidyne

    Twelve years and they’re still selling. I wonder if Sony will ever be able to knock it out of the park like that again. Either way, it’s my favorite console of all time and it’ll be a shame to see it vanish.

    Hopefully once fewer consoles are in circulation, Sony will release some means of PS2 emulation that has full compatibility and accuracy for all its games. Even today there are games that I never got around to playing, and classics that I didn’t discover until recently. It has an insane library. /salute

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Going down in the record books as essentially the most lucrative system of all time. Take notes, Sony.

  • I bought my first PS2 two years ago and I played so many games on it. MGS2, 3, Armored Core, Persona and I didnt even get my hands on some sweet Japanese games yet :)
    But I salute to this console !

  • *salute*

    End of an era.

  • Yeah read about this on another site, 12 years!!! I hope this go on the record book of video game, I want video game history nerd to know this.

  • Why did I have to be a Nintendo fanboy back then T_T
    Oh well, I got Tales of Symphonia at least.

  • Godman

    This is quite the surprise I thought it ended a few years after the PS3 launch.

    Well even though it was just between 2000-2006 I will give my respects.

  • MrRobbyM

    I remember when I first got my PS2. Don’t remember what year but I was probably around 8. My dad bought it for me as a Christmas gift at Toys R Us. Back when they had those big yellow tickets hanging on the walls. Oh what a joyous day that was.

    Can’t remember my first PS2 game, but I do remember the days of playing Klonoa 2 the most. My cousins would come over all the time and we’d take turns playing over and over again. We were addicted to the damn console. If I planned to go over someone elses house, I would always bring it with me.

    The came along Kingdom Hearts. The game that really got me into Japanese games. It really got me even more into the Final Fantasy series and RPGs in general. If it wasn’t for Kingdom Hearts, I probably wouldn’t be on this site typing this comment or even care much for Japanese games at all.

    I can go on and on but I’ll keep it short. You had a VERY good run, PS2. You will forever go down in history as the best selling and most beloved console.

    • Anime10121

      Cant agree more :)

  • Tom_Phoenix

    It couldn’t beat the Famicom’s long run, but 12 years is still very good. It’ll actually be kind of depressing to see the PS2 gone from the Media Create/Famitsu charts.

  • Dragon24680

    All hail the king!

  • I’ve had my PS2 since maybe 1/1/02 for Final Fantasy X, and just returned to Ar tonelico 2 on that same PS2 yesterday and will start again soon! maybe! most likely will be last game I will play on the ps2, and go back to PS3 for Ar tonelico 3, maybe GTA IV soon

  • ragingmerifes

    And maybe, in 2032, we will see the sad news that the PS2 stopped selling or isn’t having games anymore… :(

  • Demeanor

    I will never ever forget Shadow Hearts 2, beloved console.

  • Anime10121

    Gives a Snake salute to one of the greatest entertainment systems of ALL TIME. PS2 covered all genres and covered them well! I still remember the game that instantly made me want a PS2 (KH ofc) although the first game I actually got for the thing was FFX. I remember borrowing my older bro’s PS2, with no memory card, and renting KH from Blockbuster (I miss BB ;_; ).

    For the full 3 days I left the console on, I made it all the way to the Riku/Ansem “There’s no way you’re taking Kairi’s heart!” fight and got MURDERED! Had to return the game to BB at that cliffhanger, and considering I’d already played most of KH, I figured I’d buy FFX as my first game when I finally got a ps2 for my next Bday. Oh, the memories :P

  • SirRichard

    The finest of its age, the one console that truly offered something for everyone, where all genres flourished in their own ways in a time free of the myriad issues of this one. It was lightning caught in a bottle, something that we may never see the likes of again.

    So long, old friend. All we can do is salute.

  • Oh man, this baby was my dreamed console when I was a kid, it’s just too fantastic! Even to this day I play with it but it has now parted to reunite with other console legends and belong in the hall of classics.
    Glory to one of the most successful consoles of all time!

    Glory to the Playstation 2!

  • Maia Kasoya

    I remember playing Kingdom Hearts and KH2 back then… I think those were the only PS2 games I played (stupid, huh?).
    If I knew about P3 or P3FES back then, I definitely would’ve played that (also stupid, huh?).

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    Sony has to stop production because now every single household in Japan owns one…

  • Jirin

    Oh no, that means it’s impossible to get a PS2.

    Except really cheap on ebay, really cheap at every retail story, really cheap on Amazon, and at every garage sale. How can anyone ever come across any of the 8 figures of units that exist worldwide? Now nobody will ever be able to play a PS2 again, just like it’s impossible to come across a Mario 3 cartridge.

    • No one was arguing that, dear… do you need a nap?

  • Testsubject909

    To date. This console is the one in which I own the most games. Over 100 PS2 games, maybe closer to the 140+, all physical. I doubt I’ll find another console where I’ll be reaching these numbers.

    While yes in this day and age it’s easy to collect tons of digital titles. There’s something missing from just watching your shelf full of these things. There’s a lot of pride in it. But moreso then that. It’s the knowledge that these games were, despite a few bugs and glitches, complete and done.

    An age before DLC, patches and online restrictions. Where each game I own feels complete in their own right.

    I’m gonna miss that age. But I hope we’ll be seeing some very interesting and exciting things in the future.

  • komiko12

    I thought they would just stop releasing it in Japan? It doesn’t really says that other countries won’t be getting new PS2s.

  • gquain

    I hope those poor guys will get the Wii before 2018 or they will miss on all the good stuff!

  • I remember going to my friends house and looking at the PS2, black and blue and wondering wtf that is!!!! then my dad bought me a Dreamcast lol

    I wonder how much PROFIT Sony made with this since Sony lost BILLIONS on the PS3

  • fayt255

    Good bye PS2 you were such a great console. I have shared so many years with you even though my first black/blue PS2 is long gone, silver slim is still alive and well!

  • Jay

    Oh my precious, precious PS2. I honestly think I will genuinely weep when it conks out on me. I scoured ebay for months to find Legend of Mana and not being able to play it would just suck. Yes, I can get it as a digital copy and play it on the psp but it just won’t be the same.

    Good night, sweet prince. You’ve brought me a lot of fabulous RPGs during your run.

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