Your Boyfriend Dumps You And Then You Become An Underwater Treasure Hunter

By Spencer . December 31, 2012 . 12:34am


Surface of the Sea begins with a broken hearted girl who goes to the beach after her boyfriend dumps her. Don’t feel too bad because she stumbles upon a message in a bottle and her luck turns around. The letter is a treasure map drawn by an old soldier!


Determined to find the treasure, the heroine partners with a rich uncle and sets out to the south sea in a luxury cruiser.


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Kemco, the company behind the Sword of Hope series and new 16-bit RPGs like Fantasy Chronicle, made Surface of the Sea which they call an ocean life simulation game. You dive underwater in search of sunken treasure. While you’re below the surface you have to keep track of the amount of air in your tank and… umm… sharks. Players can buy better diving gear and take a break from treasure hunting to take photos of aquatic life. It’s kind of like Everblue or Endless Ocean, but in 2D and with a crazy wealthy uncle.


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Surface of the Sea is available now for iOS and Android.

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  • Tom_Phoenix

    But if she has a rich uncle, why does she need the treasure for?

    • Ooh Bee

      How do you think he became rich?

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Well, it doesn’t say that he became rich by finding lost treasure. All it says is that he’s rich and has a luxury cruiser, both of which he could have obtained differently.

    • Romored

      Why does Lara Croft go treasure hunting if she’s already awfully rich? Because she enjoys it. I guess this is the same case XD

    • puchinri

      Because she decides she can live a fulfilling life, adventure and somewhat get rich on her own? I’d do it!
      Also, what ~ハセヲさん~ said.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Well, financial independence is an excellent goal to have, so I can accept that explanation.

        • puchinri


  • Shadowman

    Your boyfriend dump you, and your uncle is rich let just say she want to go on an adventure under the sea.

  • ragingmerifes

    Who dumps a rich girl who likes swimming?

  • Kirbysuperstar2

    More fish in the sea, huh?

    • Locklear93

      That was awful. +1, sir.

  • CirnoLakes

    I can completely relate to this story.

  • JMaster3000

    Your Boyfriend Dumps and.. dumps..DUMPS! DUMPS WHAT!?

  • PABLO Rapetti Perez

    This is by far one of the most weird premises I have seen for a game… yet, I would love to try it. Pitty I dont have an Android.

  • Boyfriend poops in the tub

  • d19xx

    Maybe the boyfriend poops golds? He takes dumps on the ocean and the girl searches for it for points. How original!

  • Man, I miss game premises this wacky.

  • I-I…. When I read the title of this article all I could picture was- You know what, never mind lol

  • puchinri

    That’s pretty cool~. Sounds cute and phone. Interesting that it’s being announced/open to news now though, given that we have Sealark coming somewhat soon. I’d love to play both, especially side by side. ♥

    Also, given that Fantasy Chronicle made its way to PSP eventually, is there a chance that this may also see a portable . . .port, at some point? It’d be great on the e-shop. . . 0U0

    • Aoshi00

      yeah, at first I thought it was an e-shop title.. these games are always so much cheaper on iOS though like 1 buck.. The cruise first reminds me of Endless Ocean, then the sea creatures are kinda like Party Wave :) I want this to be on the 3DS as well..

      • puchinri

        I thought the same. Hum, I didn’t know. Is that always the case, or does it depend on size and stuff? And hopefully we well see a e-shop version~.

    • CirnoLakes

      Now SEALARK looks amazing. That’s one of those little Kickstarters that I misses that I wished I didn’t.

      I’m definitely grabbing a copy of Sealark when it is out.

      • puchinri

        I know, huh? I was devastated to have missed my chance at the physical copy especially (but I’m glad my friend was lucky enough to catch it).

        Same here~!

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. That’s a pretty cool set-up. “life got you down? EFFF LIFE DOWNS SEARCH FOR SUNKEN PIRATE TREASURE!” *Que that pirate song from LazyTown.* I’ve heard of worse combos!

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