Atelier Meruru Plus Connects With Totori For Vita And Other New Features

By Spencer . January 7, 2013 . 1:51am

Gust added a bunch of extra content for Atelier Meruru Plus, a PlayStation Vita port of Atelier Meruru.


All of the downloadable content from the PS3 version is included on the cart. You get Rufus, Pamela, and Hanna as playable characters plus the Makina Domain area.


meruruplus-20 meruruplus-19 meruruplus-18 meruruplus-22 meruruplus-21


Atelier Meruru Plus has new bosses…

meruruplus-14 meruruplus-15


… and events like a showdown between Meruru and Rorona’s teacher Astrid.


meruruplus-13 meruruplus-11 meruruplus-12


Gust prepared new costumes for Atelier Meruru Plus like this Rorona outfit for Meruru.


meruruplus-08 meruruplus-10 meruruplus-09


Players will be able to unlock an additional costume if they have Atelier Totori Plus save data on their memory card. If you cleared Atelier Totori, you’ll get a special weapon as a bonus too.


meruruplus-16 meruruplus-17


Atelier Meruru Plus comes out on March 20 for PlayStation Vita.


meruruplus-05 meruruplus-01 meruruplus-07 meruruplus-06 meruruplus-04 meruruplus-03 meruruplus-02

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  • SuperSailorV

    I uh… have this for PS3 but I could never get into it. I paid full price, I couldn’t resist the artbook! Now I feel gypped… I’d have rather had it on Vita, anyway!

  • Alex

    Already ave it on PS3 but i didnt get the dlc so day 1 if it comes to ue.
    And man meruru in rorona outfit is cute

  • s07195

    I wish that adult Rorona would be playable in this version… Yeah right, like that would ever happen (being playable, I mean.). ;)

  • HassanJamal

    When will this be localized?

  • Dark_N11

    … and people wonder why the vita is selling badly lol

    • … and I wonder why there someone here can post this kind of comment

    • raymk

      Enlighten me on how this games reminds us of how its selling badly.

    • Steven Reece

      I love the games enough to import totori and finally meruru.

  • Juuu

    I do hope these get localized. I was just thinking to myself, sitting in the dorm the other day [where I don’t have my PS3 due to a lack of room/old TV] that I’d LOVE to play some Atelier right at that moment, and how I’d probably finish Totori, Meruru, ect. if I had the Vita versions so I could play a little bit every day and not forget what I was doing all the time, like when I return to the PS3 version, lol. C’mon, Tecmo Koei, cut us some slack!

    And huhn, seeing Totori side-by-side with Meruru in her old outfit makes me realize how Totori’s costume really DID change in lots of subtle ways between games! Learn something new every day.

  • Wackoramaco87

    Glad to see there’s quite a bit of added content! I don’t think Totori had quite as much. Now if only hey would make a Rorona port! *fingers crossed* I really, really hope both this and Totori cover over!

    • Steven Reece

      well wouldn’t be a plus version since there wasn’t any dlc for rorona.

  • I might consider it for the vita. I hope there is a demo for the ps3 version at least so I can try it out.

  • Interface23

    Dear TK & NISA, if you localize This & Totori on top of the other 2 games TK already confirmed = I <3 my Vita

  • AndreasStalin

    just bring it over to Europe and I’ll buy it

  • Wasn’t the tree already a boss in Atelier Meruru PS3?

    • Steven Reece

      Yeah there was, during year 5 it moves randomlly around.

  • Visa Vang

    *Drooling* Even though I haven’t open my virgin PS3 copy, I can’t wait…

  • Elvick

    I want them both. D:< Come on Tecmo Koei and/or NIS America.

    I figure, buying these is basically better than buying the DLC for PS3. Not sure how much total Atelier game's DLC ends up being, but with Disgaea 3 it was definitely cheaper to buy the Vita version than all the DLC on PS3. xP

    Plus, I love playing on my Vita more than PS3 now.

  • Hope NISA localize this. More games for my Vita.

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