Fall In Love With Sherlock Holmes’ Son And Watson Jr. In Marvelous’ Next Game

By Spencer . January 7, 2013 . 3:45pm


Japanese storywriters come up with interesting settings for otome games taking established tropes and giving them a girls romance twist. We saw the game where you can fall in love with the Knights of the Round last week. English Detective Mysteria from Senran Kagura maker, Marvelous AQL, has players flirt with Sherlock Holmes… Jr.


Watson Jr. is in English Detective Mysteria too and he’s also a pretty boy. Developer, Karin Entertainment, added characters from other mystery novel series like Sara Marple who is the niece of a recurring Agatha Christie character Jane Marple. Lupin Jr. is the son of gentlemanly thief Arsène Lupin. The two Japanese detectives Kenichirou Akechi and Seiji Kobayashi are tied to Edogawa Rampo’s series of detective novels that feature Kogoro Akechi and his kid sidekick Kobayashi.


So, now that you understand the connections in this massive mystery novel crossover what’s going on in English Detective Mysteria? The game is set at the end of the 19th century in London and you play as Emily who lives with her butler Pendelton. Both of Emily’s parents were killed when she was young and now she wants to learn the truth about their deaths.


English Detective Mysteria comes out on March 7 for PSP.


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  • Strain42

    …I have…no words. This sounds…just awful

    • It will sell more then good enough i assure you ho ho ho

    • Aoshi00

      hey, at least the chars are in the same gender, unlike 3 Kingdoms generals turned into girls :(… I actually like the song, very cute w/ an English flavor like Layton :) And we have Jack the Ripper too.. ugh, still have to finish the Testament of Sherlock Holmes.. Holmes was such a jerk in there :)

      • Luna Kazemaru

        So i take it you dislike fate stay night?

        • Aoshi00

          Hmm.. Not sure, I never really got into fate stay night, it just never caught my eyes.. Story or art wise..I just know people like Saber lol..

    • 07thCrow

      Hey, are you the guy that does the Persona 3 FTW & Persona 4TW web comics? Or do you just have the same name?

  • Pretty MC ヽ(・ω・)ノ

  • Xmas Lopez

    Somehow, I can’t help but adore this premise. I would love to see how these sons of geniuses interact with each other. My only problem being that the mystery probably won’t be particularly good since the emphasis is on the romance

    • puchinri

      I know, right? Seeing them all interact is definitely a point of interest.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    What? lol

  • puchinri

    UGH! I love it! Everyone is remaking Sherlock, and not really for the better in my opinion, so the BLEEPERS not have Sherlock Jr. in an otome game!?

    I like the character designs a lot, and it’s interesting that they chose to go with so many popular mystery characters/authors. I appreciate how well-rounded that is. (And Lupin III jokes abound, right?)

    I’ll keep an eye on it.
    (Now MMV should just get to work on a game as fanservice-y as Senran Kagura aimed at the lady audiences; and yes, I do mean with male and female characters.)

    • Boba Bob

      i thought you disliked fanservice, see’ing as you always complain about it and in your posts and go “hope it doesn’t have fanservice” (Heck, i remember in that last thread how you went apeshit as if fanservice is the biggest evil in the world), and yet, here you are spewing out some hypocritical stuff, can’t describe how disappointed i am in some humans right now.

      but to put your mind at ease, no, i’m almost certain MMV wouldn’t do that as there was never such game and there’ll probably never be, unless you count R-18 Otome games.

      Though i’m not sure what you meant by “with male and female characters”.

      • puchinri

        Maybe I forgot to express it on that discussion or whatever, but my problem isn’t with fanservice itself, but how it’s handled (and that was a joke, since that obviously will never happen, whether anyone wants it to or not). In general, fanservice based on sex and physical traits usually bothers me (sometimes not so much, again, depending how it’s handled, but people have become used to not handling it very well; intentionally at times), especially versus other forms of fanservice (like how SSB is full-on Nintendo fanservice, that doesn’t rely on objectifying characters).

        I also think you’re skewing what happened, and I don’t know if you read it that way or what. I didn’t go apeshit because that’d be a huge waste of energy and emotion.

        On the last note, does it really matter?

        Anyways, the main thing at heart here is obviously whether or not there will be an option to court Sara Marple. That would certainly add more fanservice to this, and it’d be the type that I approve of quite heartily~.

        • Boba Bob

          Yeah, you might want to try being a little more specific next time, i don’t like overused fanservice-y, fetishy stuff too, but a little bit of it once in a while is by no means bad, infact it’s necessary.

          • puchinri

            I’m in a weird place of it. Don’t get me wrong, because I love sexy, but I think the problem is that a lot of creators don’t know how to use sexy without objectifying characters (specifically, sexualizing male characters in awkward, bad ways and objectifying female characters).

            I would be a lot more eager and approving if this problem didn’t exist. I think you can always have sexy and it’s not bad to have, but a lot of creators of many industries (pretty much all, and it goes for creators of every gender, walk of life, etc) have a long way to go as it is, hence why I think we could do for less of the fanservice that they feed us. (Obviously, the problems caused by male power fantasies like in comics has been very damaging to men in society on many levels, and the treatment of female characters is terrible for female readers, and that’s reflective in many facets in many different media to me.)

            An example I don’t mind? Bayonetta. I definitely think they got carried away with it and some parts are squicky, but she’s sexy to me, and she’s a bit liberated (but that’s also iffy). One that bothers me that doesn’t rely on the character looking sexy and posing ridiculously? The new Lara Croft. Very early on, it felt like torture porn and one of the leads on the crew said a lot of gross stuff in an interview (but a lot may have changed because of all that fall-out). I also don’t like how a lot of people (in Japan, but also plenty here) continuously sexualize younger characters. It’s gross to me, and very unhealthy for young girls especially because of the images they get about their bodies and sexuality from media. (I do have problems with how male sexuality is treated here especially, but I just have a lot of problems with our movies and comics right now, not even with just gender and sexuality.)

          • Höhlenmensch

            I always think you are greatly overanalyzing and overcomplicating things when it really isn’t necessary attributing far too much to this arfificial construct called society while only looking at the symptoms and completely ignoring the cause. If you break things down to simple biology/our nature (the cause) and look at how it interacts with today’s society the symptoms will be much easier to comprehend.

            You go on and on about objectification without explaining what exactly you mean by that. Because as long as you don’t know a person you find attractive on a personal level you are objectifying her by default. Also pretty much anything that is displayed for example on a screen is automatically objectification by definition.

            Regarding male “power fantasies”: If you look at the biological basics you will understand why they exist and why they will never ever go away. There’s simply nothing you can do about it.

            Regarding sexualization of young characters: Even besides the fact that males generally prefer younger females because of parity concerns and that females can be prolific at an age as early as ten today’s youth craze and dwindling birth rates play a big role in that matter.

            If you are interested in deepening your understanding of the things you are constantly ranting about superficially I can only recommend the youtube channel of girlwriteswhat.

          • puchinri

            I assume most people that approach me will already know what objectification means, because if you’re trying to discuss sexism or fanservice with someone (or contend points about it), that’s 101 to understand. Objectification does not work that way though (not on the societal/social level, at least). If it were that simple, it wouldn’t be the problem it is today.

            There is a lot that can be done about male power fantasies. Just like we can change people’s opinion about what toys children should be allowed to play with based on gender (like a Swedish company recently did, and kudos to them for it). These things are not inherently built into us, they’re taught and passed down and encouraged, and while it takes time to break cycles and problems, it’s not as impossible as some people seem to think and make them out to be.

            I have a lot of resources I use already~. Classes on campus, Racialicious, Borderhouseblog, FeministFrequency, books and other sites. I may check out that one though too (I feel it’s familiar). I’m always trying to increase my understanding and ability to be an ally, but I think I’ve gotten to the point where I have a good intro level understanding at least~.

    • Elementary is Kick ass. Sit down puchi

      • puchinri

        Nay, sir. I shall stand!

        My problem is actually with the BBC Sherlock, but saying that is tantamount to claiming that Cucumber Eggs is an uncute twig (which I do find him charming, but boy his fandom).

        I still have yet to watch Elementary, but the idea of Lucy Liu being Watson is fun and fascinating to me, so I keep meaning to watch it. (After I start Downtown Abbey though.)

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Over the Summer I saw a filmed staged version of Frankenstein done in London last year. The two leads switched between the Doctor and the Monster and both actors shared the award for best performance in a London play.

        The actors were Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch. Naomie Harris played the love interest — it was quite an amazing performance. Benedict’s monster was much more athletic and physical in portrayal, something which should well suit Desolation of Smaug, since he did the actor-capture for both Necromancer/Sauron and Smaug.

        • puchinri

          That sounds absolutely fascinating.

          My nitpick is that while he is good at playing grade-A jerks and a-holes, I just don’t prefer him as Smaug or the Necromancer, and a lot of people are annoyed that he’s playing both (I’d definitely prefer his Smaug over the Necromancer though).

          Can’t wait to see him in ST though, admittedly. Especially if he’s Sybok. Muahahaha!

          • M’iau M’iaut

            They’ve definitely done a good job hiding/trolling his identity. Honestly I’d say it won’t be Gary Mitchell or Khan, since the game ends up pretty worthless if they have already given us the answer. Sybok makes sense, although I’m still holding out hope he’s a Dark Q.

          • puchinri

            Oh. Never considered that. Also, really believing and hoping he’s not Khan, not sure what to think on him being Gary Mitchell (people are saying that there are hints though).

            Hmm. Being a Dark Q would be unnerving and really interesting. Kind of torn between preferring that route or Sybok now. . .

          • M’iau M’iaut

            My issue with Mitchell has always been that it plays only to fans of the original series, and even there he never reached the classic villain ranks that Khan or Liberace’s ‘Proto Q’ character did. Although Mitchell as a baddie from Kirk’s future allows an even better back story for a Shatner appearance than was used with Nimoy.

            It has already been established that there are rogue forces within the Q and would allow for cameos from DeLancie or even other NG characters — something they certainly would not seem adverse to do, even with what is sort of a reboot.

  • FetusZero

    Why are these games always on PSP -_-

    • Boba Bob

      Because since the vast majority of gamers have moved on to the next gen consoles, It’s easier for them to market Otome games through the PSP, most female gamers in japan don’t own next gen consoles.

      • puchinri

        Huh? I think the difference is, if they’re going to go with a handheld, the PSP already is a good basis for dating sims and especially otome games. Really, how many people in Japan own a Vita at all, regardless of gender. (There’s quite a few ladies that own a 3DS, but there aren’t many dating sims catering to any group on there yet, anyhow.)

        There’s also the fact that the PSP is still just healthy and doing pretty well in Japan, and there’s always that market there.

        • Boba Bob

          That too. the PSP is like the home console for Otome games, not saying all other genres are dead or anything, it’s just that most otome games are being released on the PSP.

          • puchinri

            Definitely. And I still see some RPGs and stuff being released on it which is nice, but the PSP definitely made a niche for itself with the otome market, and while I’d love to otome expand more on other consoles (PS3 would be to my benefit), they do very well where they are.

          • FetusZero

            Which is a shame since the PSP didn’t get nearly as much love over here than it did in Japan.. so in the end we miss a lot more games due to this than we already do on consoles like PS3. Well not that the otome market is one that would expend over here anyway, but I think you understand what I mean :]

          • puchinri

            I know, it still disappoints me a lot. Yeah, and that’s also a true point sadly. I’m sure the otome games here did well enough, but certainly that market wouldn’t really grow now (not the PSP one at least).

          • M’iau M’iaut

            The PSP was where the Infinity series (Ever 17/Remember 11/et. al) ended up after the breakup of Kid. With the success of 999, I’d always held out hope at least for Ever17 — as it really was the game that got 999 its early notoriety.

  • As intriguing as this is, I’m still not sure how to feel about the premise of this title. I’ll have to wait and see more about it in the future.

  • Crok425

    I don’t know anymore… first the kinghts of the round table and now Sherlock Holmes… I give up. Good for the girl gamers, though.

  • Eileen Sy

    Why are otome games being covered in siliconera more all of a sudden?

    • puchinri

      I guess because they’re popping up more and are also of more interest than previously believed?

      Kind of curious now too, since you mention it.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      The coverage of VNs in general has always been here. A lot of time was spent talking about Ever17 when 999 was first getting under way, and we have even dabbled with some Mangagamer titles.

      As @puchinri:disqus noted, the gates have certainly opened up stateside for this niche of the genre. It can even be seen in the fan scene where the vast majority of titles being done with the ren’py engine fall on the Otome and BL side of things. Stateside interest in VNs is no longer just for male milquetoasts sexin’ the same trope harems.

    • It’s more that we cover games that look interesting. At the moment, it just so happens that there have been a few otome titles that stand out. And since some of these games like Hakuouki have begun being localized, there’s more of an active interest in them now, too.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Because there are also otome game fans in Siliconera?

  • 07thCrow

    (O-O) …Can I haz harem ending, plz? lol Just kindding! …Sorta.
    Seems a little weird, but looks pretty fun! But like just about every otome game, I highly doubt it’ll ever leave Japan. (;_;)

    • puchinri

      A harem ending would be so splendid. ;u;
      And yeah, it makes me sad realizing that this probably won’t ever end up in the West (officially).

      • 07thCrow

        Yeah, sadly, it looks like the only options are to import it raw or hope for a fan translation… :'(

  • negineBIT

    Oh, otome games again, eh? Reverse harem is okay, rather than an ‘oblivious’ and ‘innocent’ guy suddenly surrounded by a bunch of idiot girls.

    The arts for otome games are always lovely. At least there’s an interesting plot behind each game. For example, Amnesia, Hakuoki, Uta no Prince.

    • puchinri

      Uta no Prince is one I really want to try, but yeah, otome games tend to have some pretty fun ideas behind them.

  • Hatsuu

    It’s like I was destined to always be broke or something, with all these otome games coming out.

  • Davide Costa

    They forgot to add Poirot, Nero Wolf, Jessica Fletcher and Columbo, just to make the cast more variegated.

    • puchinri

      Hopefully this will get a sequel and they’ll appear there (along with many others).

  • Ochi ☆

    Man, I don’t know what’s more insulting… the tone of the coverage of otome games on this website (seriously!! you can date these guys!! look, they’re pretty!!), or the attitudes of the commenters who act as if there is something inherently wrong with the genre or how it’s handled.

    It’s not crazy to throw a romance into any of these stories, it’s no better/worse than other adaptations that have been done. Assuming the “mystery” won’t be any good because it’s an otome game with a romance base is an insult. It’s an insult to the developers, and more often than not, it’s an insult to those who enjoy otome games. I feel sickened by this attitude — especially when the ones ridiculing are likely not even the target demographic.

    And the phrase “girl gamers” really needs to go. “Girl gamers” are gamers, like everyone else. This distinction is disgusting nonsense. Between the comments on this article and the ones on the Princess Arthur (both games of which I am not particularly interested, but do support as concepts; Though I felt the entire tone of the other article was disgusting and offensive. At least this one is informative and doesn’t take a condescending tone), I’m pretty appalled at the lack of open-mindedness the gaming community exhibits. …Which isn’t to say everyone, but enough.

    I’m glad to see otome gaming getting some coverage, especially if it’s going to actually be informative and not talk down to otome gamers. Given the variety usually exhibited here, otome games have a severe lack of presence, despite being something with a sizable enough fanbase.

    • I think its genuinely cool how deep the connections go with this game. It’s one giant mystery novel crossover with characters inspired by Agatha Christie, Edogawa Rampo, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The writers are pretty well read! It’s impressive, for fans of otome games and even people who aren’t familiar with the genre at all.

      Also I don’t think we’ve used the phrase “girl gamers” in our posts…

      • Ochi ☆

        You don’t have to use the phrase. An unfortunate truth, however, is the moment you post an article that targets the female demographic specifically, it’s a phrase that comes up somewhere. The statement is more of a generalized one, since I’m not going around replying to every comment on this (or the Princess Arthur) article. But I saw it, it’s here in this very comment section. And it’s no less frustrating to open up an article about something you may be interested in and have to constantly see that simply because the game is targeted at a certain demographic.

        • I don’t think it’s fair to blame us for the way other people react to something. You used the words “tone of the coverage of otome games on this website”.

          Guess what? No other site as large as ours even covers otome games regularly. Just the fact that we go out of our way to cover these titles shows the respect we have for them. They have, and always will be, treated just like any other game that is covered on Silconera.

          • Ochi ☆

            This article I had less of a problem with, but I have no qualms with very plainly stating that the Princess Arthur article came off as being a total mockery (right from the get-go with the “seriously!” was a start). The otome gaming community as I saw it was incredibly displeased. Stuff like that lingers and unfortunately perpetuates reactions. Personally, I was put off by the “also, he’s a pretty boy” descriptor in this one, but I take what I can get.

            You’re right, other sites don’t cover this stuff — that’s why those of us who want to see it covered don’t want to feel like we’re being “made fun of,” however subtle it may come off as. Is it everything? No, of course not, but there is a tone that seems to go alongside that genre when anyone who isn’t taking part in playing it seems to have. That’s the troublesome part — especially when it’s nowhere near as prevalent in other genre coverage. I like Siliconera, I like the coverage, and would indeed love to see more of this sort of gaming covered, especially with how sporadic it is (especially given how varied otome gaming can be). My real point is trying to bring awareness to a tone that I don’t think most people notice, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

          • OK, point taken on the tone front. But you should know that the intent isn’t to single out otome games at all. Rather, it’s just pointing out the bizarreness in some of these setups in general.

            You see us doing that with tons of games, actually. Take Liberation Maiden, for instance. Teenage girl who is “Second President” of New Japan flying around in a mech and destroying evil communist invaders? That’s crazy! (And we pointed it out) Or the Neptunia series, where you have all of these videogame consoles turned into cutesy moe anime girls. Same thing.

            I understand where you’re coming from, but I can assure you that the intent is definitely not to mock these games. We don’t even mock the most horrific of games we cover, so otome titles are nowhere near in danger of being mocked or looked down upon by any of our staff.

            Also, not to sound insensitive here or anything, but I don’t think “pretty-boy” is a term reserved exclusively for otome games either. We’ve used that before. We used it for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, for example. “Pretty-boy” is just a very general term, and I honestly do think you’re reading into the intent behind it little too much in this case.

          • Star

            Intent is all well and good, but frankly, all the “good intent” in the world doesn’t mean much in instances where you’re still insulting somebody. Am I supposed to magically feel better about feeling like my interests are being flat-out mocked just because you didn’t mean it that way? Intent doesn’t excuse your actions. You’re still accountable for them.

            Also, protip: the second you start a sentence with “not to sound …” or “I don’t mean to be …” you are automatically doing that thing. Here’s an idea … just don’t do it.

          • Sorry, but once again, I feel to see where anyone was being mocked in this article. If you feel victimized due to things that other people have done, I fully understand your frustration, but at the same time, we can’t help you there. We just report news, and we treat all games with the same respect.

          • “Intent doesn’t excuse your actions.”

            I disagree. If there was misunderstanding because the intent wasn’t clear, that’s one thing; but there’s no reason to keep lingering on with the accusation after the intentions are made clear.

            I also disagree with the second paragraph, if only because it sounds more like your personal definition. For some other people, they’re just announcing that they know they’re about to say something sensitive; to me, not acknowledging that might be actually inconsiderate.

          • puchinri

            I think she’s still right, but the difference is, with Ishaan and Spencer, even if they didn’t intend to be hurtful, I think they’ll hear people out and understand; so people will still be hurt and there’s no excusing it, but I can be comforted in the fact that they won’t shrug off concerns like other people that wouldn’t care or would get defensive if someone pointed out something like that.

          • Star

            Except that shrugging it off is pretty much exactly what they’re doing. “Hey guess what, we don’t really care because nobody else is covering this, so get over it!” I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the message that’s being sent.

          • puchinri

            Yeah, I kind of just read Ishaan’s post and that is what happened. ono

          • I’m disappointed you of all people see things this way, but I don’t suppose there’s any reasoning with you guys, so I’m going to drop it before we all annoy each other any further.

          • puchinri

            Well, I noticed you understood when you first replied to Ochi, but it was the later comment that didn’t come across so well.

            To be honest Ishaan, I think you and M’iau M’iaut especially have a nice, refreshing mentality and approach to these kinds of issues as far as the community goes, but I personally have come to understand that Siliconera isn’t really the site I go to when I’m looking to have a good, healthy discussion of deeper issues (on these kinds of levels) in gaming and that’s in part because you guys aren’t sites with a focus on that – which, technically, is just fine (I’m glad when it’s brought up and am content and eager to join the conversation, but by now, I know that at times, it’s kind of hopeless to even bring it up). I’m glad you stick up for people that point things out and don’t really condone some of the things said and beliefs held by others, but at the same time, I don’t really expect you to take certain actions that I’d see on other places (however, these are places where it is a space designated as specifically made with these things in mind, like Scans-daily and Borderhouseblog).

            On this specific topic, I see both sides pretty well. It’s good you guys don’t single something out, but at the same time, I think it is worthwhile to note how attention is given to certain niches in gaming (female aimed games, especially otome ones) and how they’re usually approach. Given how much more mature you guys are than other places, it can be a little dismaying and even hurtful to see a tone that’s kind of normal for most articles to be carried over when it’s the same tone that condescendingly comes up (sometimes spitefully) on other sites; and while we may know that you don’t mean it that same way, it’s hard to avoid taking it/reading it that way. I know you don’t want to brush off people’s concerns really, especially when you know they’re sincere about it and from a good place, but sometimes it can be hard to really see where people are coming from.

            (And this may really be stretching it, and sorry if so, but I do think that when people speak up about these issues, you’re a reliable back-up and to me, that makes you an ally, but allies also make mistakes at times, and I know I too get tone deaf or don’t see where people are coming from, but I still have to keep things in mind, so I really feel like I understand where you’re coming from; maybe I don’t actually, but I kind of feel like I do. Sorry for blabbering on.)

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I’d note the community has grown so much since the days it could be said everyone knew everyone. I’d never go back but then, we all pretty much knew where individual boundaries were. That allowed for less chance of anyone (save a few of our classic trolls) to say something knowingly or unknowingly hurtful, but at the same time limited what was said and who participated.

            I won’t hesitate to mention that’s kind of what we use twitter for now :P.

          • The problem is that it’s very hard to take someone seriously when they come at the issue from such a hostile angle. There are more polite ways to approach the subject than immediately assume that ill-intent was meant, and usage of garbage terms like “mansplaining” doesn’t make me want to take the person in question any more seriously.

            Something else I really want to point out is that we’ve discussed the subject of women in games so many times over the past few years. We were the only ones that reported it when Square said Dragon Quest IX had a high number of female users due to the customization options. We were one of the very first sites that reported it when Iwata said Nintendo DS had a 50% female userbase. We also covered it on multiple occasions when Capcom and Tecmo Koei talked about the female audiences for Sengoku Basara and Samurai Warriors. Last year, we had that interview with Marvelous where they mentioned how they value their female audience for Harvest Moon and Rune Factory. Finally, just a day ago, we reported the Animal Crossing story.

            No one seems to care when we deliberately focus on these topics to highlight companies that care about female users. It only comes up when someone thinks we’ve done something wrong, and in this specific case, I honestly for the life of me can’t even tell what has the two posters above so worked up. You know we take our reporting and our accuracy seriously, so it’s incredibly hard to not raise an eyebrow when someone comes in waving the flag of feminism and then uses it to question our “journalistic integrity”.

            You’ve seen for yourself how many loonies the mods have to put up with in the comments. How are we supposed to separate the nutjobs from the commenters that actually care? How are we supposed to separate angry otome game fans from the crazy Tales community? If they act exactly the same way, it really doesn’t help matters…

            The other thing is that Siliconera is literally run by two people and a small staff of freelancers, and we actually post as much news as a lot of the bigger sites do in a single day. On top of that, a large portion of this news is in Japanese and we have to translate it. I’m not using this is an excuse in the least, I’m just pointing out that these things take time and effort, so if we didn’t care about them, we wouldn’t cover them at all.

            I tried pointing this out above, too, and instead of trying to understand my point, it was twisted into me apparently telling someone they’re feeling entitled, and that they should be happy with what we give them. Like I said, it’s so hard to have a conversation if people are hellbent on taking everything the wrong way from the moment they enter the discussion.

          • Uh… No. Sorry. That’s not “paraphrasing” as much as taking things completely in the other direction. What he said is that they cover these sorts of games because they care about them, and they didn’t mean any offense by what they mentioned in an earlier article. And that if you’re still offended after having said that, there isn’t anything they can do about it. What else must they do? Apologize?

            I know some people aren’t fair to the genre, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it out on anybody who finds something unusual or funny about some works (which they also admit to doing with some other game from other genres). There are some genres/categories of fiction that I follow – hell, I follow Super Sentai Series, a far-from-serious franchise – but I’m not afraid to admit how some aspects of them may look weird/odd/funny to outsiders.

          • Star

            Uh. Yeah. That’s generally what people do when they offend people and they have sense: apologize. You may not mean offense, but when you still manage to cause some, the polite thing to do is to apologize.

            How is this a hard concept?

          • Apology isn’t a hard concept – where it’s due. What you’re asking for here is demanding apology from someone because they made a joke about something you like, even after they’ve made it clear that mockery wasn’t their intention. And it’s not even something blatantly offensive; it was a wording that could be taken both ways.

            I’m not afraid to apologize when I’m wrong, but if I was the directly related party in this case, I won’t consider this deserving of an apology. There was a misunderstanding, and I would have tried to clear it; if the other party doesn’t accept, it wouldn’t be my responsibility. If you’re too offended by someone else’s observation of your favorite genre without even some benefit of the doubt, they’re not responsible for maintaining your mood – sorry to be blunt.

          • Star

            You’d notice if you had actually read what I said instead of skimming and proceeding to go on and on about how it’s impossible for you to be wrong, but I’m not asking or demanding an apology — you asked me if that’s what people were supposed to do, and I said yes, that’s the acceptable action. When you step on someone, even if you don’t mean to, you say “sorry,”
            don’t you? Why should it be any different when you say something? And I don’t mean some “I’m sorry you were offended” faux-pology. I mean an actual, “you know what, obviously something we said here wasn’t said in the best way and we might have unintentionally hurt somebody’s feelings or made somebody feel like they were being mocked, and we’re sorry for saying that.” Saying that you didn’t mean to do something and apologizing for it are not mutually exclusive from one another and if you stopped mansplaining long enough to put that together, you’d probably be less likely to alienate the demographic of the article (in this case, articles) your site published is aimed at. What I and every other reader expects is not to feel mocked, accidentally or on purpose, when I (or they) come here to read about a genre I (or they) happen to enjoy. As journalists it is most certainly NOT your job to tell people that they’re wrong and that we should be grateful the coverage is there at all because “no other site as large as [this] even covers otome games regularly,” so we should just lie down and take it (and by the way, you’ve covered four in the last six months and two of those games you’ve not-so-subtly mocked — that’s not exactly what I’d call coverage OR the shining example of journalistic integrity).

            You might not be outright saying it, but if you’re going to write it, you need to be aware of what you’re implying with it, and you’re doing it with a subject that’s aimed at a demographic that a great deal of the gaming community at-large loves — I mean, absolutely, made-it-their-main-hobby loves to pick apart and ridicule. The condescension and mocking without even the slightest inclination to consider that you might be in the wrong really makes you no better than any of them.

          • What I write on the site are playtests of a few games that I either have interest in or am tasked with. I don’t deny that the way I write could use much improvement. But how often I write about them is irrelevant to the current issue. And if there are problems in the games I write about, I’m gonna speak up, because people are expected to spend their money on those games. To me, hiding the issues present in the games would be dishonesty as well as letting the readers down; again, personal standards. I know it’s not always a pleasant thing to hear about flaws.

            I’m a minor contributor, and I don’t even think of myself as a journalist either. I don’t see why you brought this up aside from being an ad hominem. I also don’t see where “mansplaining” came from, since none of us ever made genders a topic to begin with. Also, I didn’t say I can’t be wrong; I only said this isn’t something I consider befitting an apology. You assume things just a tad too much; if you want to play the “the slightest inclination to consider that you might be in the wrong” card, play it for both sides.

            The reason I said an apology is not in order in this case is because this was a misunderstanding (which I did mention above) – i.e: no party here is at fault. An apology implies that one side is wrong; in this case, neither side is. It’d be one thing if the complaint was ignored, but the admins did explain their side. (Before you accuse someone of not reading what you said earlier, read what the other side has said earlier.) Case over and done with. They’re not responsible for every little personal reaction from each reader. And an apology from demands is not genuine apology, no matter how big the demanding crowd is.

            I’m starting to repeat myself, so I’m done here. You can try to resolve a situation, or you don’t. Whether you consider the other side’s perspective or not is, honestly, nobody else’s responsibility.

        • Ochi you’re awesome

      • Rampo? Really? I hope you can date a bishounen who’s built a chair around himself, culminating in a cute CG of the protagonist sitting on his upholstered lap.

    • Aoshi00

      It’s not just otome games.. In general, those who show interest in dating sims or games like Love Plus are not looked favorably upon either, automatically being thought of as losers… I don’t really like that attitude either..

      Actually I always like to see famous fictional or historical chars being depicted differently in games or movies, I find it rather creative as alternate history (Lincoln the Vampire Hunter was surprisingly enjoyable).. what I’m not crazy about is Ikkitousen or koihime musou, just using the famous general names and make them girls.

      Usually you have these famous people hunting zombies or monsters, but as pretty boys this is a pretty cool take too, like Shinsengumi being depicted in a romantic way..

    • puchinri

      This so hard on the girl gamers point. I see why some people use it and how it fits in context, but it is at times used in this weird way to separate female audiences and make them a weird anomaly.

      Good points all around though.

    • Isaac Newton

      It’s only in japan my dear….
      Only in Japan…….

  • Was Moriarty there? If not, he should be…like..the SECRET UNLOCK BOYFRIEND or sumthin’.

    • puchinri

      …Yes. Please!

    • Göran Isacson

      Alas, I think he’s the old one-eyed man that quickly flashes by…

      Then again, he COULD still be dateable because hey, otome games.

  • It’s funny because while reading this all I could think of was Hidan no Aria lol. Man do I love that series. Hope there will be another anime season soon =^_^=

    • Srsly, though. If this Sherlock Jr is as annoying as Aria… And srsly I am dissapointed by tht show. I come for action not fanservice!

      • Dylan no like tsundere? lol

        • I only dislike tsundere tht is too annoying/b*tchy. (Kirino and Aria) Girls needs more dere and less abusing MC.

  • Göran Isacson

    Wow. I knew Holmes was a good detective, but figuring out a way for him and Watson to actually have children together? THAT’S some amazing sleuth-work!

    Aaanyhow, while all the pretty boys make me a little suspicious, the fact that they’re using characters that you have to use some actual THOUGHT to write together in a believable way makes me a little hopeful. If the girl is something more than a vapid moeblob who needs to be swooned by all the handsome pretty boys, then this might actually be interesting!

    Just as long as they don’t make Jack the Ripper into some kind of tragic backstory dude you can redeem and date too. Because there are some lines you just don’t cross man. You just don’t cross.

    • puchinri

      But doesn’t Watson have a wife anyway? I don’t want to imagine them having children together obviously. . . (but I probably should not say more, lest I anger any fans that ship them.)

      Lets face it, being pretty cannot make you wary of them in an otome. I mean, if they made genderbent, pretty girl versions for a galge, I’d be a little side-eye at that, but it wouldn’t make me suspicious. They have to be pretty/handsome, no matter the audience. (I would like a manlier look for a pair of them though.)

      The MC does seem like she may have some flair to her personality though, and I like how things sound so far~.

      Also, that’d be gross and pretty fail, but I never put anything like that past anyone, because plenty of people do stuff like that.

      • Göran Isacson

        Apparently, said wife died later on because the author didn’t know what to do with her. Sad but, according to Wikipedia, true :(

        I suppose that it was a poor wording- I for one didn’t mind RDJR as Holmes, and both him and Jude Law are very handsome gents… but I think that the same-faces seen here in so many of the male designs are what rubs me the wrong way. They’re all so “generically” handsome, so lacking in imagination and design. Maybe it’s just the style, but the way this game looks just makes me sneer and think of “lowest common denominator” attempts to “bishi-fy” a character. Eh. Maybe it is just the style and I’m just being grumpy.

        Can’t really say anything about the MC though, didn’t see much that indicated her personality apart from the scenes where she seems to fall into handsome fellows arms and looking all swoon-y. Maybe it’s just the way they choose to market it, maybe it’s just what the audience expects, but I sincerely hope that you are right and I am wrong in this regard.

        Eh, after I heard about that game about the three musketeers as otome game where you can apparently date Richileiu, a man old enough to be your father, even if he hurts and does horrible things to your fellow musketeers, let’s just say I expect the worst.

    • xzeldax3

      Japan crosses all lines.

      • Göran Isacson

        … Oh yes, this. I actually remember this, dictators of the worlds history reimagined as cute little girls.

        And now I dread the day when THAT becomes a dating sim.

  • Reminds me of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes…. I hope it won’t be as crappy as tht show. I ****ing hate tht show.

    Bishie Jack? Still better than Loli Jack XD

    Hmmm I wonder will Holmes Jr and Watson Jr have a lot of subtext….
    Also can any1 explain to me who the other character not frm Sherlock Holmes series? Not familiar with detectives novels lol.

    Looks like an interesting game like the one with Knights of Round Table.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Otome game had a better chance on doing well compared to ecchi one though.
      Otome game can still focus more on story meanwhile Ecchi…….well will give us Ecchi.T_T

  • Lazulis

    Oh, another Sherlock based otome game! There’s one called London Detective Story (or something like that) on iPhone. I sure love how they’re bringing in other characters from other mystery series.

    Hmm, considering that siliconera is doing more otome game coverage, maybe Dandelion should be covered? Though it’s Korean…it IS localized though.

    Man, I sure do like the music used in the video. It’s so catchy.

    • puchinri

      Dandelion coverage would be really awesome~.

  • amagidyne

    So Holmes is supposed to have had a kid? Wonder if he was born addicted to laudanum and cocaine.

  • Höhlenmensch

    Looks interesting, I would give it a try.

  • Junior Watson Junior

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Once again, the new Otome game(After Nobunaga otome game and Knights of the Round Otome game.) makes me more hyped than other game lol.^_^

  • Demeanor

    Not interested in pretty boys but I must admit that the article makes this title sound amazing, a mystery crossover with reimagined characters from all kinds of famous classic series, tuned to appeal to the female audience? Pretty cool stuff.

  • Yaminess

    Can we please get more otome games in the US?
    It’s so unfair hearing about these games and knowing we may never see them…

  • Guest

    Will this be available in PSN so that I could play it with my Vita? I don’t think my local shop carry PSP game anymore so no physical release for me. DX

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