Happy New Year From Vanillaware, Here Are Some Mecha

By Spencer . January 7, 2013 . 12:45am


Vanillaware posted a Happy New Year’s card for fans and this greeting card showing the mecha soldier defenders. That doesn’t mean Vanillaware is making a mecha game, last year’s New Year’s card featured George Kamitani’s take on the Mahishasuramardini.


We should see two Vanillaware games this year – Muramasa: The Demon Blade from Marvelous and Dragon’s Crown from Atlus.

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  • Need a Vanillaware mecha game, bad. And yes with cute girls piloting them.

  • Woah there lady number two. Start what?

  • Asura

    As much as I love Odin Sphere and Muramasa, Vanillaware exploits the female form just too damn much and I wish they would cease with that.

    • Chiupon

      I think you need to rethink what exploitation of the female form is nowadays. :X I mean some of ’em can use some extra clothes, but I think the designs are pretty pleasant and not as sexualized as they could be. Sexualized, definitely. But exploited? I think a different word choice would be better.

      • Mizu D

        Then again, do they need to have one girl lifting her shirt and another lifting her skirt?

        That is totally unecessarily here.
        Teen high school girls don’t need to do that to be cute and attractive.

      • puchinri

        The design itself isn’t sexualized, but figure/pose, body language and other actions play a part too. As Mizu D pointed out, lifting up clothes does take a much larger step to sexualization and exploitation.

    • MrTyrant

      Women bodies are beatiful arts with Vanilla style of design. Why bother complaining? those games have actual storyline and different styles from the usual games and stories.

      • puchinri

        They go from just having beautiful art (women and men characters) to getting very exaggerated with the sexualization of their female characters though.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Oh look this again.

      • puchinri

        Stuff happens, people will point it out. It doesn’t mean they hate something. It’s okay to acknowldge and point out a problem and then move on. ^u^;

        • Luna Kazemaru

          aka we going to keep seeing people ‘point out’ things. Oh boy this will be more lovely then the DmC threads where things are always pointed out.

          • puchinri

            We get it, you like to pretend sexism and stuff doesn’t exist and that it doesn’t affect things. It does not mean other people out there will though. Get used to it. If it bothers you that much, ignore it. It’s not going to hurt anyone that these problems are pointed out, and you don’t help anything or anyone by being so bothered and obstinate about it being pointed out. It will not change anything if you ignore people pointing out issues either. Notice, you’re the only one that’s bothered by it being pointed out too (and he wasn’t hostile about it).

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Pretend? Lol no I just don’t go looking for it like some people clearly love to do (when there isn’t even one in these pics to begin with.) Its pretty funny you are telling me to ignore something when some feel the need to…ah just forget it i really don’t feel like this will go anywhere because i feel a strawman or a hyperbo coming my way.

          • puchinri

            No one ever has to go looking for anything. Problems like sexism, racism, homophobia, etc are usually so prevalent that you never have to look. Some spaces are pretty free of them, but those are usually spaces that make an intentional note of doing so.

            Lets put it this way: -isms and related problems (and implications, etc) potentially and usually do hurt people and society. Pointing them out? Does not hurt anybody. Ever. If so, that is a very serious personal issue. If it bothers you that much, ignore it and pretend you did not see it. There is no reason to talk down to or harass people that point it out, especially since most of the people pointing out the problems are still a fan of whatever game/company/series. It’s not like people have a vendetta or an agenda. It’s easier and healthier for you to ignore it than for others to ignore an actual problem.

          • Asura

            All your replies thus far have been amazing. Thanks for saving me the need to type anything further.

          • puchinri

            Thank you very much. ^u^
            It was nice to see people point it out, and I don’t think the way Luna approached you was fair, so I didn’t commenting~.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            In all honestly I bet you don’t find any of my post fair.

            Then again saying “Oh look this again’ is unfair.

          • puchinri

            It was pretty much that that was unfair. ^u^;
            I don’t think Asura had anything to do with the last discussion/thread either, so it was especially unfair to approach their comment that way.

    • puchinri

      Agreed. They do awesome stuff, but they are so highly exploitative, it’s kind of weird and almost unnatural. And it’s not like the art would lose any appeal from less exploitation.

  • z_merquise

    Now I really want to see a new sci-fi action game with mechs from Vanillaware. Even if that would take a while.

    Though I’m still a fan of them, I felt disappointed on what they did with the English localization of Grand Knights History.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Nice artwork. Could be interesting to see what they would do if they’re games weren’t in some fantasy setting, like if they tried to make something in modern times or the far future.

    But until that day comes, I’ll keep being hyped for their current projects. 2013 is the year of Vanillaware, baby!

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, we had medieval West and Jpn, would be cool to see their games in modern/futuristic setting w/ mecha as well.. and Sakimoto Hitoshi’s take on such soundtrack

      What an amazing New Year card. Usually their illustration are so colorful, but the grey here looks very good too.. these could even be the main chars of a Cave shmup :)

      • z_merquise

        I would really like to see a Vanillaware game in steampunk setting.

        But seeing that artwork above, it would be cool to see an arcade-style run-and-gun game with those girls and their mechs. Something like Metal Slug but with Vanillaware’s art style.

        • Aoshi00

          That would be cool too, I’m a big fan of Metal Slugs as well. Their games are usually slower beat em ups though.. It would be nice if George Kamitani could illustrate for other games like shmups or VNs, but it seems to be the trademark of Vanillaware games only..

          The 2012 New Year card w/ the many-armed goddess was a bit weird, but I love this one, wouldn’t mind pressing start on them :)

        • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

          I’m sorry but I got a huge hard-on from your last paragraph. That would be a dream cum true! (Sorry =P)

          The next best thing close to that is the relatively recent Kickstarted game “Mercenary Kings” being animated by another favorite of mine, Paul Robertson.

          • z_merquise

            I just checked this Mercenary Kings game you mentioned and it looked good. Sprite designs looked very similar to the Scott Pilgrim game only to find that it is actually done by the same person that you also mentioned. (Paul Robertson) Better check this one out. Thanks so much.

            I do still wish for a new HD 2D Metal Slug game. I read that SNK had plans for the Metal Slug series this 2013. Whatever it is, I hope it’s something the series fans (like me) would love and not another stupid pachinko or cheap mobile game like what they were doing lately.

  • Go2hell66

    This has to be made into a game o_o

  • MrTyrant

    I can only imagine a mecha game from Vanillaware….damn BONER STOP!

  • Testsubject909

    Happy New Year Vanillaware.

    Now excuse me as I get down on my knees and start begging you please oh for all that is good in the world please make a mecha game!

  • I hope dragon’s crown actually comes out.

  • MrRobbyM

    But now I really want a mecha game by Vanillaware.

  • $24431191

    Amazing. I’d love to see Vanillaware make a 2D mech game. I’m still patiently waiting for Dragon’s Crown though. Hopefully somebody translates Grand Knights History too.

  • TrevHead

    Odin’s Sphere and Muramasa are fantastic looking games but the gameplay does get rather stale, OS’s combat is a tad clunky while Muramasa’s is better in that regard but it’s endless encounter style combat against a singler enemy type gets rather boring. If Vanillaware could add the best aspects of each game they would be onto winning gameplay format.

    But I digress as their games are well worth playing if only to experience the brilliant 2D artwork. Vanillaware mechs = best thing since sliced bread imo

  • Göran Isacson

    Oh George Tamikani. Your games may not always be the smoothest of experiences, but I can’t deny that they are pretty. Very, very pretty. Very very yes I am pretty much fantasizing about a mecha musume version of the Amazon right now okay I ADMIT ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? None of you get to judge me I’ve seen your comments on Senran Kagura none of you have the high ground.

    Okay. Okay I’m sorry everyone. I didn’t mean to be rude. I just get very emotional about the prospect of literal thighs of steel, is all.

  • Elvick

    If this turned into a game, I would be pleased. That art is nice.

  • Demeanor

    I want a SMT spinoff handled by Vanillaware, with cute girls piloting mecha XD

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