Bloody Palace Mode Coming To DmC Devil May Cry As Free DLC

By Ishaan . January 9, 2013 . 10:30am

Bloody Palace Mode is coming to DmC Devil May Cry as free DLC, Capcom have announced. Like in previous Devil May Cry games, Bloody Palace is an endurance tournament, where you face waves of enemies, progressing from floor to floor, until you reach the bottom.


In DmC Devil May Cry, Bloody Palace mode will have 100 floors and five bosses. You’ll be able to compare your scores against other players via global leaderboards.


The mode will be made available for download shortly after the game’s launch. DmC Devil May Cry will be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 15th, and on PC on January 25th.


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  • XiaomuArisu

    Well at least something,right?

  • Godman

    100 floors Thank God, I’m still shaken from having to do 9999 floors back in DMC2

  • Well at least IF I get the game, I can look forward to the Bloody Palace if the story falls flat in it’s face.

  • Fr33Kingdom

    I’m so excited for this game. And i’m really excited for this dlc, i want to play it immediately.

  • Steven Heryanto

    it should be on disc

    • John Diamond

      i agree. but at least we don’t have to pay for it. that would be a different story

      • Steven Heryanto

        yup… but it still make people with shitty connection upset

        • Richard N

          You would think people with horrible connections would of learned patience.

    • Guest

      Yes it is and that’s exactly what i said .. and to those who delete my comment and seeing me as a Personal target ..If you so much sensitive on my comments or the way in which I hang out even cheerful manner or connotative of something, know that you have a closed mind, I am surprised ..What motivation to do that if you hate me being here because of a particular company or a particular comment … I’m not as bad as you think , not even a fanboy as you think “Personally” .

  • Kaihedgie

    Even when you get what it is you want, you people still find a way to whine about it :U

    • What do you mean “you people”… is it bc i’m black??!

      • Luna Kazemaru

        lol what?

  • eilegz

    how about vergil free unlockeable…

    • Herok♞

      it called preordering the game and before you metion DMC3 had unlockable Vergil that was a rerelease, which DLC takes the place of.

  • So they took it out of the game and gave it away for “free”. Such great people!

    Knowing that Capcom is publishing and helping with this, it doesn’t surprise me if this was the case knowing what they did with their previous games.

  • Spider-Man

    Shouldn’t this already be in the game? Same with the Vergil DLC?

  • kupomogli

    This should have been on the game in the first place. Sure it’s free, but I think they’re keeping it off the game disc just so Capcom can say. “Hey. We’re giving you something for free. How cool are we?” Judging by some of the comments already made, people are falling for the tactic.

    There are a lot of people out there that like DLC and don’t care that it’s not on disc, but then there are those of us who want to play these games in 25 years when there might not be any XBL or PSN and there’s a good possibility that we can’t unless we kept all our DLC backed up ourselves.

    • AkuLord3

      You get it Kupo…respect *internetBrofist*

    • Fr33Kingdom

      Normally you’d have a good point when it comes to the lifetime of these games. That’s why i think any online passes should probably stick only to multiplayer, because years from now no one will be playing it anyway.
      But this is a single player game, and the main story is intact. So since dlc is not inherently bad, this is the good kind of dlc. All good dlc would be great on the disc in the first place, but that doesn’t really mean it has to be or that ninja theory/capcom or doing something wrong by not including it.

      It’s free dlc. Free. DLC. Dlc that is not the ending to the story. It’s not an important piece of the story that got cut. Almost all dlc would be better on the disc, but i suggest you relax.

  • AkuLord3

    So wait…the thing that been in most of the series…as DLC…really? I mean yeah sure its free but still…why? ugh
    What’s next, Oh the second half of the game’s main story is DLC but its free 8D. Just have it in the game…well unlocked really cuz its probably in the disc

    • Fr33Kingdom

      It’s probably dlc because they couldn’t finish it in time for certification or something. They best they could have done was push the date back and Capcom may have not been okay with what. You can’t really compare it to the old games in that sense because development is different. They may have spent different amounts of time, with a different number of employees, and at the end of the day they are trying to accomplish different things. This game has things in it the others don’t.

      • AkuLord3

        I can understand but i can’t also Development different…even though we have “better” tech than before…i kinda call Bull but i understand not having time. Though i do miss the goodness that was making sure the games were completed before launch oh well

        • Fr33Kingdom

          The only real big difference i’m talking about is really priorities when it comes to development. I mean think about all the time they had to put into motion capture, building art assets, environmental animations, and then there’s the actual combat which they probably had to focus test constantly. Didnt the old devil may cry’s have a more sterile art style because it was all gothic? And on top of that all the modding they had to do to make the UE capable of pulling it off. I’m just saying i’d understand why they needed a lot of development time. The art and environments in this game are crazy, no denying that.

  • Kris

    Man, I’m just glad it’s in. Chatter from people on the internet with early copies had me worried.

    On top of that, I’m glad it’s a title update rather than an online pass. Yeah, it’s a way to keep people holding onto their copies of the game, but beats having to enter a damn code.

  • Göran Isacson

    OKAY SO speaking of DLC- does ANYONE know just what the heck I have to do in or der to net Vergil’s Downfall? I have heard that if you live in Europe all you have to do is pre-order it, and yet SOME sources say you must preorder it online and just buy it as a download. IS there anyone out there who can put my worried mind to rest?

    • igotareallybigthingwithcars

      To answer your question, IT DEPENDS ON YOUR RETAILER but if they didn’t make it available for whatever reason, you can still purchase the Vergil’s Downfall DLC for $8 shortly after the game’s release.

      I don’t worry about this as much because our local game retailer (not in the US, Britain, Japan and other countries with PSN servers) just confirmed that we will be getting this DLC together with the Bone pack for free with our preorder, much like preordering from gamestop.

      • Göran Isacson

        Mmm, guess I’ll have to trawl GAME and Gamestop then and see who gives out what. Thanks for notice!

  • gamefreak86

    Watch it be an unlock file when you download.

  • YouGusta

    X-Box disc limitation I guess…
    Free with PS3, but you need to subscribe to download if you play on X-Box.

    • Kris

      You don’t need a gold subscription to update your games :)

  • Whatever.

  • Herok♞

    @redsonic:disqus Most people think DMC 2 is the low point in the series, and seeing as they made the game after it not have a unlockable character if you buy the original it hurts your argument by showing they didn’t make having unlockable characters a precedent of the series or else Vergil would have been there from the start. Also did you really think that your argument was so solid and through that I couldn’t come up with a response to it?

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