Meet The Hero In The Devil Survivor 2: The Animation

By Spencer . January 10, 2013 . 2:11am


In Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 players get to choose what the protagonist says and does. You can side with the JPs, Ronaldo, or figure out another way to defeat the mysterious alien invaders. Since the Devil Survivor 2: The Animation is an animated series, the protagonist has a fixed personality.


Hibiki Kuze is described as an ordinary third year high school student. On the way back from a mock exam he heads to the subway planning on going home, but gets caught up into a battle with demons. After the battle Hibiki gains the power to control demons along with Io and Daichi. Now in the middle of an extreme situation, Hibiki is dragged into fighting these mysterious invaders regardless of his intentions, but he will have to make a serious decision soon…


Daichi is in the same class as Hibiki and a close friend. He’s modern kid that has a habit of not thinking too deeply about things. When things turn for the worse, Daichi’s cheerful personality supports Hibiki.



Io attends the same school as Hibiki and Daichi. She’s an honors student and considered a dream girl for many guys since she packs brains and beauty.



Yamato is the 17 year old leader of the JP’s. He has an arrogant personality and is determined to protect Japan at all costs. Makoto is the clerk of the JP’s Tokyo branch. She has a cold personality and is fiercely loyal to the organization. Otome, a doctor and clerk of the JP’s Osaka branch, is a warm and compassionate. Keita and second year student in Osaka is a member of the boxing club and has a lone wolf personality.

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Hinako, a dancer from Osaka, who studied traditional Japanese dance and dances from around the world. The Anguished One is a mysterious man who seems to show up from time to time and has an idea about where things are going. He may show up with questions, other times he cooperates with Hibiki and sometimes he is hostile.


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Devil Survivor 2: The Animation will begin airing in Japan this April.

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  • I really loved Daichi, Makoto and Hinako in the game hope the show does them justice. Also these news lack a massive amount of Jungo, Airi and Yuzuru(my man <3).

    • neetyneety

      Damn, gotta love Joe. That pinstripe suit of his was just oozing style.

    • Look lk both of you just offended a Joe hater lol.

      But yeah, Joe suit is stylish!

      • SpellcraftQuill

        It looks hard to animate though with all those stripes like an anime version of Lulu’s dress. Just hoping he doesn’t have an annoying voice.

  • porkiewpyne

    So looking forward to this :D

  • Sakurazaki

    Hey, it’s Yosuke and Chie with her hair bunched up even more!

    Just kidding. I love these guys <3 Can't wait for the anime I wonder which, uhh…, "direction" the story is going.

    • More like: “Hey it’s gender bended Yuzu and Atsuro!” :P But Yosuke & Chie work too.

  • Zeidge

    Hope it ends with the True Daichi route or the Anguished One’s route.

    • neetyneety

      Of course it’ll most likely be Daichi’s, but Anguished One’s would be a nice surprise. On a side note, hope they make OVAs for the other two endings.

      • Boba Bob

        Not sure what makes you guys think it’ll be True Daichi route.

        • Well P4 went for the true ending…. and True Daichi end is suppose to be the tue ending…

          • LightZero

            There is no “true ending” for Devil Survivor 2. P4 is also a bad comparison. Devil Survivor has multiple routes that resemble the main titles.

    • We’ll see whether will they put the true ending as BD only XD

      neetyneety suggestion fine too.

    • Just Tim

      It would be nice for the anime adaptation to have alternate endings, which reflect the other routes in-game.

  • neetyneety

    Oh man oh man oh man, I wonder how they’ll all sound. Hope their VAs suit their characters and personality. I’m expecting something Yosuke-ish for Daichi.

  • Must. stop. staring. at. Hinako. boobs.

    I hope the anime can follow the source material closely like P4A did. Can’t wait for April! Wonder how they will set Hibiki personality…

  • Makoto~ Fumi~ Gyaaaah April just cant come soon!

  • XypherCode

    Hyped! :D

  • April just can’t come any sooner ;_;

    PS: Since they’ve given the MC set personality traits, I’m pretty sure this will turn off lots of fans. I for one love SMT and I don’t mind the MC having a set personality on it’s own. P4’s MC was pretty self contained in the P4Animation, which kinda stood in sync with what I’d expect him to be. But I guess this turns off some of the purists.


  • Isaac Newton

    I DEMAND the Hibiki’s personality will be quirky more a comic trio with Daichi and Joe!
    Most of the choices in the game were all jokes and tsukomi and I choose that all.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Stop holding back and show me Fumi!

    • The preview can’t stand her sexiness :P

  • Crimson_Cloud

    My biggest gripe is when I see children being leaders and detectives in anime/games. If you want at least some realism at least put that he is freaking mature. Some 14 year olds, with minds sharp as knife, saving the world kinda worked for me when I was a kid, but now….

    Anyway, I loved the game, and the story is easy to show on the big screen so I’m kinda positive that it will work out.

    • Leonardo Duarte

      I don’t quite think that the story is that easy to be showed… I has certain mature or taboo themes, at least to the Ocidental culture.

      But don’t mind the animation. Realy, I’m liking this game story (I’m now on the 6th day, around noon).

      ps: They didn’t censored Hinako’s wardrobe disfuncion. Niiiiiiice. When will she dance and I’ll be able to se her dancing… As whole…?

  • Keyanf

    So the hero isn’t a sarcasm prone joker with balls of steel?

    Seriously! You picked the one MegaTen protag that actually has an easily discernible personality from his dialog options to make into a canon character, and you blow it! Why!?

    Well, at least “Hibiki Kuze” will fit in the English name field, unlike “Hiro Kageyama”

    • They didn’t said wht Hibiki personality is though….

  • imaguni

    Huh… isn’t the MC giving Daichi a boost more often than not? I do hope Hibiki is as fun/out there as he was in the game. He has bunny ears on his hoodie, I think he can stand to be a little quirky.

  • Can’t wait for this to air. Not sure which route I hope the anime takes yet, but I do know who I like and don’t like. (Starts glaring at certain characters)

    • komiko12

      Keita looks less of a jerk this time.

      Also you might try Keita’s fate route with Jungo dead. He gets a girlfriend!

      • In my game they are both dead. Bwahahahahahahaha =^_^=

        • komiko12

          Oh that’s fine. Never liked them much. I just thought that Keita’s fate is much more interesting without Jungo’s nakama thing, as it is totally different as you learn about his family and how that jerk got a girlfriend.

      • Wait I must sacrifice Jungo to make Keita less a d**k? Hell NAW!

        @AzureNova:disqus :(

        • komiko12

          Yup.. Keita is more likable with Jungo dead.

  • SpellcraftQuill

    Daichi looks less stoned and Otome looks less psychotic but instead more like she’s part cat. And we still don’t know how Hinako keeps her vest on.

  • Phlo

    Please let Hibiki pick the funny dialogue options!

  • This reminds me that I should try and finish watching Durarara one of these days.

  • Junko Enoshima

    The animation quality in this is just….stunning! I’ll be sure to watch this.

  • IshimaruKaito

    wow! this just looks AMAZING! i can’t wait for this to release!

  • Kanamion

    Keita~~! He needs to be voiced by Paku Romi. Omg. :D

  • Oh man, I can’t wait. I hope they make Hero as freaking hilarious as he was in the game.

    Also, needs more Joe.

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