Namco Bandai Teaser Site Clue: "One Man Drives A Steel Stallion"

By Spencer . January 15, 2013 . 1:26am

Because we can never have enough teaser sites, Namco Bandai opened a page titled "btw" (by the way?) with this clue.




The Japanese and English are exactly the same. I wonder if that means this game about a dude driving a steel stallion will be released worldwide. Hmm… could steel stallion be a motorcycle? Namco Bandai just announced a motocross game for North America.

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  • Andrew Austin
    • Göran Isacson

      I would support a game about Trombe. Sadly I don’t think that’s very likely :(

    • Eilanzer

      I just love this game ^^

    • Sam Park

      This message has been overridden by TROMBE!

  • malek86

    In order to drive sales of the title in western territories, the motocross game will be renamed My Steely Pony.

    • landlock

      That Motocross game is actually a European game was released here ages ago (middle of last year) it wasn’t very good.

    • HassanJamal

      My Steely Pony, My Steely Pony, Vroom Vroom Vroom Vroom Vroooooooom

  • ragingmerifes

    Dark Souls: Cyberpunk Edition

    • Robert Hendrie

      Yes please

  • A new Road Rash. So calling it :D

    • Armane

      But that’s EA.

  • Alex Sargeant

    I got a different one with this as the background

    Saying ‘The old days are sketched in his eyes. Memories that have passed. Come and gone in his heart’

    Which would be cooler if it wasn’t entirely obviously just that motocross game.

    • Adinz

      it’s kamen Rider Kuuga’s Try Chaser bike. Google it.

  • AshenPhoenix1981

    Read steel stallion and thought of Vampire Hunter D, thouse horses where robotic if I remember right. Doubtful that it’s that, but would have been cool with todays graphics/technology

  • wfgodbold

    Obviously Bamco bought Full Throttle from LucasArts.

    A guy can dream, can’t he?

  • OverlordZetta

    Dark Souls: Kamen Rider?

  • Spirit Macardi

    It’s clearly a game about Guntz from the Klonoa series!

    The “sun sets” line is a reference to his theme tune, which first appeared in Klonoa Beach Volleyball under the title “Sunset Court.” The “steel stallion” refers to his hover bike, Red Clan. The part about “wind” would normally refer to Klonoa since he’s the child of the wind, but if Guntz is the star instead then he’d be taking up that spot and therefore symbolically becoming the new one who represents the wind.

    … Or maybe I’m just so starved for new Klonoa content that I’m becoming delirious…

  • The only thing this could be to blow my mind is .hack// Steam Bike Championship. The buckets I could fill

  • Adinz

    there trademark new Kamen Rider game for home console.
    商願2012-73569 仮面ライダー バトライド・ウォー
    “Kamen Rider Batoride War”

    • SirTeffy

      Ding ding ding we have a winner.

  • Rudy Soto

    I would like to think God Eater 2 because of the mobile base featured in it, but naaaaaaaah.

  • Ereek

    I’ve use “btw” used as “between” as well. Or, if you want to stretch it, in the image it says “Becoming the Wind” – also btw.

    Not that either explanation givens any further hints on the subject.

  • Hinataharem

    Steel Ball Run game

    • OkamiKing


  • AnimusVox

    Ridge Racer?

  • Speed Racer! /is shot

  • Arcalan

    Got this from same site the words said “Awaiting the Storm clouds He heads out alone Ti drive them away

  • CuCulimo


  • Adam McClard


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