Watch Raiden Rip Through Denver’s Cyborg Cops

By Spencer . January 15, 2013 . 2:13pm

After traveling to Mexico and Africa, Raiden arrives in Denver where he gets a warm welcome from a rocket launcher. This video shows one of the later levels in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance where Raiden has more attacks like the kick launcher and an extended life bar.



Did you catch Raiden chopping a missile in half? That’s one of the ways you can get recovery items in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

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  • OatMatadoQuatro

    I guess Raiden didn’t like Mexico.

    • Mavalex

      Perhaps he was found out.
      But who could have seen through his completely legit, 100% foolproof disguise!?

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        He even had Wolf who could easily pass as a his pet.
        Wolf: Greetings humans I’m–

        Raiden: Act like a dog.
        Wolf: I mean, woof, woof

  • amagidyne


  • Mavalex

    I find the prospect of a cyborg-ninja-guy driving a car amusing.
    Also hey the police were smart enough to keep their guard up even though they flipped a car……well smart enough for that part anyway

  • Epic.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    I really wish you guys would ease up on the storyline spoilers in your headlines. In the article, that’s fine, but I don’t want to know where I go in the game until I get it! Why is that so hard to understand? You guys did the same thing with the Lightning Returns articles!

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Putting aside Siliconera’s article titles, I would blame the publisher more. I think they just want to show us as much of the plot to lure as many people as they can or hype up the existing fans. (this was done especially with FFXIII-2)
      I guess that’s why I prefer screenshots over a trailer. It takes a few seconds to skim and I might not notice some things I might not want to know until I play the game. I mainly avoid trailers and news about the game’s story.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        No, it’s the title. If people want to find out about the game, then that’s fine. If the title had just cut out the word “Denver,” that would have solved so much of the problem. I haven’t even been reading articles about the game, because I purposely don’t want to be spoiled by anything. But the headline just ruined my sense of discovery, not to mention, the first sentence of the article tells two other places he goes.

        The developer wants to hype things up, that’s fine. I can choose to avoid those articles. I cannot avoid a headline that tells me plot points like this.

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          I see your point. But what Siliconera does is release game news. I know it’s up to them to decide on the title of the article, but I don’t expect any site nowadays to just not specifically state what the new article of [insert game here] is about.
          I don’t think they will stop it with these spoiler like article titles, any site just needs to rake in potential readers.
          I would at least think this is less spoilerish than the LR FFXIII articles. It’s not just Siliconera’s fault, they also need to put in the title what the article is about.
          I agree this time, it could have been avoided though.

  • DriftSlave

    Raiden May Cry looks alot better then DmC….thats for sure…

    • I found Revegeance to be more like Vanquish with swords with a mixed of Bayonetta than DMC. Also, it is obvious how much more Platinum cares about MGS series than Ninja Theory does the DMC series.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      MGR isn’t really combo heavy from what i remembered playing the demo and watching videos online. (hell if you keep pressing the standard attack buttons Raiden may actually never stop attacking)
      It’s more about ultra fast paced action and parrying. (and apparently now you can dodge?).
      DmC is definitely more combo-centric compared to MGR. It also seems to have emphasis on weapon variety (unfortunately later in the game the color-coated enemies are much more frequent from what I hear, restricting you to a certain type of weapon), aerial fighting and platforming.
      Though this is all from watching videos and some hands on gameplay from the ZOE HD demo.

    • Kris

      Sure plays nothing like it.

    • Richard N

      Oh you.~

  • z_merquise

    Robocop(s) got nothing on cyborg Raiden.

    • neocatzon

      wait till the 2014 remade comes, but still..

  • What happened here? I’m lost as to how the Raiden from the end of MGS4 could become this… I still want to play through the game (as it is a Metal Gear), but I’m disturbed by Raiden. Wow, I never thought I’d experience that feeling…

    • Suzaku

      If you’re not familiar with the franchise, Raiden was raised as a child soldier in Liberia, subject to various forms of brainwashing and mind control. He was a prodigy of slaughter, favoring a bowie knife that Solidus gave to him on his tenth birthday. He earned the nicknames “Jack the Ripper” and “White Devil” for his combat skill, sadism, pale skin, and white hair.

      Although he’s tried to forget that past, it’s obviously still part of him. A lot of the story we’ve seen in the trailers so far has involved Samuel Rodriguez (Desperado member, alias Jetstream) trying to provoke him into violence and mayhem. The two have opposing philosphies (Raiden follows “katsujinken,” or “the sword that gives life,” while Sam follows “satsujinken,” or “the sword that takes life”) and most likely it’s during a clash between the two that Raiden snaps and reverts to his childhood persona.

      • I’m a major MGS fan, I know how he was raised. I know a lot about Raiden, I was a fan of his before 4. Anyways, that explanation makes sense. I was on a fair amount of a media blackout to avoid any major spoilers, but thought that today I’d watch the released video. Thank you for the clarification.

        • Mr_SP

          Or he could be playing the part in order to make contact with the villains, who have clearly gotten away from him, in order to acquire information about their activities and resources. He says in the video that he quit his job because they need plausible deniability about his actions, so he’s not entirely gone.

          • OatMatadoQuatro

            The teaser mentioned that a senator involved with Desperado was living in Denver so Raiden probably wants to attack him despite having not having a proof that the guy is Desperado so it’s against the law. This could also explain why Moonsoon attacks him in the end.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      When being nearly killed by Sam Raiden remembers a lot of the civil war and what Solidus taught him

    • MNT

      Raiden in MGR remind me of past Dante or other action game characters, playful with a lot of one-liners, if this is the way his childhood persona is, I have to say that quite a comedian he must have been, not unlike that serious Raiden I got used to in MGS4, nor that almost too good rookie soldier in MGS2. Don’t get me wrong, I’m gonna buy, play and enjoy the hell out of the game while keep telling myself this has nothing to do with Metal Gear and the guy I’m playing isn’t the same Raiden I knew.

      • Oh I was referring to the guy who was relishing in the killings he was performing. Not the quirkier personality traits they’ve showcased in other footage I’ve seen.

  • margherita mastropaolo

    i can’t wait to play this game,it looks too awesome

  • Richard N

    Feel Quinton was trying a little too hard in that internal monologue at the beginning. And it just looks so weird to see this crazy looking ninja cyborg driving a normal looking porsche.

    Other than that, still looks ridiculous as hell. Here’s still hoping the plot holds up!

    • It’s a Platinum Games co-developed game, I really expect no less. Kinda like anything Grasshopper Manufacture works on.

  • Okay now this was just sick……… in a good way =^_^=

  • I like the little Occupy quip he made there, but in all seriousness Jack the Ripper is insane yo.

  • Visa Vang

    The only thing that I didn’t like is blocking/parrying (↑ + Square). I prefer L1 for it as ↑ + Square can be assigned to some other attack. But I guess nothing much can be done since there’s too many controls assigned to the buttons already.

  • demo next week, i can hardly contain myself. but man that was THEE most cheesiest monologue ever but i loved it! classic PG style

  • Göran Isacson

    Smug-Cop:” We’re authorized to use lethal force. You know what that means, men…

    Time to bring out our SHOCKSTICKS!”
    Raiden: “You sure you don’t want to shoot me? With your guns?”
    Smug-Cop: “Hmm? Nah, we’re good with the shocksticks.”
    Raiden: “‘Cause, you know, I’ve got a sword that can cut anything and all. Close quarters is a pretty bad idea considering the odds-”
    Smug-Cop: “You know, I think it’s time we STICK it to someone to make him shut the SHOCK up-“*is dead by cutting*

    Yyyeah. This is hella silly and dumb, but hopefully it can be a very entertaining silly and dumb.

  • Christopher Abraham

    cutting soon. Nice one

  • Gallen

    Looks like what DmC should be.

  • So, im the only one who has watched the last 5 seconds of the video?
    Almost a damn year of people complaining about “waaaaaaa, platinum sucks, you can’t cut soldiers with one swing like in the previous build, waaaaa” and now nobody says nothing?

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