Final Fantasy: All The Bravest’s Joke On Players – A Pig Is A Premium Character

By Spencer . January 17, 2013 . 1:13am

Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is a Final Fantasy mashup where players rapidly tap on heroes to defeat enemies. It’s a crazy concept that reuses a bunch of Bartz sprites from Final Fantasy V and monsters from other games. You can purchase 35 "legendary heroes" for $0.99 each, but the catch is the character you get is random. If you really want Cloud you may end up buying 10 other heroes before getting him.


Tifa, Rinoa, Auron, Terra, and Red XIII are premium characters. So are a chocobo, moogle, kappa (from Final Fantasy VI), a Magitek Knight, and… a pig.



Where did the pig come from? In Final Fantasy IV, one of the black mages angered at Cecil’s actions turns him and his party into pigs. Palom, Rydia, and Tellah also have a black magic spell that can change enemies and party members into pigs. While the pig is part of Final Fantasy history, it’s kind of like Final Fantasy: All the Bravest’s gag prize or a losing spin on the virtual roulette wheel.


Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is out now for $3.99.

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  • Elvick

    How does this work? Do you end up with duplicate heroes? :/ Or are the ones you already got excluded in the random choice?

    • It would be pretty sadistic (not to mention stupid) of them to allow duplicates, so I’d assume the latter.

      • asch999

        I doubt it, I’m sure duplicate character is allowed judging by the above screenshot.

        • malek86

          Not necessarily. Assuming that you always have a fixed numbers of characters on screen, maybe once you buy a character, you can use him as many times as you want in the roster.

          • Elvick

            Things like this are why I’m trying to figure it out. xD

        • Alex Sargeant

          The trailer showed an army of Kains, in lines of five. There were around 40 or so in just that for what it’s worth I think the hard-limit is higher than 16.

          • Gmoyajp

            it wasent kain’ but yeah look’s like his sprite but it’s a bunch of dragoons on the job lol

    • malek86

      Rather, I’m wondering if you can also buy the characters for free via some kind of in-game currency. Most smartphones games allow you to do that – of course you have to play a whole lot, but it’s normally possible to get content for free that way.

      Also, as a general rule, I think these kind of titles with premium content should at least make you download the base game for free.

      • Elvick

        Well, if the base game is actually good then I don’t really mind. Usually the base game is lame, to force you into sinking hours into something lame or just bite the bullet and pay for it to be more enjoyable.

        I want to figure out what’s up with the DLC before I decide if I want to take the risk on the game itself. Since I’d like to have Terra, but I don’t want to spend $0.99 to get a bunch of Yuffies or something.

    • No duplicate DLC. The game marks off whatever heroes you get so you won’t get Auron twice or whatever. You can have multiple pigs/magitek knights in your 30 person party if you end up getting them. Parties don’t have Tifa, Cloud or (insert famous FF character here) clones. You get one Tifa per 30 person party, but I suppose if you buy all of the DLC you can have an entire party of premium characters.

      • Elvick

        Thanks for the information/clarification! :D

  • Masengan

    I bet Cloud will always be the last character that way SE can get your munny.

  • malek86

    Sprite versions of Rinoa, Tifa and Auron? Oh yes.

    • Morricane

      Now I feel the impulse to want a 16-bit style remake of FFVII :)

    • Elvick

      I didn’t even notice Auron, he looks so awesome as a sprite.

  • Gmoyajp

    I really look forward to this!!

  • Hours

    I’d rather have the pig than Cloud.

  • chroma816

    I thought the “joke” was that we all thought we were getting Bravely Default.

    What a cruel joke, Squeenix.

    • Neophoton

      Meanwhile, at Square Enix’s office:

      • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

        Not enough Asians XD

        • Neophoton

          For all I know they got interns to make the game on their coffee break, and they do hire foreigners over at their Japanese branch. Or maybe it was done by interns in their NA or EU branch.

          …I’m trying.

  • Digital gachapon?

  • Weird thing is, I got pig but he(she?) ended up being one of my strongest characters due to having multiple on screen compared to other prems. Don’t really see it is much of a joke.

    • All of the premium characters are stronger than regular characters, so yeah the pig is stronger than say the fighter. However, Auron can hit all of the enemies on the screen at one time for 2x – 3x damage compared to regular characters (depending on what weapons you unlock). Tifa (like the monk) has multiple hits, that do “premium character damage.” The pig can only hit one enemy with one hit.

    • I guess it’s a LETHAL Joke Character :P

  • Neophoton

    I really want to forget this game exists…

  • Strain42

    I’m going to guess there aren’t any 9 or Tactics characters in this game…y’know, if they just let you choose which character you want to buy, I would be saying that SquareEnix might have finally gotten a decently priced game on the app store.

  • Jesse Thompson

    I…wow…paying for a random character…hope you get the one you want…for DLC? *washes hands* Gotta say, I’m pretty done with Squeenix overall with the constant, blatant money-grabs for the same ol’ stuff (see Theatrhythms on iStore with a grand total of $115sh for all content, and inferior gameplay to the 3DS version, among other grabs). I grew up loving FF, but now…done.

  • All I have to say is this.

  • there were also the pigs dancing to the chocobo song…

  • ShawnOtakuSomething
    • Tails the Foxhound


      • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • Andar

    I’m guessing I’m mistaken here, but I thought Japanese law was changed last year, such that this kind of gamble purchase was no longer allowed.

  • While I think this looks extremely MEH I actually like those sprites from post VI main characters and Auron is just damn badass even in sprites!

  • CrimsonalCore

    That’s strike two for false hope, Square. Seriously, what’s gotten into you, Square?

    • I think they’ve disappointed the Final Fantasy fanbase if not the Square-Enix fanbase WAY TOO MUCH.

  • The cruel joke is they are making this game instead of a proper 3DS remake for FF5 and 6 T_T

  • Lester Paredes

    This is a shameless cash grab. I hope not too many people get duped into buying it because of the FF name.

  • Rollersnake

    Final Fantasy: All the Bravest’s joke on players is that it even exists.

    I’m usually not one to rules games out entirely before I’ve played them, but this really does look awful and like a Facebook game-caliber cash grab. If we still don’t get Bravely Default after this…

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