Final Fantasy Dimensions Was Square Enix’s Take On A New SNES FF Game

By Spencer . January 17, 2013 . 3:28pm


Square Enix makes new Final Fantasy games all the time, but the formula and presentation has changed from the Super Nintendo days. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, a direct sequel to Final Fantasy IV starring Cecil’s oddly named son, was their first attempt at throwback Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy Dimensions goes a step further with a brand new world and cast of characters.


"The theme was ‘what if we created a new Final Fantasy game on a SNES.’ The origin of the story is ‘Light and Darkness,’ which is also a part of the (Japanese) subtitle. The game is structured so that by playing through the two worlds back and forth using the separate parties, the player is able to see one big story," the Dimensions team explained to Siliconera over e-mail.


Final Fantasy Dimensions has a bunch of references to other games in the series. I asked the team which nods ones are their favorites.


"First and foremost is Sarah, who is one of the main characters; she is the first princess that appears in Final Fantasy, and the first-ever heroine (female protagonist). Next would probably be Matoya – this is the name of a witch that made an appearance in the original Final Fantasy who possessed the ‘Crystal Eye.’ Among the main characters are Dusk and Alba, who are very reminiscent of Palom and Porom from Final Fantasy IV. They were created with the intent of fighting in separate realms: one as a Warrior of Light and the other as a Warrior of Darkness."


While Final Fantasy Dimensions looks old, it’s a new game and priced as such. The first chapter is free, but the complete game is $19.99. It was originally $28.99. Just to put that in perspective, that’s more than buying Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy II together. In Japan, the original mobile phone game (the feature phone version) cost even more when you factor the price of all chapters. We asked Square Enix why Final Fantasy Dimensions was priced so high in comparison to other games on iTunes and Google Play.


"We are aware of both the positive and negative opinions on this matter," the Dimensions team replied. "This title offers about 50 hours of gameplay, and we feel that our community can enjoy the contents of this game as much as they would a console title. Also, we have set the price where it is because this title was developed specifically for the mobile platform, as opposed to just being a port of an older console or handheld game. I hope our long-time fans will feel the nostalgia, while our younger fans will find this game to be refreshing and new. "

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  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    This looks like RPG Maker VX….not Super Nintendo, must not be playing with power. They could have made it look better.

    • Guest

      The SNES couldn’t possibly look that smooth.

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        He’s actually saying the SNES would look even better than this lol

        • It’s because they creatively followed closer to Final Fantasy IV and V guidelines. Instead of VI.

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            No… you are mistaken. I already know what you are telling me. I’m talking about @ShawnOtakuSomething:disqus’s joke.
            He made a joke regarding the Super Nintendo ads with the “Now you’re playing with Power… Super Power!” slogan.

          • ShawnOtakuSomething

            YOU GOT IT!!!

          • Ugh no thanks. I’d rather view this in a more serious light. My comment was great.

          • ShawnOtakuSomething


          • I’m saying I prefer being dry, down to earth about this topic. Instead of tossing in sarcasm.

          • ShawnOtakuSomething

            Chill out, it was just my sarcastic opinion. No need to worry about it.

    • Randy Marsh

      RPG Maker VX, surely you jest boy?!

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        RPG Maker XP

        • Randy Marsh

          That’s more like it!

    • Suzaku

      It looks like that because iOS and Android have higher resolution screens than what the SNES was capable of, so they need to create higher resolution graphics while maintaining the 16-bit style.

      The original Japanese release of the game on iMode-level hardware was actually 16-bit with chiptuned music and sprites by Kazuko Shibuya, the original sprite artist for FF1-6.

      • That’s interesting, actually, because I remember the Japanese screenshots looking a lot more appealing than these ones. I thought it was just my imagination but I guess not!

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        You do know he was making a joke right? How SNES has “Super Power” (the slogan from the Nintendo ads) and iOS and Android (obviously) don’t?

  • Mayjay

    I understand the mainstream appeal of iOS but if they really wanted to make an SNES-esque FF game I’d rather have it on something with a d-pad and buttons.

    • Lester Paredes

      Preach it! lol

  • Gmoyajp

    THis was by far the best Square enix done last year and it’s very beautiful. Hope Square enix decide to port this on vita and so on. and waiting for HD version of V and VI in 2nd no 3D please.
    btw Dimenisions give me a huge nostalgia, during the NES SNES days.
    a few seconds ago · Like

    • $36598391

      I agree, i would like to see 2D remakes of V and VI with the extra content from the GBA versions

    • Pockystix

      I think we’ve had enough porting of V and VI

      proper remakes are much in order

      • Elvick

        He basically said he wants remakes, but in 2D with high resolution sprites. Like the PSP remakes of I, II, IV, only better.

        And at this rate, I’d prefer that, since I would die inside if they ruined VI like they did IV for me. I know it wouldn’t be that fugly and soulless, but I know they’d cheap out on it in some way.

        At least with 2D it’s easier, and they’ve done it successfully 3 times already.

  • This game should be ported/remade for the Vita AND 3DS!

    • I agree to this. The iOS is probably the worst place they could’ve put this for the price they’re asking for, and had it been a $20 (AT MAX) digital game for the Vita/3DS, without any of this “pay for chapters” business, a lot more people would be playing it. I certainly would be!

      • Well, it was made available for Android in English since Christmas. And it has ALL chapters available from the start! It costs $19 and 99¢. Except the Chiptune BGM DLC. That still is a separate package, which costs $10.

      • kylehyde

        Same here i would buy it for 20 bucks on the eshop/psn

    • Lester Paredes

      I support your statement 100 billion percent!

  • Mithfalath

    I might get it soon. Is it any good? The price of this game is like a boss monster I have to defeat.

    • Get it. Your money is well spent here than in, say, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

      • Mithfalath

        Fair enough. Thanks!

  • Pockystix

    It wasn’t perfect, and the interface was really wonky. But at least it was better than FFXIII and XIII-2

  • They say the first chapter is free but in Google Play the whole thing is just one game and is not divided into chapters. :(

    • Like it should be! Selling this game in an episodic manner would be a war crime!

      • Elvick

        But the first chapter was basically like a demo… so we could try it and see if we like it or not.

        • Well, true. But this game is pretty most the only worthy FF title in the last couple of years! The prologue should be released for free, and have everyone else unlock the rest of the game. Maybe even place a level cap for the prologue if you got it for free.

  • David Swink
    • Jesse Thompson

      My feelings exactly…those two words sum it up now. Squeenix, you’ve lost me as a customer…the only FF’s I play now are the PSN releases of the originals…period.

    • Gallen

      I knew these ios games they release were just cash grabs,thats why they only release them on ios. Man, Square sure has fallen since the old days.

    • Elvick

      Different game though.

  • Ethan_Twain

    This is exactly what people have been asking for – FF was at it’s best back in the day and they miss that. Can’t fault Square Enix for making what the people ask for.

    I understand some people aren’t thrilled about playing something like this on iOS, but I highly doubt the game will stay there. At the very least PSN and eShop are likely to have this show up at some point – Square Enix is big into multiplatform releases these days.

  • I agree with everyone else and think that this should be ported from mobile phones and to handhelds. I think it would be a success, especially since FF fans are nostalgia nuts that don’t like the series to evolve. Hence, their hate for Final Fantasy XIII saga.

  • We_Were_There

    Blatant excuse from a company that’s rapidly becoming less and less creative with each passing year. Dimensions doesn’t even have the graphical detail of a SNES Final Fantasy, much less storytelling prowess.

    • Suzaku

      The irony of that complaint is the pixel artist for Dimensions is Kazuko Shibuya, who was the pixel artist for all six of the NES and SNES Final Fantasy games.

      • We_Were_There

        I don’t see what’s so ironic about low production values?

      • And somehow it looks like an RPGMaker2000 tileset….

      • Joe S

        Shibuya’s main job was as a sprite artist. I think the tile art is where the main complaints are targeted.

  • Elvick

    I would love to play it on handhelds, I’d even pay a higher price for it. I just don’t really enjoy RPGs on iOS/Android as much as I could if I could just have some buttons.

    I know that’s against the rules to say, or is it when it’s vague like that? Regardless, I just feel this way. Not trying to incite anything.

    I’ll probably buy this when it goes on sale eventually, but I really would love to just be able to play it on a handheld or even a console through PSN/XBLA/whatever.

    There are a huge lack of RPGs on PSN/XBLA/eShop/etc and it’s sad. Since there are tons of them I’ve played on iOS that I enjoyed, but ended up needing to delete to free up space for my music. And since I can’t backup my saves without jailbreaking, there’s little point in going back to them. So I just don’t buy many anymore.

  • Hours

    I wish they’d release this on the 3DS eShop and/or PSN.

    • Remove the “/or” part of our comment and maybe I’ll agree.

  • kroufonz

    i am interested but no way i pay $19.99.for downloadable mobile game

    if it’s decent rpg with quite a long play time i don’t mind the $19.99 price as long it is for more conventional gaming devices, PSN/e-shop, once i bought i could play on PS3/vita, or wiiu/3ds

  • Dimensions is a good game and i enjoyed it but man, SE is riding the poor FF name too much, yet they are completely capable of creating excellent mobile titles such as the utterly superb Chaos Rings Series … wtf SE … and by the way … All the bravest did not deserve a countdown. am i the only one that thinks its just a pointless game that they asking so much for? with re-used sprites and tap gameplay ……gosh

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Well actually Chaos Rings was developed by Media.Vision.
      *puts up flame shield*
      Did you think Square-Enix could make something that awesome?

      Yes they most definitely can

    • Guest


  • First ever heroine? What about Terra/Tina (admittedly FF6 has an ensemble cast) or Lightning?

    • Exkaiser

      They mean she dates back to the first game.

  • Sergio Briceño

    Nice to see they are taking this direction with at least a couple of games. Lately with SE is either get great graphics with new and boring gameplay or retro graphics with new and boring gameplay.

  • Göran Isacson

    So for those who actually played it- is the game any good? Like, is the story at the very least on par with FFV? Because if it is, I think I’ll have to fork up the cash for it.

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