God Eater 2’s Cutesy Boost Hammer User And The Mecha Aragami Slayers

By Spencer . January 17, 2013 . 2:52am


Famitsu revealed Nana a new character in God Eater 2 who wields the massive boost hammer weapon. Nana has a cheerful personality, a voracious appetite, and is part of the Blood organization. The Boost Hammer is a heavy weapon that hits Aragami harder with machinery that propels it forward.


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God Eater 2 has another group of Aragami slayers – mecha Aragami slayers. Are the God Machine Soldiers friend or foe? Famitsu’s preview shows two units one with light armor and one with heavy armor. God Eater 2 is coming to PSP and PlayStation Vita later this year.


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  • Palmer Nyako

    I’ll be so disappointed if this game doesn’t get localized/something happens, and they decide to pull the plug. ex, grand knight history. sad.

    • Thomas Clemons

      Sadly, it’s not going to get localized. The first game didn’t sell well and it’s a Namco Bandai game. The odds are heavily against us….

      Sucks because I REALLY want this Pirate Warriors 2 for my Vita :/

      • Syn

        Thankfully what you just said is NOT fact nor is it confirmed, so I will keep my hopes up for now.. Game is looking better and better

      • brian yep

        Umm, it did end up becoming a “favorites” title in NA region at least.

      • ReidHershel

        I thought that is confirmed to come over.

  • sherimae1324

    finally got my vita yesterday im so happy ^_^
    so this is the new nekomimi chick… shes like fran!

    whoa mecha aragami slayers i want to play as one!
    btw posting here with my new vita tee-hee ^_^

    • Thomas Clemons

      You should get Gods Eater Burst on your Vita from the PSN if you haven’t already played it. Runs great on the Vita and you can map the camera/aiming controls to the 2nd analog stick

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Nekomimi, gigantic hammers, mech suit soldiers? This just keeps getting better and better.

    Who will be our savior and bring this overseas? The masses need this! =(

    • neogeno

      D3 localized the last game and they did pretty good job. But XSEED has been looking pretty badass lately…(HINT! HINT! WINK! WINK!…..dammit I know you guys are reading this! XD )

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        They did do a good job, the first time around. And i commend them for that. But like everyone else, my problem with them was that they stopped with just the initial game and none of the DLC that came afterwards.

      • Tianyu Wei

        I hate Xseed for the fact they pulled the plug on Grand Knight History…

        • Arrei

          That was because of Vanillaware, though. Xseed finished their side of the work but Vanillaware didn’t have the resources available to program in the translation.

  • Hm… She looks a bit really cartoonish for the new visual style the game has taken.

    • neogeno

      I’ll admit I didn’t expect an actual catgirl character. I imagined that everyone was all pretty much humans. I remember they said they were aiming for a more Type-0 look a long time ago. But there was a bit of fan outcry that maybe changed their decision?

  • Ryujin

    You can see the Fenrir logo on the back of one of those mecha in the group shot so I reckon these are friendlies.

    Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up having to fight some of these. Aragami could probably devour one of these and take on its form IIRC. That, or someone turns traitor.

    • natchu96

      Generally, the army of killing machines, friendlies or not, probably shouldn’t be trusted :D

      Cat girl, be glad armor doesn’t do you much good against aragami compared to better mobility, or you wouldn’t have gotten to keep that cute outfit :)

      . . . the cute ones are always deadly, aren’t they?

    • Syn

      It looks like they are allies (for now) cos you can see the protagonist running along side them in the gameplay pic(he is kinda small compared to them so you have to really look for him for a bit)

      • neogeno

        Looking at that image again, I also notice that there are 4 of them including MC. Did they increase the number of characters that can be active on a map?

        • Syn

          That might be the case with the Vita version(it has more memory so I can safely assume that is the case since it does not look graphically intensive), Also, from what I saw in the second gameplay trailer, the Vita areas seem much larger Take a look at the trailer on this previous article : http://www.siliconera.com/2012/09/20/god-eater-2s-latest-trailer-shows-off-aragami-battles/

          , not sure about the PSP version, Also, it would be neat if we could have them as customisable allies or something….. So many possibilities.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    heavy armor guys must come from Monster hunter lol XD

  • neogeno

    Well this is quite a wild card. Besides the obvious smashing of Aragami, I’m kind of curious as to what these cyborg god arc soldiers are used for when there are already AI partners in the game. How are they different than the characters in the story in terms of gameplay? (They are also quite…large!)

    • Ryujin

      You know, when I first saw those mecha I was reminded of the end to the original God Eater (not the ending to the ‘Burst’ part of the game). If I recall correctly, the Arda Nova was an aragami made by Johannes von Schicksal who also ended up taking control of it (I think). Maybe the Arda Nova ended up serving as a prototype of sorts for these new units? I’m still not sure if there’s actually someone piloting these mecha or not, though…

      It’s a pretty big leap, but oh well, it’s just speculation. :P

      • neogeno

        You could be right, that actually seems like a possibility.

    • s07195

      These mecha will become enemies. Calling it.

  • Syn

    I want the mecha guys large sword!!!! look at thing!!!!!! That right there is man-Sword if ever saw one,smashing Aragami with that baby will be paradise!! *takes a deep breath* now just have to wait for that fabled localization announcement.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    I need this in my life (localized), know!

  • Syn

    Ishaan, can you edit the tag for “God Eater2″ to ” God Eater 2″ it takes us to a page with this as the only story when using the first tag.

    • brian yep

      Go up to the url bar and put a “-” between r and 2.

    • Done, thanks for pointing that out. :)

  • frantisek

    mecha aragami slayers are hawt, i can see them becoming enemies though

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Jebus, this game looks amazing. Glad to see the clothes is still going to be customizable and delicious

  • Calintz YT

    Might be worth a shot.

  • With Monster Hunter now on Nintendo consoles, this could be Bamco’s chance to take their place in the hearts of PSP and Vita owners. Sega could do the same, if PSO2 is a success on the Vita (though it’s free, so it certainly shouldn’t FAIL).

  • PS Those mecha aragami slayers actually appear in the interquel manga: GE: the 2nd break.

  • Judith

    I’ve read that those soldiers are actually
    Aragami that have evolved from devouring god eaters. That’s why they have the mark of Fenrir and God arc shaped weapons.

  • Tianyu Wei

    why don’t BAMCO just bring this over themselves….? This has so much potential oversea… and fills the MonsterHunter gap very nicely.

  • its going to be great i hope the ps vita get to have an online play mode n not just a near thing

  • shogunknight

    Oh dear, another title to patiently wait for localisation……damn, those devs make it worth the wait?

  • those cyborg…….maybe they are humanoid type god ark huh…???

  • Kai M

    Please not in March, March is full with game. Hanging by the thread here.

  • TatsuyaKyo

    Gonna call it. At some point in the game, you (the brotagonist) will be severely injured after protecting your team from the end-game boss that makes a surprise appearance, and the only way to salvage your life is to inject MORE (special) oracle cells, or turn you into a cyborg (certain choices and actions will influence which you get). Aside from increasing your basic stats, you will also get a special burst mode trait alongside improved stat-boosts: The oracle-cell solution will allow you to dual-wield(!) with a god-arc formed from your aragami arm, increasing your damage output (and looking badass while you’re at it), while the cyborg solution will kick your internal machinery to overdrive, giving you bullet-time reflexes for as long the burst mode lasts (while still looking badass).


    Yeah, like that’ll ever happen…

  • MediaMindControl

    Oh wow I can’t wait to hammer these bosses. Ouroboros especially.

  • Of course. How can I forgot the neko character. Anime styled games ALWAYS have neko characters. And if the character looks like a klutz then the traditional hammer is always the weapon of preference!

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