Yo Dawg, I Heard You Liked Digimon So I Put A Digivice Inside Your PSP Game

By Spencer . January 17, 2013 . 5:42pm

Digimon Adventure is a flashback to Digimon’s origins. The PSP game made by Ivy the Kiwi? studio Prope turns the first anime series into a RPG. First print copies come with a two bonus items, cards for the GREE social game Digimon Collectors and a code to download a virtual Digivice from Japan’s PlayStation Store.


The Digivice is the first iteration of Digimon, which was essentially a Tamagotchi that can fight. Namco Bandai’s Digivice digital version plays just like the 90s toy, but now its on your PSP.


Digimon Adventure comes out in Japan tomorrow.

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  • Benjamin Shaw

    Oh okay. *shakes PSP*

    • oh man, I nostalgia’d, I need to find my old digivice

      • lol I just want a d*mn localization for Re:Digitized or at the least give us this!

  • Spirit Macardi

    That isn’t the actual first iteration of Digimon. I remember the original virtual pets; you raised them from newborns and there were branching evolution trees that depended on how well you raised them. It didn’t look like a Digivice either, it was rectangular with a screen frame that looked like cage bars that had been burst out of.

    No matter what, I always ended up with a Numemon x3;;;

    • Steven Higgins

      Heh. I was just about to say that. Digmon V-Pet came before the Digivice.
      So I guess the second option is Digivolve. I just ordered the game yesterday (I am gonna mess up so much because of my lack of understanding of the Japanese language) I will be choosing the original Digivice. (Crystal blue w/ blue buttons) Will be choosing Patamon. Unless he can’t get to Mega then I’ll have to go with Agumon. I wanted to buy a clear version of the original Digivice w/ blue buttons because it was closest to the default look. It was the middle of the month and I was broke, by the time I’d saved enough for it it was sold.

      • You don’t have to worry about whether or not Patamon can reach Mega. From what is my understanding, all 8 chosen Digimon can go to Mega in BOTH the Digivice AND the main game. There’s screenshots out there of Tentomon and Biyomon warp-digivolving to Hercules Kabuterimon and Hououmon.

        • Steven Higgins

          Eh, doesn’t matter now. Tuns out I can’t download it because the redemption key won’t work on the NA PSN and setting up a JP PSN account is just to much work. Plus it kinda feels like fraud ’cause I basically have to lie about where I live.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      That’s how I was with Digimon World for the PlayStation 1. Training, eating, bathroom, etc made it really difficult to obtain an Ultimate.

    • WizardoftheBlueOrder

      Yeah, I was wondering if Spencer meant the original Pendulum Digimon devices. Apparently not, which is a shame, as they were pretty awesome. And having a Numemon wasn’t all bad! If you could SOMEHOW get enough battle wins, you could go Teddymon!

  • man… I miss playing this with my friends… if only the digimon data is not reset after the digivice is out of battery….

  • WingsOfEternity

    God I still remember this. Everytime I went to my cousin’s we would just sit there shaking this goddamn thing

  • Maia Kasoya

    Ah, Tamagotchi. When I was younger, I had a red one that I played with every day until I lost it…

    • Elvick

      I had like 5 of those types of things. Two Tamagotchis (found one of them in a park), a Godzilla one (shaped like an egg, that would flip open as if it were hatching), and two of the pet specific ones. I forgot what that brand was called. Gigapets or something?

      Never had a legit Digimon one to myself, I had a friend who had one though.

      I remember one of the gigapets (?) I lost for years, found it later and the animal was still trucking. Hungry, but still alive.

  • Bob Stockalockapoulos

    I got excited for a second; After reading the title, I thought Xzibit was going to make a cameo appearance in Digimon.

  • Sebastian Lothian

    I really enjoyed playing with these when I was younger. I don’t think I finished the one based on the first season of Digimon though, but it was still fun regardless.

  • Bear Negishi

    No Spencer.

  • Elvick

    You know, I’d buy a digital digivice. As I recall, they had no text. Did they? :/

    I want it… and the game… but getting the digivice seems easier.

    • ShindoW

      They had some text but IIRC it’s the same in both languages (simple things like YES / NO). That’s the V-Pets, though. The American Digivice is much more dumbed down than it’s Japanese counterpart, right down to how it looks / was made.

  • Lester Paredes

    I hope this comes out in America. I used to love Digimon. Then Pokemon totally eclipsed it in terms of popularity and it vanished off of the face of the Earth. in America, anyway.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    LOLOLOLOL the title is hilarious..
    *insert YO DAWG meme*
    btw I remember shaking dat digivice when I was younger.. It sure made my hand get tired..

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Lol, nostalgia attack.^_^
    Still remember my Digimon 2 digivice where i am able to use Veemon as my partner digimon.^_^

  • Sergio Briceño

    I loved tamagotchis way back when… But leaving nostalgia aside, I think they could have thought of better uses for a digivice or at least better looking ones. I mean, it’s on the PSP and it looks worse than GB.

    • Brandonmkii

      It’s supposed to look like (and play like) the original toy, which was just a 50×50 pxl LCD screen or something. So yeah, it’s gonna look pretty bad.

      • Sergio Briceño

        I figured as much and since I never got one it might actually be cool to play around. The last Tamagotchi like game I tried was Chao Adventure for the Dreamcast’s VMU.

  • Learii

    lol i remember this i sure miss those old days

  • Göran Isacson

    Heh, nice for nostalgia but I can’t say I’m that interested or filled with desire for it.

  • sd28

    yo dawg i heard you like digimon games so i put a digimon game in your digimon game so you can play digimon whilst ya play digimon

    • Renaldi Saputra


  • Guest

    Ok so just got the game. Eh. Looks like the Digivice ver. Portable can’t be downloaded on a NA PSP. The NA PS Store won’t accept the redemption code. Oh well.

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