Fire Emblem: Awakening’s Funny Romantic Pairings And Extensive Support System

By Laura . January 18, 2013 . 1:50pm

As the recent trailer and demo showed, there is an extensive support system in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Placing an ally next to another in battle often offers stat bonuses, and sometimes they will even attack with you or block enemy attacks for you. The higher the affinity between the two, the more bonuses and the higher the chance of the extra actions occurring.


What they don’t demonstrate is the full extent of the support system and how much fun it is to read through all the involved dialogue.


Affinity can be raised by viewing support conversations, which are viewed from the world map menu. While I’ve only played one other Fire Emblem game in the past, I don’t recall the conversations being as funny as they are in Awakening. Frankly, all of the support dialogue is hilarious. What’s more, you can view which characters are compatible with others in the menu, so you can plan out which conversations you want to try to get.


Also, from the world map main menu, you can access the Barracks. When you do so, you see a view of an empty room with a table, but if you choose to “Listen In” (because you or your Tactician is apparently an avid eavesdropper), you can hear random snippets of monologue from one character or from two talking to each other. After listening to each of these, you’ll get bonus EXP, temporary stat increases in the next battle, items, and (when there are two characters present) increased affinity.


As an aside, from the Extras menu there’s also an option called Hubba Tester, which you can use to view humorous pairing statuses for any two characters you’ve recruited.


Responses range from “Friend zoned” to “Loves to go shopping” to “Lost in pheromones”. Old Hubba, the man doing the fortune-telling, also comments on each pair. For example, if you look at the relationship between Chrom and his sister, Lissa, and get something romantically suggestive, Old Hubba says, “Oh, the questions this raises…”


(None of what he says is serious, so don’t go thinking scandalous things!)


In addition to these humorous pairings, Fire Emblem: Awakening also has a marriage system, which we’ll discuss in a future report.


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  • Xmas Lopez

    Oh yes, that sounds glorious. I’m that much more eager to pick this FE up

  • Nee Nee

    To buy a 3DS for a single game or not…. That is the question…

    • Curan_Altea

      There are plenty of other great games too.
      But if I didn’t have one, this would be a system seller for me.

    • Equus

      I pretty much did that. Though also supporting the decision was I dropped my old DS so the shoulder buttons don’t work so well anymore, and there were a few other 3DS games I was curious about.

      • andref

        I’m with you on that, except it wasn’t the shoulder buttons that broke but the top screen’s hinges came apart so I bought the 3DS when it came out instead of going for another DS

    • Wafflenaut

      Bought mine the day EOIV was announced in Japan and haven’t looked back. And after the demo for FE:A it’s pretty clear to me that, for anyone even remotely interested in Fire Emblem, this is a system seller.

    • MrTyrant

      You should. I mean there are other good games and probably another Fire Emblem will come out for 3DS.

    • Barrylocke89

      I really don’t like the idea of a single game being a system seller…but I’m sure that if you look, you’ll find at least a couple other games that are out/coming soon to the west that may interest you.

      For starters, check out the games that Atlus is putting out (EOIV, Code of Princess, Soul Hackers). There’s also Pokemon X/Y and Harvest Moon.

      If you didn’t play either of them on their original systems, Tales of the Abyss and Devil Survivor: Overclocked are solid ports (though I’d consider holding off if you HAVE played the originals)

      • raymk

        Well a single game being a system seller doesn’t mean you don’t like other games on the system, its just means its that one game that finally makes you want the system now.

        • Barrylocke89

          I suppose, but I prefer to think of it as the culmination of a decent backlog, combining to make a system worthy of my money.

          For me at least, I like for their to be a backlog/upcoming list of at LEAST 4 or so games before I even consider purchasing a system. That sort of thing doesn’t change for me even if that system has a specific game that looks like the best thing since sliced bread.

          Having said that, it’s rare that a system ever has only 1 or 2 games that REALLY REALLY want. I suppose the closest is the 360 since it has Tales of Vesperia, and even then, I’d rather get a PS3 to play Graces/Xillia over that.

          • raymk

            Well depending on what you like to play the system will have the obvious games like zelda. If you like rpg’s it will have atlus backing as it already does now. For me to help you I’d have to know how/when you chose your old systems after games came out and what genre you like.

    • Kai2591

      I’m with ya on this crucial question, my friend…
      I’m almost convinced though….almost…

    • raymk

      Do it you won’t regret it because there are other great games on the system and others coming out soon.

      • Barrylocke89

        Replying up here so the reply tree doesn’t end too soon.

        Anyways, how I chose my systems…

        Well the PS2 I got really late (as in the PS3 was out for a little while late). The DS Lite was gotten a couple months before the DSi was announced, so it was somewhere near the middle of the DS’s life. The Wii was actually won in a contest (about a year after it came out iirc), and the other systems (snes/psx/gb line) were all gifts when I was much younger. Oh, and I guess you could count my laptop since I play a lot of steam/indie/doujin stuff on it, but that was also purchased for school, and anyways, PCs don’t quite have a lifespan in the way that consoles do.

        At this point, the PS3 and 3DS are definitely both in the “would love to buy” category but of course there’s also the matter of gathering funds when other life things require them more. Once that’s all balanced out a bit, the 3DS is probably more likely before the PS3, just because I find myself playing my handhelds more often.

        As for games…mostly jrpgs, but occasionally action games. Beyond there it’s a mixed bag.

  • undergroundz

    This sounds very amazing. The demo was great, I know it’s just a few weeks away but the wait is already making me crazy.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    “Lost in Phermones” is pretty scandalous for Nintendo.

    • puchinri

      I keep feeling that, and then I remember some of the awkward things they have done in other titles. . .
      (And at times, questionable in almost squicky ways.)

      • What other things are there? All I can think of are the ferris wheel events in Pokemon BW and BW2…

        • riceisnice

          Well, Vivian from Paper Mario used to be a guy.

        • puchinri

          Paper Mario is definitely a source for that. Vivian isn’t scandalous really (well, in terms of gender/sexuality being represented in a non-cis way, hugely scandalous) but also the implication that a computer was “stirred” by princess Peach taking a shower (and that scenario/relationship in general was weird).

          Even outside of the general sexuality stuff though, they’ve always been like that (with Pokemon, LoZ, etc).

  • Ty Arnold

    If I recall, you can use the Hubba Tester for the crossover Spotpass characters, too. So if you want to know how Sigurd and Hector REALLY feel about each other, now’s your chance.

  • Blazkn

    It’s nice to have REAL support conversations in Awakening.

    Yeah, RD and SD, I’m looking at you… -_-

  • puchinri

    Yay~! So excited! ♥
    This is going to be fantastic. I love you Nintendo. ;u;

  • TimeMaster

    So they kept the implied wincest. Though, as the army’s cupi- Tactician, Lissa will have to be paired with someone less controversial.

  • MrTyrant

    This is why I love Fire Emblem, the classic ones. The support and marriage system are great, I don’t like when I just recruit a character and there is nothing else to do with it just to use him/her in the battles like some kind of pet with no real interaction with other characters.

    I hope Nintendo release another Fire Emblem like this soon.

  • Miralizmis

    Sounds pretty epic, bro. :D

    … Oh, the pairings I’ll think of… Hohoho… >_>’

  • TruSpindash

    I love how the Fire Emblem series is able to give so much personality to each character despite having such huge cast. Which is the big reason Shadow Dragon left such a bitter taste in my mouth, when it not only lacked support conversations but any kind of character development at all for practically all the units. From what I’ve read here and seen in the demo It seems I have a lot to look forward to.

    • Shadow Dragon was the first Fire Emblem I played. So . Derp. It was a good introduction into the series

      • TruSpindash

        Yeah, Shadow Dragon was by no means a bad game, It was just missing elements that I had come to expect from the series. Had it been my first game in the series I would have probably liked it a lot more.

    • Curan_Altea

      Shadow Dragon was a fancy port of the original for NES, and it showed. It’s the least favorite one I’ve played. They made the second remake for DS much better, but never localized it.

      • TruSpindash

        It really was a missed opportunity to retell the story of the first game with elements that modern Fire Emblem fans have come to love. It is too bad the second DS game was never localized since I have heard good things about it.

    • Barrylocke89

      I know what you mean. I’ve played FE1, and I’m actually a big fan of FE3 Book 1 (which is basically FE1 on the FE3 system), but FE11 was a missed chance to do a more modern telling of Marth’s tale.

      We already know about certain bonds that characters share thanks to FE3 Book 2 (like Abel and Est falling in love), FE11 could have had a support system that gave conversations to flesh that all out, along with making a few alternate scenarios (maybe Abel could potentially fall for Minerva, or something). Instead, besides a few conversations before battle, there’s nothing that really gives some heart to these beloved characters, so they mostly stay as silent and faceless as they did back in the NES/SNES days.

      It’s easier for me to tolerate on the NES/SNES because that’s when the game first came out, but now, they could have improved it. I’m glad that all signs seem to point to Awakening being a product of love from the development team.

    • Ethan_Twain

      Yeah, I’m right with you there. I like Fire Emblem a lot and I absolutely LOVE what they did with the Shadow Dragon artwork (both the character stills and the combat animations). However, without really much dialogue to define my menagerie of characters from each other I ended up not finishing the game. Whenever I got stuck I wasn’t able to motivate myself to keep going because, really, what is there to look forward to? Another, probably even harder combat scenario.

  • There have always been humorous supports.

    • fds_nextdart

      Fire Emblem VII’s supports were for the most part all serious themed, some of them even grim in nature (mostly the ones related to Jaffar. Romance supports with an exception here or there. That’s why that game was so epic~.

      • Mostly everyone had at least 1 funny support conversation, even Renault who is mostly serious has the Bartre conversation.

  • I can’t waaaaait. So much excitement for this game ;~; I even went back to play the one on the DS xD

  • TatsuyaKyo

    They finally give you the pairing that was impossible back in FE7; Tactician X EVERYONE, lol. This is one of the games that motivate me to buy a 3DS.

    • MrTyrant

      Yeah, I like having my own custom unit getting love with other characters instead of being there doing “nothing” like in FE7.

      Edited: Sorry I didn’t know that the tactician could take a role in the battle and reclass him/her.

      • Ty Arnold

        Reclassing. It exists.

        • MrTyrant


      • biskmater

        well, from what I have seen so far, he is both.

  • Brandonmkii

    Dragon-girl, stalker-mage, or ALL THE WONDERFUL PEGASUS KNIGHTS. I’ll never be able to choose.

  • Pockystix

    Fem Avatar and Tharja are my OTP

  • Triplicity

    Looking forward to seeing the localization effort on this, I’m liking what I’m hearing so far.
    I’m still a little sad about the removal of the mute My Unit voice option but I’m sure someone will translate a script from the JP version for the best exchanges.

    • raymk

      Why would you want a muted my unit anyway?

  • Göran Isacson

    … I think Old Hubba is going to become a favorite of mine. A snarky old gossip/fortune teller/matchmaker hanging with a bunch of crazy kids/people in the middle of a war? That sounds like my kind of jam.

  • nothing956

    Well now I have to pair up Chrom and Lissa.

  • Eilanzer

    all support dialogue from all fire emblem titles ARE hilarious!

  • PersonaSpace

    I’m horrible at Fire Emblem (currently trying to survive my Ambassador copy of Sacred Stones) but I’m still really looking forward to this one.

  • gsnap

    That’s cool, I guess. I never really care about this kind of stuff, but at the same time, it’ll add a little bit of flair to push the atmosphere and fun to the next level. So, bring it on.

  • Blitz Krieg

    They’re walking the waifu simulator path at full force.

    But to be honest the past competition (Langrisser) did too rely on fanservice.

    • Blitz Krieg


      >Satoshi Urushihara in charge of drawing different female faces

  • OverlordZetta

    And we’re POSITIVE the bundle doesn’t have a physical copy of the game?

  • mark zeus lee


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