Square Enix Talks About The World Ends With You: Solo Remix’s Secret Ending

By Spencer . January 18, 2013 . 5:21pm


The World Ends With You: Solo Remix was one of Square Enix’s surprises last year. The Square Enix mobile team and h.a.n.d. adapted the Nintendo DS game for iOS devices and made new music for the game. Since The World Ends With You used both of the DS’ screens the game was remade only Neku on the screen and gesture commands for partner characters. The graphics were also upgraded and the game uses Twitter in a neat way by integrating tweets into the Underground.


"The development period, including time for inspection, was a little less than a year, but I must say it was a very jam-packed year. The original game was intended for two screens, and so it was a struggle to meld it into the single screen on the iOS without losing the uniqueness of the game and its controls. We had regarded this as a complete game, and so to add changes to an already complete system required lots of time to make adjustments," the TWEWY team said to Siliconera when we asked them about the game’s development.


The development team added, "In terms of battles, what used to be separated onto two screens is now all on one screen, where Neku and his partner now fight together. I feel that by doing this, a new visual effect was brought about and made for a very visually impactful battle. Something else that was equally tough was that we revamped all of the graphics. To maximize the use of the Retina Display, we upped the resolution on not only the backgrounds, but for all of the character animations as well"


"In addition to that, in order for more people to enjoy this game, we made adjustments to the balance during battle to make it easier to play. We didn’t want to stop it at just being a port, and so for this title to be something that doesn’t suffer in comparison in its current state, we needed to do a lot of fine-tuning. As a result, the entire development staff feels confident that this is a game finished to our satisfaction; this is one game that we’ve put our all time into and can recommend to anyone."




The World Ends With You: Solo Remix is available for iPhone and iPad devices, but each game is a separate purchase. Since other Square Enix titles are universally compatible, we asked the team why players can’t play Solo Remix on both devices. "Depending on the device, some games may or may not be universally compatible. Moving forward, we plan to do our best to accommodate games that are universally compatible."


Collecting all of the secret reports unlocks a teaser with a new character standing in front of the 104 building which says "New 7 Days." We asked the team if they can give us any hints about The World Ends With You: Solo Remix’s secret ending.




"I don’t believe that talking a lot about it is necessarily a good thing. I think what is important is the feeling that the players got when they saw that ending. Joshua, who has watched Neku grow up first hand, may have discovered the hope of the possibility of Shibuya changing. There are hints about the story scattered throughout the game, and so I’m sure it would be fun if you connect those pieces and think about them," the team replied.

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  • Jrocy247

    TWEWY 2!?!?!?!?

  • Shadowman

    TWEWY 2 for the 3DS!?

  • Haseyo

    Announce TWEWY 2 for 3DS, I swear if they do and it’s for iOS…

    • QBninja01

      If they announce it for both, then it wouldn’t matter.

    • RablaAndrews

      Both would be nice, I enjoy both the dual-screen system and the iOS system for their different quirks, so I’d buy it twice.

    • megamanZ95

      if they do…..they will be destroyed. it better be 3DS, enough iOS crap

  • Sht, that girl’s design is awesome, damn finally a new char. design with this style… T_T

    • hawk222

      Indeed. I mean, just look at the lack of zippers! This is quite a new direction in character design for Square Enix!

      • neku didnt have zippers either… and many chars from TWEWY

  • they need to work on getting Dragon Quest 7 over here to the states so can stop drooling over it and enjoy the game.

  • Junko Enoshima

    If this is TWEWY 2 on the 3DS, it will be mind-numbingly awesome. Imagine what they can do with the art style and gameplay! :D

    • Nightmesh

      Not just that but the audio quality too.

      • Kefkiroth

        Agreed, TWEWY’s soundtrack is great, but it’s sad that it had to be heavily compressed for the DS. Glad the 3DS can support better audio.

  • phangtom

    Why do I get the feel all of this is going to end in disappointment? Then again, Square Enix has been like that for a while now…

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I don’t really agree though. Thearhythm, Bravely Default and Dragon Quest surely is not dissapointing for me.^^

      • Bravely default!! I still refuse to buy it..I know it’ll get localized..I just know ><

      • It is for the english speaking people who don’t import. Since we don’t have db or dq

    • almostautumn

      Dunno what you’ve mean; they have been smashingly successful and innovative on the handheld scene. Their console titles have gone downhill, yeah, but their handheld games are just aces. I mean, the lack of localization for Type-0 and potentially bravely default are depressing, but that doesn’t mean the games are anything less than stellar.
      I don’t think I need to list; just go to wiki and review their PSP and DS games. Seriously, S-E is still pretty King when it comes to RPG’s (but Atlus is closing that gap nicely :D )

      • Bakuryukun

        Everyone just sorta conveniently ignores Portable systems when talking about “how everything SE makes these days is garbage”

  • phangtom

    Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see TWEWY 2. But, like anything Square Enix does nowadays; don’t get your hopes up.

  • Sam Park

    So is the girl related to Neku somehow?

    • No, that’s Neku. Shibuya changed, and so did Neku.

  • scratchbach

    Now that Ace Attorney 5 is coming, I can honestly say that aside from maybe a reaaally good new Chrono game, there’s nothing I would want more than a legitimate TWEWY sequel to be announced.

  • Going in with low expectations.

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    I WANT to get excited but the possibility TWENTY 2 might be iOS exclusive fills me with equal pasts rage and sadness…

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    TWEWY 2 for 3DS and i will give u all my muney Square Enix.
    I can’t wait to see what new Puding Ramen again lol.

  • enorka miho

    This is Mr Nomura’s games… Has KH:BBB Disappoint you guys?! Or KHDDD?? Well, they may not be as extensive as the previous KH but hey!! Those are great handheld games.. By far the best SE had ever produced! So yea, if its Nomura… I have my faith in him!

    • Phantom R

      BBS is my favorite KH game. Nomura is a great guy in general, but a total troll at times.

    • RablaAndrews

      TWEWY isn’t Nomura’s work. He’s an artist and character designer only here.

      • enorka miho

        he is the producer if am not mistaken…

  • PersonaBull

    “I don’t believe that talking a lot about it is necessarily a good thing.”

    Why is everyone taking that to mean there’s much chance of a 3DS sequel? They know full well what the response to Solo Remix was, and what “talking a lot about” a [sequel] could cause. There’s clearly going to be more to the series, but I would definitely take his hinting to mean we should not get carried away (again). I was plenty disappointed (more in that it wasn’t and still isn’t on Android, so I can’t even play the thing) and it was badly handled, in my opinion, but remember this game was made before the backlash happened. The hint of a sequel might seem more like a shot-in-the-foot moment to the poor guy now. It’s definitely feeling like the series has jumped platforms a bit. This does not mean, though, that it will never jump back onto the DS (or 3DS) in the future, depending on where they decide to take it. So, take that however you’d like, but again I really want to discourage hopes of a 3DS sequel stemming from this teaser image given the earlier backlash/disappointment.

    • Phantom R

      You know, at this point, if a sequel does come out for iOS only I would probably go and get myself an iOS device just to play it. I love TWEWY that much, but I really hope it is for 3DS.

      • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

        Hundreds of dollars+monthly cost for data plan JUST for one game?

        • xzeldax3

          You are forgetting about the iPod Touch! Phantom could always look for a 16 GB model. Craigslist and eBay usually have good prices.

        • If you have cash to spare, why not?

  • Phantom R

    This makes like no zetta sense. Come on, Square. We’ve been waiting soooo long for another REAL TWEWY game. The cast appearing in KH3D was great, in fact, a better idea than that crappy iOS port, IMO.

  • I am sure there will be a sequel, likely with that girl. What platform though… probably iOS, not 3DS which pretty much everybody in the comments below want.

  • Maumac77

    C’mon Square Enix. Gimme some more 3DS goodness. Wallet’s been ready for days~~

    • too bad you didnt get Terry’s Wonderland

      • Maumac77

        My 3DS is NA so I wouldn’t be able to play it :I

  • foopy

    The title of this article is misleading. It should be “Square Enix *doesn’t* talk about Solo Remix’s secret ending, continues to dash your hopes on the jagged rocks of despair”.

  • Elvick

    Wish they’d port it to Vita too. ): Oh well.

    How does the control of both characters work on a touch screen/same screen anyway? Or is the other character stuck in auto?

    Hopefully the sequel, assuming there is one, is 3DS. Then ported to iOS later. Would make more sense to me. They’d be prepared for iOS development next time, quicker port, and they could let 3DS buyers cool off awhile. Then release iOS with something new like this has, (plus gameplay is different obviously), and then people would probably be more willing to buy it again.

    As long as there’s not some browser game, or social game… I’ll be happy. At least not until the series has 3 all new games. Because asking for there never to be one seems unlikely.

    • Basically, your partner is now a summon. Tap the partner pin to summon he/she when its fully charged. Correct me if I am missing anything.

  • Ethan_Twain

    Wow, the idea of incorperating twitter into The Underground is actually really smart! Good unique use of the platform, and it fits with the setting. It’s worth noting that this would NOT be possible if a game in the franchise were on the 3DS. So if that’s a feature Square Enix is fond of, or if it’s a particularly popular feature, that may direct future TWEWY projects towards multi function devices and marketplaces like iOS. Just something to be aware of, guys.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    TWEWY 2, 3DS, You play as Neku and Shiki’s clone love child. The twist, Its Joshua’s

  • Carlos Escalante

    Maybe SE should be take s Multiplat approach in this series. 3DS and iOS/Vita.

  • new_tradition

    Still waiting for an android port. I know people like iProducts, but I don’t. Android hasn’t lacked in anything but mobile games for me. I’m not buying an iPod just for games. That’s why I got a 3/DS and PSP and saving for a Vita.

  • Joshua = Yehshuah = Jesus

  • Abel.exe

    So basically, they didnt say anything about it.

  • LaserVision

    If Square Enix had kept making every damn sequel fans are constantly demanding, TWEWY never would’ve happened in the first place. I would buy a sequel but I’d rather SE just focus on the next new, original game.

  • miju

    “Joshua, who has watched Neku grow up first hand…”

    …uh… huh… ( ಠ‿ಠ)

  • Salvador’ Spinoso

    The World Ends With You 2 will be released at the same time that Final Fantasy Versus XIII

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