Super Robot Taisen UX Strategies: Double The Damage With A Partner Unit

By Sato . January 18, 2013 . 2:51am


In Super Robot Taisen UX’s battle system, players will have the choice of going with a Single Unit or Partner Unit. Both unit styles have their own advantages, allowing players to choose accordingly to their play style.


Partner Unit (PU)


There are two parts that makes the Partner Unit. The main machine is in charge of moving and attacking, while the sub machine is responsible for attacks and defense.



The main machine determines the unit’s mobility. It will be possible to have a highly mobile flying main machine with a powerful yet less mobile sub machine backing it up to have best of both worlds. Sub machines can defensively cover the main in various situations. For example, it can provide cover once it approaches the main machine’s terrain or if the main’s heal didn’t work.


Providing support within the unit is a major boost for any Partner Unit machines. However, their downfall is not being able to provide support to other nearby units in situational moments.


Single Unit (SU)


Machines that don’t have a Partner Unit are called Single Units. They can provide and receive offensive and defensive support from adjacent allied units. Their best feature is having the ability to move once more, if they can manage to take down at least one enemy unit during their attacks.



Single Units will also have the ability to perform an ‘attack all’, which will target both main and sub machines of an enemy Partner Unit. Overall, the Single Unit can be great as a support for all the allies, but suffer when they’re caught alone. When encountering enemy Partner Units, they can also take heavy damage with less support abilities available.


Super Robot Taisen UX blasts off for Nintendo 3DS on March 14, 2013.

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  • Lester Paredes

    I wanna play with giant robots blowings up other giant robots. sadly, all I have is the GBA game… well, it’s still good. Let’s go find it.

  • For all you Super Robot, mecha, SRPG, awesome games fans out there! Here’s a cause you’ll like to support. Operation Hotblood!

    • MrTyrant

      I support it but it’s very ambitous.

      • Ambitious? Well yeah, we’re a passionate group fighting for the localization of a very passionate game.

  • TatsuyaKyo

    At this point, I only care about the Originals. Region-locked handheld and so-so animations is a turn-off for me (not to mention, 0% chance of localization).

    • MrTyrant

      I care for the originals too, they are the future OGs characters.

      • TatsuyaKyo

        And we all know that more new OG characters means MORE AWESOME OG games. =D

    • LynxAmali

      Probably voiced by Midorikawa. Again. (Considering Therion’s in the game.)

      Which I’m perfectly okay with.

      • TatsuyaKyo

        I don’t think they would reuse a VA so soon, and they still have plenty to choose from (*hoping for Hiroshi Kamiya*).

        Though, Midorikawa is fine too.

  • I think Siliconera should stop reporting of these games. Import for Japan-only 3DS titles are nigh-impossible due to region lock, unless you also own a Japanese 3DS, And this series is a heartache to watch, since we western fans ALL know that these games will not get Localized.

    Only the Original Generation games have ANY chance, and the last localized game was a Giant Mecha-less spin-off title with its sequel unreleased. Heh, even if we do get that sequel, we will have a better chance of surviving holding our breath while waiting for Ace Attorney Investigations 2 instead.

    EDIT: BTW, I am not enforcing this idea, it’s just a thought.

    • TatsuyaKyo

      Uh, no. There will still be people who would be interested and would like to read these news despite the heartache (me included).

      • Morricane

        Not to forget people who import games! :)

      • Me, as well.

    • Once again, let me remind that these are reported for the sake of information. Dissatisfaction over lack of localization is understandable, but think about the consequences of games not being reported. Games that otherwise may have had a chance won’t get the attention they needed for a localization, and potential customers will be left in the dark of what may or may not be something they like. Even for games that don’t have much chance to come over, the news can keep people informed so that future installments can have a chance. Or failing that, at least people would know there are these games they could import and play; I’ve personally came across some import titles on the site that I ended up being quite fond of.

      I don’t think the site will ever stop reporting on certain games based on localization probabilities. And it’s not like we can do anything about how each reader reacts to a piece of news…

    • MrTyrant

      I still want to know even if it hurts me, so I support Siliconera in this things.

      • Well, yeah. I’m not enforcing what I said, anyway.

  • Kaihedgie

    Thought I saw Vayate there in the thumbnail. Dammit x:

  • RX79V

    Partner system is already pretty solid in L. Hopefully they can improve on it in UX. Though one problem I had with the implementation in K and L is that you can not switch main and sub units post movement. Dual system in FE Awakening allows just that and I thought that fits the philosophy of “one unit takes care of terrain and movement and the other does everything else”.

    Buffing up SU sounds like an interesting idea… As long as it doesn’t apply to just a few units, like how they did it for Dann in K.

    Very interested to see how the new dynamics of PU and SU will work out. Unfortunately, you can only get the feel when you see it in action or actually play the game and March is still so far away.

    • Ziko577

      This system really isn’t nothing new. This was establised in L on the DS and well, it worked pretty good. And on that note, FE Awakening may have bummed it from these games since there’s several that use it. Z and Z2 have it as well. Sounds to me this game will be a repeat of L but with new series and stages. Let’s just hope it’s not broken like L which had quite a many of issues.

      • MrTyrant

        Z2 didn’t have a partner or twin system, not even squad system, the only thing it had, was the old support role like older games but nothing about combining units in squads.

        I still found the old tri-squad system in Z pretty solid. You combine three different units, the leader take role of the movement, the others protect the leader and they also had a new squad attack worth 3 ammunition. Can be pretty convenient if you don’t want to spend EN or munition of your main unit, specially just for killing grunts.

        • Agreed, no matter how many people disliked the Tri system, I found it to be very good, it’s also the perfect balance between “too much” and “not enough” unit wise.

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