What Would You Ask The Director Of Deadly Premonition?

By Spencer . January 20, 2013 . 9:55am

dead1We want to know because if all goes according to plan we’re going to talk with Hidetaka "SWERY" Suehiro about Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut soon. Is there anything you want to ask him about Deadly Premonition, Access Games or any of his other projects?


We’re listening and I’ll jot down your questions in my (virtual) notepad…

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  • What are his thoughts on other niche game development studios like Grasshopper Manufacture? Would he ever consider working with Suda51 to create a bizarre masterpiece?

    As far as the director’s cut, will there be a chance to play as other characters (besides Emily)?

  • 1. How have the controls been fixed (this was my only issue with the original)

    2, Is 3D implemented (because that would be awesome!)

    3. I liked the lo-fi look to the xbox 360 verison are the newer graphics just sharpening up the presentation/frame rate or a wholesale change in textures and assets?

    4. Any extra content? I can’t wait to play it again!

    • brian yep

      I think new story content was announced, not sure about anything else.

  • Would you (Swery) be interested in making an RPG in the same vein as Deadly Premonition one day?

  • fatalforce

    Will there be a trailer coming out anytime soon for the Director’s Cut showcasing the updated visuals and other improvements?

  • z_merquise

    I read that his past work was with SNK and he was a part of the team that made Last Blade. Is it okay to ask him about his work on the game or with SNK in general?

  • SirRichard

    What was it like writing the script for the game? Was there any particular process to brainstorming the sidequests, or characters like Michael Tillotson, or did the ideas just come to him?

  • Can we see a trailer showing the improved graphics? What’s the price? I need to see some of improvements you made before I decide to buy your game. I’m a fan of Deadly Premonition, to be sure. I mostly bought it because it was dirt cheap. It was awesome. The only thing I thought was crappy was the ending. I was mostly WTF. I hope you expanded on this part more. It all came out of nowhere.

  • cats_99

    I’ve played both the Xbox 360 version of Deadly Premonition and the Asian version of Red Seeds Profile on PS3. Unlike the 360 version, Red Seeds Profile suffered from lag and occasional frame-rate stuttering. Is the new Director’s Cut going to be better optimized for the PlayStation 3 to make the game run more smoothly?

  • BadGenome

    Who do you think is cuter: Hideki Kamiya or Keiji Inafune?

    • “Ask your mom.”

      • BadGenome

        omg kamiya is that u

  • Kurt Wagner

    His favorite movies or TV shows. Or better yet, what current shows or movies that he’s enjoyed recently.

  • Any chance of this being released on Wii U?

    How does he feel about Nintendo in general?

    What does he think about the Vita and 3DS, and does he have any plans to release games on either platform?

  • It is obvious that the game has influence from twin peaks, how much of this is intentional and why did the developer chose this particular series to be translated to the the video game medium. Is there any other series that influenced the game or that he would like to put in a future one?

    • I’ve seen in interviews that Swery seems to deny that Twin Peaks was even an inspiration at all. I find this a bit absurd, and I’m curious why he would think it’s a “bad thing” if the game was heavily Twin Peaks inspired. I mean, there are far too many similarities for it all to simply be coincidence, but IDK I never thought that it made the game anything less for being the closest existing thing to Twin Peaks: The Game. I just wonder why he feels hesitant to admit that Twin Peaks was inspiration? There’s no shame, Swery, just own it!

  • Is that a blurred out picture of Laura Palmer in Anna’s house?

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    Will you add 3D support to the Director’s Cut?

    Will you guys localize Lords Of Apocalypse?

  • What is your opinion on the translated title, Deadly Premonition as opposed to Red Seeds Profile?

  • ★ Wolfgang Wozniak

    Tell SWERY I love his work.

  • Zarx

    Are there going to be new characters related to the extra content?

  • Bloodios

    The game was mentioned to support 1080p, but what does it actually mean? Does the game simply supports 1080p output through upscaling or does it actually run at native 1080p? And at which resolution will 3D mode be running at? Also, will V-sync be enabled at all times? If so, will there be an option to disable it, as I believe some people would tolerate screen-tears if it means having the game running at a consistent 30fps.

  • 1. What kind of games to you play if any?

    2. This being a director’s cut, are there any features you are glad made it in or anything you wish made the cut still?

    3. Spy Fiction was the first Access Games title, did you feel any pressure being the Director and Writer for the company’s debut?

    4. Is there any series you would love to work with in the future?

  • Are there plans for another Deadly Premonition game, like a prequel showing York’s other cases? Or maybe a game with that female character that SWERY talked about in his previous interview?

  • I want to know alot about his next projects, what they are, how will they be different from Deadly Premonition, when can we expect them, if he isn’t able to answer any of these, then at least their genres.

  • Kuro Kairi

    1. Would you shut up and take my money?

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    When will we see screenshots of the supposedly improved graphics?

  • brian yep

    What is that surprising and amazing news for 2013?
    Or when can we expect it to be revealed?
    And how was your trip to DC?

  • WyattEpp

    Interesting, I’ll bite! (The explanations may not be necessary, but I wanted to establish my angle of approach a little bit, in case the translator needs clarification.)

    1: Deadly Premonition seems to be a pastiche of David Lynch in general and Twin Peaks in particular. In my view, Lynch tends to create psychological horror by injecting surrealism into camp. Deeply psychological horror tends to be something Japanese authors excel at, and within the postmodern canon, I see parallels between Lynch’s work and e.g. Fukasaku’s film adaptation of Battle Royale. My question then, is: Was Deadly Premonition intentionally a Postmodernist work because you want to pursue that style, or is it simply a fluke of the source material?

    2: People often talk about authors in terms of influence, but sometimes influence isn’t overt. Do you have any other influences you’d be willing to share that may be more subtle, or that you haven’t heard people mention often?

  • enorka miho

    First thing first.. I would like to thank him.. For is bravery.. For his creativity.. And for his faith that he put on his fans… I am very grateful indeed that this game get to come out again in PS3!

    But I would like to ask him some questions.

    1) How and from where do you get yourself inspired from? Is it the movies? Or is it the books? Or someone you worked with? I mean, at times, as a person who grew up in a different culture, it is always hard to grasp the customs that is different than yours what more to portray them in such a unique way, yet undiluted?

    2)What do you think that makes Japanese developers lack luster to many gamers out there? Though I personally love games developed by both Japanese and western developers as they both have their own beauty.. But unfortunately not everyone agrees to the extend the entire market is in a very delicate state as of now… Do you think maybe its simply that gamers has changed their taste whereby they like more games with more freedom and more action? Or was it really that things get too bland after a decade of market domination? And if its the preferences of the gamers that changed… How would you like to see things changed?

    3)Will there be anymore games like this in your future project?

    4) Will you jump into collector edition bandwagon? Cuz I do fancy getting a Limited edition of sort..

    Lastly, please take care and we love you! XD

  • Does he think it was a mistake to include combat?

    Does he regret listening to other people and including it (I can’t remember whether he said it was focus groups or higher ups in the company, but I think it was higher ups)

    Does he have the confidence to move forward for his next game and complete his vision the way he sees it without interference?

  • Questions noted :)

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