Crack Open A Toaster And Washing Machine In Vita’s AR Box Opening Game

By Sato . January 22, 2013 . 2:13am


Box! Open Me is a downloadable title for the PlayStation Vita in Japan. The main goal of the game is to open various boxes around you, which can be found through AR cards or simply by using the Vita’s camera feature and finding boxes around you.


2013-01-18_233116 2013-01-18_233149 2013-01-18_233228 2013-01-18_233238

The boxes found in Box! Open Me consist of various puzzle mechanisms. Many of them require players to press, slide and spin different parts of the box to open them for prizes found inside.


2013-01-18_233525 2013-01-18_233538

Players level up by opening more boxes. The higher your level, the harder the box puzzles become. With a total of 50 different boxes, players can unlock the ‘Last Area’ levels once they’ve opened them all. The Last area will feature the most challenging puzzles players have yet to encounter.


2013-01-18_234014 2013-01-18_234030

The higher level boxes can be really tricky, players will be required to inspect them from different angles in order to obtain their rewards.



For players that want to take their box opening skills to a whole other level, there’s the Toaster Oven and Washer DLC boxes. The Toaster Oven has a fish in it, which players will have to perfectly grill in order to open. Overheating the fish will cause it to explode. Beware!




Think you’re an expert at washing clothes? Take your skills for a spin with the Washer box.


Box! Open Me is currently available on the PlayStation Network. The Toaster Oven and Washer DLC are also available for 100 yen each.

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  • Elvick

    I like AR games, but some part of me is hoping it’s never localized. Solely to avoid the inevitable trailer being released for it and all the tedious complaining that no one bought a Vita for “this shit” and Sony should make “real games”, etc.


    • neetyneety

      Or, they could look at it in a positive light and say “These are just the kind of unique experiences that you can’t get anywhere else but the Vita!” or “This could be a good step towards getting more original, unique games for the Vita!” or hopefully even “This looks so cool/awesome!”.

      Or they can be like you said. Either way I guess.

      • Elvick

        I no longer have that level of faith in people.

        There’s always the sprinkle of reason around, but it’s mostly the opposite in my experience.

        Too many people seem content with thinking that games are only made to appeal to their own tastes… which usually are narrow.

        • Mr_SP

          I know that when I originally heard about Open Me!, I was… underwhelmed. Of course, the trailer was terrible, showing a couple of guys and a ton of boxes. Cardboard boxes.

          It is only NOW that I realise, that there are actual *puzzle boxes* in this game, and it makes me look at it in a whole new light. That being, a light which is not wholly dismissive of the concept.

        • MediaMindControl

          Lol your faith in others is wavering. On a day when you receive a gift like a birthday for example you will open a box with quite a different level of enthusiasm only to receive a boxed copy of this box game open me! imported from Japan. No just kidding you find nothing inside because it is a download game and you will never open boxes again.

      • tridus

        That you can only get on the Vita… or any smartphone.

        • Kefkiroth

          You could say the same thing for smartphones; the Vita’s hardware could probably play any smartphone game.

          The point is that this particular game is exclusive to Vita.

    • You know I feel like it might have the opposite effect. Sort of the same way Tokyo Jungle gained its attention for being a totally unique “only in Japan” type of experience.

    • SerendipityX

      Hate to say it, but I wouldn’t blame people for reacting that way. Sony isn’t exactly supporting the Vita full-force. AR games like this are like icing on the cake, but right now Vita ain’t got no cake. D:

      • Göran Isacson

        On the one hand, Game Boy sold like gangbusters with just Tetris, a simple puzzle game. On the other hand that cost 90 dollars back then, which some internetsurfing on sites like this:
        Tells me is worth about 150 dollars today so even back then it was cheaper than today.

        So yeah: Sony has a more expensive machine, and a critical dearth of games to go with it that the average consumers won’t just look at and go “Eh I can get that or something that looks like that cheaper on the app-store”. I wouldn’t blame the fans for not exactly welcoming this with open arms.

      • Elvick

        Saying that, doens’t make it any more accurate.

        Their advertising is just terrible. Software wise, what more could you ask? The only issue was giving a third rate developer Resistance. Otherwise, there were 8 first party games on launch day alone.

        Terrible. And you know they don’t care when they have their terrible developers like Media Molecule working on a game for Vita. Yuck.

        • SerendipityX

          Why am I not surprised at a sarcastic “vita sucks” response? Software-wise, Sony can clearly do better, their just not and I’m gonna leave it at that.

          • sandra10

            Yeah, people don’t give Sony nearly enough credit. They supported the Vita better than they have any launch console, better than their competitors have as well. And they actually make big budget games.

            As of yet, Nintendo hasn’t shown off anything for the WiiU that looks as good as Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, or Killzone Mercenary. These games aren’t easy or cheap to make, they can’t make them on the fly and they can’t fill every year with these types of games.

            Even on the PS3 which most people can agree that Sony has supported very well, how many Uncharted level Sony games were on it this year? Zero; instead we’ve seen them padding this year with many smaller games like Journey and Tokyo Jungle (Box! Open Me-esque games). Last year? They had quite a few. Next year? They have some more. But every year? Nope. You haven’t seen that type of support from ANY publisher and you’re not going to. It’s far too expensive to be feasible.

          • SerendipityX

            Right I would say Sony is doing okay, just not GREAT on the software-side. Vita is still missing that special something.

          • sandra10

            The “better experiences” argument can be applied to practically every handheld game in existence. Strange Journey was worse than Nocturne, the vast majority of Square’s original FF handheld games were blatantly inferior to their console entries, Nintendo has made plenty of inferior versions of their franchises for their handhelds (just compare SM3DLand and NSMB2 to Galaxy and NSMBU respectively).

            Sony has been supporting the Vita better than any publisher has supported a system regardless of what mob mentality has led you to believe. This is why I mentioned Nintendo because they are also a console manufacturer/games publisher; it was simply for the comparison’s sake.

          • SerendipityX

            Mob mentality? WTF are you talking about? You make sound like I said the Vita was piece of garbage not worth owning at all. Or rather Sony isn’t pushing the vita b/c they are that just aren’t doing enough. Look just forget I said anything, its not worth starting this whole stupid debate again.

            (Weird that my previous post got eaten up by disqus when I tried to edit it, but no matter.)

          • sandra10

            Mob mentality – as in only doing something because a larger group of people are doing. Like say, calling X game inferior to Y or so and so developer is mediocre because a very vocal group of people claim it to be so and not forming an opinion based on personal experience.

            This happens all the time and it can be seen on forums currently i.e. people saying Ninja Theory are terrible developers (and most just make generalities about their games because they’ve actually never played them), same thing with Sony’s support of the PSP and Vita (same problem, most haven’t actually played their games).

          • SerendipityX

            I’m not saying what I’m saying based on mob mentality. (Alot of people of Siliconera, think Vita support is fine.) I’m saying this b/c the Vitas I bought a couple family members (who are mainstream gamers) are gathering dust on their shelves. It’s either Sony is lacking in persistent support or maybe Vita just has some kind of identity crisis. I was initially thinking maybe 2013 might pick-up but…

  • There is something so deliciously obsessive compulsive about the idea of this game that makes me want it.

  • neetyneety

    You know, this actually seems pretty interesting, and with the Vita’s cameras (which are actually pretty good in comparison to the crappy– I mean, “less advanced” cameras the 3DS has), it could be fun to play.

    • PoSiTiV3tEnSiOn

      If you mean AR stability, then yeah… VITA is better. As far as clarity or quality of the photos taken, I’m afraid you’re mistaken about which has the better camera.

      • xXDGFXx

        how… close are you to pikachu in that picture when you used the vita…?

      • MediaMindControl

        I don’t know why people would use either as a camera anyways. I mean every other device we have is a camera these days and mostly like people have some kind of smart phone which takes decent pics. both vita and 3ds have pretty awful camera’s and sure with just the right conditions you can get a good one. for the most part I’ll use a DSLR if I’m planning to take pictures.

  • Detrimont

    this actually sounds pretty awesome, i want a localized release

  • Fr33Kingdom

    We should all be concerned with how fantastic this game looks. Something about the idea of opening boxes…and AR is a great concept. It’s just such an interesting and unique idea for a puzzle game.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This…….this is the type of game that should invade the AR system lol.

    Ar system had so much potential there.(I mean, i enjoy 3DS AR card games.) But it is just sad that no one is trying to push more of these feature.

    If they are able to find the so called attractive spots for AR feature, i am sure that this will be a very great feature to add for games.^_^

    AR Yu-Gi-Oh! game is making me shiver lol.

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