More Revelations About Resident Evil: Revelations For PS3/Xbox 360/Wii U/PC

By Spencer . January 23, 2013 . 12:13am

re_revelations_001 Capcom confirmed the Nintendo 3DS game Resident Evil: Revelations will be re-released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U on May 21 in North America. Famitsu has a few more details about the console version and says the graphics have been upgraded. Lighting effects and character models will look sharper. Players will even be able to see bloodstains clearly on the floor. The visuals will be more dramatic.


Resident Evil: Revelations will have a new enemy that changes the tempo of the game in a big way. Capcom also added an "Infernal mode" difficulty setting for players that want a challenge.


Raid Mode in the 3DS version will be in Resident Evil: Revelations for consoles and PC. Players will be able to choose more playable characters like Hunk. Raid Mode will also have additional weapons and customizable parts. While the online mode has been confirmed, it isn’t clear if Resident Evil: Revelations will incorporate any of the StreetPass features from the 3DS version.

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  • Phlo

    It’s nice that it can reach more people this way, but it doesn’t look like it has a whole lot for people who have already played it to completion. Oh well, all of you who haven’t played it need to give it a shot. Revelations has RE5 and 6 beat.

  • Ricewarrior

    I hope they changed the dodge controls.

    Felt awkward as hell trying to dodge in that game.

    • OkamiKing

      Isn’t that why Jill got smacked the entire trailer?

    • ^ This, it was a miracle when you actually made that work when you wanted to dodge.

  • Crevox

    Your “a new enemy” link there is a bit funky. It tries to link to Siliconera with:


    …which seems to be the source quote?

  • Neutron15

    late news, but heres the new enemy:

    Ooze hunter?

  • Interested to see the Wii U game pad integration if any. I could see it easily to be used for scanning objects (a mechanic in the 3DS version). But I do want to play it with friends online so PS3 version might be best (Wii U online gaming community is lacking a bit). Hoping for 3D support too.

    • Did you see the Nintendo Direct? LOL ONLINE HYPE TRAIN GET ON DOWN DIGGITY! Blops2 community is getting bigger actually

  • Valtiel Ikari

    They got me when they said Hunk

    • Haha same here, despite having it on 3DS

  • fds_nextdart

    That they skipped the PSV is a low blow~. =/

  • Hunk…damn it, now i will have to get it on PC as well

  • Lester Paredes

    Ya know, Capcom, I bought both UMvC and SFxT on Vita, and while I like them both just fine, they aren’t my must haves. Suddenly, I hear RE:Revelations being ported to other systems. *GASP* What would make more sense than porting a handheld game onto another handheld! And then the snub. Thanks, Capcom. Not only are we getting crap for Mega Man games, bad Resident Evil games, DLC scandals, but, seriously, you guys are making it hard for me to continue to want to support you. I just don’t get to play my consoles as much as I used to, what with having a job, a child, a wife, daily demands… my Vita gets more play than my PS3 and PC and 3DS combined. I may be in the minority, but, c’mon, Capcom. All you have to do is make the PS3 version cross-buy.

    • DREW39K

      Crazy thought, If you already have a 3ds, why not just buy it for that?

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