Lightning Can Guard And Evade Attacks In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

By Spencer . January 28, 2013 . 1:01am

Lightning is the world’s last hope in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, so she has to save the world alone. Since you won’t have Sazh to soak up damage, Lightning has to defend herself by using a guard move to reduce damage.




Square Enix also added in an evade command which is assigned to a button. Press it at the right time and Lightning will move out of the way. Dodging enemy attacks also sets Lightning up for a counterattack. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII uses a new battle system where different attacks are assigned to the four face buttons. Lightning can change her garb in battle to change which attacks she has kind of like the Dressphere system from Final Fantasy X-2.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is slated for release this fall on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


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  • Johnnyxt

    LOL, i thought the picture on the title was Roxas for a minute.

  • Johnnyxt

    I thought Lightning was Roxas for a second for the picture title

    • AkuLord3

      When i saw i was thinking, Did they get the wrong pic?…why is there a KH pic on a FFXIII article?! lol

    • Epitome

      Thought the same thing why is Roxes there thats a really bad pic of lighting.

    • Detrimont

      so i’m not the only one

    • Tien Ron

      hahaha i think everyone thought that ahahah

    • Oh thank heavens I’m not the only one who thought that…

      • Richter

        I thought that was Goku…

        • O.O

          How dare you…

          • Richter

            I. was. JOKING

          • lol Want this game bad, I just wish when I’m not at home I could play it on PSVITA….too bad :(

          • Richter

            Yes I agree. It really sucks that we haven’t had a legit Final Fantasy game with FF13 graphics or so on the vita, which looks possible at the very least when you look at Phantasy Star Online 2.

    • southeastern

      It’s probably because of the KH 1.5 article before this one lol, but.. I dunno, I’m a victim too anyway

    • Steven Higgins

      Me too.

    • I thought I was the only one…

    • vespe

      Now i dont feel so weird, i really saw roxas on the pic before opening the article. —

    • T-X

      Hey with the random inter-dimensional town and checkered art style it might as well be Roxas.

  • AnimusVox

    Dat unintentional cow lick

    • Actually, it seems to be more an issue of gravity than a cow lick… I think…

  • Ehren Rivers

    This article seems oddly out of time/place. This information was released forever ago, and was visually confirmed in the original trailer… Even the outfits thing was revealed at the announcement.

    The blocking/evading thing is apparently looking pretty good though, even at early stages.

  • Sazh wasn’t very good at at soaking up damage, you know, with being a synergist and all…

    • Ehren Rivers

      It’s true that he wasn’t the best at it since his stats were geared for being a good Synergist, but he had the second highest HP in the game and got access to a bunch of defensive buffs. I have a feeling they meant Snow though, to be honest. :P

      • DriftSlave

        you honestly can build Sazh(and most other characters) to however you wanted them to play as Post game. i.e. use Sazh to slay Super Turtles with Blitz since his Max attack is dictated by his equipment and not raw stats.

        • Ehren Rivers

          That’s not quite accurate. Sazh’s stats are overall low because of his elemental flexibility and the amount of buffs he gets access to in the order that he does. His powerful weapons almost all have a negative effect attached to them, such as Leadenstrike and Paper Tiger, to limit their usefulness. Through heavy use of stat boosting accessories and weapons it’s possible to push the support characters into performing semi-decently in the more active combat roles, but it’s not what they’re built for.

          Furthermore, weapon stats (with the exception of weapons which give a boost to Sentinel abilities) don’t affect damage reduction. Since we’re discussing Sentinel specifically here, Sazh’s high HP is an offset for his low damage reduction. He loses out to both Snow and Fang (in that order) in effectiveness for the role, putting him at a decent third place as long as you’ve got the defensive buffs to make up for his poor stats.

          Unless you’re actually playing as the character who will be the Sentinel, in which case Sazh occasionally loses his spot to Lightning. (Who has no guard abilities or -ward benefits, but when equipped with Nimbletoe Boots at Level 4 Sentinel will frequently avoid Ultima and other high-damage abilities.)

          • DriftSlave

            Your overthinking what I replied with…lmao. Rigels Stagger lock is hardly a negative effect and has both high Atk&Mag. I never implied his weapons(or synthesis groups of equipment) helped with his Sen role, you assumed so. I mentioned his weapons because his low attacking stats are offset with his weapons having high stats which indeed make a huge difference.

            I’m quite aware of him not having high damage reduction w/o equipment but my point was that he makes a decent Sentinel(you placed him at 3rd) and that you can build him as such.

          • Ehren Rivers

            |’m really not, though. It took me seconds to think of it, and my points are still valid. Stagger Lock is an incredibly negative effect for Sazh, whose real strength lies in his ability to boost the Chain Gauge. It doesn’t hurt him much if he’s a Commando, but that’s about it. No, I didn’t assume anything. I was pointing out that although you can jerry-rig a support character into an attack role they aren’t meant through for weapons you can’t really make a character a Sentinel in the same way.

            In other words, Sazh is a decent Sentinel because his final stats make him a decent Sentinel. He is also, as I said, NOT THE BEST. He is unlikely to be a first choice, as there are unfortunately no accessories that power up the benefits of things like Fringeward. I don’t see why you’re arguing with me, either, since neither of us is making the claim he’s terrible or anything.

    • DriftSlave

      he had the 3rd highest HP out of the original cast, why wouldn’t he be good at soaking up damage in the Sentinel Paradigm?

      • Ehren Rivers

        Second highest. Snow is first with 30,000 and Sazh comes in second with 27,000. Then Fang with 24,000.

  • Christ

    The whole battle system reminds me of Dissidia 012’s RPG mode. Anyone agree with me?

    • Ehren Rivers

      Sort of, but it’s closer to the systems in Crisis Core and Type-0. It also bears some striking resemblance to the Semi-Auto mode of every ‘Tales of’ game since the Gamecube/PS2 era, particularly that of ‘Tales of Graces f’, and to a lesser extent that of Star Ocean.

    • Wappuli

      Kinda, because of the computer controlled movement, but it still most likely won’t be even close to as aerial as dissidia, which was like “the thing” for dissidia.
      Closest I can think for is Wild Arms 3.

      @Ehren Rivers : Tales of’s have had semi-auto ever since snes Phantasia. And even if you don’t cout that, since semi-auto was all it got, then it still has been around since ps1 Destiny.

      • Ehren Rivers

        The only computer controlled movement is when you press an attack button, you move manually with the left stick until you use an ability. I don’t remember if that’s how it was in RPG mode, but I don’t remember having to move manually.

        Really? The GBA Tales of Phantasia appears to just be an ATB-esque turn-based affair. As for the other, I see. I have not played Tales of Destiny, though, I have no firsthand knowledge of any of the PS1 ‘Tales of’ games.

        • Wappuli

          Oh, sorry, I remembered that this woudn’t have manual, especially since he compared to Dissidias RPG-mode wich doesn’t have manual and because trailer showed pretty much no battle movement.

          • Ehren Rivers

            Yeah, that’s understandable. They mentioned it in the announcement, but it wasn’t really visible in the early gameplay trailers. It was confirmed by various fansites recently though, from the sites that got to see the media tour presentation. Hopefully the next trailer will show this off a bit.

          • Christ

            Wait, so this means that Lightning will be able to move player-controlled while battling? I’m lost, since I remember that in Dissidia you had a button for ‘move’

          • There’s no button for move in Dissidia. There’s an action button to grind rails and such, but not a move button.

          • Wappuli

            Hopefully, at least some older article said so.
            And yes, there was a button for “move” in dissidias RPG-mode but it can hardly be called manual, since your character will just automaticly start moving towards the target when you select it.

          • Ehren Rivers

            Yes, according to the preview articles Lightning is moved freely with the left stick. She moves automatically toward or away from an enemy when you press an attack button. This is why I mentioned the ‘Tales of’ games, because they use a very similar system. Backing up to cast spells, running up to use Heavy Strike, etc.

        • Suicunesol

          GBA Tales of Phantasia’s screen size was smaller compared to the SNES version, making it difficult if not pointless to move around manually with the D-pad, so I can see why you think there is no direct control.

          Nonetheless, you do have limited control over where your character walks in Tales of Phantasia, and if you press the attack button he’ll automatically charge, strike the enemy no matter where he is, and then quickly return to his original position. Not turn-based either; it’s very much a timed-action game.

          • Ehren Rivers

            I see. thanks for letting me know. I don’t recall ever having been able to move, I just watched the little guys run up and beat things and sometimes pressing the buttons didn’t do anything for a while. So, I figured there was some kind of gauge somewhere that dictated when I could and couldn’t attack.

  • Alane Felix

    Top pic reminds me of the Reflect spell from KH

    • DriftSlave

      Steelguard :/

      • Which visually looks the same as reflect did in Kingdom Hearts. You know they were made by the same company, right?

        • DriftSlave

          I know Tetsuya Nomura(SE) does KH….i was just saying it looks like Steelguard to me, which by no lesser extension looks like reflect(KH) or Shell&Protect in past Square games. So yes I’m quite aware.

          • So why the :/ response then. It’s not like Alane’s reply was invalid or wrong.

          • DriftSlave

            I just said steelguard….why are you so defensive? I meant nothing behind it…lolz

          • Kelohmello

            People don’t typically say things then make expressions without meaning anything behind it. That’s just a waste of peoples’ time and confuses everyone.

          • DriftSlave

            me reading your reply was a waste of my time~ good job.

  • I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I’ll be glad when this finally comes out so we can FINALLY get past seeing this lame chick. I think we are all getting sick of seeing Lightning being paraded around year after year as FF’s new Mascot as if she ever really had what it took to save this failed merger of Square-Enix to begin with. lol like come on and drop Type-o and Versus already…her 15 minutes came and went a long time ago. Honestly they should have made her games come out at the same time as a triple disc like they use to do their PS1 titles..that’s how much I’m ready to get past this crappy point in FF history with her..the whole series with Lightning has just been one long game of russian roulette, and the bullet has yet to fire. If Square really wants to save itself bring Hiromichi Tanaka,Hironobu Sakaguchi,Yasuyuki Honne,Masato Kato,& Tetsuya Takahashi amongst many others back on board..dump Enix and grab Monolith and Mistwalker if you really intend to get back to your former glory days.

    • Herok♞

      Type-0 was dropped a long time ago, Play the demo and if you like that just import it for the price of a normal psp game($40 at the time of writing), after playing the demo any interest I had in the game disappeared because it lets you take characters who have literally no way of fighting into battle. That’s just my take, the game didn’t sale well enough for Square for them to bother localizing it since they know they wouldn’t get nearly as many sales outside of Japan for a PSP game (you know the system where at least 50% of what would have been sales is pirated instead.) Lastly alot of people do like Lightning even if you don’t and your business plan sounds horrible Enix makes great games that sell well like Dragon Quest so it would be a stupid Idea to drop them for another company.

      • almostautumn

        S-E might still be making money on their console titles, but get real, especially if you’re a fellow FF fan. FF13 seriously just blows, 1 especially, and this “trilogy” is just a way too long joke on what is still a solid series as proven by type-0—which I just don’t have a clue what you’re talking about by saying you weren’t “into” it. And despite piracy being the reason type-0 isn’t coming, that doesn’t mean settling with this atrocious excuse of a trilogy is in any way reasonable; seriously, S-E have simply bombed with their console titles, and anyone who goes, “Get rid of this PoS trilogy and get on with something else” is not in the slightest wrong.

        As to “a lot of people like Lightning”— Well, that’s because she’s the only character in the trilogy with the slightest bit of personality. Still, that doesn’t mean she is a “good” character, or even a remotely relative character. She’s just the ONLY character, and so it’s not like anyone really has a choice; either a slew of cliches to “respond” with, or Lightning.

        I agree the above poster’s business plan is wack, especially because Mistwalker is doing a kick-ass job on their own if ya’ ask me, but that doesn’t mean S-E has not become an absolutely sick joke of what Square themselves, and Enix themselves, used to achieve on a regular, individual basis. It is truly maddening to see their PR bulls**t and “goals” when they are seriously tying together historical, and as far as I see, infinitum series, with marketing sensibilities. It’s GARBAGE, through and through (on the console front), and no gamer who has an intimacy with Square or Enix series should be expected in the slightest to accept the absolute drivel that is the FF13 trilogy.

        • Kaihedgie

          For a trilogy that apparently sucks so much, you people sure do invest an awful lot of time on it and post long comments.

        • Final Fantasy XIII was the fastest-selling title in the history of the series and has sold 6.7 million copies worldwide. Final Fantasy XIII-2 has become the fifth best-selling game of 2011 and it has reached over 3 million copies worldwide. In what aspect has this series bombed? Other than in pacifying your obvious rage boner?

        • Oh and Mistwalker has yet to have a console game break half a million in sales. I’m pretty sure SE doesn’t need nor want them.

          • I agree. But, I would love to see Sakaguchi san back in the ranks. It can be said that there is a difference in most FF games post IX. Does that make them bad because theyre not the same as the previous installments? I dont think so.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          This is not going to continue. Folks need to accept that theirs is not the only opinion in existence about a product. Fans come in many shapes and one is no more or less a fan because they enjoy something different than you. Warned.

        • >but get real, especially if you’re a fellow FF fan. FF13 seriously just blows,

          I admit the game is rubbish…why do I keep buying these games?

          • MrRobbyM

            Because despite being shitty, it has a nice thick coat of high production value. I still found XIII enjoyable but, well, we all know what went wrong.

            Imo of course.

          • I agree with you, I liked XIII-2 more since it actually imo fixed quiet a lot of issues the first game had. I’m one of the people who actually liked the monster taming system so I had more expectation for the game compared to everyone else who just nitpicked about minor bits and bobs.

            Also regarding what I said, I meant to type in *sarcasm* but I thought people would get the gist of it :/

          • you can edit posts, ya know?

          • I know, I just couldn’t be bothered since someone already replied to it.

        • Steven Reece

          Maybe to you, but I don’t think the series is garbage I actually like it. Thank you very much,

      • Detrimont

        while it’s true the psp market isnt that great outside of japan, the piracy rate for psp games isnt that high, ds has way more piracy than any other system, also, type-0 actually sold very well

      • “No way of fighting”? PLEASE, comically elaborate on that one.

      • Ehren Rivers

        I think another good thing to remember here is that it’s not like Square and Enix can pick up and separate at the drop of a hat or anything. I’m sure there are, of course, records of who worked where but the companies are pretty much merged.

        Or hey, you know, the fact that Toriyama and his team pretty much all worked at Squaresoft prior to the merger and therefore would stay even if Enix split off again. I think it’s weird how people keep blaming the Enix side, when all the people who are making the decisions they hate are veteran Squaresoft.

    • Well you sure as hell don’t speak for me. Or you know, the MILLIONS of people who buy and play these games. If you don’t like it, play something else. No one has a gun to your head.

      • I guess he has the gun to his head himself from the russian roullette comment?

    • DriftSlave

      I like Lightning so no…..your opinion does not run parallel with mines. You can always Not play XIII…which is something people tend to not do when they run their mouths like yourself.

    • I agree with 25% of that.

    • yunospeakforme?

    • Hur durr, I’m tired of Lightning. You know that Lightning came on top of the most popular FF girl in Japan? That’s why SE keeps using her.

    • Sorry, but I actually like Lightning and the way the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology has been used in the Lightning Saga. So, I’m very excited to see how Square Enix decides to end her story.

    • Sylveria

      I don’t hate her like most people, but I do not understand the infatuation people have with her. She’s Squall with boobs, a TREMENDOUS victim complex, and a serious case of “Strong, Independent Woman” syndrome which in 13 is executed excruciatingly poorly.

      I will be glad to see the 13 “Saga” end and cross my fingers that we see better for the next generation.

      • Incorrect. She’s Cloud with boobs.

        And she’s awesome.

  • Pockystix

    why do the new FF games advertise features that are common in almost every other RPG?

    Why is blocking a feature, all of the sudden?

    • Ehren Rivers

      Manual guarding and evasion are not common in the series, so the development team’s decision to include them is, for the series, something new-ish. It will be the first time these functions will exist in a mainline Final Fantasy. (Barring XI, an MMO which a given individual may or may not view as mainline)

      It’s not as if the team is hard advertising this though. It was mentioned in the original announcement, and confirmed in a trailer. The commands were given brief mention during any time where the team was asked what was going to be new/different both from the previous two games or the series in general, but they aren’t actually making it one of their major selling points or anything.

  • d19xx

    She can’t guard and evade the attacks of angry fans…

    • Doesn’t have to. People complain but the games sell millions.

      • This game will be lucky to sell even A million worldwide.

        • Spoken like someone who knows nothing of the game industry. Tell me. What do you think the best selling JRPG of this console generation has been?

          • Sylveria

            Generation 6 pokemon games. Oh, wait, you mean big consoles, not handhelds. Perhaps you should ask “What is the only big-name JRPG series that made the jump in to this generation.”

            13-2 sold ~2.5million worldwide, making it the worst selling console FF game since the post-FF7 era, even worse than
            X-2. That’s a drop of over 4 million sales from FF13. If FF13-3 continues the trend of only selling 1/3 the quantity of it’s predecessor, Magius’ prediction is not unfeasible.

          • Except XIII-2 sold 3.1 million worldwide as of January 18, which makes a drop of half not two thirds. And half of 3 million is…

            Plus your argument has a pretty big logical fallacy. The favorable reception to XIII-2 would cause the potential drop off to decrease, plus the players that had planned to drop the franchise would likely have done so for XIII-2. Those who both the last game are almost certain to buy the final act, seeing a XIII-2 literally ended with a cliffhanger.

          • Oh and no one but the most anal retentive include handhelds when they say consoles. I said consoles.

      • AnimusVox

        My friend and I were talking about that today. People (in general) will complain about it but they’ll still buy it or play it. Maybe not as many will but there it is.

        • And SE will laugh all the way to the bank.

          • Ehren Rivers

            You know, going to the bank physically is totally unnecessary nowadays. I bet SE hires someone to dramatically walk to a bank with every release though, cackling at the top of their lungs.

            That’s what I would do anyway, if I owned a business and people whined about my products while continuing to buy them and obsess over them every time they’re mentioned.

          • I’d have Toshiyuki Morikawa do it.

          • Pekola


            I don’t get what’s up with people. They act as if Final Fantasy is an abomination. Yet it’s one of the few RPG’s that many can play and enjoy that didn’t entirely migrate from consoles.

            Moreover, let’s not pretend that other games are making a fortune. SPECIALLY RPG games. Skyrim probably being the most notable exception. Other important IPs are bringing similar amounts to Final Fantasy, if not less.

            RPG’s are not the highlight of gaming anymore. Call of Duty and others are what’s ‘in’ now.

            So all in all, Final Fantasy is doing damn well.

          • FF is a multi million seller. Every time! They aren’t doing well, they’re doing great!

    • The greatest enemy of fictional characters: Fans XD

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Yet those aren’t the only fans. If you are just coming here to fan flames, take it elsewhere. Warned.

  • Why is it that when there’s a female lead in the games, they find some way to get her to change her clothes?

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      Because we, men, want to… oh god I can’t write it

    • Ehren Rivers

      That’s a bit of a sticky thing to answer. For one, it’s not every time there’s a female lead. Changing outfits in battle is pretty exclusive to X-2 and LR, and it’s supposed to be an evolution of the old job systems. I mean, III and V had male leads but you still changed appearances with every job. It’s not like costume changes aren’t asked for, either, since there are people begging for them practically every time a Final Fantasy is in dev. I’ve personally been hearing a lot of requests for Final Fantasies where your equipment changes your appearance like it does in 4 Heroes of Light or Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. Especially in the wake of XIII-2, where a major complaint was that the DLC costumes should have had stats and exclusive abilities instead of only changing appearance.

      I’m sure it has less to do with the lead being a woman and more to do with trying to evolve a system. Then again, we can’t discount the power of fanservice.

    • Final Fantasy XIII says hi. T_T

    • Kelohmello

      Are you serious? You’re acting like male leads don’t do this all the time. Just because you only notice it due to it being a female doesn’t mean it’s primarily a thing for female leads.

  • Okay, so, I’m still cautiously optimistic about this game. Combat sounds like it will be a blast to play, and, hopefully Square can fix the glaring technical issues from the early trailers (which I have no doubt, since they are early trailers). However, I’m being patient to wait on the story.

    As someone who enjoyed the story of FFXIII, I was very disappointed by XIII-2’s story (and characters… only Caius was truly awesome). Hopefully Square can put together a great story for the end of Lightning’s saga, but until I see more about the story, I’m staying cautiously optimistic.

    Now, I’ve blathered on about irrelevant things, but this news article itself is very intriguing. I’m excited about how combat is supposed to work (using different attacks assigned to the face buttons!) and the manual guard and evade sounds like fun (I play a lot of Dark Souls…). I’m very excited to see what comes of this and hope that it works out!

  • Combat in this game does sound like it requires more player involvement. Whereas, in the previous games, you were managing the Paradigms, this time, you’re managing those and Lightning as well. Words cannot begin to express how excited I am for this game, especially the combat and exploration.

  • Prinnydoom

    Anyone else think that lightning looks like roxas in the second photo >__<


    Can’t wait for this game, i am looking forward to it.

  • This Fall huh? For some reason I could’ve sworn that it was supposed to come out earlier this year though.

    • Ehren Rivers

      Square Enix NA apparently made some comments a few days after the announcement to some pressy type people, saying something along the lines of “You should be playing it by this time next year: This got out, which was implying an August-September release date.

  • Neko Kawaii

    Wtf is up with her pants in the last pic, hate the ATB battle system that square enix uses so I hope this is a bit different.

  • awaiken

    In other news, there will be a villain in this game.

  • Ryan Chiu

    …So… Kingdom Hearts battle system, kinda?

    • Shami

      More Crisis Core like

  • Luis Enrique

    Baby steps, Square. Baby steps.

  • Zenthos

    Amazing! Lighting can dodge and guard! As if we haven’t had that in a Final Fantasy title before.

  • Jirin

    Interesting idea. Though this article makes it seem like your control over lightning is pretty limited. If there’s not a full party I would expect a full movement control system.

    • Ehren Rivers

      It IS a full movement control system. This article, as I mentioned in another comment, is really out of date and out of place. You move Lightning freely across the battle field and assign attacks, magics, evasion skills, and blocks to the face buttons. Pressing ‘Evade’ makes you do some kind of sideflip/dodge roll that moves you faster than you can go with the left stick and gives you the ability to go straight into a counterattack.

      The only thing that you don’t really have control over is that when you press a button tied to a skill, Lightning moves automatically into range to use it. (Forward for attacks, and apparently she takes a step back for magic if you’re too close)

  • Only new for SE, Tales of, Star Ocean (Tri-Ace) and Valkyrie Profile did something similar a whole long time ago and even SE did it in CC. Up to that, thinking of the CLOUD trailer, they promised their players something like that 3 years ago, if I’m not mistaken.

    It’s a bit late to bring that up now… but … for all those who will probably play it… better late than never I guess…? ^ ^”
    Hopefully it’s a nice change of pace… but most of the people loved XIII for it’s simplistic battle system, so why change it now?
    Might be because every FFXIII title has been below average in Japan, but then again that would imply that they only consider their japanese players to be the main target.

    No matter how I think about it, that change seems kinda weird for a whole series.

  • Nitraion

    Lol everyone thinks its roxas picture same as me XD
    Hmm this FFXIII sure lot like KH in battle system KH CoM actually to be blunt

  • Romangelo

    we need an ability to counter and assassinate like Assassin’s Creed!!

  • SOLOmio

    Claire n Sazh sitting in a tree K.IS.S.I.N.G! I still think they make a good pair, but unfortunately sazh didn’t go well as support to the main character, does having a good but not measure impact on the first game and having a not so great DLC missions in my opinion(u may disagree) as cameo. but still she,fang and nabaat would give a great mom to dahj. especially nabaat if she wasn’t dead!

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