What Is The Dark Souls II Team Working On?

By Spencer . January 28, 2013 . 2:02am


Namco Bandai took photos inside FromSoftware where the team is working on Dark Souls II. These pictures give us a peek at some weapons, armor, and perhaps a familiar character.


See the artwork for the character with a crown on the white screen?




It kind of reminds me of Gwyn from Dark Souls.


Any guesses here?


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  • praise the sun

    • Eilanzer

      try jump!

  • -_-

  • TheDarkEmpress

    What is the Dark Souls II team working on?

    Dark Souls II.

    • Matheus Mendes

      That’s what we expect from them anyway lol

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    The title is a bit misleading lol. I thought the title meant that Dark Souls 2 team is doing something new here.

  • MooPoint

    I am guessing it is indeed Gwyn in picture 2. Darksouls 2 is said set in same world as Darksoul, maybe it is the design for his cameo in Darksouls 2. Like Patches the Hyena from Demon Souls, he make a comeback in Darksouls.

    • Sakurazaki

      I don’t think thats the right comparison to make. Patches was sort of a running gag cameo in the games while Gwyn was a central figure in the Dark Souls lore. I think that Gwyn is here because he is still central to the story being made, not like Patches who supposedly got in “just ’cause”.

      • Calling him a running gag cameo is quite appropriate, since Patches featured in several previous games made by From Software.
        The Gwyn-lookalike might as well be Allfather Lloyd, Gwyn’s uncle. The game’s lore states that all the other gods fled Anor Londo, so if Dark Souls 2 is truly set in the same world but in a different location, it’s possible that we get to see some characters that were until now only mentioned by name (see: the shushing of Velka-related talks in the interviews and the darkhaired female character who hands out the black feather in the trailers).

  • Asclepius

    we need someone so grossly incandescent to engage in jolly cooperation!

  • Uh oh, looks like death awaits us all lol

  • They can work on literally anything, so long as it’s not 1) quick time event 2) easy mode/multiple difficulty mode. Could be a giant SR3 pink dildo has a weapon and I’d be fine, so long as there’s no QTE and EZ mode.

    • Magus KilIer

      What’s wrong with easy(er) mode?,you can always pick hard mode if you don’t like it
      I agree with you on the QTEs tho

      • epy

        I guess that with almost everyone making hand-holding games for the masses, the Dark series players want their hard game left alone?

      • Follower_of_Pram

        Nothing against ya, but why would you want a watered down game (easy mode). Overcoming the difficulty and learning from your mistakes is part of the fun and more or less the point of the Soul series.

        As for the game itself, summons are there for ya (unless you’re playing offline, then it’s just npc’s). I don’t mind assisting…if you’re on PS3 anyway. Merely say the word, and we could embark on jolly cooperation. :3

        • Magus KilIer

          I never said i wanted easy mode,i believe quite the contrary,they game would probably sell less if they included one,due to it’s rabid fanbase,and even if it didn’t lower its sales,it would annoy me to no end,as the various corners of the internet would be filled with messages of people complaining about the fact it even exists

          i said that,if there was an easy mode,you could ignore it and pick hard mode

  • Cloud_ST

    Hopefully the writers are working hard as well at making a better story.

  • Demeanor

    So these are the people who troll us nonstop during the main game XD love you guys, enchant the whole world with this new chapter!!! And make it HARD! XD and include lots of pvp griefing like the Gravelord Servant XD

  • ragingmerifes

    A good peek into a broken joystick factory.

  • grevlinghore

    I wanna see this at E3! And I want to get confirmation on whether this will be a PS3 title or a PS4 title…

  • Fitzkrieg

    Well, that dude in the second picture looks like he’s sporting the Darksign on the front of his armor. Aside from that, I got nothing.

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