Atelier Meruru Plus Will Have Balance Tweaks, Plenty Of New Costumes

By Spencer . January 29, 2013 . 3:59pm

meruruplus-08Dengeki PlayStation has more details about Atelier Meruru Plus, a PlayStation Vita port with all of the PS3 downloadable content and a couple of other changes. Gust will tweak the games balance for the Vita version. The magazine also hints that the new event scene where Rorona’s teacher shows up might be difficult to get to.


Meruru will have a bunch of new costumes like Passion Lady, a red swimsuit, and a black dress. The Vita version will have new attachments too like a mini straw hat and crimson rose corsage.


Atelier Meruru Plus comes out on March 20 in Japan.

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  • Xerain

    Balances to make it easier or balances to make it harder?

    • kupomogli

      If it’s anything like Totori, then certain enemies need to be a bit less difficult.

      The only way to get past the sea monster, required boss battle is to either have the most powerful equipment at the time(second most powerful weapons and armor,) and grind, or find a bunch of All Stats +5/All Stats + 10 items and synthesize the items so that you can synthesize metal and cloth with those bonus’, then create weapons, armor, and accessories with those bonus’ plus water dampen as well. You could kill the red dragon boss until you get drops for the most powerful weapon and armor as he has less defense, but he can also kill your party in a single hit at that point in the game if you don’t have fire dampen.

      I see it as having to go quite a bit out of your way either option you choose.

      • Xerain

        I haven’t gotten very far in Meruru yet, but Totori was “just right.” The atelier games are about how good you are at item Synth, not how good you are at grinding levels. They are also about long term resource management and planning your expeditions.

        I didn’t have any problems with the Sea Monster, which is essentially the final boss. (There’s another bigger true final boss, yes, but that’s completely optional for the majority of the endings.) All the materials and traits necessary to dominate it can be gotten by exploring that island just sound of Arland after you get the ship. Sure, Dragon Scales let you make some near end game gear early, but I doubt that’s necessary.

        • kupomogli

          As I stated in my post, other than grinding you could get either water dampen as well as synthesizing All Stats + 5/10 around to the correct materials to get them on all your weapons/armor/accessories. Whichever option you choose, it’s just bothersome. The games entire gameplay in battle is based on how strong you or your equipment is and not based on any skill.

          • Xerain

            Right. And that’s exactly what the games are about. The battles are there more-so just to show off how good you are collecting and synthesizing. I think it’s a safe assumption the vast majority of the people playing Meruru have played Totori or at least some other atelier game, so they’ll be familiar with and enjoy using the synthesis system to it’s utmost.

            With regards tot eh sea serpent boss in Totori, the only change I would make to the game based on your feed back is to add a textual “Hey maybe that island down there has good materials. maybe we should check it out before heading off into the unknown” prompt.

      • Mystena

        Wait wait, Totori and Meruru were hard? That’s news to me. And to be perfectly honest, did you think that a game that’s all about synthesising items wouldn’t place a lot of emphasis on making good items with traits that are advantageous?

        You didn’t need penultimate +5/10 all stats gear to beat that boss. I focused on Skill+%s, reduce MP costs and Ankhs. Spirit necklaces were also a cheap, early item that came with loads of resistances.

        Oh dear god I cannot overemphasise the use of Anhks and buffs in Totori/Meruru. Buff yourself to the gills especially with the +max HP buff, smash the target’s defense with items or skills then go to town. Totori was on full time support for my playthroughs. If I had the luxury, she’ll toss out a Spirit Bomb or Quartz Crystal or N/A but her job was to rotate ankhs for max buffage and keeping the two vanguards topped off with HP and MP (until I got the Mystical Bracelets which broke the game)

        Meruru I will give some concession that it was challenging at some points, but that was probably because I was still using Drachen Elixirs as my main healing items when fighting Fran Pfeil and Petrosaurs so I had to manipulate the turns to pump in as much damage as possible before turtling up for the retaliation. Just liek Totori though, buffs buffs buffs. There’s a tonne of easy accessible debuffs via skills and traits so stack them up. And speaking of buffs, three words: Mimi Spare Bolan. Stack her attack and skill damage, and it doesn’t matter how much defense that boss has, she’s going to hit for maximum damage.

  • TheExile285

    Guessing no localization of this game :/

  • Joshua Myers

    There is a localization for it, I for one will be buying collectors edition

    JP June 28, 2012

    NA March 5, 2013

    EU March 8, 2013

    INT August 23, 2012

    • Nipah_Monster

      Um…those dates are for Atelier Ayesha, not Atelier Meruru Plus. :)

    • well localized version is actually already out, the ps3 version tho :)

    • That be Ayesha, and no CE bro on Ayesha, and yes, i am disappoint as well that there isn’t any. A little over a month away from release and no eng. trailer, no promotion for the game, no LE/CE and no… nah, I wont go there, already too much drama over ‘that’. Let’s just end it with a “buying it used” comment when all my past purchases were day 1 pre-orders regardless of the price. That right there should be enough to show my disappointment with the handling of the game thus far :(

      • Ladius

        Sadly, the only thing you will show them is that the Atelier franchise is such a low-seller it doesn’t even deserve to be localized after Ayesha. It was already extremely niche when the fans gave it their full support, I can’t even imagine what kind of sales it will do now.

  • Ereek

    I’m liking Meruru’s new costumes a lot more than Totori’s.

    • raymk

      Me as well, especially the black dress.

    • someguy

      Well, Totori’s where just for fanservice. This ones at least look good.

    • Ladius

      I have to agree, so far Meruru +’s costumes seem something I could actually use if I were to play the game.

  • raymk

    Ok so does anyone have the actual famitsu scans for this?

  • kupomogli

    It says it’s getting all the download content. Does this include the 200+ songs from other Atelier games? The Vita cards are still 4GB only now aren’t they? I’d assume space would be an issue.

    • asch999

      The biggest one is 32gb but pricey

      • Elvick

        He/she means the game card sizes. Not memory cards.

  • ShindoW

    If you check a thread over at NISA, they hinted at localizing this game. It’s just not announced yet.

    • FetusZero

      Did they hint at localizing Totori Plus too? Even though I have them on PS3, if Tecmo plans on releasing them over here, I’ll definitely want a Vita.

    • Aldorr

      Link please?

    • HassanJamal

      Why hint? Just tell us!

    • SprintsMcGee

      Unfortunately, Houk from NISA already commented by saying “Yeah, any new Gust titles, including ports, are all in Tecmo Koei’s hands”. So, if we want this to be localized then we would have to hope to God TK does it and not screw it up in some way.

      Here’s the link to the page where he says it:

  • s07195

    What about adult Rorona as a party member? :(

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