Fight Tales Of Graces f Characters In Tales Of Hearts R

By Spencer . January 30, 2013 . 2:30pm

talesogfHubert and Pascal from Tales of Graces f make a cameo in Tales of Hearts R. Instead of their usual attire, Pascal dresses in a Toro costume (that’s the white PlayStation cat mascot) and Hubert is an a Kuro costume.


You can fight Hubert and Pascal in Tales of Hearts R’s arena. Defeat them and you’ll receive Toro & Kuro attachments you can use to accessorize your party members.


Jump also confirmed Tales of Hearts R will have swimsuit costumes available for DLC.

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  • shion16

    I love Pascal and her ability to control air with her mind.

    • XiaomuArisu

      “Wow Pascal! you´re Amazing!”

  • Leon_Tekashi

    Yay, the badass couple are the cameo.

  • NightzeroAX

    Bamco if you are reading this please bring this west. ProjectXZone even though it isn’t a tales game its an JRPG that seemed unlikely that it would make it west you guys somehow managed to bring it over. Its a start no need to stop now.

    • phangtom

      I think you need to do some research, they already announced that they’re going to localise it.

      • NightzeroAX

        Do research on what? Hearts R? There’s no info on it being localized. Did you even read what I typed?

        • phangtom

          Oops completely read your post wrong. Apologies

      • ZEROthefirst

        He means Hearts R, not Project X Zone. If you’re meaning Hearts R though, then you need to do some research.


    And they still look very badass even in those costumes. I wonder if Pascal asked for this, since Hubert started to go along with her whims pretty well in 3/4 of the game. xD

    Hopefully Tales of Hearts R will be relased here as well, would buy a Vita for this game and Innocence R alone. :3
    Thank you for the nice news! I’ll definitely be following the development in those matters!

  • Göran Isacson

    That is both adorable and ridiculous and kinda cool. Pretty much like Pascal, then.

  • Yuriangels

    o, you Pascal!! You get to love her, but wish they show the pic.

  • sd28

    so they got rid of guy since he was the original cameo battle

  • sd28

    ya yatta tropical yahoo

  • “I’ll give you everything I’ve got! And this! And some of these! Expiation!”

  • Sergio Briceño

    This is great! I really hated Graces. Muahahaha! Now I get the chance beat up Asbel and Hubert. I just hope Pascal is optional, I wouldn’t really enjoy fighting one of the few likeable characters.

  • Khoo Neekang Kazuki

    Dualblade dance pls

  • Haseyo

    I don’t want to beat up Pascal ; ;
    Why am I acting like this is getting localized anytime soon…

  • Benny Tormoes

    Cool. Pascal would be a very fun cameo.

  • roxas sora

    i wonder if they put other dangerous cameo like marta and emil(marta MA can heal it teammate and give 10000 damage to you) that would be awesome.

  • zackner

    Pascal is one of my favourite character of “tales of” saga.
    I’m glad to read this and I hope namco bandai localiced this game in europe and usa.

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