Fight Undead Dragons And Flaming Salamanders In Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

By Spencer . January 31, 2013 . 2:03am


Capcom made new monsters for Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen like the Salamander. This fiery fellow’s scales are covered in flames so you’ll want flame resistant armor and


The Garm is an agile, wolf-like creature with sharp fangs. If you return to an area where you crushed a group of goblins you may find Garms feasting on goblin flesh.


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The Curse Dragon dwells in the bowels of Bitterblack Isle. It doesn’t have flesh or scales, just bones and a purple light in the center of its chest.


monster_img_08_l monster_img_09_l


Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen comes out on April 23 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This IP is really rising to becomea great IP here.^_^ See Capcom, i am going to give some of my money for you here. So please bring Ex Tropper here.T_T Pleaseeeeeee?T_T

    • MooPoint

      Agree. I like what I just saw. Dragon Dogma have potential to be a great IP in future.

    • Peeka Chu

      Totally agree. This was my GoTY (2012, obviously). It was the kind of Elder Scrolls that I’d always wanted. Loved, loved, loved the combat! Keep that FPSishness out of my RPGs, thank you. The story was decent too, and the multiple endings/ playthroughs.

      A really fascinating game, and its captured me as much, if not more than the Souls/ King’s Field series.

    • If they bring EX Troopers West side I will buy this crap. Deal?

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Except this is not crap though. This game is quality game here where the battle system is fun even though the story is a lacking.

        • Except it is. I played it, I didn’t see what the huge appeal was. It felt unfinished, story was crap, generic design, I can go on, but rather than get into a discussion as to why most people have terrible taste…
          my comment was more referring to this being another shitty move by Capcom in regards to adding content and the way they choose to deliver that content. I didn’t want to attack the game personally because I know people like it, but apparently that’s how you read it. So now you have it.

          • Taste is subjective. But please, go on about something not meeting your needs meaning its not good for anyone…

          • jordanbobordan

            I think the biggest thing is this DLC would probably weigh in at about 5 gb if not more. A lot of people I know are short on storage as it stands. And as for the game “being crap”, just because you personally did not enjoy it does not make crap. While I will agree it’s narrative is a bit weak, the mechanics, atmosphere, and game as a whole are among the best that I have ever seen. In the future please learn to make a difference between inferring your opinion and stating a fact.

        • The story in the last part of the game is pretty darn awesome if you get the message behind it~

  • badmoogle

    I will when Capcom decides to release this as separate DLC for a reasonable price.

    • Paradox me

      Why not wait for the reasonably priced retail version to simply drop in price?

      $40 for the original game + expansion isn’t so bad (standalone expansion packs used to be $30 before this silly DLC craze), and lacking a strong brand name and relatively low demand means it should drop in price quickly.

      • badmoogle

        I have already paid 50€ for the main game on day one.There is no way i’m going to pay more than the expansion’s worth just because Capcom is greedy.

        I’ll give them some time to release it as separate DLC because i loved the game and i want to support new IPs that are worthy of my money but if they will not bother with those of us who’ve already bought the game then i’ll just buy it used when its price goes down significantly.

        • Alex

          its 20€ on zavvi, preordered for me as i didnt get the vanilla game

        • creid8

          They couldn’t do DLC for “technical reasons.” You’ll probably be waiting forever. Your loss.

          • badmoogle

            Please don’t insult my intelligence with the “technical reasons” PR bullshit.Feel free to believe them all you want but i don’t.

            Also have you heard of a thing called “used market”?

          • creid8

            I think even Capcom knows that they would’ve sold a hell of a lot more DLC at $20 than they will discs at $40. If this was RE or a more popular franchise, I’d agree that this is a lie to exploit their audience.

          • badmoogle

            Capcom kept talking about this game’s DLC and expansions since day one.Do you really believe that they would be stupid enough to make their game unable to receive an expansion?And how come all the DLC has worked so far?

            Also what if they’ll want to release another expansion in the future?Will they keep reselling the main game forever?How many times are you willing to pay for the main game just to play an expansion before you say “enough is enough”?

          • creid8

            They have been talking about DLC since day one, but not expansions. All of the DLC so far has just added costumes and trivial quests – which are far easier to add to a game than an expansion’s worth of new content. I’ve heard enough about the workings of Japanese developers to know that yes, they probably are stupid enough.

            I don’t expect them to make another expansion.

          • TrevHead

            I bought the game 2 days before the announcement and I was a bit miffed at first. But on 2nd thought it’s not that bad a deal, I can preorder DDDA for £18.00 less the original is been sold at, plus Capcom are throwing in gifts for double dippers including a unlimited ferrystone which saves on useless backtracking. Surely you should be able to pick up a similar priced preorder across the pond.

            Besides expansion packs getting turned into standoff games is nothing new it happened all the time on the PC years ago.

            What I’m interested about is bought DLC in DD, will that work in DDDA and will the gifts including the unlimited ferrystone work in the original too if there is anything to keep ppl playing the original game (like the DLC) Also can save files be migrated to DDDA if it doesn’t break the story continuity of the game. Not that i’m really expecting any of this but it would be nice.

          • badmoogle

            Dark Arisen is 25£ in which translates to 30€ in my currency.Which is a hell of a lot of money just for an expansion especially since i have already paid the full price for the game.

            And i couldn’t care less about shitty ferrystones.I have placed the maximum number of portcrystals all over Gransys and i have around 7 million Gold that i can spend for as many ferrystones as i like.I have been spamming ferrystones ever since NG+ and now i’m in NG+++.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    Will they add an option to play without the letterbox? :D

  • MediaMindControl

    All I can say is Glad I waited. I loved what I’ve played of it and the original still sells for 40 at most places! at least it’s not 60 right?

  • SilentXero

    I hope they add MINOTAURS!! Every fantasy (including Skyrim) needs Minotaurs!!!

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