Introducing The Geomancer One Final Fantasy XI: Seekers Of Adoulin’s New Jobs

By Spencer . January 31, 2013 . 3:12am

The Geomancer job is leaving Final Fantasy V and coming to Final Fantasy XI as part of the Seekers of Adoulin expansion pack. Gemonacers use Geomancy to buff party members and debilitate monsters.


ffxisoa-01 ffxisoa-14 ffxisoa-02 ffxisoa-13


Geomancers have two kinds of geomancy magic. Indicolure spells are magical auras that affect party members and enemies nearby.


Here are some examples of Indicolure spells:

Indi-Voidance: Enhances evasion for party members near the caster.
Indi-Acumen: Enhances magic attack for party members near the caster.
Indi-Gravity: Weighs down enemies near the caster and lowers their movement speed.
Indi-Paralysis: Paralyzes enemies near the caster.
Indi-Regen: Gradually restores HP for party members near the caster.


ffxisoa-03 ffxisoa-04 ffxisoa-06 ffxisoa-07


Geocolure spells can only be used when a character’s main class is set as Geomancer. Geomancers have to place a Luopan which emanates a field that acts as the center of a Gecolure spell.


Here are some examples of Geocolure spells:

Geo-Fury: Enhances attack for party members within area of effect.
Geo-Focus: Enhances magic accuracy for party members within area of effect.
Geo-Malaise: Reduces magic defense for enemies within area of effect.
Geo-Torpor: Reduces evasion for enemies within area of effect.
Geo-Poison: Poisons enemies within area of effect and gradually reduces their HP.


ffxisoa-09 ffxisoa-05 ffxisoa-08


Geomancers can equip handbells which can enhance the effect of geomancy magic. Bastard!! manga artist Kazushi Hagiwara made handbells for Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin.


ffxisoa-10 ffxisoa-15 ffxisoa-16


Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin has new enemies designed to challenge high level players called The Naakuals.


Tchakka, the Riptide Naakual (Rockfin family)

ffxisoa-17 ffxisoa-19 ffxisoa-18


Achuka, the Firebrand Naakual (Gabbrath Family)

ffxisoa-23 ffxisoa-25 ffxisoa-24


Colkhab, the Matriarch Naakual (Bztavian Family)

ffxisoa-20 ffxisoa-22 ffxisoa-21

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  • CirnoLakes

    I love that amazing East Asian flair on the outfits.

    • komiko12

      ooh that’s it! I was looking for a word to describe the outfits and you got it! East Asian/Oriental… perhaps the new expansion refers to how Europeans went on a journey east and found Asia??

      • No, Geomancer has always been a so-so translation of something like Feng-shui/elementar warrior and so if you play Final Fantasy V or Tactics, Geomancer and Onmyoji have Chinese-like outfits.

  • Draparde

    Looks pretty cool, i may log in and give the new jobs a try when it comes out. kinda excited there adding new weapon types for them.

  • Randy Marsh

    These new additions make me want to play the game again so much! Just wish I could still play it though, Square just upped and cancelled my account for some reason!

  • They keep making me come back…
    Interesting concept, to be used effectively the party will have to work within the area of effect for buffs. Question is, does the “center” need to be a targeted ally or enemy or is it free from that convention? A no-target aoe would be something new for FFXI. All spells and abilities require a target, whether it be self, ally or enemy given the nature of it.

    • Draparde

      from the looks of the screenshots i want to assume it either starts off as a self target ,like setting down the source of the AoE and then stays where you placed it. or the same thing but replace “self” with enemy.

      • Ferrick

        from what i heard, the buff system of geo is like an “aura” system, meaning that the party members that are close to the geo will be affected with the buff

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Time to log in back to the game lol. FF XI is having such long life here.^_^

  • Weirdly enough… I still like the concept art much more than the actual game. SE’s concept drawings always look kinda fun and refreshing where the actual in-game versions seem to be a bit boring.
    But XI was a fun game and since SE still supports it quite nicely, it might still flourish for a while.

    Achuka looks nice though, like a super badass unmasked Greymon. Not that the normal Greymon isn’t badass … >__>:
    Wonder how that one would look like in XIV, cameo time! xD

    • It might flourish for awhile? Like maybe 10 years? The character design and animation are better than most modern mmos.

  • Nice to see them still supporting FF11, I swear that game has been one of the longest running MMOs at the moment x__x.

  • Always wanted to give Final Fantasy XI a try, because while fans hate that it’s a main numbered title, I always thought it was a real FF game. The only difference is that YOU’RE the hero and you make your own journey, instead of just following a journey that Square Enix has set out for you.

    • Pyrofrost

      You actually do follow a journey that SE has set out for you though

      However, I’ve played it for a while. It is a good fun game, and it’s one of the best FFs in the series. Regardless of what people will say, this game deserves to be part of the numbered series.

    • Brion Valkerion

      It has one of the better FF stories in the entire franchise, and thats just one of more than 5 in the game :)

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Geomancer…the job I wanted so badly. BLMs didn’t make good combat mages, no matter how hard I tried to beat things over the head with a stick.

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