Valhalla Knights 3 Brings 7-On-7 Battles To Vita This Fall

By Spencer . January 31, 2013 . 4:31am


Xseed will localize Valhalla Knights 3, a new entry in Marvelous AQLs RPG series. The game lets players select 21 different jobs and seven races to create the perfect seven character party. You can also recruit hostesses in the amusement district like Ceria to join your party by doing side quests.


Valhalla Knights 3 has a battle system where up to seven characters can fight another seven creatures on the field. Valhalla Knights 3 supports ad hoc multiplayer so you can test your party against a friends. Xseed has Valhalla Knights 3 slated for release this fall.

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  • Peeka Chu

    Love it. XSEED never fail to deliver for their fans.

  • Draparde

    Wow~ im so gonna buy this! wonderful XSEED, wonderful~

  • Josh Strange

    Any RPG that is brought to the Vita is a + in my book.

    • Masa

      not really, did you not play the other two, awful games.
      This does look alot better though, will keep an eye on it.

      • Brian Mieszala

        Which are you referring to. Ragnarok Online is a great game, especially if you like MH type games. Then there is Disgaea and Persona..

        • I think he means the other two Valhalla Knights games, first one is $4.99 atm on PSN.

  • This looks wayyy better than the other 3. I’ll keep my eye on it.

  • brian
  • Pyrotek85

    Damn looks like xseed is gonna be busy, all these titles interest me too.

  • Ereek

    I’ve only played VK2, and I’d say it had a lot of good ideas, but only implemented one or two of them properly. If this can refine those ideas and make an overall smoother experience, I can image this game being right up my alley.

  • Elvick

    I played Eldar Saga on Wii and didn’t like it that much, so I’m unsure about this. It looks a lot better though. So I’ll probably give it a shot, since there are so few JRPGs on Vita at the moment outside of Japan. Plus, I can support Xseed’s efforts.

    Assuming it’s at retail. I won’t bother if it’s digital only. :/

    • Raharu95

      I don’t see why people are worrying so much about digital only releases . this is the vita, not the psp :/ They do digital only releases for the psp because its the only viable route.

      • Elvick

        Sumioni, that rhythm game… Dokuro, New Little King’s Story, EDF 2017 or whatever it’s called. All games I’d rather pay more for to get physically. And I imported Dokuro before it’s announcement since I knew it’d end up digital only since it had English already. So I already paid more for it. Imported NLKS from Europe, so same thing there. Skipped EDF completely.

        Never mind Aksys putting out at least one PSP game this year to retail. One last year (Ragnarok Tactics) and Atlus putting out two to retail last year.

        All of which were $30, at retail. While Xseed goes around pricing at $30 digital only for some of their PSP games.

        I don’t trust Xseed with providing retail by default these days. And Vita games have gotten the shaft from more than just Xseed with lack of retail release as I’ve already pointed out.

        So it is something to worry about. I don’t know what world you live in. Because evidence shows that we should be concerned if we value retail.

        • Raharu95

          I see. I was not aware the Digital to Physical situation was that bad. Forgive my obliviousness. But you gotta admit there is a bigger chance for Vita game to come at retail than do psp games. at least on the west.

          • Elvick

            I know that, which is why I don’t really hound about PSP retail much anymore, except for Persona 2: EP… if Atlus rocks my socks with that being localized…

            But for Vita, we should have retail options. Just because digital is supported so well on Vita, doesn’t mean they should forgo supporting retail all together. Especially if they want to go about charging full retail price for their stuff. <_<

          • Raharu95

            I agree. I’m only bying retail vita games, unless one of the games I wanted has no retail release. which fortunately is not so as of yet. I don’t wanna buy too much on the PS store, Sony still has not resolved the PSN accounts can’t upgrade problem.

  • TheExile285

    Wow, this and Ys Celetra? As a Vita owner, I love you guys at XSEED! Just take my money! Just take it!

  • Mr_SP

    Ad-hoc only?

  • kaizin

    dear god my wallet wont be able to get a break this year more and more good news keeps coming cant take it to much wootness.

  • *shrug* I hope this is self-contained story cause it sounds like the previous entries weren’t worth hunting down. Hopefully XSEED doesn’t have trouble with the series infamy cause this entry looks pretty good.

  • Welp there goes the plan of saving money ^.^;

  • Wait, this game hasn’t even been released in Japan an XSeed is already bringing it over? Awesome! /sarcasm

  • Warboss Aohd

    does my protagonist have ta be a humie? cause dat ruins da immersion fer me if i have ta play a humie when da rest o’ da party doesn’t.

    • you can be any of the races and you can also switch and play as anyone in your party if this is like the past valhalla games

      • Warboss Aohd

        all iz well den.

  • Don

    but why! kinda wished it was god eater that got a nod for an English release though..

  • ronin4life

    The screen shot looks coll, but I can’t figure out how it plays…
    Is it turn based?

    • no its real time like all the other valhalla games

  • Almost double what the fps are doing on the vita. wtf.

  • Eric Harris

    digital only?

  • nirvana123

    Never played this series before I wonder if its any good.

  • omegagemo

    Keep thinking I should take the plunge with the VK games, but something about them just seems so… soulless. Anyone have a recommendation one way or the other?

    • Eric Harris

      I kinda felt that way too. But I’ve always been a big fan of large party systems (suikoden and it’s 6, Wizardry and 6). The idea of spending time creating and recruiting 7 unique characters and having them fight at the same time is too much for me.

  • TheExile285

    I swear I dont get gamers these days. Games get announced for localization and everyone starts whining that they might be DD

    No Games > DD Games


    • Eric Harris

      I wouldn’t mind a handheld system in the future that said “ok this is all digital”. But an inbetween I can’t stand it. I will always chose and hope for physical. I’m sorry my preferences bother you.

  • Lester Paredes

    I sure hope it’s better than the other two awful games that preceded it. C’mon! Be better!

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