View Darkstalkers Resurrection Over 50 Different Ways

By Spencer . February 1, 2013 . 5:30pm

Iron Galaxy added a bunch of viewing options for Darkstalkers Resurrection. Players can fight Lilith with sprites processed with a smooth filter or…




… a crisp filter.



Purists can play Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3, the two games in Darkstalkers Resurrection, without any filters too.



The game has six different view types: normal, retro, arcade cabinet, over the shoulder, wide, and full.


system_view_img_type_n_big system_view_img_type_r_big system_view_img_type_a_big system_view_img_type_o_bigsystem_view_img_type_w_big system_view_img_type_f_big


You can also toggle scan lines on or off. Darkstalkers Resurrection with scan lines is on the left and the game without scan lines is on the right.

system_view_img_line_n_big system_view_img_line_e_big


Capcom says altogether there are over 50 viewing options for the compilation. Iron Galaxy also incorporated the award system from Marvel vs. Capcom Origins into the game. You can also see the progress for each award so you know how main chain combos you need to do to get experience points. Darkstalkers Resurrection comes out on March 14 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


system_award_img01_big system_award_img03_big system_award_img02_big

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  • Time Sage

    Why not just remake it instead >.<

    • Kris

      2D remakes take a long time. Remember HD Remix? Darkstalkers has an obscene number of animations compared to Super Turbo anyway…

      But I can dream… ;_;

    • AkuLord3

      Cuz Capcom…they’re too lazy to make new sprites…and just lazy

      Edit: and two downvotes…what its technically true, Capcom will probably never do sprites again so they wouldn’t remake it and just like Kris said, id they did…it be like HD remix and…yeah…please no

    • Istillduno

      Because current Capcom is not old Capcom and we want a good game

  • Lester Paredes

    That seems excessive. I imagine that there are better things to occupy the developer’s time than coming up with different filter. (like bringing it to Vita! [oh, snap! I’d better stop wishing for more ports or that’s all i’m gonna get!])

  • I’m starting to question the number of online enabled older fighting games Capcom is trying to push through now. It’s appreciated but at the same time it’s pretty much a cash grab on their part. Even if doing HD remakes took time, it would have been time well spent instead of doing a rehash and tacking on extra content and an online mode.

  • AkuLord3

    Wish they stop this pointless stuff and just give us the game because really noone REALLY cares, they just want to play Darkstalkers again with friends. I’ll admit some things are cool (could care less about the filters) but can’t wait

  • MediaMindControl

    Over the shoulder. Really? I have to assume that is just for watching replays in an arcade feel but I find that unnecessary or just capcom trollin as usual..

  • Imagine someone looking over your shoulder while you are playing the game in the “Over the shoulder” viewtype.

  • Setsu Oh

    WHERE IS IT? where is the rgb grid?
    three releases now and still no rgb grid filter. i loved my rgb grid so much.
    scanlines are subpar compared to it.

  • There are a lot of comments about old Capcom that pretend to understand an era which has neither been experienced nor studied to any meaningful extent.

    So I want to help alleviate that.

    With this Darkstalkers port, there are some players hoping that Capcom continues doing similar work up through old arcade titles such as Street Fighter Alpha 2. Some players, a small group, even want a version of this done for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, instead of Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix. Probably not going to happen, but… why ask for a port? When some people ask “Why not do a true remake?”, here’s something to think about:

    A remake with meaningful changes/updates is not a better or worse thing. It is a valid option. As is updating gameplay or changing core aspects of the title. That being the case, why do one over the other? Well, who do you have access to that will do the remake? When people say “Do a remake, this is lazy” in these comments and maybe elsewhere, it is without a critical aspect in mind: Who’s going to do this remake? “CAPCOM” is not an answer. Name someone specifically, then think about what it means, are they part of the original vision? How well do they understand the game? Are they just some “pro player?”

    Being good at a game doesn’t mean you should get to sink your fingers into its code. It doesn’t mean you understand design or what should happen with the title.

    That being said, a quality remake requires time and money that is, frankly, not well spent for Capcom in this market. But why? Laziness? No, not really. Aside from the obvious “This isn’t Call of Duty”, let’s keep the conversation limited to how Capcom would produce a remake that is of “quality.” These older fighting games, in terms of being remade, don’t have the benefit of even a fragment of their original programming teams the way something like Tactics Ogre: Wheel of Fate or the various DS Dragon Quest games. This video ( is quite a good watch, but I also just want to reference Yuji Hori when he spoke about the Dragon Quest remakes. Yuji Hori said he was fine with changing the original scenario, but the important thing to remember is that Yuji Hori isn’t just some random dude sinking his fingers into Dragon Quest games. He’s a major part of their history and a driving force behind their creation. Simply put, he has a good idea of what does and doesn’t work in the series in an intimate way because he’s not just some random guy or some player who put a lot of time into the game. There’s no risk there. Fighting games are some of the hardest games to master. Asking a programmer with no involvement in past titles might work with some games, but not all genres are made equal.

    So, newsflash: There is absolutely no one at Capcom who can say “This is what we tried to do and I think we succeeded, this is what we might change or have done better” just in relation to gameplay who was part of the original vision. These people are GONE, so asking for a remake is gambling, heavily, that you’re going to get a worse product compared to the original. And I think Capcom learned this with HD Remix, which, I believe, only sold well largely due to there being few games available during its initial release.

    That being said, a remake is a valid decision in some instances, especially when the original creator can be on board or you have someone who has a very holistic view of the title. But these people no longer being with Capcom means that there’s no reason that Capcom should risks creating a game with no hooks and no real lasting quality and that would make someone say “just play the original.”

    So Capcom opts for updated re-releases that, for the most part, stay true to their older games in most ways. This might not mean a lot to passive observers, but it means a lot to people who still play these games and don’t have the money to spend on esoteric arcade hardware like boards and superguns. Capcom is putting their old games back into the hands of players who have been dying to have updated access to them in this manner. As shitty as it might look for someone who wants to pluck a game then chuck it away when they’re bored, what they’re doing here is better than having some half-assed HD Remake that, more than likely, fails to accomplish anything like rebalancing or redesign in a satisfactory sense and ends up being worse than… oh look at this, the original games.

    Capcom is giving fans the older games as close to their original form as possible to set up their sequel which will, more than likely, be a dramatic departure or different from what players would experience. And this is fine, a new game should be new in that sense. These old arcade games hold up rather well in terms of visuals and presentation, so I don’t think Capcom is trying to make the mistake that they did with Super Turbo HD Remix, something that they really shouldn’t be demonized for not wanting to do again.

    A port is the way to go given their resources. It’s, to put it mildly, less offensive to the intelligence and while it doesn’t tickle the consumption fancy, it’s a pretty nice “thank you” or at least a pithy offering to those still holding the torch for these old games. It means a simple download over paying 500+ dollars for Arcade equipment. It might seem like money grubbing to a passive observer, but offering an immediately playable port for 15 dollars isn’t “money grubbing” when you’d have to, otherwise, pay 250-300 dollars just for an arcade board that you have to spend even more hundreds of dollars to play.

    Yeah, Capcom being lazy/greedy? Not this time. These are commendable efforts and shows a rare “lesson learned.”

    • Excellent post?

      • “Ask Capcom” <– Aww yeah, finally get to use it. Shoutouts to Kamiya.

    • Hyli

      Pretty much says what I’ve been wanting to say to nearly everyone who commented before, in a much more intelligent, mature way. Bless this post.

    • Capcom has said that the Japanese audience is AGAINST remakes. All this HD remix/bionic commando etc… is made in the west, not Japan. They simply don’t care about remakes, and I’m not even sure if they release the stuff in Japan.

      • Fighting game wise, I know that HD Remix wasn’t available in Japan initially. There’s a certain type of argument that’s made that I’m not going to explicitly refer to, but I think it’s funny that a lot of what I see from Japan is “This game is best played the way it was released.”

        You don’t see the same kind of clamouring for HD remakes of movies or the idea of an HD remake for a book. I’m a bit on the fence, because I think culturally there are different things going on, but I do echo the sentiment that nothing quite matches up to the genuine article. I’m also of the sentiment that nothing quite matches up to 15 dollars vs 500+ for arcade stuff that I can’t afford to house in my place at the moment :/

    • Istillduno

      Yeah, got to agree with this, don’t think Capcom even has anyone who can do Darkstalkers justice right now, best just to have a remake with great netcode and a disk version to take to places so we can build some hype for it, rather than risking the current Capcom turning it into the next SFxT or whatever.

      • The fact Capcom just announced they’re taking character polls for Street Fighter really doesn’t inspire me with confidence that they have both hands on the wheel lol. I’m trying to get games and content from Capcom, not their fans, myself included.

  • All the filter screenshots look exactly the same to me.

  • Göran Isacson

    On the one hand, I would REALLY like to support this game in the hopes it will lead to a new Darkstalkers game at all. But on the other hand, I already own the Collection on PSP… decisions, decisions…

    • Elvick

      It’s always a hard decision to make in situations like these. ):

    • Istillduno

      The best netcode out there on a game with a track record for working well with it on the PC, the option to not use the PSP’s crappy d-pad if you’ve still got one of the older ones and the ability to play with friends who don’t own psps.

      I guess there’s not much reason if all you want to do is play arcade but otherwise the game itself is worth grabbing. (Just pray the new Darkstalkers game doesn’t fall into Ono’s hands lol)

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