Killer Is Dead’s Asia Version Has English Text And Dual Language Option

By Spencer . February 5, 2013 . 12:30pm


Sony Computer Entertainment Asia announced they will distribute the PlayStation 3 version of Killer is Dead. The Asian release won’t be available until this fall, but their release has multiple language options. Players will be able to select English, Japanese or Chinese text and English or Japanese voiceovers.


Xseed and Deep Silver will release Killer is Dead this summer in North America and Europe, respectively. It isn’t clear if the Western release will have Japanese voiceovers as an option.

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  • Samurai_Heart

    Deep Silver confirmed dual audio for Europe, Spencer:
    “Before you ask: Killer is Dead WILL have Japanese and English audio on the disc. We figured the fans would want that :)”

    You may update this article ;)
    “Fans from Australia and New Zealand: we will also be publishing Killer is Dead in Oceania! Optional Japanese audio.”

    • puchinri

      That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing that here~!

  • Doc Kirby

    On a similar note, any idea if there will be an Asia version of Pirate Warriors 2 with English subtitles? I’m really hoping for a Vita version I can read.

  • Muffum

    Well, that relieves one of my concerns. I was thinking the US version might not have English voices, since Xseed had been including Japanese voices only in a lot of recent releases. Hopefully, this game upholds the trend of games with Suda’s name having fantastic English dubs.

    • puchinri

      I really liked the VAs for NMH, and the seiyuu were also fantastic, and while I liked the voice work for Shadows of the Damned quite a bit, Lollipop Chainsaw was just good.

  • Namuro

    Nice, I was worried that they won’t have Japanese voiceover. I hope they’ll keep the dual-audio trend going!

  • puchinri

    Depending on the seiyuu cast and our VAs, I may have to consider the Asian option (also depends on whether or not our version has JP voices if there are some I like and the price difference). Then again, I’m still not even sure I want the game.

  • Randgriz

    I dont really get why dual audio is news worthy. I dont get why its such a holy grail in gaming either.

    • Cephrien

      Well, imagine if you went to a movie and, while the movie itself was pretty good, the acting was lacking and thus dampening the experience / immersion / etc. It’s kinda like that when it comes to games like these. In MOST cases Japanese VAs tend to work their roles with a lot more passion than NA VAs do. Though I don’t really mind english VAs for the past few years. English voice acting isn’t really bad anymore– used to be– but not really anymore. We have a lot of quality VAs on this side of the world now.

      • Randgriz

        Debate! Ni no kuni, brilliant localisation – even if you put on japanese audio youre still getting the localised text, soo whats the point. Its never been a factor for me when it comes to games.

        • Cephrien

          That’s what I’m saying. English VA these days is actually very good– but some people still prefer Japanese VA for that feeling of experiencing the “original”– how it’s supposed to sound. Y’know?

          I guess.

          • Randgriz

            Cool so, bring a game to the west so i can experience it in its original language. Igetya!

            I kid, variety is the spice of life. Maybe ill try a high quality game in japanese audio one day but i dont like poo-pooing on good localisation.

        • Sylveria

          I think Oliver’s English dub really drags down the emotional intensity of moments because of how monotonous he is. I don’t know if the Japanese is any better cause I’m certainly not going to slog through that game again to listen to it in a different language, but I can’t imagine it being any worse.

          • Aoshi00

            I only started playing Ni no Kuni a bit and like Oliver’s Eng. voice so far. I didn’t like his Jpn voice on the DS ver since they continued the tradition of using non voice actors like most recent Ghibli movies (some actors just not that good at voice acting or their voice don’t stand out). Mr. Drippy’s Scottish (?) accent is a lot more fun and interesting, Shizuku’s Jpn voice was just like a annoying kansai-ben comedian..

            Hopefully Killer is Dead would have dual audio for the US ver as well. I had imported both NMH and Lollipop Chainsaw and liked both US and Jpn dub equally :) And Killer is Dead trailer’s Jpn cast sounds stellar, still wondering if it’s Okiayu Ryoutarou being Mondo Zappa..

          • Sylveria

            I didn’t notice Oliver getting bad until later on in the game when it seems like events called for some more intensity from the actor. And when I say later on, I mean like the last 2-3hrs. For the vast majority of the game when the dialogue is pretty casual, he’s fine.

          • Aoshi00

            I see.. from the first couple hrs I’ve played of the US ver, I really like the Eng dub and localization (especially Drippy’s funny way of talking and accent), prefer it to Jpn. I haven’t played too much of the DS ver either, maybe over 10 hrs.. Oliver and his mom’s scene at the beginning felt much more sad and powerful to me in Eng, the Jpn crying was kinda fake..

            As I said, I’m not crazy about Ghibli films using non voice actors, some live action actors can’t really voice act and bring out the emotion needed.. Ni no Kuni Jpn dub to me had the same problem (same for the awful Phoenix voice in the x Layton crossover game, everyone hates it).. wonder if it’s Level 5 or Ghibli wanting to use non-VAs here..

            I’ve only played a little though, but Oliver’s friend, the little girl who appears out of nowhere (cute English accent), Oliver, & his mom all sound better to me in English.. and Mr. Drippy was hilarious speaking to the tree, calling him barkship and all kinds of names.. I was hanging to his every word because he speaks so fast :)

            I might play thru the PS3 ver twice, first in Eng and then in Jpn, if I like the game enough, probably won’t have enough time though, never finished the DS ver either.. for now I prefer the Eng. dub, usually the case w/ Ghibli movies, because the Jpn dub always sounds so monotonous..

    • roxas sora

      stop saying selfish thing.please.

  • z_merquise

    Every Grasshopper games had excellent English voice acting. Pretty sure this game would be the same.

    If there’s a Japanese voice option then that’s cool. I just hope every region had that option just to give everyone something.

  • I’m still getting Killer Is Dead when it comes out in the Summer, but glad for people who care about the dual audio and subtitles. Hopefully the day will come where companies wont have to announce these options.

    • Sylveria

      Sadly I don’t see that day coming. I’ve very recently witnessed people defending the bewildering localization choices in some games, such as FF13, with the excuse “‘Mericans don’t wanna hear Japanese nonsense words in their games.” That was referring to the music in FF13.. a game that has its own encyclopedia because half the dialogue is made-up nonsense words. But they’re in English.. kinda.. so I guess it’s different somehow?

  • Istillduno

    So wait 2 voice tracks done with the game so both are the origional, from a studio who has a good track record with English voices (hell wasn’t No More Heros orgionally voiced in English, believe it only got a JP dub on the PS3 port), can anyone lend me another pair of ears so I can hear all this win at once or is it going to be a multiple playthough job?

    The smaller company comes through again and does what the big ones are so adamant they can’t afford to.

    Just take my money Deep Silver.

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