Nine Minutes Of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Ends With Luffy Fighting Eneru

By Spencer . February 5, 2013 . 12:19am

The Taiwan Game Show is on and Sony Computer Entertainment brought a couple of titles to the event. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 took center stage and one attendee recorded this video of Luffy punching his way through dozens of pirates before meeting Eneru.

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  • Chris Yuen

    Shame they never keep the part where Nami used her waver to get Luffy back up to Enel’s ship.

    • Ok……That was badass >_> Too bad the Vita version isn’t localized for a stupid reason..

      • TheExile285

        Meh, I’m importing it. Not like I should’ve surprised by Namco

  • I hope they keep the original crew (before New World) playable, I just can’t see the New World Luffy in Skypea.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    No Gomu Gomu no Tako or Gomu Gomu no Hanabi? Those were 2 of my favorite techniques (other than Gomu Gomu no Rifle) in that arc. Oh well… still looking forward to this

  • -more than a dozen games doing the same stuff

    -not a single one of them has deep and varied combat

    Come on, this is what they do one year after another and they haven’t realized you need exactly that (and only that) to make their “musou” games good? for god’s sake, the only thing you do is kick people asses for 10 hours, you need varied combat, not listening luffy “hyuk, hyuk, hyuk,gomu gomu, hyuk, hyuk, hyuk,pistoruu, hyuk,hyuk, hyuk” over and over again.

    “But is a musou game”, so what? is that an excuse for making bad games now?

    • OathkeeperSoraXIII

      varied combat? this isn’t a fighting game where you’re expected to have a massive moveset. The moveset is fine each character has like 10 combos along with 2 specials (4 for luffy in KM1) and with this new ‘awakening/Haki’ system of theirs the combos vary slightly. I’m not sure what kind of deep combat you want from a musou game, Where other Musou games fail with the story that’s where OP:KM can excel and do better than other musou’s because it has a well done story already. combine that with the beautiful pre-rendered cutscenes and you’ve got a winner. do you complain about the Naruto games having an even worse combat system? and that’s an actual fighting game…

      the best thing about Musou game’s or atleast what I found with OP:KM is that all the characters are unique to play with and none of them felt the same. just because I’m hitting the same buttons doesn’t make it feel repetitive maybe it did for you though. I’m guessing you either didn’t use everyone or you just didn’t level them up to get their full moveset or simply you just don’t like musou games ^^

      if you don’t like the game then don’t get it, I’ll enjoy playing with the recently announced Law and Smoker (: and everyone else

      • “varied combat? this isn’t a fighting game”

        ………….thats so retarded i dont know where to begin, no, its not a fighting game, its a game in which you beat the crap out of stuff for 10 fucking hours and nothing more.

        What kind of deep combat do i want? what about a decent amount of combos that make the gameplay (oh god gameplay! who would have thought about that!!!) amusing for more than 10 minutes? good lord platinum games didn’t think “oh, bayonetta its not a fighting game lets not add the BAZILLION combos we had planned” holy shit, even anarchy reigns with the limited combat has more substance than this games.

        You know what makes this games repetitive? its not “just because I’m hitting the same buttons doesn’t make it feel repetitive ” but that you are going to spend hours hitting blobs of enemies with the same dozen movements over and over and over again, there isn’t even a satisfaction in hitting them when you need several hits to bring them down and there is no weight is a single one of those hits (i know that anarchy reigns its not a musou game, at all, but beating the crap of the little hordes of mooks in the single player campaign was extremely enjoyable just because of that, the weight of the movements, how the enemies reacted, seeing them fall like flies with every punch instead of staying there like ruber dolls). of course changing the physics and AI it’s probably too much work, so you know what? forget about it, you know what i want? give me a musou game in which each character has more than 20/30 combat movements, it shouldn’t be difficult.

        • OathkeeperSoraXIII

          this isn’t branded as a fighting game, you want a fighting game look at ‘Fighting For One Piece’…simple as that. the fact you’re comparing a musou game to a game like bayonetta is ridiculous. Bayonetta is a hack and slash game made with the intent of having sick combos to create, much like devil may cry. Bayonetta is not a fighting game lmao it’s a hack and slash. Just because you’re beating people up doesn’t automatically put it in a ‘fighting’ genre. It’s funny you should mention anarchy reigns because the combat in that game has hardly no variation either it has like what, 6-7 moves for each character. I’m not talking combos I’m talking actual moves. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the game but It’s no combat saint you make it out to be.

          I agree AI could be amped up since it was easy to just take down a big group of enemies but no satisfaction when you killed a bunch of enemies? wow, you never went gear 2nd did you and went beserk on like 300 enemies. you want 20/30 combat movements? you know most generic FIGHTING-genre specific fighting games don’t provide that don’t you aside from games like Tekken and Virtua Fighter. since i’m on the game I just went through Luffy’s techniques

          he has 18 including 4 specials, you do the math…


          wait, more than 18 I forgot to include his R1 techniques…

          • You are not going to tell me what i want and it doesn’t matter how much LMAOS and RONFLS you use, your argument stills retarded.A varied and deep combat its not exclusive from fighters and it doesn’t make a game a fighter just because of it, there is no damn universal law that says “we should add a dozen movements but no more because this is not a fighting game”.

            Anarchy reigns has (per character) a dozen normal combat movements, between 1 and 6 basic weapon movements,1 strong weapon movement,1/5 aerial movements, 1/5 aerial weapon movements, weak and strong charge, weak and strong charge with weapon (+ aditional cinematic with extra damage if you strike them properly), upper attack, low attack, low attack with weapon, evade, block, 360 attack, 2 grabs/ 1 double grab+ charge double grab and the rage mode. You can also use power ups and grab shit from the map and drive vehicles.

            I know anarchy reigns doesn’t has a varied combat, i used that game as an example because the campaign is musou esque (with less enemies) and even with a lacking diversity of movements stills tremendously satisfying to do what in most musou games is tedious as fuck (and i already explained you how).

            And i used bayonetta as an example because even being a hack’n slash it has almost double (i would say even more) combat movements than dmc3 (whose combat diversity is leagues beyond what others of its genre have to offer).If i had asked somebody for a dmc3 with the amount of combos of bayonetta then what? should i have asked for a fighting game too? such monstruous amount of combat diversity was unthinkable before bayonetta came out.

            Look dude, english is not my language and im not good at expresing myself beyond “I…WANT….A….MUSOU….GAME…..WITH


            I……DONT…..WANT….A….FIGTHING GAME.


            And i dont like figthing games.

  • MrJechgo

    Still would like to know why the Straw Hats are back in Skypeia though. Did they travel back in time or something?

    • This sequel is just like any other DBZ and Naruto video game sequel. You are replaying EVERY Arc all over again, only with extra Arcs that either weren’t previously available or done poorly, while revamping others!

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