Monolith Soft Discuss Their Closer Relationship With Nintendo

By Sato . February 8, 2013 . 6:00pm

It’s been a little over a year since the developers of Xenoblade Chronicles, Monolith Soft, opened a new studio in Kyoto to be closer to parent company, Nintendo. In a recent internal interview, they talked about their experience thus far, and what they’ve learned about working together as a team.


We’ve previously reported that Monolith Soft were recruiting members to join their team, which is still going on. Director, Yasuyuki Honne, has made it his mission to massively increase the amount of personnel at Monolith Soft. The main talent they’re currently looking for are designers with skills in 3DCG, effects and motion.


Additionally, since working alongside Nintendo, Monolith Soft have realized just how important it is for a team to work closely together, they say.


Over the course of the year, the number of meetings between Nintendo and Monolith Soft has increased greatly. Nintendo have been actively consulting on their work and providing feedback with tweaks and ideas on how to make things better.


Monolith Soft say they’re amazed by Nintendo’s ability to work and think together as a team, and believe it’s a major asset to producing quality products. From a developer’s standpoint, seeing how Nintendo communicate and their companionship as the foundation of their hard work, has inspired Monolith Soft to do the same with their studio.


Designer, Shoko Fukuchi, mentions making people feel included by—for example—asking programmers, who aren’t often in talks with designers, for ideas.


Monolith say that the concerns some of the staff had about the idea of moving to Kyoto is now a thing of the past, as they’re quite cozy at their new studio. Having taken a page from Nintendo’s book, Monolith Soft have been livelier than ever. With a new outlook, they’ve been working closer together—not only as co-workers, but as a family with the common goal of developing great games.


Images courtesy Monolith Soft.


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  • Spirit Macardi

    *wipes a tear from his eye*

    It’s stuff like this that continues to give me hope for the future of gaming.

  • I wonder how hard it would be to get the rights to Xenosaga from Namco?

    Or they could make a sequel to Soma Bringer.

    • SoulEater98

      Or Xenogears from Square Enix ;_;

    • Samurai Don

      Well lately Nintendo and Namco have a close working relationship so that could be possible.

      Will it happen though is the question.

      • Oh it won’t. I just want to play Episode IV, V, and VI. I want my Kossy back.

    • KingGunblader

      I’m waiting for Baten Kaitos 3.

      But obviously I will play anything this studio makes.

      • I want that on 3DS with ports of the first two. Perfect for card battles and cheaper than HD. And new VO. Some of the lines fell a bit flat.

        • KingGunblader

          With X coming to Wii U, that’s actually an excellent idea. A flagship Monolith RPG on both Nintendo consoles would be heaven.

          • Ugh. I’m not excited for X.

          • What the hell is wrong with you? Xenoblade was fantastic! I dont even like Mechs!

          • Ugh no, it was okay. The Last Story is a far better game and much more playable. Xenoblade is FFXII done poorly.

          • Zeik56

            I don’t think I could disagree more with every single word you just said. I couldn’t even finish FFXII.

          • And you finished Xenoblade, which is far far longer :| *judgingyou.jpeg*

          • Zeik56

            Length had nothing to do with why I didn’t finish it.

          • Sorry but this is a load of bullshit. TLS characters arent any better than Xenoblades, but I liked the cast better in TLS. The story was nice, kinda short for a JRPG but its a very addicting game. But Xenoblade is better, tech wise.

          • Xenoblade has two flaws the level system and the design of the sidequests(some people dont like fetch quests)

          • MogCakes

            There’s nothing wrong with them. They don’t like Xenoblade and aren’t excited for X. That’s that. People are allowed to say they don’t like a game, or aren’t hyped for a game.

          • (thank you)

    • kylehyde

      I will like a remake/enhanced port of soma bringer that gets released on america and europe and then a sequel.

      • Eff that. Just translate it and drop it on the Ware store.

    • Ethan_Twain

      Considering the healthy relationship between Namco Bandai and Nintendo these days, and especially considering that Monolith Software spends half their manpower working on games published by Namco Bandai I think that it would, legally, be extremely doable to put Monolith on a new Xenosaga title.

      It’s also incredibly unlikely for a variety of production and market reasons, but if they wanted to do it they almost definitely could.

      • already said it won’t, I just want my Kossy back.

        • Sylveria

          At least we’re getting PXZ for our KOS-MOS fix. Sadly chances to feed that habit don’t come nearly often enough.

    • Wake

      Yes on this. Loved Xenosaga. I even based my PSN ID and Xbox gamertag on it. That series deserves an HD collection.

      • *cough*

        Scroll to number one. Well, read the article too.

        • Wake

          Ok. That was an awesome read, and yes that made me sad. That also made me want to play Skies of Arcadia again. The last image I had of Vyse was me watching him die in the Valkyria Chronicles anime, that was just wrong. You nailed it with what you said about Xenosaga. I was invested with the characters and the story, and once you’re in…you’re in. I really get that. I know a lot of people were critical with the cutscene length, but I loved it. That was, for me, a sort of reward after playing for so long.

          • Nyaha, thankies! If I had my druthers, I’d be using the vita and the 3DS as old school revival machines. I mean, I’m totes okay with not getting a HD Baten Kaitos or Breath of Fire or Xenosaga or Shadow Hearts if I can get them portable. I prefer RPG’s on handhelds anyway.

          • I do too, I’d want some more Valkyrie Profile though. Skies of Arcadia would be great on the Wii U VC though.

          • We got one a few years ago. That article is games that have been gone for a long time.

            EDIT: except Dissidia. I just want to play that with proper controls and HD visuals.

          • Yes I know Covenant of the Plume, its why I like the series. I want to play more

      • we are officially friends now.


    • I kind of get the impression that Namco at present wants to bury Xenosaga as deep as possible.

      • Zeik56

        KOS-MOS and T-elos are in Project X Zone, so I don’t think that’s entirely true. I’m sure they have no intention of doing anything real with the series anymore though.

  • riceisnice

    It’s like Nintendo is the parent and they adopted poor Monolith Soft from the gutters because they saw the child had talent. Not that you should only adopt gifted children, everyone is special. But this is a company example thing.

    • So… Retro Studios was the Dick Grayson. Rare was the Jason Todd. And Monolith is the Tim Drake?

      • kylehyde

        So who would be cassandra and damian?

        • Wow, we’ve opened up Pandora’s box.

          • Ethan_Twain

            I… don’t know enough Batman to keep up with this any more. I’ll make one last stab at connecting a topical story though, are there any Batman characters who follow the arc of the recently renamed 1-up studios? Going from from an assistant largely working with other superheros to full incorporation as 1-up studios? Actually, that’s pretty much the Monolith Soft arc too isn’t it?

          • I actually considered Brownie Brown/1-Up when you mentioned Alfred earlier, but they haven’t done quite as much as Alfred has over the years. Hmm… we’ll need to think about what fits for them, and for Sakurai as well.

          • Time Sage

            All this and no mention of Catwoman?

          • That’s a toughie. I don’t know if there’s an equivalent of her that you could associate with Nintendo… I mean, she and Bruce have always been so close but neither one has ever been able to completely see life through the other’s eyes, which is why they haven’t “gotten together”.

          • You guys… you used up all my ammoto participate in this conversation… All I have now is The Riddler, Penguin, maybe Huntress…

          • puchinri

            Huntress is pretty important though too (and shouldn’t be forgotten). But I feel like if you mention her, you have to bring up Peej/PG, even though she isn’t part of this family at all. . .

          • kylehyde

            Maybe the closest could be Stephanie Brown who was the fourth robin and sometimes worked with the Birds of prey and then become part of Batman Inc as the third batgirl.

      • Ethan_Twain

        Wait – so Microsoft is the Joker? They paid top dollar for the studio that now does Kinect Sports and Xbox Live support… I guess it fits because the joke’s on them!

        Also – can Camelot be Batgirl? I can’t think of any reason to correlate though, I just like both of them :)

        Edit: Intelligent Systems is Alfred. Been there since the beginning (basically), always reliable, very smart. Doesn’t get much of a spotlight.

        • kylehyde

          I think Camelot could more like Cassandra.

          I mean, Cassandra is David Cain and Lady Shiva’s daughter and Camelot begins as a Sega first party developer. And both were kind of “adopted”, Cassandra by Bruce Wayne and Camelot Software by nintendo.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Sony even fits in here with Cassandra’s mother being Lady Shiva and Camelot having done Hot Shots Golf on Playstation before joining Nintendo/Bruce.

          • kylehyde

            I think that now Sega is more like Lady Shiva and David Cain is more like Sony to nintendo. As lady Shiva sometimes helps Batman, Sega ocasionally helps (or kind of helps) nintendo and as David Cain is a foe to Batman, well we know the rest.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Ah, true.

        • Spirit Macardi

          I’d think HAL would fit the Alfred mold a bit better, especially since they’ve always played the supportive role to their master.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Ah, that would be better. Intelligent Systems can be Commissioner Gordon/GCPD.

            Like HALfred, IS started outside of the company, eventually becoming an important support system to Bruce/Ninty. They were also a one-man team initially so, yea, Gordon.

          • Haha, HALfred!

          • Haha, HALfred!

        • @Yesshua:disqus @Solomon_Kano:disqus I think HAL would fit better for Alfred, like @SpiritMacardi:disqus said. They’ve been around forever, and that’s where Iwata was “raised,” so to speak. I think Commissioner Gordon would fit better for IS since they’ve always been a really sound developer to fall back on.

          Also, does this make Media Create Oracle?

      • Solomon_Kano

        And Platinum is Damian, having grown up under another parent before joining the crew. Sure, their methods are different, more violent perhaps, but it’s only a matter of time before they’re just a regular member of the family.

        • kylehyde

          nice analogy.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Why thank you.

        • Perfect. Platinum/Kamiya’s feisty nature fits right in with Damian. Also, that would make Capcom Talia. They did the GBA Zelda games for Nintendo back in the day and they’re still very close to Nintendo.

          • Göran Isacson

            Imagining Capcom as Nintendos evil ex broke something in me. Broke in a good way, but broke nonetheless.

          • Well, Talia has betrayed Bruce in the past and Capcom moved RE4 to the PS2. Ultimately, though, they always kiss and make up. (Monster Hunter?)

          • Göran Isacson

            But then… who was Ra’s Al Ghul?

        • Wake

          So where does Carrie Kelly fit into all of this? What developer out there was neglected and found a purpose within Nintendo?

          • For that, we’ll need to wait for a few years from now, when Nintendo is finally doomed and going third-party, and a talented new developer joins them.

            …then again, I would prefer we compare such a person to Terry McGinnis, since I’ve always considered Batman Beyond to be more of a logical future than TDKR. :)

          • Wake

            I forgot about Batman Beyond. I feel sorry for whoever ends up as Tim now.

          • Oh man. I just realized that. Monolith’s future is suddenly looking grim.

        • puchinri

          Platinum really fits with Damian actually, which makes the whole scenario even funnier. Or! Platinum can be Cass! Even better!

      • ForteWily

        Rare, as Jason?
        Funny and all but that is just mean.

        • Hey, Jason died and then came back from the dead to do the exact opposite of what Bruce would have done. Fits if you ask me. :P

          • Wake

            Post Nintendo Rare…was Clayface all along.

          • Wake

            Post Nintendo Rare…was Clayface all along.

          • …now we need to figure out if there’s a Hush somewhere in all this.

          • …now we need to figure out if there’s a Hush somewhere in all this.

          • ForteWily

            True, it just unfair to Jason that is all.

            Jokes aside, what ever happened to Mistwalker?

          • Sakaguchi sounds like he’s cooling down from developing TLS and focusing on iOS for the moment. I’m sure we’ll see them do more traditional games in the future though.

          • I’m hoping some of those make their way to Android, because Ouya. Oh yeah! Chaos Rings is on Android isn’t it?

          • ForteWily

            I remember that, but last that I heard… his iOS game was not doing all that great. Running into the issue of “Discovery” on the market place.

            Still last I heard from the company was that they where interested in Wii U development. Since then, I have heard nothing.

          • They did say they’re interested in the Wii U, yeah. But Mistwalker aren’t a publisher, they’re a design studio. It’ll take for someone to offer them a publishing deal if they want to work on more console stuff in the future.

          • ForteWily

            Would it be possible that they are working dark on a project?

      • Armane

        Rare came first, so they would be Grayson. Currently doing their Nightwing thing I guess. The Retro who created the Prime series is no longer who Retro are, so they could probably count as Todd and Drake.

        Platinum aren’t second party, so shouldn’t really be considered for a Robin role, despite how fitting the Damian analogy is.

  • $39420547

    just do your thing monolith!!!

  • Jirin

    Monolith, keep doing all the things you do well but find a way to give me full strategic control over the party! That was the only bad thing about Xenoblade, no strategic control!

    • Not the random difficult spikes, the horrendous combat system, the occasionally flat character story arcs, the convoluted and bloated storytelling. Just the strategic control?

      • Sylveria

        Oh wow I’m not the only person who hated Xenoblade for the above listed reasons? Whew. Was starting to think there was something wrong with me.

        • Xenoblade is overrated too, IMO. In fact, Xenosaga is pretty much the only part of the series I actually love. Gears is unfinished and Blade is, well blade. I would love for Mistwalker to have done the combat in Blade. The Last Story is the most fun I’ve had on my Wii since… Brawl I guess. I can dig a convoluted story, but Xenoblade felt like it was trying to cram an entire trilogy in one game. Actually…..

          ! My playtime for Xenoblade is almost as long as my playtime for all of Xenosaga. It’s like 6 hours shy and I still have 3 more bosses.

          • Sylveria

            Made it further than me. I was still in the starting area and got clobbered by some level 40something crab that was mixed in with a bunch of level 8 crabs. Considering I wasn’t enjoying myself to begin with, that was a very easy “screw this” decision.

          • It’s a bit like FFXII if everything in FFXII wanted you dead and would instantly aggro to you. It does get better. But there are parts that absolutely drag. Honestly, this would have been better as three games.

          • Im sorry but are you serious? :/ Characters are great and so is the story, its really a lot of fun. I like big games. The games design and engine is really amazing too.

          • Characters and story have nothing to do with the game not being fun to play.

          • For you. Because you’re weird like that. I found the game to be an absolute doll to play.
            And you say you like TLS’s gameplay more? Did you play with auto on or off?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            @eris216:disqus Let’s leave things for tonight. Once we start talking about folks being deficient, weird and absurd, enough has been said by all.

          • God. Thank you.

          • Also, why are you so convinced you can make me like a game I quite obviously dont like? We don’t like the same thing. Deal with it.

          • Not trying to make you like something. I just find your opinion to be absurd and I am trying to elicit conversation from you to see if I can garnish the logic behind your perception.

          • then you need to refine your ability to parse information, as I’ve clearly stated why I don’t like the game, what I don’t like about it and the things I prefer to it. You make that statement, but I don’t think you know what it means.

          • I asked you to elaborate. I do not know what you felt, there isnt enough information to get a clear picture so no I dont need to refine my abilities. What you need is an attitude check. You understand what you are saying, but its not clear to me, so make it clear. Unless you’re “above” explaining yourself.

          • Sylveria

            Made it further than me. I was still in the starting area and got clobbered by some level 40something crab that was mixed in with a bunch of level 8 crabs. Considering I wasn’t enjoying myself to begin with, that was a very easy “screw this” decision.

          • JustThisOne

            Hmm, maybe Xenoblade 2 will fix the problems you’ve listed! Takes time to refine, y’know?

          • Dont bother man, the word convoluted is a negative word, not being bothered by a convoluted story means you dont care whether it makes sense or not. This “EFF THAT” person here is using words without really knowing their meaning. Xenoblade has a story that is far from convoluted its not needlessly complicated. The story isnt that long anyway, its because the game world itself is massive that it feels that way. I already stated what we saw in the X video despite all the similarities is pretty different.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            ‘Discussions’ like the one occurring today can not happen again. Differences of opinion do not need to lead to name calling from any side. You were just as guilty of “EFF THAT” behavior. Please don’t continue such with the involved poster or others going forward.

          • What behavior are you going on about? I’m quoting something this person said previously. This person clearly thinks they are Therius and I’m Syrenne. I can ask people to explain themselves for something they have not truly elaborated on. If they want to start having an attitude and make assumptions about it that is their problem. I am not here to play word games with people. But dont worry you’re pretty little head about it M’iau not going to bother wasting my time.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            The back and forth with Malice required two parties. Our patience for those types of arguments is done. If another starts in with an attitude, it will be dealt with, let’s not feed the fire.

          • Right. Well that session of Little Inferno wasnt fun at all XD.

          • MogCakes

            Man, look, if you want to know -why- someone thinks the way they do about a game that doesn’t agree with how you see it, there are better ways to go about it than badgering them at every turn and provoking a fight. I’m honestly surprised the mods didn’t just delete all of the argumentative posts you two spammed, they’re completely worthless to the article.

          • Valid. XSaga 3 was by far the best in the franchise.

          • Invalid. Xenoblade(It was originally titled Monado) isnt part of any franchise. Insofar.

          • Please leave me alone.

        • Xenoblade is overrated too, IMO. In fact, Xenosaga is pretty much the only part of the series I actually love. Gears is unfinished and Blade is, well blade. I would love for Mistwalker to have done the combat in Blade. The Last Story is the most fun I’ve had on my Wii since… Brawl I guess. I can dig a convoluted story, but Xenoblade felt like it was trying to cram an entire trilogy in one game. Actually…..

          ! My playtime for Xenoblade is almost as long as my playtime for all of Xenosaga. It’s like 6 hours shy and I still have 3 more bosses.

      • Sylveria

        Oh wow I’m not the only person who hated Xenoblade for the above listed reasons? Whew. Was starting to think there was something wrong with me.

  • Ethan_Twain

    Okay, Monolith is growing exponentially and is working more closely with Nintendo. What we can take away from this is that we’re gonna see more Nintendo published product from them. I have yet to see any evidence that the old studio is gonna stop producing anime games with Namco Bandai. But this new Tokyo studio… Monolith’s Nintendo published projects are usually pretty great, but they come slowly. I wonder if this increase in work force will lead to the Nintendo projects coming out faster one at a time or if they’ll start developing multiple games in parallel. I would not be at all surprised to hear that project X is being made by mostly Xenoblade veterans and that there’s a new 3DS project or a third party collaboration game (maybe a Tales?) happening in the background too.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Monolith should make an Zelda Action RPG…..that would be something shocking

    • DO NOT WANT. 3D combat is not their strong point.

      Now if they were just handling the story…

  • MarcSK

    Nintendo used to be stingy with 3rd party devs in the past, but now I think they learned from it and allowed them freedom to do what they need to do to make them comfortable, like free patches and update.

    Unfortunately, some Western Devs are not exactly on the same boat yet.

    • Ethan_Twain

      I wonder if that’s because of the Western devs or because of Nintendo though? Nintendo has been doing some unprecedented work with Japanese third party developers. They’ve helped companies with overseas publishing (Dragon Quest, Monster Hunter), they’ve funded niche games (Bayonetta 2, SMT X Fire Emblem), and they’ve even gone so far as to share development resources (Layton Life, Fantasy Life, Project X Zone, SMT X Fire Emblem). Nintendo has been INCREDIBLY aggressive in securing exclusives but all from Japanese development firms. I wonder if they’re even making those sorts of offers to Western devs… it doesn’t seem to make as much sense really. Unless Retro is gonna be the cooperating partner, the language barrier would make most of this stuff way more trouble than it would be worth.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Monolith Soft Discuss Their Closer Relationship With Nintendo
    “They give us food and actual house lodging!”
    Okay, okay, this isn’t true, I know.

    • “Until now, I didn’t realize it was possible to develop video games in a well-lit room without armed guards!!”

  • Comic geeks! LOL that was a good little series of post.

  • Andrew McDowell

    Ubisoft, Monolith Soft, and Platinum Games are 3 dvelopers who have actively and publicly stated that Nintendo is a better parent than Sony or Microsoft. Its as if Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are brothers. Nintendo is the eldest and most responsible and caring of the three, and always sets the best example. Sony is the introverted middle child that has always lived in Nintendo’s shadow, even Sony’s biggest successes (Playstation 2) have been outdone by simpler things made by it’s older brother (Nintendo DS passed the PS2 sales figures 2 months ago). And Microsoft is the baby of the family that follows in its older brothers’ footsteps but fails to really do anything innovative or original, only doing it because they have to (Microsoft admitted that earlier this week).

    • Achievements say hello. Xbox Live says hello. Custom Soundtracks say hello.

    • Luna Kazemaru


      And the golden child award goes to…

      • I love how it’s okay to ignore Kinect and Xbox Live and say Microsoft didn’t innovate, but Sony’s version of the Wii Remote and their Mario Kart rip-offs and Sony Smash Bros. don’t count as copying anything.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          We have a winner here :3 Shit as a sony fan I know they copy of ninty as a matter of fact all 3 copy off each other in some way but atleast they try and find some way in trying to improve it (not move tho :P)

        • puchinri

          I will admit, I think Sony copy Nintendo all the time and Microsoft tends to be more original than them. But I do love Sony a bit more (probably only because they were a large part of my childhood).

          In the end, the three companies as siblings and with interesting relationships at that is a fair point I think.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      We can do without the polemics regardless of the system. Such posts do not belong here. Please read our rules as you will not be warned again.

    • JustThisOne

      … Well, this is certainly a new one.

    • LanceCS

      Whoa now that is pathetic.

      You should be embarrassed of yourself.

  • grevlinghore

    That`s great!
    Now get to work on Baten Kaitos 3 :)

  • Tonton Ramos

    Best of luck Monolith and good luck on Project X Zone overseas…

  • Skyer Ist

    So Amazing! Awwww!!

  • badmoogle

    Excellent.I hope Nintendo beefs up their first party studios even more.

  • NTaiyokun

    Wow, you know, I think I might actually like to work here instead of Valve.

    Don’t get me wrong, I heard valve has an awesome snack bar, but I’d rather be treated fairly like this than have that.

    • I don’t think Valve have ever given anyone reason to think they don’t treat their employees fairly. We’ve heard so many reports of how they have an almost laissez-faire style of leadership at the company. Oh, and trust me… western companies in general are far more lax than Japanese ones. :P

      • NTaiyokun

        Ah shi- I probably could have worded that better. What I meant was in terms of who’s idea giving. Then again, I really don’t know how other companies work on the inside. Except EA. And Capcom.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    I think you’re all missing the big picture here. Isn’t it obvious that Xenoblade was a subpar effort compared to any of the previous Xeno games, Nintendo-partnership notwithstanding?

    I think Monolith left out the key part of the interview where they must have admitted:
    ” Due to being chained to Ninendo, Monolith will herefore take no risks in regards to gameplay, game design, art and imagery, and story” – ” we are cozy with our safe and mediocre games like Xenoblade.”

    • Get out of here. Talking bullshit about things you dont know? Nothing is “obvious here”, your none the wiser to anything, stop the overcompensation and leave.

    • OHSHI-!

      I mostly agree. Xeno has pretty much always looked to Final Fantasy as a template of how to make their games. Saga’s battle system was FFX remixed and Blade was FFXII’s. Ironic as FFXII had my least favorite battles but one of my favorite stories (Star Wars, much?). I also feel like Takahashi was feeling the sting of having both previous Xeno franchises cut off short (Saga in half and Gears was one of six), so instead of pacing the story out across multiple games, he crammed it all in there.

      Still didn’t sell well though :<

      Well it looks like X(enosomething) is bringing back mechs, so there's that.

      COUNTERPOINT: Baten Kaitos is a thing that happened, as is Soma Bringer.

      • Still talking like its a franchise? The game isnt a franchise. Xenoblade isnt starwars. The story is not long enough to warrant 3 games. Nor is it convoluted.

        • Seriously, leave me the fuck alone. I’ve asked you more than once.

          • Banned. You’ve been warned enough times. If you can’t remain civil you have no place here. If you’re going to insist on voicing your opinion over and over and over, people with a counterpoint have just as much of a right to call you out on it.

          • Ferrick

            All of my thank you!

    • Zeik56

      I honestly think Xenoblade was their strongest game to date, overall. You could argue that Xenogears and Xenosaga stand out more because they took greater risks, but those risks also had huge consequences. Xenogears was riddled with issues, not the least of which being the half-assed second disk. And we all know the numerous development woes that Xenosaga underwent. Both of those games were imagined to be grand epics that were cut short.

      I personally loved a lot of things about Xenoblade, but even if you did not you cannot reasonably argue that the risks Takahashi took with the first two Xeno games were actually good for his company.

    • You mean because Xenoblade was a playable, well-designed game and not a didactic mess?

      Also LOL at all the fanboys who think Takahashi was “forced” to make a playable game by Nintendo, rather than realizing that his previous efforts had been total disasters and maybe it was time for something new.

    • Also I’m genuinely curious to hear what about the previous Xeno-games was innovative, design/aesthetic-wise, other than their groundbreakingly long and overabundant cutscenes.

    • Groundless negativity is not something we appreciate on the site. Read the rules [here] if you haven’t. Consider this a warning.

    • Vyse Legendaire

      In case you guys don’t know, I’m using rhetorical effect called sarcasm. I can’t prove that Xenoblade was a ‘subpar’ game but its simply the way I felt about it after being a Xenogears and Xenosaga fan.

      I do not see why Xenoblade was anything other than a ‘safe’ game that checked off all of its expectations for genre memes and tropes.

      I’ll take a convoluted, broken, unfinished Xeno game over a ‘complete’ but de-fanged MMO-retread any day.

      It might be true that XB mostly re-capitulated the themes of Xenogears, but it gave me much less reason to care about that outcome than its predecessors.

      I know this isn’t a scientific debate but I know there are more people like me out there who haven’t had a say. Maybe Xenoblade 2 will build on the foundations of the original and deliver a more sophisticated plot and strategic game, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
      I have more faith that Yasuyuki Honne will deliver a DS game with fantastic art, a la Baten Kaitos and Soma Bringer, or even the hyper-convolluted Chrono Cross, all of which I thought superior to Xenoblade even without extremely coherent or profound plots.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        It’s not our readers job to identify your sarcasm. They are also free to reject it if they do recognize it as such. When you open your statements with ‘Isn’t it obvious that xenoblade was a subpar effort’ we have crossed over into the world of ‘my opinion as fact’. Folks here will want to know why you feel the way you do. Telling them they are wrong just because they don’t share your viewpoint, won’t take things as far.

      • “Guys, I was being sarcastic!

        …but I meant it.”

      • I do not see why Xenoblade was anything other than a ‘safe’ game thatchecked off all of its expectations for genre memes and tropes.

        I’ll take a convoluted, broken, unfinished Xeno game over a ‘complete’ but de-fanged MMO-retread any day.

        So you’d take a poorly-crafted game over a game that (at the very least) satisfies the basic criteria of a well-crafted game, software and product?

        I’d think of that as a really naive (and counterproductive) approach, but… [Shrug] …okay! Whatever you do with your money, I guess.


  • puchinri

    That’s really beautiful to here, and I’m really glad for them. I’m pleased that not only is the relationship going well, but even with just Monolith Soft, they seem to be even happier and becoming more cohesive.

  • puchinri

    I just want to note that I love the beautiful, Batfamily equivalents of the game studios that went on in the comments.
    Made even better because no one was forgotten.

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