Devil Survivor 2 Anime Shows Off More Characters, Like Fumi And Ronaldo

By Laura . February 9, 2013 . 11:00am

The Devil Survivor 2 anime website has been updated with new character profiles. Check them out below:


Fumi Kanno: JP’s Nagoya Branch Clerk. She is highly proficient in her scientific knowledge and currently has several research projects ongoing.  Because she has no interest in anything outside of research, she is indifferent towards human relationships.


Airi Ban: A freshman in high school who lives in Nagoya. Because of her vivid, active personality, but because of family problems, she has a cynical view of the world.


Jungo Torii: A chef who lives in Nagoya. He dislikes fights and is a quest person who doesn’t often show his emotions, but he holds his friends dearer than most other people.


Yuzuru Akie: Nicknamed “Joe,” he’s a salaryman who works at a trading company.  He’s usually easygoing and rather whimsical.


Ronaldo Kuriki: A police detective who lives in Nagoya. Because of past events, he is hostile towards Yamato and treats JP’s as an enemy.


The Devil Survivor 2 anime will begin airing in Japan this April. Meanwhile, Atlus are working on a new Devil Survivor 2 game project as well.


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  • Top notch character design as expected.

  • drproton

    Can’t wait to see anti-grav tits fully animated.

    • Yozakura Quartet has been out for ages, so…

      • Detrimont

        there’s also durarara (airi)

  • Cool… so when are they going to update us on the DS2 Project thing.

  • Awww shit! It’s almost time to survive again. And that character design beautiful as always. =^_^=

  • redhood56

    I loved this game, but i got stuck. I’ll go back to it, but i really want to see the anime, and it sounds like atlus may be working on devil survivor 2 overclocked

    • benhofb

      Great game, IMO. And that would be totes awesome if Atlus made an overclocked version. Granted, I already have the original. But no one can have too much devil survivor!

      • redhood56

        Yep! It does say atlus is working on another devil survivor 2 project which is probably another overclocked, or maybe a 3,

        • I don’t know if it is OC or not but of those two it is more likely to be OC. It says another DS2 project for a reason. If not an OC or some other rerelease/remake then it is a sequel.

          • redhood56

            I would love if they did the same thing with another overclocked. But, I hope they only lower they challenge very slightly, because DS2 is hard as balls

          • I would love an OC version too, but I am not getting my hopes up.

          • raymk

            Well DSOC has a difficulty mode and you can put it on easy so I’m going to assume you’ll be able to do the same in DS2OC when it comes out.

        • Barrylocke89

          Now now guys, let’s not get TOO hasty. It could turn out to be a Cell-Phone game by GREE after all :P

  • benhofb

    Ooolala. This is looking mighty swanky… I just really want to know what this Devil Survivor 2 game project is. My hopes are set for a 3DS remake with voice acting, updated sprites, and a Fate Link with Jungo the cat.

  • Airi, Jungo and Joe, now we’re talking. My favorite characters <3

  • Taking bets: Who’s going to die in the anime? I mean, they gotta kill one of them to show it’s SRS, right?

    • komiko12

      Hopefully none of the player characters die as that’s the point of Nicaea. If they were going to kill someone, it might be AO or Dera-Deka.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips


  • AuraGuyChris

    I’ll wait for the day Airi beats up a demon and Fumi to slam laptops at others.

  • vileBrenman

    Omg Airi is looking so cuuuuuttteeee!!

  • GRAHH!!! Airi, Fumi~ <3<3<3
    So cuuute.

  • wasad

    My expectations were not disappointed when I heard Sawashiro would be voicing Makoto.

  • raymk

    Yes Fumi is in as well as Ronaldo

  • Ty Arnold

    Yay Jungo! And Joe! And… three of the worst-written characters in the game.

    Well, you take the bad with the good, I guess.

    • komiko12

      So Jungo has a well written character? He is a good guy but there was nothing much going on for him. Very little character development, if you ask me. He is the same from the first time you meet him until the very end.

      But I do agree that Ronaldo is the worst. Totally annoying.

      • At least he has the cat.

        • ryne11

          Jungo has more personality than Jungo

  • roxas sora

    ok.character us polaris.

  • komiko12

    Fumi!! You finally appeared!

    Ah.. I hope they would also reveal the Devil Survivor 2 project they are working on soon..

  • Joezuru looks like Hazama with the same r-face right now and now we can clearly see he is wearing sunglasses. Ronaldo looks evil too. Guess that goes for having a bootleg Light Yagami complex.

  • Raze


    Jungo is very…Uhh…Manly??
    And Airi is cute in that picture…

    • AuraGuyChris

      Jungo logic would say…
      “Jungo is Jungo.”

      • I am now dreading the naming the cat part….. Some1 better put Jungo (1) and Jungo (2) when they subtitle this part…

    • Airi is always cute.

  • Roxy

    And that “other game project” = Devil Survivor 2 Overclocked…

    • You can’t say this for sure.

  • Good to know tht Joe doesn’t get the cut. And wht up with the “Hey kids here a candy” face D:
    Also, VA list is out.

  • VisualData

    Devil Survivor 2: Break Code w00t

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