Square Enix’s Luminous Studio Can Make Pretty Glass Bottles And Other Tech Demos

By Spencer . February 11, 2013 . 1:38am

Back in November, Square Enix held a conference to show the power of Luminous Studio. We’ve seen Agni’s Philosophy before, but I think these demos fog lighting and glass rendering demos are new. If you’re interested in the technical details behind Luminous Studio check out the presentation. Most of the slides 4gamer posted are in English!






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  • foopy

    Particles and glass bottles are rad, but you know what I really want, Square?

    A fun Final Fantasy game.

    Actually, I don’t even need to designate “Final Fantasy” anymore. A fun video game that is not made by former Eidos studios would be very neat.

    • MogCakes

      How about we focus on the luminous engine here and not the quality of the FF series, eh? For once.

      • Please. It’s pretty much a broken record at this point.

  • Hope to see more Agni come Feb.20… although as pretty as it looks I’m not looking forward to seeing how much content is cut from the disc to recoup the astronomical dev cost.

    • I really hope they announce something on feb 20..Its actually my most wanted announcement after ps4 reveal :O

      • MogCakes

        Same here. They need to improve their public image (at least in the West), a new title may help to remedy that.

    • umm you do know what the difference between a tech demo and game in development are, right? or are we in for another decade of people whining for a video game that was just a graphical demo (FF7)

      • Ludakriss

        Surely you can understand the dissatisfaction when someone puts a beautiful image(FF7 demo) in front of you and goes on to say “this, what you see now is a graphical marvel that will never happen. We just thought it’d be a good idea to share this with you”.

        Sure. So, instead of giving a glimpse of something that “will” happen, with the same or equivalent graphical prowess…you get a snippet of something that tugs your heart strings, but won’t come to light.


        • Actually no. I dont understand that when the words Tech Demo are flashed in front of any imagery that someone then assumes and expects a company is developing a full game then proceeds to bash the company because that title is not being released. Like the final fantasy 6 and 8 tech demos… But I suppose they should have pitted there resources to make ff6 for ps1? or ff8 for ps2?

          • Ludakriss

            Hey man. it’s fine. I’m just a gamer. I do not care for tech demos. Like I said, from my perspective the idea is flawed.

            You may know something I don’t. Not disagreeing with you. Just the not so clever idea from the publisher is all.

            Peace n Good Gaming!

          • I think thats where gamers differ. Personally, I see a tech demo soley as a purpose for providing gamers and developers a look at what game dynamics are capable of. Obviously they are catered more toward developers. But it can also be used by gamers to gauge what to expect from games running that engine.

          • Ludakriss

            Look, man. You show me a candy of certain flavour, I don’t immediately start to conciser a candy of similar flavours in my head, because there is in fact, a candy set, right in front of me.

            So the “imagination” part is done for me. You know?

            It’s the same with gaming. I’m pretty sure when tech demos are put in front of us, some, like you, are able to keep a level head and won’t get overrun with excitement. I, unfortunately am not one of ’em.

            C’mon, you see a new, shiny toy the instinct is of a 5 year old kid! xDDD and I truly adore that feeling. I hope you understand.

  • These look really good. Looking forward to seeing what else they are going to do with their Luminous engine. Since the PS4 was kinda announced I hope we get more info soon.

  • d19xx

    Lightning in a bottle…

  • dr000d

    So how about actually developing games, SE?

    • MogCakes

      I would imagine they are. These videos are just tidbits for the public after all.

  • A glass bottle is really reminiscent of their console output on Square’s end. Pretty to look at but nothing on the inside to actually care about.

  • Jonah Paley

    Nice, but games are more than pretty graphics, SE. I hope you know that.

    • Himiko

      But you also need a competent engine, lol.

    • MogCakes

      Like it or not, graphics factor into the equation of today’s AAA games. Now if you’re saying that you’re okay with SE going down to AA or less quality if that means more fun for you, then I can understand your point.

  • The first tech demo is probably testing for product placement in game, I can see it now:

    Final Fantasy 15, brought to you by Coca-Cola. It’s refreshing!

    • MogCakes

      That would be both heart-breaking and hilarious. lol

    • Sorry to be the heartbreaker here. But, square already has a deal with coca-cola. They had a huge promotion video with sprite for FF7 and also a 15-20 second commercial with the partial cast of FF9 featuring a coca-cola bottle. (I believe Zidane was chasing the bottle cap or something)

      • Never knew that, then again I as a snot-nosed preteen at the time those games came out.

  • zackner

    I prefer less tech demos and more games

    • Build Tech Demo> Advertise abilities of gaming engine> Sell Engine to third party Devs> use money made for enormous production costs to make HD console games.
      Thats at least how I see it working out.

  • omegagemo

    Considering how long it’s taking to make Versus, I shudder to think how long the development would be for a game with this level of graphics.

  • It looks really realistic and all, but I have to wonder how much of the engine’s potential a home console would be able to utilize, while rendering numerous moving objects at the same time.

    Regardless, good luck to Square Enix with whatever they plan to do with the engine, I guess.

  • Demeanor

    And the question is: what you make of them.

  • Joking aside, the tech demos for the graphics engine do express something we don’t always see in a tech demo—how the environment and objects in it look without actual characters running around. That’s nice and fine if that’s how the CG will look, but if it translates into seamless transitions to gameplay with that same level of quality Square Enix and Luminous might have something here. With that said I still tri-Ace’s engine and the demo I saw for it is still the best. ADVENTURE O 3O !

  • Ace

    You know, a well-crafted game would be nice, Square.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’m interested to see what this engine can do for them from a gameplay perspective. It’s good to know that SE plans to keep up with their games being graphically intensive, but the engine I remain most impressed by is Fox.

    Sure, we’ve seen more of that than the others, but it’s not the graphics that have me impressed there. Kojima’s leveraging that power to create open-worlds in a single game, that’s truly impressive. Of course, the visual fidelity is nice, too but I’m excited to see what new things are possible for Squenix in terms of gameplay. I understand we’ll need to wait a bit longer to find out, but that’s the most exciting thing here.

    Also, much as UE3 sucks, UE4 is the prettiest next-gen engine shown. Goodness, it looks good.

  • Sergio Briceño

    VS is going to use Luminous in one way or another, right? I mean, aside from it’s main engine (for lightning effects if I remember correctly).

    Maybe that’s what’s keeping it.

    I just hope some game that uses the engine comes out sometime in the life span of the PS4, or that VS at least does. I have some friends who said they got their PS3 for VS and Kingdom hearts (huge SE fans of course) and even they are too tired of the wait.

  • Ludakriss

    My question may come across as silly. Maybe.

    Who are these demos directed at? Really. Are they indeed for the gamer? For the Publishers?

    I’m just curious. Because if it is for the eyes of the gamer…what is one to do with these abstract demos. A game snippet would perhaps be better.

    • saxophone15

      I think these are for people who are interested in the industry. I saw one of their live events showing this engine and it was set up as a presentation/lecture. Anyways, I’m pretty sure these aren’t for the average gamer.

      • Ludakriss


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