First Look At Final Fantasy X Running On PlayStation Vita

By Spencer . February 18, 2013 . 12:38am

imageSquare Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto stopped by to show a demo of the HD version of Final Fantasy X. The HD version will have new character models. Hashimoto says Square Enix wants Final Fantasy X’s HD remake to be the most polished HD remake.


A release date for Final Fantasy X HD was not announced. Just to clarify Final Fantasy X is also in development for PlayStation 3.


image image image image

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  • Jordan Coleman

    Amazing what a years work will do. PS2 character models on the Vita!

    All kidding aside, yeah I’ll be there day 1 for this port, but yeah that was’nt really exciting. Surly not enough to be the thing you end on.

  • Tien Ron

    ooooooh, finally a look at it, in my opinion it looks the same but im guessing it will actually look 10x better on the vita screen!!! and whoo first to comment :D

    • It’s just showing that FFX is running on the Vita, so everything should look exactly like the PS2 version. And since they’ve accomplished porting it to Vita, their next step is giving the models an HD overhaul.

      • Jordan Coleman

        So this HD port is coming out in 2015 then?

      • This IS the HD overhaul.

    • Go2hell66

      not the first comment but try again next time

  • gamefreak86

    You know sooner or later they will re-port this port.

  • oresamawasugoi

    will it be released on card?

    • Jordan Coleman

      It’s Square and FF. Of course it will.

      • oresamawasugoi

        great +1 for physical media

    • Depends. I think the odds are high that this will be a digital cross-play game. It cuts out the cost of producing physical medium, and allows them to reap more money for the full price. Plus it adds appeal to people who enjoy the cross play feature.

  • deaththekid

    Thank you! The game we’ve all been waiting for!

    • Jordan Coleman

      You continue to wait then, I think I’ll play it now. Maybe emulate it on PC to get that HD effect.

  • TiredOfMyOldUsername

    This is really dissapointing…
    It took them over a year just to show us 4 pictures…
    I hope this won’t become the next Versus XIII.

    • Jordan Coleman

      I would have thought that seeing as how Kingdom Hearts HD’s normal development time would have meant that FFX had a chance of coming out in a timely matter. But I mean they could’nt even show an actual trailer. It’s not looking good.

      • PersonaBull

        Kingdom Hearts HD is not a multiplatform port, though. It’s kind of silly to compare “normal development”, especially if they end up going the route I’m hoping they will and include transferring save files between PS3/PSVita versions.

        • Jordan Coleman

          The entire point behind the first showing of the Vita was that porting to it PS3 projects would be extrmley easy. I really doubt a Vita port really adds anything to a normal HD Port development. It’s why you had MGS and ZoE announce Vita ports at the same time, because why not? And all those Vita/PS3 games from Sony? Yeah they happen because it’s not that hard to do.

          I’m assuming this is a normal HD upscale and if it is(thats what it looks like) it’s pretty embarrassing it’s taken them this long and this is what they have.

    • Go2hell66

      yea, persona 4 golden didn’t even take this long

      • Isaac Newton

        Nice Logic dude Thumbs up for you :D

    • Unlimax

      Here is the full video ( If you don’t mind ) ~

      I was expecting much more improvements but .. meh .

      • TiredOfMyOldUsername

        Well that’s not much better…

        • Unlimax

          Those Footages are from The Vita version , not sure how the PS3 version looks but hopefully much better than that .

    • Josué B. Hernández

      There’s a video too…

      • TiredOfMyOldUsername

        Yeah i know now, but i didn’t know when i posted the comment, but even so the video don’t show much more then the 4 pictures.

  • Guest

    i only ask that they fully heal the party after every battle
    i’ve grown old…..

    • TimesTicking

      Why? You got way too accustomed to FFXIII…. that would be considered way too easy if your party is fully healed in every fight you are in….

      • Jordan Coleman

        Yeah X is already easy enough as is.

    • Kefkiroth

      X is pretty easy as it is. Keep grinding if you have trouble.

      • that’s the thing… i don’t want to grind lol
        but it’s fine with me either way tbh, i just have less time these days :(

        • If you don’t want to grind you have no business playing a Final Fantasy game of all things.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Yeah having fun isn’t allowed!

        • Anime10121

          I’ve never had to grind in ANY FF game past 6. Mostly in those games as long as u fight every battle and don’t run from everything, you’re usually set to fight the main boss. Now the secret bosses are a different story but the main games are a Cakewalk as long as you’re not running from everything.

          • foopy

            Two words:
            Master Materia

          • Anime10121

            But Master Materia isnt necessary to complete the game, thats a grind you do if you want to (although even some of those are obtainable by normally playing the game)

        • FFX hardly has any grind. Just make sure you actually fight your random encounters while you’re going through the linear paths between cutscenes. Of course if you run from everything you’ll need to start grinding eventually.

          They shouldn’t change the game to accommodate new players, this is a remake, changing this will only make the game’s fans hate Squeenix.

      • brian

        I think we may have played very different versions of FF10.
        The amount of grinding I had to do was ridiculous.
        But it did become easy after getting fed up and using a cheat disc to get past Seymour on Mt Gagazet.
        I wish they would also at least turn down the stupidly high encounter rate.

        • Morricane

          Yes, EASY! :D

          No, actually it’s more or less medium difficulty. For me, “Easy” in an RPG would mean it’s impossible to get a game over as long as you’re not acting like a retard on purpose :D (you know, like not healing when you could even though the next attack will kill you and stuff like that…)

          But it’s definitely not necessary to grind except for the super bosses…

    • There’s no need for healing after every fight. Yuna has a very big MP pool from the get-go solely dedicated to healing spells which usually cost very little MP. Add to the fact that there are items like Al Bhed potions or you can make Kimhari into a second healer and you really will never run out of healing options.
      Anyways it wouldnt make the game all that much easier since the bosses are about strategy more than healing. :p

  • Go2hell66

    all they have to show is some screenshots? what a flop of a presentation

    • Jordan Coleman

      No these are from a video. Still kind of a flop.

    • I’d say that better than nothing and it seems that FFXHD is still exists

  • Surf

    Having played FFX over again recently, I would have to say the graphics are indeed a lot better. I’ve noticed some things about the new models too, like Yuna’s bust being smaller and her face having more refined details to them. Both Tidus and Yuna’s hair are more detailed and have more shine to them. Which make them appear less flat and more appealing. A lot of the textures in Tidus’s clothes (mainly the leg area) aren’t as flat and pixelated and they were before. This is good, I cant wait to see the other models. I can take the wait, as long as it’s worth it.

    • I am with you. Frankly, this is a bigger improvement than I was expecting. People expecting FF13 graphics need to simmer down. Videogame fans are so hateful and fickle nowadays.

      • I find your FF13 graphics comment quite hilarious as the first place I read about this info was on Needless to say, they are trying to rip this game apart due to there expectations of high end graphics. Also, I’m not sure if the same is true for this game, but with the Vita, I have noticed in UMVC3 the graphics are much better on the ps3. I am wondering if it will be the same for this title.

      • deaththekid

        That’s so true, people don’t just simply enjoy/not enjoy a title nowadays. They’re all so “entitled”

    • Christopher Abraham

      it looks pretty good. However what about the shadow? I believe Vita is capable of much better graphic, or have I been deceived?

      • Vita can do better but SE is too lazy to do that, if you want ffxiii like graphic then give tbem for mode 7yesrs

      • Josué B. Hernández

        obviously is a very early stage of development..

    • SirTeffy

      Did you miss that the models have individual fingers now, rather than the original’s thumb and four fused fingers? A significant upgrade!

      • vespe

        Good eye, i actualy missed that! Being that i played ffx for so many hours i can tell how this looks so good! It’s better than i expected, i didn’t think they would change the 3d textures..thot it would be just recolour/lighting, and maybe it’s just me but tidus way of moving looks slightly diferent and yuna’s positioning..i can’t put quite my finger on it.

    • Now that you mention it, Yunas bust looks off as even though it’s smaller now its still catching the same amount of lighting as when it was larger, which just doesn’t make any sense.

  • ragingmerifes

    I’m really crying right now.

  • Neutron15

    yuck, I was expecting a full remake of FF 4

    • Isaac Newton

      Oh god! How many times can I see a different variations of FF 4 games oh dear lord …

      • Neutron15

        a full remake will be a better place for FF 4

        • FFIV DS is pretty much a remake. Play it, it’s good.

      • Neutron15

        you dislike my comment but it will not change the plan, the world Alessa wanted is nearly here, paradise is coming

    • Morricane

      Replace FF 4 with FF 5 & 6.

      • Neutron15

        you can (not) undo

    • Herok♞

      that happened for DS years ago.

  • brian

    I think they lost that most polished remake thing to Zelda: WW.

  • Christian Paulo Villaflor

    Nice. I haven’t played FFX yet. So this is a good news to me :D

  • I think the real thing to wait for is the cutscene renders. Those are the highest definition models in the original game, with dynamic facial expressions. That’s really what’ll make or break the game for me.

    • But why couldn’t they use the hi-poly models in normal gameplay as well? Surely the vita has enough power to pull that off.

      • The different model types have different programing. The cut scene models are designed with focus on the face, yet have very little articulation for hands, or clothing. Meanwhile the battle models have static faces, but articulated body models that answer to recorded motion capture.

  • Neutron15

    once SE truly awakens, paradise is at hand though the paradise we seek will only be shattered, the end is nigh, join The Order and you will see

    • Neutron15

      even you dislike my comment, it will not harm the plan, the world that Alessa wanted is nearly here, paradise will come

      • Alexander Aubert

        i don’t get it………., will somebody explain this comment? and who is Alessa?

        • Neutron15

          Alessa Gillespie, did you play Silent Hill?

          • Ritsujun

            I am Alex Gillespie.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        If folks aren’t getting the joke the first time or finding it funny, chances are they won’t the third, fourth, fifth or sixth time, either.

    • Destroying the world just to get Versus 13 out doesn’t worth it lol.

      • Neutron15

        its worth it, you don’t know how it feels to be trapped in the otherworld, she will be reborn, she will feed on the hatred (the dislike on my comment), You have come to witness the beginning, the rebirth of paradise, despoiled by mankind

  • Adol Christin

    Better than nothing I guess….

  • Fango

    Looks almost exactly how I remembered it on the ps2… but then again its hard to say without a proper comparison

  • Ultimaniacx4

    I prefer to just load it up on the PCSX2 emulator.

    • Göran Isacson

      Pretty darn neat-looking. Limbs look a little blocky, but that is some damn pretty lighting.

  • I watched the video presentation, is it me or is the framerate or animation a little wonky?

  • Göran Isacson

    Not very impressive for all the time it’s taken them so far, but I guess this has been a real low-priority job so… yeah.

    Wonder if this is made in a new engine they can use for other games on the Vita, or if it’s pretty much lifted code for code to the Vita.

  • Alex Loh

    well…sorry to say that..epic fail =_=
    we have been waiting for like 1 year+,now showing the same ps2 character model =_=
    FFversus13 is not showing anything since the last trailer…
    so,SE,what you guys have been doing for these years??? sleeping???

  • Tidus’ face still looks off compared to higher detailed cutscenes. I’m guessing this is more of a straight port to HD with some minor edits.

  • Said it before and i say it again, compare with video and screenshots on HD remakes are often impossible. the main aspect is how it plays out on a TV.
    Since the resolution is Full HD compared to the SD on the PS2, the Tv does not need to stretch the image to insanity like it had with SD, therefor it will be big difference.

    small screenshot never shows the whole. i know this was a vita thread, just wanted to point it out, since the ps3 remake will show soon and the same madness will happen.

  • Glad to hear news about the remake, and I would like to know if we can still use our old save data from the virtual PS2 memory cards.

    • Aoshi00

      maybe not, even though FF7-9 could use the old PS1 saves.. we would still want to replay FFX again to get all the trophies right :) was thinking of beating MGS4 again to get the trophies to refresh my memory before Rising but too lazy :(..

      • True lol. I guess replaying the game is the point of a remake in the first place, but it would still be nice if we could lol

    • Brion Valkerion

      Its going to be a completely new game/data on PS3. So no you cant transfer PS2 saves.

  • Yup the comments are just wht I expected. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

    • Sad, huh?

      • Well if you want you can count Neutron15 rambling as something out of ordinary XD

    • ehmehgerd dylan how can u say tht sqare dont luv us giving us a rminder of ffxhd still on the wrks you jst 2 positive

  • Zonic505

    While it’s nice to finally see some screenshots, again, just a reminder, this was announced at TGS 2011. Over a year & only now we get some screenshots.

    Again, super excited for this since this was the game that got me into the FF series, but I just hope we’re not waiting for 2014 or beyond.

  • oh lol …. they were actually serious :)

  • eilegz

    this look bad, very far from “HD” quality, i hope that it add features of international edition plus some extras, hopefully the trophies dont make me get the ultimate weapons which it was a pain….

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    I wonder if the character faces will be more detailed in cutscenes. There are some times that Yuna was just stoic and Wakka barely reacted to somethings. Curiously, most of the facial reactions disappeared in FFX2 where only the main characters got these whereas Wakka and Lulu never had close ups

  • Yuriangels

    will it can be worst, like final fantasy type-o…..


    I Wonder what people where expecting since its just a HD Version.
    IMHO nothing much to expect but slightly upgraded models.

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      Maybe Hashimoto’s comment bothers them as he says it will be the “most polish HD remake”

    • Josué B. Hernández

      well.. I noted that thta background on the original game was a 2D screen like some on that game.. can someone confirm if I’m confused?

      • Only some backgrounds were prerendered. Not enough to hinder the remake’s development, I’d say.

  • Kevin Lor

    I wonder why they made her bust smaller

  • I like how people were expecting a remake OoT 3D style, it was stated long ago it would be a remaster and by that they mean texture polish.

    And actually, I think most people here played it on emulators where there’s filtering and all of that shizz, comparing to how it looks on your regular TV on your Ps2 I can notice many kind of details getting updates, the battle pose animations to begin with are different (If you check the video roaming on YouTube you’ll notice), Tidus pants looks less block-ey and his facial expression on a non cutscene part looks better, look at the original overworld Tidus:

    And compare this close-up of Yuna with the new one:


    And we’ve not seen a cutscene demo yet or a PS3 demo screenshot, let’s also consider screenshots looks a little less polished/blurry than how it actually looks on your portable device, this was just a reminder they’re now moving on the project since they were giving KH 1.5 more priority so yeah, I can’t actually complain and for me as long as it has the international version and that trophy support Im more than okay with this.

    • MentalAlliance

      Exactly. From what SE had said I thought this was going to just be another HD re-release like any other (which was good enough for me). In fact, the texture improvements I’m seeing are better than I thought they would be.

    • That’s not an accurate comparison there, though appreciated. You’re comparing cut scene models to battle models, which are entirely different. The cut scene models are design to have dynamic facial expressions, while the battle models have static faces and dynamic bodies based on motion capture.

      • In Yuna’s case yeah, I’ve noticed, it’s hard to find a non cutscene screenshot so close of the original but still, that only proves the non cutscene model in the HD version is still quite gorgeous in comparison.

  • puchinri

    Even though the character models do not look so glaringly better at first, I feel like I see a difference in the backgrounds. The game was already pretty though, so I don’t think it needed a huge jump in quality. I can’t wait to see video footage of the differences side by side~.

  • John Lawson

    just watch, the main characters will look great but all the side characters will look just a shitty as they were with gta3 hands

  • MentalAlliance

    To those who are complaining that it’s just screenshots that they have to show, please know that’s it’s not:

    And this is just to “tide us over” until a FFXHD announcement that’s coming soon. Whether that makes you feel better or not, I don’t care, just know that there’s more to it than just screenshots.

  • Andres Pena

    yay, no need to get a vita. :D

  • MitsuiLiam

    I hope they add some new things to this game, even if they are small. Also hoping for maybe a New Game +

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    Without a doubt the HD designs are more detailed than their Dissidia counterparts. It would be awesome if at least Tidus and Yuna got alternative skins.

  • Gmoyajp

    Thisi s not bad I’ guess cant see improvements but still look alot cleaner from those moving lines around in the ps2. glad there gone that’s about it.

  • DrakeClawfang

    People clamor for remakes of VI or VII, localization of Type-0, and info on Versus XIII…and SE wastes their time and ours on a remastering of a game that’s barely ten years old. In their own words not even a remake, just better graphics than the original, and not even all that much better compared to the FF13 and Versus graphics they’ve shown us.

    I am profoundly annoyed and underwhelmed.

    • They aren’t wasting their time. They’re recooping assets. VI, VII, and every other game in the series except XII are available on current gen systems, even phones in some cases. X is the only game sitting in their storage, unable to collect resale revenue. Old PS3’s are avoided like the plague by Final Fantasy owners due to FFXIII’s disobliging habit of killing the blue ray drives.

      Square has a very firm policy that their Final Fantasy franchise be available to all markets possible in order to fill in the blank spaces between their major projects. They’ve run out systems to port to, so now they’ve trended to cheap mobile games.

      I don’t know why you expected anything different from a business policy tha’ts been in effect for over a decade now.

      • DrakeClawfang

        The only reason they’re doing it is the same reason all their games are available for download like you say, they want more money. Sony could easily find a way to make the PS3 backwards compatible, but then they wouldn’t be able to make gamers to pay more money for games they already own.

        • So then stop whining for things you’ll never get. It sounds petty and spoiled.

          • DrakeClawfang

            As opposed to blindly allowing myself to be scammed by video game companies? Sure, sounds good.

    • MediaMindControl

      Type-0!! No but really this game will make some people happy and I dunno that is always good right? but yeah this isn’t really HD but def better than the original ps2 graphics.

    • People like you ruins the fanbase.

      • DrakeClawfang

        Why, because I’m not easily impressed by improved graphics and ask SE to make games that the fans want? Yeah, I guess that is a silly notion.

        • Are you implying your opinion is the voice of an entire fanbase? Absurd.
          Myself and a large portion of fans is satisfied with FFX’s anniversary remaster, if you didn’t liked it then too bad but don’t be so narrowminded to speak for a fanbase of a large series with varied theming.

          • DrakeClawfang

            And I know a number of fans who want Type-0, or a FF6 remake, or info on Versus. Hell, Type-0 has a fan translation project going on. And I also know fans who couldn’t care less about the FFX project.

            By presuming that your views are more valid than mine you’re guilty of the same accusations you’re addressing at me, so here’s a stool to help you climb off that horse.

          • Type-0 was already mentioned by SE that as of now there’s no chance for a localization due PSP being obsolete and Vita not meeting an adequate number of userbase/not gauging a lot of interest to a large audience.

            In no moment I ever implied Versus XIII and the remakes and the games futher IV shouldn’t be adressed, what I meant to say is that you’re being assy at SE for celebrating X’s anniversary in a proper way, by making X HD port it doesn’t mean they will stop working on other projects, SE works with diferent teams handling many projects at the same time.

          • DrakeClawfang

            Actually that’s exactly what it means, recall all the past times they’ve said “now that this game is done the team can be reassigned to work on other projects”.

            As for the PSP and Vita, they’re obviously selling enough Vitas if they’re making sure FFX can work on it.

  • MrRobbyM

    I haven’t played much of X but is this a simple up-scaling or are there other improvements as well?

  • maggosh

    Hard to see anything with the damn jpeg artifacts.

  • I’m not really seeing a dramatic improvement relative to any other HD remake.

    • Show me an HD remake that has a dramatic improvement.

      • That Halo HD remake looked pretty… well, I’m not sure about “improved”, but certainly different. Likewise for Wind Waker HD.

        Also if you read the article, Hashimoto is pimping the game by saying it’s going to be the HD remake to end all HD remakes, so that naturally sets a somewhat higher standard than just another HD remake.

  • One thing they need to let me know is if this is going to be the International version or just the regular version. Since I already own the original PS2 copy, I don’t see myself buying this HD remaster without some added content. Yeah, it’s nice to see the updated character models and everything, but we some new content as well. Also, with that being said, let’s hope that lip syncing is better this time around. It’s awkward looking at characters speak in FFX.

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      Actually the best FFX version is the PAL which was released after International. Yep, this time the European got the best version. I really hope they redo the voice acting to fit lips and considering Talyor’s work in Dissidia.

  • Xekyo

    So excited for this! I never finished the game, much like every other Final Fantasy game i’ve played. But it was very enjoyable nonetheless.

    And I love how Bahamut is just chilling in the back. One of my favorite summons in the series.

  • Sylveria

    Ever since this was announced back in 2011 I’ve seen a very strange pattern. Most of the people who are excited about it have never played/finished/heard of FFX till the HD port was announced.

    Then I see the people who actually have played it are just kinda meh about it or hoping they add something to make it worth buying again.

    Oh well, can’t wait for it to come out and “modern” FF fans start bitching about how bad it is compared to 13, as if there’s not already enough of that.

    • I’m the demographic this game was meant for: Someone who doesn’t have a monster computer to emulate PS2 games, nor someone who wishes to see how aged PS2 games look on a widescreen tv.

      The rest of you aren’t the intended audience. Go away.

    • Aoi Tsuki

      Let’s just start bashing 13 and begging for a 7 remake. Like there’s not enough of that.
      On another note; I personally thing all the FF games were really good.

  • I’m hoping to come this year.

  • Otoya

    I always wanted to give FFX a chance to play but never. Now is the time. HAHA, next hope is FF8 and 7.

  • J_Joestar

    meh, any images of Lulu’s bust in HD?

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