Kingdom Hearts X[chi] Is Coming To PC, Made By Operation Darkness Developer

By Spencer . February 19, 2013 . 10:42pm

imageSquare Enix is working on a browser based Kingdom Hearts game. The news comes from Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix which includes bonus items for Kingdom Hearts X[chi].


First print copies include a code for a useful item set which gives players a Sora (R+) card, 20,000 munny, and 4,000 card draw points. If you purchase Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix from Square Enix directly you also get a battle support set with a Riku (R+) card, 10 potions, and 10 ethers.


khsora khriku


Cards like Sora and Riku can be used in battles. Munny is used to synthesize cards and draw points can be exchanged for cards. Potions restore your energy to do actions and ether recovers the necessary power you need to battle a boss.


Kingdom Hearts X[chi] will be a free to play game where you control an original character that travels to other Disney worlds. Virtual items will be sold as downloadable content. An interesting tidbit is Kingdom Hearts X[chi] is developed by Success Corporation, the company behind Operation Darkness, Metal Saga, and Tokyo Beat Down. While Success’ console offerings haven’t always been, well successful, they have been making browser games like Metal Saga: New Frontier and Ring Dream: Women’s Pro Wrestling Great Battle.

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  • “Oh boy a new Square Enix Game !”
    “Aye, I surely hope it’s not another Browser Game”

    And I think you know the rest.

    • porkiewpyne

      LOL same here. Saw the headline and went “WOOHOO!!”

      And then I read the first line…..

    • Kenny Loh

      Dude this is just another browser game

    • Not really new, it was announced long ago they would release a PC browser game, diference is they gave it a subtitle.

      Gladly, it won’t be canon.

      • maggosh

        The backstory points to the Keyblade War, so…

        • The settling is basically a customisable warrior you can do with the bad Theatrythm graphics fighting supposedly in the time the Keyblade War happened, with the 3D rendered card models with pictures of heroes like Sora or Riku battling against heartless I’d say it’s not canon.

          • Also givin the fact that I believe the developers have also said it wasn’t canon makes it not canon too.

          • I wasn’t sure if the developers said so but yah, that too!

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      Browser card battle Game . eh..

  • Chi(X)- Blade related game?

  • Anime10121

    Just hope this is a one off side story involving the X-blade and not anything integral to the main plot.

    • I believe that when this was announced at the Tokyo Game Show Nomura said it was not canon.

  • heartless141

    god effing damn it! my mind just went HOLY @(*!$uu([email protected] after the title and this?

  • gazettoshiki


  • M’iau M’iaut

    Try to smile just a little folks — did we really think KH would avoid having a browser game? This is very likely the game that was already hinted, we just now know its name.

    Operation Darkness had Nazi zombies before Nazi zombies were cool and even rocked vampires vs werewolves! Too bad the game left more than a little to be desired.

    • Curan_Altea

      Operation Darkness was the coolest game I didn’t want to play….. If that makes any sense.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Makes quite a bit of sense. I’d call it one of those wholes not being equal to the parts. I tried to slog through it for so many different reasons, and not one of them got me to finish.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      No :/ just avoid it like the rest

  • miju

    Square Enix is probably the only company that thinks the number ten goes before the number three.

    • Greek X ( chi ) isn’t equivalent to Latin X ( 10 ).

      • miju

        I am well aware of that. Especially since they bothered to put “[chi]” right after the X.

    • joemari5

      I think it’s not Ten.. It’s (chi) and pronounced as (kai) as in the Chi Squared formula in Statistics.

      • EtherealEarth

        You are correct.
        The symbol X (kai) is also a reference in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.

      • Travis Ray

        um, no, it’s not pronounced as kai, it’s pronounced like “key”, that’s why “keyblade” was based off of “Χ-blade”

    • If you played Birth By Sleep, you’d know that’s the Recusant Sigil named kai or chi.

    • miju

      (Chill you guys I know. It’s only a joke.)

  • Randy Marsh

    Man and the logo looked so pretty…..

  • TheExile285

    It’s just gotten to the point where whenever I see something SE related, I just expect disappointment…

  • 愛憎

    Nomura, you said that the next new KH game would not be a spinoff… I’m counting this. CURSE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

    • Jared Pryatel

      I think he was talking about 1.5 o-o

  • Kaihedgie

    Square….please…have mercy D:

  • Um this has been announced since the Tokyo Game show so why is everyone on here acting surprised? Its not canon either as far as I remember from the interviews.

    • porkiewpyne

      Maybe because sometimes hope clouds judgement and memory.

      Or because we kinda forgot LOL

  • JuanTizmo

    Shooting themselves in the foot by not announcing KH3… We don’t care about spinoffs! All we want is KH3, and maybe a HD collection with 1 AND 2. Speaking of which, is there any reason KH2 isn’t in the upcoming collection? Is it just a way to make fans spend even more money when the “real” KH HD Collection is released?

  • At least it’s not a GREE game….?
    (Which is also good because then I can play without having a japanese number)

  • Kalis Konig

    Thank god this is just a browser game. first time im actually happy for it to be as such. Don’t feel like waiting an extra 5 years for KH3 and an extra 10 for versus.

  • CirnoLakes

    The good news, is that whatever naysayers may say, PC gaming clearly is very popular in Japan. There’s new PC games, even outside of the doujin community, being announced all of the time. PC gaming, is at an all time high in popularity.

    The bad news, it is mostly browser gaming.

    I do wish there would be more hardcore market penetration. As it stands, it really doesn’t do much to show anything other than the popularity of PCs and cell phones in Japan with casual gaming taking off on both. As much as many people in the industry hail the cell phone as a gaming device, it just doesn’t have the same culture I feel.

    And, in particular, I feel a tendency for cell phone and browser games to be cheaply made. This news wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t a tendency for browser games to be region locked and to be of poorer quality than even their handheld titles. It would be an entirely different matter if a browser game like this would most likely look and play something like Dream Drop Distance.

    But they’re just not. Not anywhere close in terms of quality to even the average Nintendo DS game. I wish they were, but if they were, people wouldn’t be so let down by this stuff.

  • TatsuyaKyo

    So… how many options are there going to be for character costumization?

  • “game where you control an original character that travel to other Disney worlds”

    How unusual, uhm?

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    After reading a few comments here I don’t understand why people are like, “fffff” and stuff.
    This browser game has been known about since TGS last year and was already confirmed by Nomura to be the first spin-off in the series.
    Plus, it’s hardly affecting the development of KH3….
    On topic though, that logo is pretty damn cool.

  • Raltor

    Am I the only one who saw that logo on the main page without reading the summary, hyped himself up and when entered here his disappointment was too great to put into words? I mean, c’mon Nomura/SE if you want to make another prequel and not continuing the main Xehanort saga at least make it for a CONSOLE!!

    • If you payed attention to the announcements for this series at the last Tokyo Game Show you would have known that this has nothing to do with the main story and is most likely not canon.

  • Chris

    I’m okay with this. A Facebook game that I’m actually interested in playing. I would have rather have a proper PC game like maybe a shmup or a panel de pon clone but I’m okay with this.

    • Jared Pryatel

      That’s great except it’s NOT a facebook game.

      • Chris

        It’s not? Even better.

  • The implications behind that title, imply that it is related to the X-blade and the X-Blade War…especially since Master Xehanort referred to ‘x’ as “chi” which he pronounced as “kai”.

    I do have to admit, that is the BEST Kingdom Hearts logo I have seen since Kingdom Hearts 2—being the fanboy that I am, I’ll likely end up playing the living day out of this title, if we get it.

  • Göran Isacson

    WELP, not really buttmad about this since I already knew this was something that existed- this is just the first time we’ve actually heard it’s name. That being said, not really feeling anything for this. It will most likely have minimal plot and most of the draw will likely be customizing a character in that Theatrrhythm engine (and the mobile coded engine before the style got picked up by theatrythm). Not likely to create Original the Character and send him out on adventure here.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Ha! :|

  • Sergio Briceño

    Usually (if I get the chance) I like supporting a game franchise, no matter the format, because I look at the bigger picture of all us gamers showing the developer/publisher that we do care.

    Enter Square-Enix and the neverending browser adaptaions and wait for KH3 and a good Final Fantasy. No SE, even if you make this in english, this time, just no.

  • DrakeClawfang

    Well, free to play is nice after the horrors of FFATB. Might be interesting depending on what type of gameplay we can expect.

  • Aoi Tsuki

    If it’s going to be anything like other browser games, you’ll only be able to play for like 10 minutes a day unless you buy stuff :C

  • Can I play as GILGAMESH? They said original character. I assume I can make whoever I want? What? I can’t do that? I FEEL SO BETRAYED!

  • nianicole

    ….A free Kingdom Hearts game? Um, I don’t see problem here.

  • Ulicies

    um wut. Who actually wants this?

    • The people in Japan who buy browser games and casual games because they like them.

      • Ulicies

        Oh okay. Carry on!

  • Jared Pryatel

    A browser based MMO >CARD< game. Not at all appealing. Still waiting for an instanced combat KH MMO. :/

  • Zenthos

    Because that’s what EVERYONE wants, right? Sequels are sooo overrated.

  • MrRobbyM

    Speaking of KH, did anyone else catch the Kingdom hearts thingy that played right before the GT stream started? It was a keyblade with a mickey chain planted into the ground with some text that said “TIMELINE”. That’s all I saw so I don’t know if there was more before that.

    What was that all about?

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