First Screenshots Of Date A Live: Rinne Utopia, Sting’s Next Game

By Spencer . February 22, 2013 . 12:16am


We’re not sure what Sting has in mind for Date A Live: Rinne Utopia, but this adventure game is the next title from the developer of Evolution and Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection. Date A Live: Rinne Utopia is based on the anime series of the same name.


You play as Shido Itsuka, a high school that can seal spiritual powers with in certain girls. Shido must seal the spiritual energy to prevent spacequakes which have shaken up Eurasia. Date A Live: Rinne Utopia has the same characters from Tsunako’s  light novel plus Rinne, a brand new character made for the PS3 game.


Date A Live: Rinne Utopia is slated for release in summer 2013. We’re still waiting to see if Sting is going to add a layer of tactics or strategy in this title like they do in their other games.




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  • Tooru

    This seems likely to be some kind of visual novel, though I hope there are some other elements to it that make it more likely to be released overseas.

  • Never played an adventure visual novel, should be interesting

  • As much as love dating VNs and Tsunako’s artwork, I agree with the article: Sting adding their typically unique game systems is what would make this interesting.

  • Guest

    “You play as Shido Itsuka, a high school that can seal spiritual powers with in certain girls.”
    I don’t think I’ve ever played a game where the main character is a school. I’ll be looking closely at this game from now on.

    • fyi1191

      For real?
      Shido Itsuka is a school?
      This is totally awesome, if real.

    • Zeonsilt

      Evolution in the genre!

    • Sergio Briceño

      I remember a super sentai where buildings would transform into giant robots, and then there is Macross. But yeah, a high school? That’s unheard of. Cool concept.

  • Magmen

    “You play as Shido Itsuka, a high school that can seal spiritual powers with in certain girls.”
    You’ve got my attention, Sting.

  • Himiko

    NISA don’t disappoint!

  • I started reading the manga not to long ago, and I’m liking it a lot so far =^_^=

  • Darkrise

    Read the Light Novel, it’s great!

  • Flandre Scarlet

    If it’s still a VN, it likely won’t be brought over. I think ever since Disgaea Infinite, NISA are afraid of VNs for good reason.

    Well, it’s not like one more generic harem game not coming over will hurt.

    • Himiko

      This isn’t generic though.

      They gave a decent answer yesterday on VN’s.

      • Flandre Scarlet

        “Guy with no personality saves the world by dating girls.”

        Yeah, that’s not generic at all. Haven’t seen this plot before in…everything Japan has pumped out in the last 10 years.

        Harem is to anime and light novels what FPS is to video games.

        • Himiko

          Nope. It’s not. Trust me. :p

          • Flandre Scarlet

            Are you actually going to tell me that a boring guy getting a bunch of cute girls to fall in love with him because “plot says so” isn’t the most generic thing Japan has EVER come up with?

            You’re delusional.

          • Himiko

            Sure. You can generalize any plot like that and come up with the conclusion that its generic. The content is what matters.

            Naw, I just read it and I feel it is not generic rather than coming to random conclusions. And yes it’s not. If you don’t overreact for a second and widen what you watch/read there’s far more generic things (which this really isn’t) :)

          • Flandre Scarlet

            Just because you ‘feel’ something isn’t generic doesn’t mean its not. I can still like something or dislike something with or without it being generic. This has nothing to do with my range of likes or dislikes.

            This isn’t even a generalization of the plot. It’s everywhere and no secret that this guy must get the girls to fall in love with him, and kiss them so he can save the world. They avoid showing his face in game screenshots and make him generic and easily identifiable so men can easily insert themselves in his place. This is all about selling to the lowest common denominator, who they KNOW will spend and buy the game, LN, anime, everything. Series like Tenchi Muyo, Bakemono, TWGOK, etc, all exist for this purpose.

            This isn’t a random conclusion. I’m not just blindly hating on this. If you can’t accept that this is a generic harem existing for the sole purpose of getting guys to buy it because it has cute girls and it makes them believe they have virtual girlfriends, that’s delusional. You can like it all you want, but not accepting what it is is just ridiculous.

          • Himiko

            Never said anything about you liking or disliking, so don’t know why you brought that up. I said if you maybe had known/seen some other anime/ln since it sounded like you didn’t then you can easily point out their is something that is more generic. Which is true.

            This is generalizing the plot and it further proves it to me when you mention such titles. The content tells me otherwise. I know you’re not blindly hating on this, but it’s definitely not generic- you can say that about anything if you do that. I could even dislike this. Doesn’t have anything to do with my dislike or like for this. It would just be badly executed. Nothing ridiculous or delusional about it.

          • Flandre Scarlet

            Sure, there’s far more generic things (Infinite Stratos and Bakemono) than this, as this at least TRIES to have a plot, but that doesn’t stop it from being generic.

            I can’t say that about everything, but it’s simply not true. At it’s core, this is a series that has been done before. Done EXACTLY before? No. But at its core it is about a rather boring looking guy getting girls to fall in love with him, because the plot demands it. The girls are well designed and around it, the idea and the world is fantastic. It all goes down the drain because they had to add Mr. Generic to garner sales.

            I’ve seen way too many of these kinds of series crop up over the years, and they always sell ridiculously well, so more of them crop up. It’s the same thing with Call of Duty-esque shooters in video games. It’s whats popular, it’s what sells, but it’s never actually good. There’s no heart in it, it’s just soulless pandering for sales.

            If this guy was actually developed, and the entire plot wasn’t revolving around girls falling for him because the plot says they have to, then it wouldn’t be generic. When you see yet another story like this that doesn’t even attempt to be different, just follow the same tropes and ideas previous best sellers set, it’s generic. It does nothing and adds nothing. It’s a pointless cash-in.

          • Himiko

            I get what you’re saying. The whole been there done that, not outside its niche kind of thing. But we’ll just agree to disagree. This would go nowhere! xP

  • Learii

    cutes girls there lol

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